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What do I say when dirty texting?

What should I say?My boyfriend wants to dirty text but I don't know what to say.

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How do I start a dirty text message conversation?

like when a guy texts you and starts flirting and telling you dirty things, how do you continue it?


What dirty texts should I send to my boyfriend?

I really want to text my boyfriend dirty messages so it will turn him on and so he will want to text me more...please any answers are much appreciated...


How to talk dirty via text message?

I am texting with a guy I'm dating and he likes to text dirty and I never know what to say. His latest message said something about making him a sandwich in the nude. What do I write back to him?


Dirty dares

what are some dirty dares I can dare my boyfriend to do when we are alone ;D

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I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare

I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare

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whats the slimy stuff

when a girl fingures herself whats the slimy stuff she feels

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Dirty truth or dares

What are some good/dirty truth or dares? There are going to be guys and girls

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What are some dirty truth or dares?

I need so truth or dares to ask some guys over texting like they can be sending pikks and videos and they can be very very very dirty


What are some dirty talk examples?

My boyfriend loves dirty talk. Can you guys give me some examples? I'm not very good at it.

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Freaky texts

How to be freaky to a guy on the phone
But not too discusiting
Just play freaky mind games with him
What do I say?


What can I say to make a girl rilly horny through text?

I want to make this girl that I like rilly horny threw text anyone know what I can say?

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Why is this clearish stuff coming out from my vagina

Why is this clearish stuff coming out from my vagina im a virgin I shower every day whats wronge with me ?

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What can I text my boyfriend to turn him on?

me and my boyfriend like to send each other dirty texts to turn each other on but I've seem to run out of good ideas. I need longish, explicit, dirty, amazing texts. someone help me on this please. kthanksbi (:

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Whats a good dirty bet?

Ok my boyfriend have won most bets we made so wats one that the girlfriend can with at thts dirty and or cute?

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What are some cute texts to send to my girlfriend?

girls: what are sum cute texts that guys have sent u? just liek stuff you can send while theyre asleep and when they wake up it makes them smile. im all out of ideas haha

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What happens when you're fingered ? Does stuff come out ?

What happens when you're fingered ? Does it hurt ? Does stuff come out if your vagina ? Should you moan ? Does it make his fingers smell ? Should you shave ? If stuff does come out will he freak out . Honestly ... (: please help ,, thnxx .

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im bored and want to see how many people will anser this so go ahead and write the dirtyest dares and dare questions you can think of!!!


What to say when talking dirty?

My boyfriend says he thinks its really hott when girls talk dirty, only problem is I dont know what to say. im not embarassed to, I just dont know where to start. any helpful hints to get started? thnxx


Fingering and clear stuff

Ok well im 15 almost and ihave fingered myself before but once after I fingered myself a bunch of clear stuff came outof it what wasit!!!???and I just now stated my period 2 weeks ago and I wanted tokow if it eas becausei got fingered???


What is the stuff in my underwear!!

Ok so, in my underwear I have this like clear or white goey stuff from my vajj. And like the internet says its vaginal discharge but I have had it in my underwear for like months and it doesnt go away. Do wanna be weird but I don't know wats wrong with...

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My boyfriend always wants me to send him dirty pictures

I don't really know if I trust him enough for that. Likee I'm afraid he'll show his friends.I really just don't feel like it's a good idea. Everytime I tell him that I don't want too, he gets upset. He won't admitt it upsets him, but you can just tell...


What is this stuff in my underwear?

ok im confused, im 13 I havnt started my periods yet but well its kindof imbarassing but I get this stuf in my underwear its like a creamy colour and well I dont know if its normal I know its not c*m but I dont no what else it could be please help x


White gooey stuff comes out of my vagina from being fingered?

ok,, so last night my boyfriend came over,,
we were watching a movie on the couch and he fingered me,,
btw im 14,,
which im cool with and all,,
and that wasnt the first time he has fingered me,,
but now my vagina really really hurts,,
especially ...

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Why does he text me and then ignore me?

Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one ...


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