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Cathedral of Echmiadzin

Founded in 301 by St. Gregory the Illuminator and rebuilt and added to for over 1,700 years, Echmiadzin now is the heart of the Armenian Church, and seat of the Catholicos of all Armenians. The altar is built over an ancient pagan fire worshiping pit (accessible from the museum behind the altar), the inside has some interesting frescoes, altar, lamps, and thrones. The intricate bell tower entrance is an addition from the 1800s, and the surrounding grounds have gardens with examples of khachkars from throughout Armenia and further. Near the new entrance gates are a few exquisite khachkar examples from Jugha (now in Azerbaijan) - which had by far the largest khachkar collection in the world. The thousands of khachkars which remained there were destroyed during this decade by the Azeri government.

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Shoghakat Church

At the site of the present day church of Shoghakat, there stood an earlier church of the 6th or 7th century which has not survived. Current building was erected in 1694 by Prince Aghamal Sorotetsi. The name of the church comes from Armenian (Շողակաթ եկեղեցի) meaning "drop of light" because of the ray of light that came down from heaven upon Hripsimé's martyrs.

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Van Restaurant & Hotel

2 stars motel offering 6 suites with private entrances off the main dining area and 2 lux suites upstairs. Although it can get crowded and loud in the evenings. They also rent a few flats nearby.

St. Gayane Church

Built in honor of one of the Christian virgins killed by the Armenian King, along with Hripsime, this smaller church with an arcade in front is a few blocks south of the Echmiadzin compound.

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Machanents Guest House

Very simple rooms with shared bathrooms. Budget double one is a really tiny room with bunk bed, regular double is a bit better. Guest house also has an Armenian bakery and tavern. WiFi.

SLEEP   —  Shahumyan Street 36

St. Hripsime Cathedral

An outstanding example of earlier Christian architecture, this 7th century cathedral with soaring ceilings and vast interior space was an example for future architects.

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B&B Artson

Wi-Fi, Large living room, HD TV, washing machine, garden. Can meet guests at the Airport free of charge, also organize a tour in Echmiadzin free of charge as well.

SLEEP   —  Petrozavodsk Street 55

Catholicosal Museum

The old pontifical residence built in 1738–1741 and served as residence until 1962. Since 1968 the building serves as Catholicosal Museum.

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Zvartnots Cathedral

7th-century centrally planned aisled Armenian cathedral built by the order of Catholicos Nerses the Builder from 643-652. Now in ruins.

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Zvartnots hotel and casino

2-3 stars hotel complex which has restaurant-bar (with live music), tennis, billiard, swimming pools, gym.

Alex and Marie Manoogian Treasury House

Constructed in 1982. The museum is home to treasures of the Armenian Church throughout the history.

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Andranik Azatian and Anzhik Petrossian

A large two-room suite with antique furniture, bathroom with hot shower, nice garden.

Khrimian Museum

Built and opened in 1896. It was recently renovated to become a museum of art.

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