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Rid phlegmy cough fast

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How do you clean out your system of thc fast?

How do you clean your system of thc fast?


How do I get rid of puffy nipples?

how to get rid of them.

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how do I get rid of a swollen vagina?

how do I get rid of a swollen vagina?

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How to get thc out fast

What's the quickest way to get rid of thc from your body?

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How to get rid of a buffalo hump?

anyone know about a buffalo hump , have one or know how to get rid of it?


how to get meth out of your system fast?

I need to know how to get meth out of my system fast I tried once when I was 19 and now im 34?


How do I get rid of the mucus in my throat?

how do I get rid of the mucus in my throat.
I feel better besides that. I just have all
the mucus clogging my throat. coughing
doesnt help because it just gets stuck in one
part of my throat. I know its disgusting but
please help

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How do I get rid of my sore throat?

I almost always hve one and I don't know why.
it'd bad atm and it's driving me crazy!

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what is the quickest way to rid THC from your urine?

I have a urine test coming up in a week and I am a heavy user of marijuana. I was wondering if possibe the quickest way to remove the THC from my urine with out masking it?


how to get rid of morning eye crust

k every morning I wake up and have eye crust and it wont wipe off unless I peel it completely off which takes 4 ever ny suggestions on how to get rid of it easier?


how can I get a bowel movement fast???

I havnt had one in 2 days. my abdomen kind of pertrudes out and I just hate it!!! I need to have one fast, and no I cant go to the store and get anything. what are some at home reliefs? what about saline salution??? I need help, I want to go like tonig...


How do I get rid of pimple scares?

I've had pimples on my whe face
Went to my town doctors they gave me a pimple face wash, now the pimples have stopped popping out and there is hardly any pimples in my face
But the pimples have left the scares
My skin is brown and it shows
Does ...


How can I get rid of dark vagina lips?

this is a kind of weird question inno but like I guess I haave blck vg lips umm,, how does it go away? I think its becauase I always eat junk food and I need to eat healthier or I don't know help me please?


how do I get rid of a headache caused from crying?

long story short I have been crying all night and well into this eyes look like hell and my head hurts so bad!!! I feel so exhausted right eyes sting everytime I shut my eyes to try to sleep and my head is pounding!!!

how do I ...


How can I get rid of a brown discharge coming out of my vagina?

Well, its like a stain that comes out of me and gets on my panties. I do wash though and wash my clothes. A while back I was using a baby detergent. It comes in a white jug with pink and blue writing on the front. You get it from any grocery store. But...

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Do you know how I could get weed out of my system like really fast?

okay, I smoked like a quarter of weed last saturday (july 26) and today is tuesday (july 28), how do I get weed out of my system really fast, im getting tested for drugs kinda soon (like a month) and please if anyone knows how I can get it out of my sy...


How can you get rid of thrush (vaginal) ?

Basically I have had thrush now for like a month, when I got it, it was like creamy gunk coming out. Now its stopped doing that but I have little lumps on my vagina, whenever I wipe it stings like mad, now it starts to burn. I've been putting sudacrem ...

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How to pass a piss test Fast?

I bought two detoxes. I took one tonight and Im taking one tomorrow morning and if I fail I go away for a about a year! So any suggestions to help?Extra things to try before I go in or will these work? I know detoxes are just a cover up for a few hours...


How do I rid my system of THC safely being that I am pregnant?

I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am 5'2" and weigh 165 lbs. My doctor is fully aware of my usage also, and he listed it as "occasional marijuana use for nausea and vomiting." Which is completely true. He said he understands, and would just like me to have me ...


how can you mask the smell of weed

How can you get rid of the weed smell fast? or get rid of it period??
oh and don't say something retarded like,"well, dont 't do it."
I wasn't asking that smartass


Peeling Skin, Help?

Yes, we all know, peeling skin sucks. I have it on my arms and legs because I didn't use sunscreen and got a bad burn. The burn is gone, but now here's the peeling. While reading up on it, I keep seeing, DO NOT PEEL YOURSELF. Well, too late. I've ...


Period smell

when ever you get your period don;t you smell this funky smell...well if you don;t I should I get rid of it


Why is my vagina and butt crack dark?

why is my vigina and the butt crack dark when I have light skin how do I get rid of it?

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coke detox time :)

how can I get cocaine out of my system fast 2-3 days


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