Axum (አክሱም also spelt Aksum) is a city of 56,000 in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, just south of Eritrea, with which it shares the language of Tigrinya.

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Brana Hotel

This is one of the three most luxurious and modern hotels in town and everything works - unusual for Ethiopia. Rooms are large and both luxuriously and comprehensively furnished with rooms on the first floor above the ground having a balcony with a good view of the surrounding mountains. Restaurant with excellent salads, a large bar, and a friendly and helpful manager. Rooms are triples, doubles, twins or singles with large en suite bathrooms, all with hot showers and 20 of the 28 rooms have hip baths. 13 channels of satellite TV including BBC World, Al Jazeera and 4 movie channels. Secure courtyard with car-parking for 12 vehicles. Conference room caters for parties of up to 300 with overhead projector and whiteboard, etc. Standby 26 kW generator. MasterCard and Visa accepted; free Wi-Fi and airport shuttle - just phone +251 347 752 349.

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Ezana's tri-lingual tablet

A well preserved, 2 m tall, thin tablet in Greek, Ge'ez and Latin discovered in the 1980s by a farmer, and praising God for his assistance in the conquest of land in what is now the Yemen. Since it issues a death curse to anyone who dares move it, it is in a rectangular building with a galvanized, corrugated roof that looks like a small farm building at the left hand side of the rough road from the northern stelae field as the tombs of kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskel hove into view. This small building is kept padlocked but the key holder will magically appear (unless at lunchtime between 12:00 and 14:30) if you're patient.

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Africa Hotel

One of the more popular hotels in town for travellers with a bearable, although not really desirable, restaurant with excellent salads, a small bar and a friendly helpful owner/manager. Rooms are triples, doubles or singles with individual bathrooms all allegedly with hot showers and DSTV. Nice, secure courtyard with fruit trees. MasterCard and Visa accepted; free Wi-Fi and airport shuttle - just.

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Dungur Palace

The grand entrance steps and the foundations (topped with well dressed ruined walls up to 3 m high in places) of this palace near the Judith stelae field clearly indicate that this was the largest and most impressive palace in Axum. Although everyone calls it the Palace of the Queen of Sheba, it actually dates from the 7th Century AD, about 1,500 years after the time of the Queen of Sheba.

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Monastery of Abba Pantaleon

Perched at the top of the 40 m rock thumb of Debre Katin, this sixth century monastery offers a stunning panorama out to the convoluted and whimsical shapes of the Adwa mountains, but women may not enter this beautifully simple structure. The priest will usually bring out some vellum manuscripts, brass crosses and crowns and other relics from their treasury.

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Tombs of Kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskel

A 20 min walk along the rough road heading northeast from the northern stelae field. Impressive foundations and tombs. Take a torch. From here a signposted and very pleasant uphill rural stroll through giant lobelia shaded lanes will bring you to the Monastery of Abba Pantaleon.

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Judith (Gudit) Stelae Field

Of inferior quality in comparison to the Northern Stelae Field. On the other side of the road from the Dungur Palace.

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AB Restaurant

Close to Ethiopian Airlines office. Serves traditional dishes, with dancing on Saturday nights.

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