Antelope Island

Antelope Island, the largest island of the Great Salt Lake, is a state park known for its wildlife viewing opportunities. The island is particularly famous for its free-roaming herd of a few hundred bison.

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About Antelope Island

The irony of Antelope Island is that it's named for its antelope, but is much more famous for its buffalo...and it doesn't have either one! The animals that were historically referred to as buffaloes are actually bison, a term that is now used in all official park educational materials and understood by most of the general public, but there are still folks who think of Antelope Island as "where the buffalo roam" and there are sites on the island named after the "buffalo". Meanwhile, the pronghorn "antelope" are, scientifically speaking, not a real species of antelope, and are unrelated to the true antelopes of the African savanna. Nevertheless, the names "pronghorn antelope" and even just "antelope" are widely used and understood as referring to the pronghorns.


Source: wikivoyage