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6 inch big 14 year

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Is a 5 and a half inch or 6 in dick normal for a 14 year old guy

Hey is 5 and a half inch dick normal and or 6 inches for a 14 year old? Just wondering cus guna get laid soon lol wish me good luck :)

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Is 6 inches long too small for a 13-year-old?

I'm 13 and I'm 6 inches long and 5 inches wide. Is this small?

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Can a 14-year-old get a job in health care?

Is there a job that a 14 year old person can do with health care?


How tall is the average 14 year old girl supposed to be?

I'm 14 and 7 months old, how tall is the average girl my age supposed to be?

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Is clear sperm normal for a 14 year old boy

semen substance except its clear not white


how can i get taller when im 14 years old and im 5'9 or 5'10

im 14 years old and want to get taller and i want to be like 6'2 in like 3 months

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14 inch p*nis the biggest?

I have heard that 14 inches is the largest human p*nis ever recorded. Does anybody know of any humans that were confirmed to have a larger p*is than this?


Why - is 6.2 inches big for a penis ?

I am 14 is 6.2 inches big for my age age p.s. Its my penis thats 6.2 inches should maybe have put it in at the start ae ? Answers quick would be nice please xd


Is it safe for a 14 year old to try viagra?

I found an unopened box of viagra on the floor waling home, and I'm tempted to try, but is it safe?


is it a bad thing for a 14 year old girl to want to just try and smoke weed. just to see what its like?

not to always do it but to just try it once. if you get what i mean.


how to grow 6 more inches after puberty?

i forgot to tellu that im a female whose 15 and i am 5'2, is there any way of growing naturally? i heard yoga will do but how many years should i do that?

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What is the average dick size or a 14 year old

Me and my girlfriend were talking about dicks, and I asked her what she thought an average size was

she didn't respond lol

but what is it
I'm 14, ( just turned 14)
but my voice hasn't cracked

My dick is around 4 inches

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What do I do with my bully button? It is purple around my old piece in which is over 10 years old. I got another one almost 6 months ago

And my old one is now purple and bleeding some. How do I figure out what is wrong?


Confused pregnant 14-year-old

I am a month pregnant and I want it so bad but I dont know anything about giving birth or the things about being pregnant im 14 and really really unsure about all this stuff can you guys help?

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How is a 14 year girl affected when drinkin 2 cups of coffee a week?

I drink about 2 cups of coffee a week and Im starting to think I should stop. Will this affect me or something. I am a slow grower but that may be just because of genetics. Can I keep drinking coffee this much?


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