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Peace sign keyboard symbol

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Star Symbols on keyboard?

How to make the star symbols for a social site like you make the ♥ ???


Ever wonder why there isnt a Division sign on a keyboard

Hahha this is one to sure baffle somebodys mind!
LMAO but seriously, ever wonder why there isnt oneon there?


Is there a code for anarchy symbol

How do you do it?


Why can't I sign in to

why doesn't let me log in?


Center button on keyboard??

My home computer has been broken, so instead of using the red mouse built in the computer I was using the actual hand mouse that belonged to my home computer. My home computer is now fixed and my mom needs the mouse back. I figured out how to get the r...


What does <3 mean?

I see this symbol fairly often and I haven't figured it out. What does <3 stand for or symbolize?
Thanks, and too all
Good Luck!!


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