Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana is a city in the north of Lazio in Italy.

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Pasta all'uovo Concetta Quattrini

Wonderful hand-made ravioli, strozzapreti, cannelloni etc. Their best dishes are the timballi with various fillings: traditional red sauce and cheese, funghi porcini, asparagus, and the superb artichoke lasagna. They will fill your own oven-proof containers with creamy divine helpings that can then simply be reheated for 20 minutes. Also try their crepes layered with red sauce. You will be tempted to lie and say you made it all yourself, or just say "I bought it with my own 2 hands" like I do. Keep a couple in the freezer for unexpected guests.2012: summer closure 9-26th July

Le Ghiottonerie di Via Roma

Handy little take-away place just 5 minutes walk up the Via Roma. They make pizza at night, and also have a selection of fried foods, pastas, entrees, vegetables to eat there or take home, as well as doing catering jobs locally. They will make food to order: lasagnas, eggplant alla parmigiana etc. Good pizza that is best to eat there to avoid sogginess. "Tutto casareccio". Summer closure 2012: 15 August-1st September


Wonderful bustling osteria - always noisy, no written menu, great meat, giant portions of pasta, helps to know the owner to get the bill which he still figures in LIRE! Parking lot, though a small one, right outside, closed Thursday and Sunday evening. Eat the maiale in guanciale spiedini and HALF a portion of rigatoni alla Mignolo'. They can have a heavy hand with the salt, and some people find their food heavy.

Pane e Pomodoro

Modernized place, good pasta, pizzas, salads, grilled meat. Nice slightly bubbly house white wine. Friendly service, especially when not too crowded and Flaminio and Angelo will refuse to let you order the wrong shape of pasta for your sauce. Good tagliata!

La Giaretta

Good and reliable place to eat. Excellent fried veggies, good pastas, excellent ROLLS with fennel seeds. When empty it can seem echoey and a little sad, but when busy it's bright, high-ceilinged and all made in-house using fresh local ingredients.


Lovely small restaurant, excellent fish, good service, sparky young chef. Friday and Saturday evening fish specials were running this spring.

I Butteri

Tables outside on summer evenings. Reliable family-run place, moderate prices.

About Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana was settled during the Iron Age by the Falisci, who called it Falerii. It was already important 3000 years ago, protected from invaders by its high position and surrounding stream and cliffs. The Romans defeated the Falisci in 396 BC and in again in 241 BC after a revolt by the locals who were then required to build a new, less defensible, city about 5 km away,. This is known as Falerii Novi (see Get Out). The original city was repopulated in the early Middle Ages because it offered greater protection, and the new name of Civita Castellana was first mentioned in 994. In the following centuries the city was a flourishing independent commune.

The cathedral floor
The cathedral floor


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