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Does your hymen break when you're fingered?

If you are fingered does your hymen break?

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Can fingering my vagina break my virginity?

Im 29 years old single.I just want to ask if fingering my vagina can break my virginity and break my hymen

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Can m*sturbating break your hyman?

can mastuburatiing break or tear hymen even if you do it out side vagina wid out putting your fingers in to your vagina?

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Can being horny break my hymen?

I'm 14 & I'm a little new to this so I have a question I would like to ask....
When I get horny I feel like my vagina is throbbing , & I'm a virgin so I just want to know is that normal & can it break my hymen ????

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Will my hymen break ? Please help

Im 18 still a virgin I hve been with my boyfriend for 7 months & we really love each other... I want him 2 finger me and he wants my question is will I lose my virginity or break my hymen or nt ?? Thnkx =]

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Hymen and my virginity

How dose hymen break and my virginity go away I do fingering regularly do this break my hymen and loose my virginity

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Does cum taste gross?

I never have allowed my boyfriend to cum in my mouth because I think it will taste nasty. does cum taste gross?

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Why do guys like to watch girls fingering them self?

Why do guys like watching girls finger them selfs. Personally I think its nasty but other girls enjoy doing it, I've never fingered myself before but have had thoughts bout doing it, but I cant stand the thought of doing it to myself so why do guys lik...

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How does eating a girl taste?

Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?

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why does it bleed?

ive been fingered twice but everytime it bleeds a bit but seriously not much. why wont it stop? im scared that the guy will think im like on my period when im not??


I sucked his finger after recieving...

After my boyfriend fingered me for the first time, he traced my body with his finger and went to my face tracing it, I sucked his finger like I would his pen*s, swirling and rubbing my tongue up and down. I was wondering if that was a good thing to do,...

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How can I make him jealous?

Well, lately it has been very easy for me to get jealous of my boyfriend. We have been going out for 5 months and it's very easy for me to get jealous because I'm scared that another girl is going to take him from me and I love him...I want t...

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My boyfriend accuses me of cheating and I'm not...

I'm at a lost! My boyfriend constantly accuses me of cheating and I'm not, never have, and do even think about it because I love him and want only him. I haven't even came close to cheating, don't talk to other men, and again I don't want anyone else...


Could I possibly be pregnant if...

-My stomach is really hard at certain places
-my breast have been really tender.
-I'm on the pill but me and my boyfriend don't use condoms.
-I have break through bleeding.
-I have ben having really bad stomach cramps and tight feeling in my stoma...

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He keeps leaving and coming back, what do I do?

So, I've dated the same guy for...well a little bit of forever really. He recently tried to break up with me, and took it back saying he had listened to his friends and he's sorry. He, the very next month, drove to my house and tried to leave once agai...


My boyfriend wants to finger me, what if it gets out of control?

Ok so I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday and we mainly hung out in his room... It was a bit odd at first but then we both relaxed and I was snuggling with him and it was really nice and we were like that pretty much the whole time then he was lik...


Why does he text me and then ignore me?

Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one ...


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