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Sweaty anu

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What if I'm sweaty down there?

I have a sweaty betty and people at school like in drama say they can smell the ocean please help me ??


Sweaty Hands ?

my hands literally ALWAYS sweat !
and its really annoying when it comes down to holding my boyf's hand "/
any one know how to fix thiss?

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sweaty hands

Ok, so I have this 'problem' with my hands..
they're ALWAYS sweaty and it doesnt bother me, but when it comes to holding my boyfriends hand its embarasing.
But when they're dry I HAVE to wet them as it really irritates me :S
how can I cure this ?
thanks x


What does it mean if I go to sleep in basketball shorts and a tee shirt and wake up really sweaty?

[This kinda happens a lot. When I'm sick too. Btw, it's cold in my room at night time] ?


Sweaty - idea's !!! ???

Well... In school ii get really sweaty because ii run around with all my mates and ii get so sweaty it kidalooks like ii peed my self..
In class when ii sit down on the chair . Wehn ii get up at the end there is a bit of a wet patch (as ii am so sweat...

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Why does my friend get sweaty when she sits down?

my best freind has noticed that whenever she sits down for over 15 minutes she gets sweaty around her pelvis areas and it smeels when she moves

whats wrong with her can someone tell me so I can pass on the message

she has started her period

and she...


Help? Sweaty palms

Ok I suffer from Hyperhidrosis and I hate it.
My palms sweat soo bad, all the time.
There are so many things that man could wish, but belive it or not, my biggiest dream in my life, is my hands to stop sweating that much.
Its like if im in a desert,...


Clay-like layer on my back

When my back is sweaty and I scratch it, I get this white clay-like stuff under my fingernails what could this be?


Tanning=losing weight?

When I tan, I get sweaty sometimes cause I live in cali. When I sweat, does that mean im losin weight?

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How do I tell my girlfriend that her vagina smells bad?

How do I tell my Girl Friend that her Vagina has a bad smell to it...It smells like a sweaty armpit..I don't want to her her feelings..Do you have any idea why it would smell that way

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What stops sweating hands ?

I know that if a girl has sweaty hands it is a sign of stress but I could really use with using something which would stop them from sweating so much. Anyone got any ideas ???


What are some good ways to not get these symptoms after shots?

So I react to shots all the time:( tomorrow I'm getting another set of my hpv shots and I'm scared. I'm not scared if there gonna hurt, but because I react.Usallay I get all nausheas, headache, dizzy, blackout, sweaty and I've feinteda few times. Is th...


What causes anxiety?

Im noticing I get it a lot.
I have a lot on my mind I don't know if thats it.
But like every day when I think about all the stuff on my mind I will start to get sweaty hands, my heart will start going fast, and ill get butterflies in my stomach and ga...


Anyone else try this deodarant?

Alright, I got this new deodorant called "clinical protection" or whatever... I think it's Degree or something. Anyway, does anyone else have it? It's for sweaty pits (hahaha). I'm aware it's man-deo, but they work best. ;D Has anyone else tried it? x]


Discharge that smells like poop / fart?

okok so I have this smell like it smells like fart/poop and I have a LOT of discharge and im also "sweaty" down there I have very good hygiene I take 2 showers everyday and I know that its not a yeast infection oh and the dischatge has a smell too... ...


As soon as I come out the bath I smell a dirty smell

Hi I have a problem that is getting me down, I have a bath every morning but as soon as I come out the bath I smell a dirty smell and it gets worse as the day goes on and I end up having at least 1 more bath that day because I think every1 will think ...


My first panic attack.

Well yesterday, I just had my first and hopefully only panic attack. I want to know how to make it go away, I just felt like I couldnt move, I got really mad in a two minute time period, and then I just started like crying. and I just couldn't stop. I ...


I don't feel good

I don't feel good at all and I don't know what it is, can anyone give me an idea??? I caught it from a friend who had it ,,,I have heat flashes every 20-30 min, and I get incredibly dizzy and super hot and sweaty during them, im constantly dizzy, weak,...

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What could have happened to me? Why?

Yesterday; I was working and I got really nauseaed. Then after awhile I started getting really hot and sweaty. I felt weak; and couldn't move. I really thought I was going to pass out. Then I sat down and my hands and my face started getting numb. Then...


Sorry if im asking a lot of questions about this, but I need answer

One day during school, I felt sweaty, and cold. Then I started feeling like I was going to barf, and faint. I felt hot and dizzy. I didnt have trouble breathing though. is this a panic attack? I dont know caz I thought 4 1 of those it was supposed to ...


what is wrong, anyone know what it could be?

I've been feeling weird lately, I get sweaty in my sleep and have a hard time waking up everyday even if I sleep a long time im always worn out. And a new symptom is lately I've been getting that spinning feeling and usually throw up soon after. I have...


Symptoms, what's wrong with me?

so I am going to tell you all my symptoms and tell me what you think...
-I constantly feel dizzy
-I have headaches all the time
-I threw up this morning
well this is a long-term kinda sickness
it wasnt just a day or week
I feel so dizzy I run into thin...


Why I always feel hot?

Ok I have an ambarassing problem..I dont eat much,actually I only eat junk food,chocolates and sweets and nothing more.I have been recently making myself sick and I have stop doing it nowfor a while..but my problem is that everytime I eat something,I f...


My vag issues

Okay, I drink like a quart of water every day, exercise regularly, and remove hair from down there. Also, I take showers normally and when I'm done, my vag smells okay so I put a bit of powder to keep it dry. I wear cotton panties but still by the midd...


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