Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, after Riga.

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Historical center

The '''historical center of the city''' consisted of 80 cultural-historical objects presents itself a specific monument of urban construction. One may be amazed by variety of architecture styles of the buildings, the red clay bricked façades of peculiar form recognized as Latgale baroque.

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Sport complex

Daugavpils may also be proud of its '''sport complex'''. Ice Hall and the open-air swimming pool, one of the biggest open-air swimming pools in the Baltic countries, are the real pride of the city.

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Daugavpils fortress

The unique '''Daugavpils fortress''' (biggest in Europe), which has withstood many many wars and remains virtually unchanged since its construction in the 19th century.

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The '''church ensemble Jaunbūve''', the Church Hill included churches of four confessions, contributes a lot to very special panorama of the city of Daugavpils.

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The northeast part of the city, Stropi, is a popular recreational area located near the Big Stropu Lake (Lielais Stropu ezers).

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Daugavpils Spidveja centr

Daugavpils has a race track 'Daugavpils Spidveja centr' on Jelgavas iela 54. So go check out some races.

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Naujene Local History Museum

The museum focuses on nature, history and ethnography of the Daugavpils district.

SIA Daugavpils autobusu parks (DAP)

You can go to any part of the city by bus. Tickets are about €0.50

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Ledus Halle

Want to go skating? Daugavpils has an amazing ice hall.

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The Daugavpils Musical and Drama Theater

located in the Unity House (1937) in the city center.

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City center

But if you want to go bowling or shoot some pool.

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Visit a lot of traditional saunas.

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Hotel "Park Hotel Latgola"

A new three star hotel.

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Hotel "Rebir"

Vienības street 19,

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