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Does getting your second ear piercing hurt?

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced for the second time?


what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?


How do you know which hole the tampon goes in?

When you are sittind down on the toilet and you try to insert a tampon, how do you know which hole it goes in?

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Why does it hurt to pee when on period?

When I'm on my period it usually hurts when I pee a little. It never happens any other time. Is this normal?


what if my vigina hurts after fisting,and can you get streched out ?

Well I have been fisting and was woundering what happens if you feel like you have been streched out to much,and can this happen?

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would my stomach hurt if im pegnant?

would my stomach hurt if im pregnant like would it be sore?please I need this question answered...


When im on my period, my clit hurts

Sometimes when im on my period my clitoris hurts. is this bad and I do mastubate like a couple times a week

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The Inside of my Ear is Swollen

For about 5 days, the inside of my ear hole has been swollen, and sore when I apply any pressure. I was wondering if it was just an ordinary ear ache or ear infection, because I don't remember doing anything to hurt it. I was wondering if anyone coul...


Holes "down there" (girls!)

Okay so, my friend said that girls have two holes "down there".
Is that really true?
If so, what all comes out of one and the other?

I'm really curious.

:) Thank you.

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How can you tell if the Claire's ear antiseptic is expired?

How can you tell if the Claire's ear antiseptic is expired? There's no expiration date. Can you tell by sight or smell, because it make sense that if antiseptic have been here for a decade it will expire or bad effects.


What is the little white ball in my vagina hole?

What is the white thing in my vagina hole? And I havent started my period ever and im a virgin. Is it a cist?

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Hurts after I pee when I wipe while I'm on my period?

I have went pee a few times and I havnt been peeing blood but I have been wipping blood and it hurts after I wipe.I dont think im on my period


Why is my ear swollen from gauging?

I went from a 12 to a ten this week. My ear is huge and red swollen. I have cleaned it throughly, but should I seek medical attention?


Why does my vagina have a thing in the hole that looks like petals?

There is a thing in my vagina hole that looks like a lot of flower petals. Sometimes, white gooey stuff comes out of it. What does this mean?


Why do my breasts hurt so much?

why do my breasts hurt so much? every time I feel this intense pain in them, and if I poke them, they hurt really bad! what is going on? do I have breast cancer or cist? or what I am only 13!


How do I know if my ear is infected?

My ear is throbbing and I got it done not yesterday but the day before, it is my cartilige, and it is like a purply red colour.. can anyone help me?


Why can't I find the hole for a tampon?

So, can anywhere tell me where it is? I know this is lame. Sorry..
But like I'm assuming I can't find it because I moved the tampon around and it never went in...


Sore nipple and breasts hurts. Pregnant?

My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)

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Why are my ear gauges bleeding?

I moved from a size 4 gauge to a size 0 on saturday and my ears have been bleeding and really sore since then. I know I skipped a size but I have done it before and it only hurt for a day and then it was fine. I have clean them really well for the last...


is my ear peircing infected??

ok I got my ear pierced a second time about a year ago and two days ago while putting pressure on it I noticed there was a lump where the whole is and now it is extremely sore do you think its infected?


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