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vaginal itching

Why is the outside of my vaginal area itching?


My clit itches and burns

my vagina doesnt itch its my clit what can that be it itches soo bad it now burns badly

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WHY DOES IT ITCH? I started shaving and now my vagina itches?

I started shaving my vagina and now it itches and feels like little needles are pokking my Vajj aka vagina lol and it really is uncomfortable! is this normal? and what can I do to stop the itchyness? and will it ever go away? should I stop shaving? or ...

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My finger itches

The tip of my index fingr itches!(wierd, I ko) how do you get rid of the itch and why does it itch like crazy!...??

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Vaginal itching on pubic area

I have a rash with a burning and king of painful burning in the pubic hair area can you tell me why.


I have a bump on my vigina and it itches...Is that normal

That's right its just a little red ball above my vagina and it itches really bady...Is that normal???


Why is my vagina itching?

okay my vaginaaa has been itching like crazy for the past like, 3 or 4 days. and its nasty and annoying. does anyone know why this is happening?

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Vaginal itching before menstruation?

Vaginal itching before menstruation? I have had this problem for years. I just figured it was normal. No matter what I do I itch. I wash with water twice daily to try and avoid the itch, but it seems unavoidable. This happens every month around tha...


Itchy Middle finger

The tip of my middle finger has been itching every day. It's been about three months. What could it be? It's not swollen it just itches bad.


Itchy finger

Does it mean something if your middle finger itches a lot?


Vagina uncomfort

My vagina is always very uncomftible and itch what would be the cause?


itchy flaky vaginal skin

the skin around my vagina started itching me and then I noticed they became flaky even though the itching has reduced and there are no discharges. what is it likely to be?


What dose it mean when clear stuff comes out when you wipe?

But dosent smell,burn or itch


Why are my nipples itchy ?

My nipples are ichy and I think that it might be a sign of breast cancer? I have a little dry skin under the bottom of my right nipple and the right itches more that the other but it seems okay during the day but when I take off my bra at night it star...


Why is my vagina starting to stink really bad?

and my vaginal lips itching? i know i dont have herpes, or any other STD's. I've been dating the same boy for five years, and we were both virgins in highschool when we did it. it just randomly started smelling and itching and having alot of white disc...

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Why is there white flakey stuff coming from my vagina?

I have white flakey stuff coming out of my pee whole and my vagina itches like crazy!!! what is happening?

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Why do I have a vagina that is wet and stinks most of the time?

My vagina is slimy and wet a lot of the times, you know how when you itch youre butt you have that smell?, well its like that but its a vagina smell..

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What is this piece of skin hanging down from my vagina?

I have had this piece of skin hanging down from my vagina and it really bothers me. It doesnt itch or its not red or anything, it just bothers me because it is there. I need to know if this is normal because I do not want to have something down there t...


Random Rash on Neck?

around a week ago there was a small red blotch on my neck, I thought it was just dry so I put moisturizer on. It still stayd there then got a bit bigger. Yesterday it was really red, but my skin isnt dry! My neck is very smooth then theres some sort of...


How is milk coming out of my nipples and I just had my period?

I just recently had my period it started on Feb 27th an ended March 3rd and my nipples started to itch. Then a few min later around my nipples started to itch, then after that I noticed a little clear fluid coming out of my right nipple so I decided to...


viginal dischagre, when you wipe it's yellow?

Look if you have a viginal dischagre (I don't mean too sound nasty) and when you wipe your self with toliet paper its yellow BUT... When you do the finger test it's white... and there is no weried oder what do people mean when they say they have clumps...


Am I allergic to tampons?

Whenever I have my period,I try to use sanitary pads,because if I dont,after my period,the inside of my vagina,like where the tampon would go,gets extremely itchy,and I have the thickest discharge ever.
When I use Sanitary pads throughout my whole per...

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Itchy Red Vagina?

My vagina will sometimes get really itchy and red and if I scratch it, it starts to burn. it's never on the inside, just the outside. And the weird thing is it's just the right part of the outside. It's not unbearable or anything just really annoying. ...


Why do I smell of fish and im pregnant?

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have started smelling a fishy odour.
I have had urine tested and that was fine no infection in my urine.
I do not itch and have discharge but no more than usual.
I have heard that some certain foods can give off ...


Why do I get itchy when wearing tampons?

When I wear tampons my vigina itches real bad..on the inside and around my lips I am 14 years old(im not a vigin and I shave) I am on the pill. This didnt start till after I started taking the pill!..I have this white creamy discharge, it doesnt sti...

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