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Make gun pic keyboard

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How do I get pics from the internet to my phone?

Hi. Thanks for answering my question. What I meant though was everytime I get sent a pic from someone it goes to a cricket mms account. It sends me an id number to retrieve the oics but it never works. Is there an easier way?


A good program to edit pics?

Does anyone know a good picture editing programe thats not too complicated. I know how to make my pictures brighter or change the effect and stufff like that.. But some of my friends edit their faces and hair in pics and I havnt got a clue where to sta...


how do you make hearts on the keyboard?!

not the ones like this...<3 . like the ones that look like actual hearts...all I no is that you have 2hold down the alt button and push somethin else...I just dont no what. lol. thanks. but when I try 2do it...IT WILL NEVER WORK. please help. lol. thx!


Is there a Mac-style keyboard for pc's?

I HAVE to use a pc computer a lot now and I hate the keyboards that they come with. I'm really used to a Mac keyboard (thin, low-profile, spaced buttons, etc.,). Is there any like that for a pc that is a FULL keyboard with the number pad and everything...


how do I reset my keyboard to US?

My keyboard on my laptop has UK as its default setting which is kind of annoying since the keyboard layout is US. I can go into the keyboard options and change it to US but it always reverts back to UK as it is the default. Its really irritating, espec...


What would be a good keyboard (made by Yamaha) for a 13 year old to have?

I was looking at this keyboard online and my dad had the book with the price and it was $4,000+ so yeah. There was no way I was getting that until, I was able to learn the keys, be able to actually play songs. So what are some affordable (budget $250 a...


How do I get my pics of somebody else's myspace account?

hey everyone! look here is the deal..this girl and I use to be friends awhile back..well she did me REALLY DIRTY! I mean really dirty! but she still has pics of me on her profile on myspace and I want them off..I dont want to mess her page up or anythi...

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What can I do I spilt water on my laptop keyboard?

Im so annoyed. I spilt water on the ;keyboard of my laptop and now when I type some letters pit comes up with other letters. can pit be fixed? as I really cant afford a new laptop and im distraught. I've tried using the hair dryer on it and that made i...


How can I fix my keyboard settings??

My keyboard is a laptop keyboard (using a laptop)

and everytime I push shift+2 I get: "

I want it to switch back to shift+2=@
But instead I get shift+2="

Also, if it helps, I will list my shift + numeric list and show you how it looks from 1...


How can I fix the malfunctioning keys on my keyboard?

I have a macbook, and while cleaning it I accidently must have gotten some cleaning solution down the keys. The capslock is backwards and when typing some letters they type other letters at the same time and it's really annoying. Some of my punctuation...


How do I clean a sticky laptop keyboard?

( I'm stuck temporarily using my son's laptop as we are having some internet problems at our new house and half the keys are horribly sticky. I have to push hard on them to get them to register. How do I get them to work properly? I assume it needs a g...


How to Repair Dell Latitude D520 Laptop Keyboard Keys

Dell makes a large number of laptop computers, and one of the main problems with these computers is that the keys can become stuck or damaged. There are several different ways you can repair a damaged laptop keyboard as long as you know what the proble...


how do you make your messanger profile picture your widows live pic???

I took a pic of me on my web cam and put it as my profile pic for msn/messanger how do I get my msn messanger profile picture as my windows live account proflie picture as well. it is on my profile that I changed it but it wont let me see it full.



Keyboard trouble> help!

Everytime I press the period on my computer the little arrow comes up as if im hitting shift but I"m not> when I press any number on my keyboard the symbol comes up> for ex if I press four the dollar sign comes up> help my computers acting like I"m pre...


What happens if you spill water on your keyboard?

I spilt water on my keyboard and it appears that my w is stuffing up! This letter is popping up in random places and if I do press it it goes on and on and doesnt seem to wanna stop, I have to go over everything I rite and edit the letter out... Also, ...


Recommend An Ergonomic Style Keyboard? Is Microsoft The Best One?

A few years ago, I started having some pain in my wrist from typing on the computer so much. Then I switched to an ergonomic style keyboard, and my wrists are feeling a bit better. However, I keep wondering if there is something I'm missing / I've got ...


How do I clean my laptop keyboard?

My laptop is fairly new, I've only had it for about 4 months.
They keyboard has some touch buttons on the side, not like a regular button, it's like a touch sensitive area to change; volume, music tacks, etc.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what wo...


Toshiba keyboard messed up

the keyboard on my toshiba laptop is acting really weird, the keys arent sticking or anything but it randomly doesnt register letters, and then I go back and hit them again and it does register them... any ideas?

just to show you... I'll type a bit ...


Center button on keyboard??

My home computer has been broken, so instead of using the red mouse built in the computer I was using the actual hand mouse that belonged to my home computer. My home computer is now fixed and my mom needs the mouse back. I figured out how to get the r...


Why does my keyboard do this (read description)?

It hadn't happened in forever but the earlier it started again. When I'm using google chrome the letters 'c' and 'h' stop working. I've found a way to make it work but I have to hold shift and it's a right pain. Has this happened to anyone else? Last t...


Which picture of me do you suggest I make my profile pic for Facebook?

It's been a while since I've had a new fb profile pic and I finally got a new camera so I took some pictures? So out of these which do you suggest I use as my pro pic?

In the first two pictures I have no makeup on and i know they are very similarx...


How do I speed up my computer and stop my keyboard from acting up?

Everytime I get on it, I have to restart my computer to even enter the net. and when I try to movie my mouse it doesn't move till I like move it around alot. and just recently my keybored has been having problems where I have to press the keys multip...


How do I get my computer to delete pictures without a right click botton on my mouse?.

.. How do I delete pics on my computer using my keyboard?


Macbook cheats.

What are some keyboard macbook cheats?


How do you make a heart

How do you make a heart using the keyboard


make text heart water spilled keyboard macbook cheat make heart type broken heart icon keyboard type heart facebook make heart typing heart text facebook make broken heart keyboard type love heart text keyboard wet create heart text make heart keyboard make text heart facebook u make heart facebook make heart text water mac keyboard make heart symbol facebook make heart facebook cool text heart facebook broken heart keyboard make love heart facebook