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Novelty Documents
What are novelty documents? What are novelty documents used for? Where can you get novelty documents from? Are novelty documents government issued? When it comes to a novelty passport template these are a few questions that are asked quite often. I myself was asking these questions as well prior to gaining the knowledge about novelty documents templates. I recently learned that novelty documents are used at events like trade shows. When you are at the trade shows you go around to all of the different booths and receive stamps on your novelty documents so that you then know you have visited them. These novelty documents are not government issued, so you cannot use them to try and get on a plane.

Novelty documents

Novelty documents are only meant for entertainment or novelty purposes. Every novelty documents you want to purchase will state that it is a non-government document. You will also sign a document stating that you know it is for entertainment and novelty purposes and it cannot be used for anything illegal.