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How to survive a breakup

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Foreskin issue

oka right so I couldnt pul it back.. yea I no I should have said something sooner buy hey, well today I pulled it back quite far and I say that the skin was like stick to the end of my penis with something, like its attatched, im not sure what it is, a...


Sore Red Rash under nose and above lips

I got this really sore red rash around my nose from using toilet paper for blowing my nose and not using tissues. I have a cold , and I have a rash above my lip and one under my nose. is there any home remedies to get rid of it, I dont want to go out b...


How can I stop hair loss?

well, im really new here what I would like to ask is , about my health and hair. the situation is that my health is really weak and I feel always tiried, also my hair is falling off so badly, and I dont knwo what to do, some people advice me to buy vit...


What is the law regarding cigarettes?

First of all, do not say anything bad against cigarettes or me, don't waste your time. I am 17 and smoke cigarettes, I live in Hawaii (I dont know if the laws on cigarettes vary from state to state) I know it is illegal to buy cigarettes, but I've he...


what should my friend do when she thinks she's pregnant?

My friends sh**anne thinks she pregnant

She wont take a test because her mom will see her buy it

She needs a way to get rid of the baby without abortion

Is there a way to do falling or sumthing

If her parebts find out her dad will really k...


Clubber with gas.

I love to thizz and go to the club. I get gas though and I used to take off early till I started thizzin and then I didn't care but it is hard to pull a girl home with your rear section havin all types of issues. Is there somethin I could buy to make...


How to clean my system

I smoked about ten days ago and I might be having a drug test at my job next week will charcol pill help me pass? I smoked a joint with my girlfriend and we somke about 2-3 times a month never more than a joint . Or do you know something that will I ca...


Pregnancy or Birth Control part 2

Ok so here is an update, I took a hcg pregnancy test today, and it came back positive, although I took 2 and one came back negative. My breasts have been very sensitive, and you can see all the blue veins and they are really dark. Around my nipples...


Please answer asap...over the counter meds...

I am 16 and I am failing classes left and right, and I need to pass to stay in band and uil, but I also might have adhd,, because I cant stay consetrated on anything, so I need to know over an over the counter med, that can help keep me awake and that ...


can I roll my own cigarettes?

I have a bunch of old packs and butts in this box and now theres a bunch of tobacco that has spilled out overtime and I was just wondering if I tried to roll it like a blunt if it'd be okay to smoke because I cant buy my own and I'm broke.

ps--I know...


Drastic weight loss

Hiya I am wanting to lose 44- 60 pound by the time of december 2008 I dont mind buying pills or tea's that work dont like exersice but I am able to walk 30 minutes please only give me answers if you have had this experience and have lost between 44-60 ...


Is there a natural way to cure Insomnia?

Well, It's not a very reaccuring thing, not like a real condition. I know I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight, so I need a non-drug solution to getting to sleep, any Ideas?. I want some help on this one...

PS: I don't want some $50.00 organic...


I'm on Birth Control Pills and my nipples hurt, can I be pregnant?

When they say your breast hurt, is there something specific about it?
My nipples hurt, but thats the only thing.
I last period was November 2nd.
But I've been waiting to get a pregnancy test.
I'm going to be buying one as soon as the holidays start...


Friend losing weight

Hey my friend was 97 pounds. shes like around 5'3 1/2". she keeps losing weight; now shes down to 90 lbs. this happened in a week. she definitely eats. shell buy two big cookies after she eats her entire meal. I eat lunch with her and we have the...


Do cold & flu tablets actually work?

Hey guys, I have a bad cold, it's driving me nuts. My nose is running like a tap, I feel tired, I have a headache and my throat is dry and hurts. I usually just suffer through it until I get better but I know that some people feel the need to buy cold/...


How do I know if im going to get my period?

I had my last period Jan. 2nd and it is now Feb. 10th and im a little over a week late. I have had gas and back aches which I tend to get during and or before my period. Right now my boobs feel sensitive which also happens sometimes before and or durin...


Why do I really think about suicide a lot ?

Suicide comes into my mind, a lot. I just want to kill myself half the day. I used to cut myself , but I stopped I got over that. But everytime I see a sharp object I flinch of something. I do plenty of drugs , meth , pot, triple c's , anything. Pills ...


Fear of needles :(

I have a MASSIVE fear of needles, and I have a very important blood test I need to have to make sure my liver and kidneys are OK. All I have to do is think of needles going into skin and I can physically not stop myself from crying and shaking :( I do...


How do I get bigger boobs?

I know I know. I shouldn't be worrying about my boob size. But all my friends and everyone I know has big boobs. And I feel left out. I have to buy the clothes I aren't meant for my age because I don't have boobs... most of the dresses and swimsuits I...


will i have a baby?

im trying to have a baby, and my partner got off inside me... i had my period two days late, but it was only two days and light. and kinda brown. its really unusual to have my period only two days. and its normally super heavy.... so, instead of takin...


Do you suffer from sore feet after walking around all day or have planter fasciitis, bunions or hammertoes?

A bunion can be described as a bump on the side of your big toe. However, an important thing to remember here is that bunions are more than a common ‘foot’ deformity. The bony bump you find at the base of the big toe can be extremely painful. Buy bunio...


Lump in my boob

I really need someone 2 give me advice ! I have a lump it moves and hurts. I went 2 the doctor he said its probably a glan seeing as I havent had ma period in a year. Now a week after both boobs are hurting and still havent had ma period, becaused I us...


Can rattlesnake skin cure stomach cancer?

i was reading a book on cancer and in it said that if i were to go out and buy a rattle snake cut the head and the rattle off skin it and then let the meat dry out in the sun then grind it into powder put the powder in capsules and take take them every...


When a doctor sees your cuts during a physical can he/she tell your parents or does that come under doctor/patient confidentiality?

So... I cut myself. And I have to get a physical so that I can take my permit test. Up untill last year I didn't cut deep enough to show the scars but this past year and a half I went through a lot of stuff and you can see my scars pretty damn well. I ...


Why am I not showing yet?

I am 3 months pregnant with my first child and I am 20 years old why am I not showing yet. I have a friend who is 3 days further along than I am and she is showing quite a bit. I feel stupid for wanting to show but when I tell peopel I am pregnant the...


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