Bafoussam is the capital of the West Region, in Northwest Highlands, Cameroon.

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Easy-Look is not technically the name of the bar but the name of the hotel above the bar, where Peace Corps volunteers tend to hang out.

DRINK   —  Akwa

Point Commercial Camtel

A cybercafe/Camtel office run by a couple of nice Anglophone people. You can use your own laptop at 500 CFA/hour instead of 300.

OTHER   —  PMUC Building

Boulangerie du Peuple

Has a very nice veranda where they serve drinks, but there isn't as much food as in Akwa.

DRINK   —  Carrefour le Maire


A very chic place trying to appeal to a more upscale clientele.

DRINK   —  Akwa

Maison Bambou

EAT   —  Map

About Bafoussam

Bafoussam isn't the most clean, picturesque, or polite city in Cameroon, but because of Cameroon's hierarchical organization, it has a central location in the Grand West. It is a major hub for Bamiléké culture, especially French Bamiléké culture.


Source: wikivoyage