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Ipod touch movie help.

I have an ipod touch, first gen, and an apple mac laptop.

Does anyone know how to put movies and it from quicktime movies?
I have some movies on my desktop of my laptop and want to get them on my ipod.

I've tried dragging the files onto the 'mov...


Keyboard trouble> help!

Everytime I press the period on my computer the little arrow comes up as if im hitting shift but I"m not> when I press any number on my keyboard the symbol comes up> for ex if I press four the dollar sign comes up> help my computers acting like I"m pre...


What is a good laptop to buy for a 13 year old who likes sims etc?

My sister's laptop broke (ughhhhhh..) and we are getting her a new one. She doesn't like macs (I have no idea why because I think they are amazing). What laptop would you think we should look into? I'm really bad with computers so please talk to me nic...

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How do I get songs from Spotify to sync to my iPod Nano?

I just started using spotify yesterday, so I'm still learning. I have the free version. I clicked "sync all music to this ipod", but it still won't sync all the music. And I tried to do it manually, but it won't sync either, and on some of the categori...


Whats wrong with my memory card?

It's a micro SD card that goes into my phone and Like I don't know what happened but all of a sudden it just stopped playing my music and it's glitching b/c it happened before but I fixed it by simply turning off my phone but now even that won't work a...


Ipod Syncing Trouble

Anybody else having troublr with their ipods. I have the 80gb classic. Everytime I try to copy music onto it using itunes or just the hard drive it freezes. I have to reset it loosing all my music but it doesn't fix it. It just keeps freezing.
I've tr...


What MacBook Should I Buy?

So recently I have gotten 3 offers for University that are unconditional so I know I'm going there in September, it's just to choose what school...

But now I KNOW that I NEED a laptop. & my heart is set on a MacBook. Both my parents are IT's and recom...


Speed of an E-mail?

I have asked this question how fast an E-mail travels but nobody has ever been able to tell me. All they tell me is instantly, but I know that it can't be instantly anywhere becuase the speed of light is the fastest speed that information can travel a...


When is the best time to buy a MacBook Pro?

I am hoping to get a MacBook Pro sometime in this next year. Right now I have a Dell laptop, and have never used a Mac before. Is it better to buy sometime in early June, when I have time to learn how to use it? Or is it better to get it on Black Frida...


Why is my ipod messing up?

I have a ipod touch 3rd gen, I plug it in to my apple mac book to put songs on and photos ect, but I'v got a problem every time I plug it in and its charged and got everything sorted on it I unplug it and I go to my apps and I cant go on my apps so I ...


Why won't my newly restored iPod sync?

Hi - I recently bought an HP laptop and had to reconfigure my iPod for the new computer, since it had originally been configured for a Mac. I was told that I needed to restore my iPod to its factory settings, so I did. (I had already backed up my music...


So I just bought a MacBook Pro and I was wondering what applications to have?

I currently have
: -Aperture 2 pre-installed
-Microsoft office

I was considering Photoshop:
-CS2 (which I like)
or -CS3 (which i have no encounter with)
any views?

Also I had been attempting to find out if:
download fruity loops...


Get better gaming resolutions from iMovie for youtube

I make youtube videos recording high res games like minecraft but iMovie doesnt seem to output in crystal clear quality. I output them in H.264 1080p but they still end up in a muffled quality. (See link)

I want them to be super clear but under 2GB...


What:: What sort of laptop should I get?

I have been saving for a while, and finally I have $600 to buy a laptop with. Although, my parents said they would pay half for my birthday, and my aunt/uncle said they would put in $100 because I fixed their reaaallly messed up computer. So basically,...


SD card help

My mom bought me a 2GB SD card for my Blackberry Pearl. It was working great until my mom came to my computer and ejected it while I was adding songs. Now none of the songs will come up and when I put the SD card into my phone. It says I need to get a ...


What did my two-year-olds do to my computer?

my wife and I were watching a movie last night and I heard my two year old twins messing with my computer period
by the time I came over to see what was going on they had somehow made it that I cant use punctuation the shift key does not work numb...


What do you do when your wii will not accept your router?

I went on to my router page and confirmed my ssid and password/key. My wii picks up the signal from the router but asks for the key. Everytime I enter the key it dont work. I put the mac address of the wii on my router page and saved it just incase tha...


How is Youtube really a good way to get discovered?

Hey guys! The question I was actually wanting to ask didn't involve the word how, but now that I read it I think it does fit with the question. How is Youtube really a good way to get discovered? Thousands and millions of people watch videos on Youtube...


Why can't I install Linux on my PowerBook G4 Onyx 550?

Basically, I have tried every type of installation for ubuntu, and it hasn't worked! either I burn a disc, and it wont boot; or I use the gui live installer and that doesn't work either :( All i get is a black screen boot! I've even tried slackintosh.


I need your help! Which of these is your favourite screen name?

They all have stories behind them, but I'm kind of stuck.
The one I'll end up using will be for a youtube account, so watch out for me ;)
Alrightt, here they are:

(got it from the marilyn monroe quote: "dogs never bite me, just humans....


Do androids dream of electric sheeple?

In an initiative Philip K. D!ck could have penned describing some near future technocratic dystopia... U.S. Information Czar Cass Sunstein seems to have gotten his wish in having paid U.S. agents fight dissent on forums, blogs, and social networking si...


restored ipod wont sync