Ellesmere Island

thumb|350px|A mountain range on the islandEllesmere Island in Nunavut is the northernmost populated place in Canada. The world's tenth largest island, Ellesmere Island has one small community (Grise Fiord) which is reachable by air (from Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island) or – seasonally – by sea in summer.

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Grise Fiord Inuit Lodge

Attached to a local co-op store (with native crafts and a limited grocery selection), this eight-room lodge with 24 beds is one of few accommodations available. Meals are included in the rates.

About Ellesmere Island

Ellesmere Island is the northernmost populated place on Canadian land, 4654km north of Middle Island and Point Pelee. Established primarily as a means to establish Canadian sovereignty in the high Arctic, it consists of three small communities:

This is the land of the midnight sun; months of sunlight in summer, months of darkness in winter.


Source: wikivoyage