Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas (or Bandar-e Abbas) is a city in Hormozgān.

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Genoo thermal spring

this spring is situated at a distance of 34 km. northeast of Bandar Abbas and alongside the Bandar Abbas - Sirjan Road. The water from this spring which is calcium sulfuric in nature is used for irrigating the palm groves or plantations and also for bathing purposes. This spring is equipped with two segregated pools for ladies and gents.

DO   —  Sirjan Road

About Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is a port town and many of its residents come from other parts of Iran for work. It is inadvisable to swim in the sea as it is polluted. The original inhabitants of Bander Abbas are known as Banduris and can often be spotted for their colourful clothing and burqas. Most of the city shuts down between 2-6PM, as it is too hot to do anything but the mildest activities.


Source: wikivoyage