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Consulting accelerator by sam ovens is a 6 week online course where you will learn how to start your own consulting business from scratch.

One of the main reasons I decided to purchase the program was coming an be made available to likeminded people. Consulting Accelerator is a closed facebook group only for people who purchased the program. It is a great place to network, get instant motivation and ability to ask questions. And if there is one thing you need to succeed is to have constant motivation to do. If you start but give up you wont get results ever.

The Consultant Accelerator program does not require extensive knowledge or even prior experience in business management since Sam really goes through a lot of trouble to ensure he covers every single aspect the student needs to know about if they wish to become a consultant for high-ticket clients
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Every single topic that Sam covers in the course has been tested by him during his time as a consultant.

Sam had gone through a lot of difficulties in his life, especially when he only started out, so he knows what people need to do in order to succeed as a consultant.

There is certainly a lot to be learned with Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator so I would be reluctant to call it a defraud. I precisely believe it is let down by the content that is skipped. There is indeed no teach, or even a real recommendation, about the key elements of what to actually consult about.

The course and community have been hugely beneficial for me. It has given me the knowledge, instructions and confidence/mindset to finally launch my own agency (after years of hesitation and uncertainty).

I highly recommend it, if you fall into the category of people who are really going to benefit. For others, it may not be a good fit… it depends on your current situation and skill set..

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