Bajram Curri

Bajram Curri is the largest town in the Tropoja District of northern Albania, near the border with Kosovo. It is an important gateway to the spectacular Valbona valley and the breathtaking ferry ride across Lake Koman.

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Shpella e Haxhisë

Situated on Maja e Thatë, near of Valbona village, at Margegaj, 1630 m on the sea level. It is formed from the carsti along the crossing of tectonic variations. It is discovered so far the entrance 2-3 m and the length about 120 m. Can be visited by the street Bajram Curri- Valbonë.

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Shpella e Daragobisë

Situated near of Dragobia village, is known also like the Cave of Bajram Curri, a national hero, because he hide there during his war with his enemies. 1200 m on the sea level. It has carstic forme, 8 m long, 3-4 wide and 2-4 high. Can be visited by the street Bajram Curri-Dragobi.

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Shpella e akullit

Situated near of Valbona village, at Margegaj, 2230 m on the sea level. It is formed from the glacial-carstic processes along the crossing of tectonic variations. The explored length is about 250 m. Is 50 m wide and 10-15 m high. Can be visited by the street Bajram Curri-Valbonë.

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Eurobushi Hotel

In the largest city in northern Albania, Bajram Curri, is situated Hotel Eurobushi. Located near Police Station Eurobushi Hotel is the perfect place to rest while visiting the area. You will enjoy the comfort of the accommodation offered here quickly by staff.

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Kanionet e Shoshanit

Situated near of Shoshanit bridge, at Valbona valley, 400 m on the sea level. Formed from calcareous, the river’s erosion and the carst, is 1.1 km long, 30-40 m deep, and 2,5 m wide. Can be visited by the street Bajram Curri-Shoshan.

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Lugina akullnajore Kukaj

Situated near of Rragami village, at Margegaj, 1200 m on the sea level. It is a hanging glacial-carstic valley during the tectonic process. 2.7 km long, 100-150 m wide. Can be visited by the street Bajram Curri-Valbonë-Motinë.

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Kulla e Mic Sokolit

This is the historic house of Albanian hero Mic Sokoli who is said to have been killed by willfully putting his chest in front of enemy gun artillery.

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Xhamia e Qytetit

This mosque is in a state of disrepair and disuse. Nevertheless it is worth seeing from the outside, set against the Albanian Alps in the background.

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Boshnjaku Hotel

Boshnjaku Hotel is located at the entrance to the town of Tropoje. The hotel has bar and restaurant, while the other floors are hotel.

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Hotel Shkëlzeni

Build in the communism with a communist architecture and recently renovated.The restaurant serves traditional and international food.

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Lugina e Valbonës

It has a surface of about 8.000 hectares and is situated 25-30 km in northwest of the city of Bajram Curri.

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Hotel Vllaznimi

Nice new hotel, excellent rooms with ensuite bathrooms and airconditioning.

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closest city in Kosovo with the largest Ottoman-era bazzar in the Balkans

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Statuja e Bajram Curri

The town's hero is honoured with a statue in the centre of town.

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Hotel Universe

Hotel Universe is a new hotel with 5 high class rooms.

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Hotel Ermali

Pleasant rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

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Muzeu Historik i qytetit të Bajram Currit

Appears closed.

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Visit Kukes

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About Bajram Curri

The town is named for the national hero of the same name, Bajram Curri, a freedom fighter who fought for ethnic northern Albanian interests, first against the Ottoman Empire and later against the new Albanian government. He shot himself near the town in order to avoid capture, and the town was renamed after him.

Due to its physical and cultural proximity to Kosovo, the area was adversely affected by the conflict in Kosovo, with many of its residents involved either directly in combat or in assisting and housing refugees from Kosovo.

The Tropoja area is culturally and historically closer to Kosovo than to southern Albania.

Bajram Curri is an important hub for the traveller, as you are likely to change minibuses (called "furgons") here from 3 directions. They all tend to depart around the same times, so with luck you can transfer straight from one to another:

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