thumb|350px|Khoranashat MonasteryBerd is a city in Northern Armenia. It lies at the heart of the region known as Shamshadin, and is the only town in that rather remote corner of Armenia.

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Shkhmuradi Monastery

One of the lost monasteries of Armenia, Shkhmuradi is overgrown with lush vegetation, and may be a bit hard to spot in the shadow of an enormous rock. It's an incredible area to hike in, and the small monastery is fun to explore as well.

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Nor Varagavank Monastery

This monastery on a forested hillside with views of Azerbaijan has one of the most intricate and beautifully carved portals in Armenia. The purple and green stone tiles are each carved differently, and set into a cream colored church.

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Khoranashat Monastery

Just one or two hundred meters from the border with Azerbaijan, this monastery is one of the gems of Shamshadin, but *is not usually safe to visit due to Azeri snipers*.

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Hotel Berd

Recently remodeled Soviet 4 story hotel, near the center of the town. The only real hotel in town, and very affordable.

Srveghi Vank Monastery

This monastery was built with red bricks, which are exposed. If you're in the village, it's worth a visit.

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