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What should I ask when playing 20 Questions with my crush?

IM playing 20 questions with a boy I really like... what should I ask... and hurry lol


I'm Playing 20 Questions With a guy, what to ask?

Got any good idea's on what to ask... I am out of idea's.


By the way, we totally like eachother, so if that gives you any idea's on what else to ask.. :)


19 (to be 20) and never dated

I'm a 19 year old male virgin. Not only that, but a never-been-kissed, never-been-on-a-date virgin. It's not that I'm a horrible freak no one wants to be around, or even that no one has ever expressed interest, but I've honestly just never seeked this ...


What should I ask him?

Im playing 20 questions with my boyfriend, by text what should I ask him?? Pleaase give me some questions.


What are the pantomimes of liars?

I heard that they're are 17 pantomimes of male liars and 19 or 20 for female liars. Does anybody know what they are?


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