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Boy pierce left ear gay

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which ear does a boy pierce his ear the right or left???

I am confused on it!!!which ear does a boy pierce his ear the left or right???


What ear is the straight ear to pierce?

What ear is the straight ear to pierce?


Is a cartilage piercing the same gauge size as a normal ear lobe piercing?

Does the helix cartilage piercing have gauge sizes or is it the standard size like a regular ear lobe piercing?


Can I pierce my ears with a thumb tack?

I was wandering if I pierce my ear with ice,achol and a thumb tac
is it ok?I actually did it already but I was wandering of all you guys out there
your opinions?


why is there a lump around my ear piercing now after 6 weeks ?

after 6 weeks of having my ears pierced i took my earrings out and put silver earrings in but now i have a lump around my ear...i can feel it but i cant see it
this hasn't happened with my other ear piercings.


What side should I get my ear pierced on?

heyy peeps
I was thinking about getting my ear pierced
but I NEED to no which side to get pierced
because I've heard if I get the rong side pierced it wud mean im gay
so it wud mean a lot if you guys cud help me out here

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Where, can I pierce my ear in dubai ?

I rele want to pierce the top part of my ear,.. And my 2nd and 3rd pierce (6) mayb more :p I rele want them badly...I cant find any place that can do it anyone ?


Does an ear piercing ever go away completely?

I still have a scar in my ear that I can feel, even though it's been more than five years since I removed the ear ring...does an ear piercing scar or hole ever go away completely? If so, how long does it take?


How do I treat dry and flaky ear piercings?

I just got my ears pierced about a week ago and recently the skin around the piercing became dry. I tried to put vaseline and neosporin on it but it became really dry and flaky. Please help


How do I treat my swollen ear lobe piercing?

I have had my ears pierced for three years. For some reason my right ear lobe piercing is very swollen today and it hurts a lot. It's bigger and darker than the other ear lobe. It's throbbing and it is very warm. I have tried antiseptics, neosporin, an...


Does getting the top of your ear pierced hurt?

I really want my ear pierced at the top but I'm scared it'll hurt.
what rating would you give it from a 1-10 ten being the baddest pain.
I already have my ears pierced three times at the bottom.


How do you tell if your ear piercings are infected?

I got my left ear lobe pierced a third time (along with my cartilage) professionally a couple days ago. Today, my left ear hurts when I touch it and it feels like its throbbing. I've cleaned it with alcohol and rotated the earrings. Is it infected or i...


does Claire's do lip piercing?

does Claire's do lip piercing?

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Can you dye your hair just after an ear piercing?

I'm planning on getting my cartilage pierced near the end of june but I also want to dye my hair around this time.

(I'm getting these things done then because it's the end of my GCSE's :))

But I heard that if you've just had a piercing, you can't...


Cartilage ear piercing should I twist it, or not and how to clean?

from people who actually know please:

I just got my piercing done today, and I want to know, should I twist it or not? number two, should I used the cleaning solution I got to clean it or something else? and when im deep conditioning my hair what shou...


Nipple piercings on small breasts?

Nipple piercings on small breasts?

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How to remove an ear cartillage piercing?

Hiyaa, well basically I got my helix pierced (with a gun, so the stud is just like any old ear stud. Probably wasn't the best idea - I know, I should I have got it done with a needle. But that's in the past)

:) but yeah, I went to go change it and I c...


Which is more painful, lip or nose piercing?

most painful, lip or nose?


How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?

How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?


What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting?

What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting? And when will it stop.


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