Botanical tourism

Botanical tourism is travel for the purposes of viewing the varied flora of a region, district or in the case of some species even a single plant!

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About Botanical tourism

<!-- USDA Plant hardiness Guide here to suggest what sort of plants might be in some regions --> <!-- Travel for purposes of seeing the wonders of a rich botanical heritage is older than many people think. Both Endeavour and Beagle had botanists on board IIRC., and that ideally could be mentioned somehow even if they weren't strictly tourists in the modern sense. --> Botanical tourism is travelling to see plants, either in their native environment or in managed botanical gardens and parks. Generally a greater variety of plants can be seen in the one place by visiting a botanical garden and no special preparation is needed, so gardens are a good introduction to the subject. Parks and gardens have been created and managed over many centuries. Gardens are said to have been created in Mesopotamia around 3,000 years ago. Botanical gardens started to appear during the Renaissance in the sixteenth century, although there were some earlier physic gardens devoted to medical herbs. These gardens were used for research, often connected to universities, and received plants from returning explorers. The nineteenth century saw the establishment of many botanical gardens, and the building of parks for the general public (rather than a select few) to enjoy. Heated glasshouses (greenhouses) enabled gardens to grow and display plants from around the world.


Source: wikivoyage