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Piles, additionally known as hemorrhoids, are the lumps or swelling veins shaped interior and across the anus. Those swollen veins in the anus (internal hemorrhoids) and below the pores and skin of the anus (outside hemorrhoids) are much like the varicose veins.
This condition receives higher on its very own after a few days. However, you could do numerous things to prevent and treat piles.
Many adults suffer from piles on occasion. It occurs due to diverse motives but its motive is not regarded. Luckily, there are numerous powerful options to treat hemorrhoids. The majority get relief with simple home treatments and lifestyle modifications.
Dr. Varun Kumar is a Laparoscopic, Laser, and General Surgeon based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Has 13 years+ of practicing experience across various hospitals in the city. At present, he is teamed up with Madisyn, Hari Laser Clinics, and is a consultant surgeon at Sevakhsetra Hospital.

He one of the few surgeons in the city, who has specialized in Laser surgeries for piles, Varicose veins, Anorectal surgeries.

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