Catalonia (Catalan: Catalunya, Spanish: Cataluña, Occitan: Catalonha) is an autonomous community in the northeast of Spain. It borders France and Andorra to the north along the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea to the east, Valencia to the south and Aragon to the west.

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Is the National Network of Youth Hostels for all of Catalonia. They have 46 different installations throughout the region. The best option for low priced accommodations.

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About Catalonia

Catalonia is today an autonomous region within Spain, but in fact was part of the Crown of Aragon which in some ways historically predates Spain itself (the Crown of Aragon and the Crown of Castile-León united to form Spain). The region gained its current autonomous status first in the Republican era (1930s) and then again after dictator Franco's death in 1975 and continues to press for more political and economic autonomy, mainly in defence of its culture and language and in the form of the right to collect its own taxes and spend them as they see fit. Catalonia has seen many demonstrations in favour of its independence from Spain; such as the 2013 Catalan Way. A referendum for the independence of the region did not pass in 2014.


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