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Buy cute cheap real rayban wayfarer womans sunglasses??

Where can I buy cute cheap real rayban wayfarer womans sunglasses??


Why am I attracted so muchhh

Whenever I go out shopping if I see a window with jewlery or anything bright that sparkles im up against it no I dont buy it because im far far from rich butt why am I so attracted to it haha :p


Where can a person find a pair of cowboy boots (woman's) size 12w?

I have a size 11-12 foot and I want a pair of cowboys boots, I DO NOT WANT MEN'S!!!! I WILL NOT WEAR THEM!!! So I need to know where I can get a pair of cowboy boots in a size 12Wide...

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Where can I find a very warm stylish winter coat for a woman?

I'm thinking a fashionable wool coat but the ones I've found at the store are not very thick and don't seem very warm. I'm looking for something that is very warm but stylish too. Please help.


Wanting to dress pretty

Is it alright for a man wanting to dress up as a woman and go out shopping to do so and wear a very pretty dress and lingerie while doing it, and go to a womans clothing store and try on new dresses.

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What is the criteria for a good reputation?

Actually im very dressy and fashionable in ma college,the most attractive gal in ma class,does this attractiveness spoil ma reputation???


What cologne do women like?

I want to know what cologne woman like the best for a man. I want to smell good and dont know what to buy.


Give me a Christmas gift idea

I need a christmas gift idea for an elderly woman who won't leave her room, wears a diaper, has severe alzheimer's, and swears like a sailor. Seriously I love my mom and I want the best for her, but I am really not sure what to get a woman in her posi...


If something is on sale for 1/4 off the price, what's the discount?

the dress store is having a sale where all merchandise is 1/4 off. a woman buys$30 of merchandise at the sale price. what would she have to pay at the regular price?


Do you think it is safe to shop on Black Friday, or should one pass it up?

I've heard of a woman being killed, because she was trampled to death on Black Friday.
Is that likely to happen, or not?


Me by Emme clothes

Has anyone heard of Me by Emme? My Mom who is a bigger woman loves the look, but I don't want her to waste her money. Is it a good brand? Worth the money?

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How good is holllister Cologne?

I keep hearing from everyone I talk to that the best colonge to buy is Jake from Hollister. I just want to know if its the best. If not what is? Waht about it makes it smell so good?


Snobby mac cosmetics sales persons

My name is bella. I am from kitchener, ontario. I had an extreme issue with a woman from mac cosmetics in fairview mall. She told me and 2 other woman that we were too fat to be looking and or thinking about buying their products. She told us to never ...


Where to buy skinny jeans?

I ussually buy them at the mall, but my anty said this time is going to be at target or walmart and I want to know if they sale skinny jeans because I have never bought them...

And also do they sale for woman, my anty said she wants to buy a pair to ...


What kind of sunglasses should be chosen for the summer outside?

There comes the hot summer, we should buy some eqquipments for our summer outside. Well, the most important and the necessity is the sunglasses, so here could you please give me some suggestions about the sunglasses? These days I am looking for a pair ...


Is a good shopping site?

There are so many shopping sites with all sorts of options, but is "" still a good site to find things like jewelry and coach handbags or is there a better place to find these things? My wife's birthday is coming up soon in a month and this...


I need help with clothes

OK. So, recently I kept on losing weight due to my personal problems. I am now 110 pounds at age 16 going on 17 and I'm 5'9. Whenever I try to go shopping there are no sizes that fit me. Ok here it is... I have to go to the woman side of the store for ...


i need some last mibute gift ideas!

I'm going Christmas shopping today for some last minute things, and ive really been thinking, and I dont know what to get my boyfriends parents, or my boss and supervisor at work(both woman). Idk if it'd necessary to get any od them anything but I feel...


real wayfarer cheap