Delaware County (New York)

Delaware County is in New York's Catskill region.

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About Delaware County (New York)

The mountains may be higher in the counties to the east, but the Catskills are everywhere in Delaware County. If it seems there are more of them than there are people, it's because Delaware has the lowest population density of any county in New York outside of the Adirondacks. Most of the residents live in or near the small villages and hamlets that seem to sprout anywhere enough level ground can be found, usually along the two upper branches of the river that gives its name to the county in return for its waters, impounded in the county to create New York City's two largest reservoirs. Along those rivers, and between the villages, you will see the large dairy farms that make up the backbone of the Delaware County economy.

While for most travelers Delaware County is a large open space passed through on the way to somewhere else like Binghamton or Oneonta, those who take the time to stop there can discover the hidden charms of upstate New York at its most rural, from sweeping mountain and valley vistas to the quiet country charm of a tidy bed and breakfast. Outdoor enthusiasts in particular will find much to sample and return to later—with most of the county's wildlands outside of the Catskill Park, hunting is more accessible. Trout fishermen take to their boats in Cannonsville and Pepacton reservoirs, and their waders in the East and West branches below them, sometimes even daring the Delaware's main stem below Hancock. Mountain bikers, skiers and hikers can find less beaten paths in various corners of this quiet yet welcoming county. And for those who'd prefer something less strenuous but equally rewarding, the village shopping districts remain largely untouched by time.

Delaware County is the Catskills for those who really do want to get away from it all. In the past that has included the likes of U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who made the Pindars Corners farm he summered at his legal residence. In the future it could easily include you, as well.

Recently, there have been articles published in world-class travel magazines extolling the rural, pristine virtues of Delaware County. Several of the villages along Route 28, such as Margaretville and Andes, have gotten what has come to be known as the 'hipster treatment.' Trendy boutiques, antique stores, bed and breakfast inns and locally-sourced food vendors line main streets that used to feature diners and gas stations. This 'progress' seems to have stopped short of Delhi, however, that village has a more entrenched purpose as the county seat and home to a SUNY technical college.

Even little Bloomville, NY which is between Delhi and South Kortright, now features a trendy restaurant located at a crossroads near the western terminus of the Catskill Rail Trail.


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