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Adult breastfeeding pic

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Motion pictures...

Ok, so I was wondering how to make my pictures all awesome
like... you know how on a social site?
where people have those pictures that flash by?
for exampe, on the MILLIONAIRES. profile they have all that rainbow stuff in their pics
how do they do tha...


Why won't my name show on my Myspace layout?

I found a cool myspace layout but my name is hidden.

My default pic shows up but my name is hidden above it.

Is there a code that hides your name that I should take out or is there a code I should put in?

Help is greatly appreciated.



Myspace private profile section

Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to customize my private profile section. Will this affect my main background pic? Looking forward to finally finding an answer.


Cellphone problem

Can anybody tell me why I cant activate my usb cable to my laptop computer ?? Im tryna send my cellphone pics to my computer but the usb cable isnt "activated" I guess.>>pleez help<<


How to find out a fake?

What I am asking is if there is an application that can track down pictures that are commonly used on websites. Like example I have found a fake on a social site but I want to find the orginal source. or other sites that have the same pic


Ks360 photos

when I put photos from my computer on my KS360 its shows it ok but when I flip the phone sideways it shows only a part of the pic.
I tried it with photos that LG provides with the phone and they all work fine when the phone is side way.
how can I do ...


Verizon help (pix texting)

from the verisonwireless website, when the administrator of a shared acount (2 cells) logs in, they can see how many txts and when, but can they see what the pics are of or what the texts say?

if so how? please help lol...


i have 3 very old fashinoed kodak cameras anyone know how and where to take the

we all probably used to have them...the one without a screen just press to take a pic..but i never took them to take out the there a place i can take them too?


Google earth?

Is there like anyway that GE does like up to date or real time tracking or something because like I saw a pic of my house and it's old and like I want to know if it does like recent and real time viewing ya know?


fake myspace - am I being stupid?

I have a fiend online who never messege me or im me , unless I send first ,, , so I made I fake myspace with handsom guy pics , to see if she is gonna talk , , ami being stupid ?

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Nintendo DS (or DSi) vs PSP

which do you think is better? I honnestly think the PSP because you can do more with it and its just something about the PSP that attracts people more. With the PSP you can go online via wifi, add your own music via USB as well as pics and vidz. and th...


ipod question TRY to answer

I have my new ipod nano I just got yesterday and its plugged up to my computer right now. how do I download photos to my ipod. my brother put one of him on there: which I DIDNT want. so I was wondering how to put pics of ME on there.


How do you get a moving picture to work in windows movie maker?

How do you get a video or moving picture to work and play in wndows movie maker.. I can put the pic in but it wont play.. And the video, I can put that in but it dont play and says theres an error..I have the new version of windows movie maker


how do I work my blackberry bold 9700?

I just got a new blackberry and its a little confusing. I was just wondering how you save your pictures because ill take a picture and it won't save in my pics and I don't know what to do! ( any other tips about the phone would be nice too. ) :)


How can I brighten a picture on my computer?

Okay, well on my profile, I have like 3 different pics that are really dark and you can barely see me, iz there any possible way @ all- I snt them to my computer from my phone- to brighten the pictures on my computer and save it like that???


Cell phone txting to email

I have verison and I used to be able to send pics to my email to print out. Now it says no service and then I get a txt back saying the adress is blocked or something, but my phone has no blocks on it.. Whats up?


Why is there a yucky border around my Myspace?

On my myspace layout, it puts a yucky blue border around all the pics I put on the profile. I tried to find in the code where it had this border but everyhwere it just said border:none or I dunno...

Anyone know what to do about this or do I j...


Is there some way I could get my sisters photos back?

So, I accidentally deleted some of my sisters senior pictures off of my computer.
and I always delete my recycle bin. I did the other day and didnt even think of her pics.

I feel horrible.
is there some way that I can get them back?


How can I shrink pictures without using Photoshop or Gimp?

I have a Canon Rebel Camera and the pics that come off it are massive. I would like to know if there is a way that I can shrink the pictures and not use photoshop or Gimp (since I don't have either).
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


How do i get this option window to come up???

- on my laptop whenever i put in my SD card a little window usually pops up with options such as "import pictures" and blah blah blah..but now its not popping up! and it hasnt been for a little bit and i cant remember how to import my pics! HELP


What is a good verizon cell phone?

ok im planning on getting a verizon cell phone. im looking for a texting phone that can take pics etc , but not a touch screen. does anyone know what kinds of phones are really good but not overly expensive.


Why do some girls get all of the a social site picture comments?

Why is that some girls get a lot of comments on their pics and some arn't even worth looking at? Like this one girl had almost 1000 comments and there's a lot of other pretty girls out there and dudes just dont take the time to comment.

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Online chatting danger

Ok. So I have an msn account. This "guy" from "greek" started talking to me. He was freaking me out b/c he would always look at my display picture and say I'm pretty and that he "loves" me. He doesnt have any pics of himself. Hes always like... Im at m...


My boyfriends computer...

Ok so im here at my boyfriends house while hes at work and I was looking thru the my pictures file when I ran across these gurls pic well I want to know how do I tell if they were sent to him or if he downloaded it off the computer...thanks


Is there software that will totally clean the hidden files?

What if I unknowingly viewed a page of younger individuals doing porn. I exited the page quickly, but I want to make sure there are no unlawful pics on my computer. Is there software that will totally clean the hidden files ? If so, are there free dow...

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