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the most popular clothing brand

what is the most popular clothing brand in USA?


What is a popular gift?

I need to know gift ideas for the holidays, so tell me. Please answer.


What is the most popular cologne?

Who knows what the most popular cologne in America is? I have a little money and I want to smell nice for the ladies! What should I buy?


Hollister, why is it so popular?

Why are hollister and american eagle and abercrombie so popular at first most ppple didn't even no what that was now every where I turn everyone is wearing it


What is the most popular cell phone out?

I want to get the best cell phone and I want to know where to find the most popular cellphone. Anybody up on techno-fashion?


How can you get a shirt popular

I know this is a waird ? but I got a new shirt 4 christmas is says crazy man on it
how can I get it popular like all over the world

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why are sperry's such an expensive and popular brand?

i am buying some for me for the first time since i am always begging for them and omgg they cost like 80 dollars? why so much


what handbags are popular in fashion?

Besides berken bags or jelly bags are there any handbags that are super popular nowadays? My cousin is trying to buy his wife a gift and she is heavy into fashion. Ah, women and the curse of the purse.


Does anyone know a popular store to get cheap bathing suits?

I have to buy all one piece/tankinis for work this summer & I know they have cheap bathing suits at target and h&m but does anyone know other big stores I can buy some at? Thanx


Are Bratz toys still popular?

Are the Bratz still popular amongst young girls? I keep trying to find things to buy for a ten- year-old girl and seemed to be pretty popular. I am not sure if she is too old for the dolls but I figured there were other Brat related toys an...


What's the most popular cologne for guys?

My wife keeps saying I smell bad, and I'm not sure that she's kidding. So, I'd like to know what's the most popular cologne for guys, since I figure if other dudes are buying it, the smell must be better than my BO ;)

Any tips for what I should be s...


Why do you have to buy Barbie's friends?

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?


Gifts for little girls?

What sort of girts should I buy for my eight year old twin neices? They are quite spoiled and are expecting a gift. They are into dolls right now, but I want to know what is popular for gifts for little girls.


Why is the Broadway Boogie Woogie so famous?

Why is the Broadway boogie woogie so famous? I get that the title really suits the art work, but why is it such a famous painting? Why is it so popular? Even his Compositions with red blue and yellow are imitated worldwide in fashion, and art. I ju...


Do you charge for shipping when selling on Ebay or use free shipping to entice buyers?

Sometimes I use free shipping but if the items doesn't sell too well, I actually end up using money since I will have to use the money I got paid for the item for shipping so the buyer basically just got the item for free. But sometimes if it is someth...


Do any of you know some awesomely cheap but stylish and durable clothing stores fo rme?

I already know about forever and rue 21, wetseal, and moree. i mean like some that arent that popular or known, but still arent ugly?
thankss! :D



ok so I go shopping like everyday almost and I get aleast 1 thing my friends are saying that im triiing 2 be a popular bitch and there saying that im a drama queen because I dont like people mussing w/ my new stuff do you think there rite or me??

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When buying Christmas cards to give to others, what makes you choose a certain card?

The picture- cute, beautiful, religous etc, the words etc. (I have a greeting card job and need to make illustrations for 50 Xmas cards, so I'm wondering what is the most popular designs people want)


don't know what to get my girlfriend for christmas?

As you know Christmas is coming up I seem to have a dilema cause I don't know what to get my girlfriend. There's a bit of bad blood cause a faluire I wish not to strike up. But you seem to be pretty popular with the questioners of Funadvi...


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