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Why is my ipod messing up?

I have a ipod touch 3rd gen, I plug it in to my apple mac book to put songs on and photos ect, but I'v got a problem every time I plug it in and its charged and got everything sorted on it I unplug it and I go to my apps and I cant go on my apps so I ...


Unlocking a network for Sony Ericsson K800i

I have a Sony Ericsson K800i and Vodafone is my network.
I got a new SIM card that's O2 and it says to insert the correct SIM card and my mom told me to unlock or unblock the network so it would work but I don't really know how too ..
I know my IMEI ...


So I just bought a MacBook Pro and I was wondering what applications to have?

I currently have
: -Aperture 2 pre-installed
-Microsoft office

I was considering Photoshop:
-CS2 (which I like)
or -CS3 (which i have no encounter with)
any views?

Also I had been attempting to find out if:
download fruity loops...


Get better gaming resolutions from iMovie for youtube

I make youtube videos recording high res games like minecraft but iMovie doesnt seem to output in crystal clear quality. I output them in H.264 1080p but they still end up in a muffled quality. (See link)

I want them to be super clear but under 2GB...


SD card help

My mom bought me a 2GB SD card for my Blackberry Pearl. It was working great until my mom came to my computer and ejected it while I was adding songs. Now none of the songs will come up and when I put the SD card into my phone. It says I need to get a ...


Charging an mp3 player help...

Okay, 4 my birthday last year my friend said she didnt get anything 4 me but I could have one of her mp3 players, because she already has like 3 now 2. but she forgot 2 tell me how 2 work it. Does anyone know how 2 charge it???, I would ask my friend b...


What do you do when your wii will not accept your router?

I went on to my router page and confirmed my ssid and password/key. My wii picks up the signal from the router but asks for the key. Everytime I enter the key it dont work. I put the mac address of the wii on my router page and saved it just incase tha...


CD Rom Doesn't work.

I can't get my CD rom to work. It was saying incorrect function... now it says "Please insert a disk and retry" I've gone through my reg edit and taken out both the upper and lower filters, and still no effect. I've also tried a boot CD to make sure t...


Why won't my lg viewty let me download photos ?

I bought the lg viewty at christmas... and I have like 500 photos that I really need to download to my laptop/computer...
when I plug it into my computer it shows nothing...
I've gone on phone setting,conectivity,USB mode and tried every one,I...


My Computer is Dumb.

***Something along these lines pops up when I turn on my computer everyday:***

(Sonic Update Manager CD Prompt When the Computer Starts
When starting the computer, the following message appears in a Sonic Update Manager window)

The featu...


How can I satisfy signing up with Google?

Itried about twenty times to sign up with"GOOGLE" and site kept "kicking out e-name di not match with the pass word ?? What is it they want? I finally 'just gave up!! AT&T e-mail site is "like writing on "WHITE WALL", 'BLAH' Yahoo is very good ,but ...


Why can't I install Linux on my PowerBook G4 Onyx 550?

Basically, I have tried every type of installation for ubuntu, and it hasn't worked! either I burn a disc, and it wont boot; or I use the gui live installer and that doesn't work either :( All i get is a black screen boot! I've even tried slackintosh.


How can I download my graphic cards again on Windows XP without having any problems?

Well I play down-loadable games like Feral Heart. and I've tried to play it the other day and experienced black areas, and I knew my graphic cards were bad or something...and my hard drive is specifically new.
Anyways, I took advice like I did before,...


My computer needs fixed.. help..:)

Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista..
Im pretty sure..
So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...


winload exe window 7 0xc0000225