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Rid 11 year brother

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How to get rid of an annoying brother

How do I get rid of my brother? He is so stupid!help!!

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How do I get rid of my Mom's boyfriend?

how do I get rid of my moms boyfriend boy friend

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Does having big boobs affect older brothers?

Does having big boobs affect older brothers in any way?

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being naked around your brother?

ok me and my brother share a room and ill be changing and he'll walk in..what should I do? kick him out? turn my back? or just let him be in his room. I mean hes my brother is it really a big deal? hes a year younger than me and hes always been like my...


My brother saw me naked

Ummm my bro saw me naked and I told him to get out but he just stands there in the door way then he tells my mom that im being a jerk and she agrees I mean gaaa give me some space what should I do? [my bro is 12]

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How can I get rid of my stepdad?

How can I get rid of my stepdad? I CANT STAND HIM! We only get along sometimes.He is nice to me when my mom is around but, hes mean when shes not. He makes me mad so sometimes I yell at him but I get grounded. How do I learn to ignore him? I WANT HIM G...

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How normal is it for a sister to let her brother see her naked?

I've got a friend who apparently lets her slightly older brother see her naked when is like in the bathroom or changing clothes and she thinks its normal, so I decided to make this question on here to show her that it really isn't normal. Do you know a...

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Why does my brother get treated better?

Okay my brother is ten and im 14 and he always gets treated like he is better than me,
like when I was 9 he threw a water gun at my head and he got timeout for 5 minutes actualy he got up at three minutes and didnt even get in trouble and I got ground...


how do I get rid of my dad?

I hate my dad how do I get rid of my stupid dad he is a dedbeat , I hate his guts and I dont see why my mom I still married to him he threatends me yuh like im scared but anyways he is a b*stard ill say dont touch this or dont touch that when he comes ...


Is it legal to move in with my 21 year old boyfriend?

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm 17 and I have a 21 year old boyfriend. We both live in Texas. And we have been together for seven months. Which means we were together when I was 16. My parents hate us being together. I hate living at home with their constan...


What do I do if my little brother is hitting me?

I'm 15. He's freaking 12. He can dish it out but he CANNOT take it. I'm sitting in my room crying right now. He's slapped me across the face more than 2 times today, he's punched me, and he's done everything in between. I'm getting so f*cking pissed at...


Should I kick my 23-year-old daughter out?

My daughter is 23 and still living at home, we are very frustrated with her and how she is living her life. She does have a full time job as a Dental Assistant, making very little to support herself. She pays no rent and we cover her car insurance an...


Why should girls be spanked untill an older age?

Hi my name is sara I am 16 years old, I live with my parents and two brothers, age 14 and 15. Last week when I had a fight with my oldest brother my mother gave me spanking but my brother was only grounded and had to do extra chores as punishment. I ak...

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What age should a boy stop seeing his older sister in the bath?

I'm 16 and my brother is 11.. he still comes into the bathroom while I'm in the bath, and I find it disgusting to be honest
Do you think it's inappropriate? If so, what age should a boy stop doing this?

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Why is my mom so mean to me?

Okay, this is a long one, but PLEASE PLEASE read it
I just don't get it, my mom treats me like a pile of shit. She expects way to much of me and I noticed that she likes to blame all of her problems on either me or someone other than her. For example, ...


Question about my new stepbrother

I'm 15 and my new 13 year old stepbrother has been living with us for a 6 months and we get along great so far. We have to share a room until my dad finishes building another one on the house. Since I've never had a brother before is it normal for a ...


nude if front of family members

Has anyone ever been nude if front of family members, and I don't mean when you were little kids. Like in your teen years, and have you seen other family members nude.

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What do I talk about with my boyfriend's parents?

what do I talk about with tmy boyfriends parents! we have been dating like almost two years and they think I dont like them cause I really talk to him with him there! what do I say!


How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?

For the past three years I've been nothing but obsessed with tattoo's and piercings. I've begged my parents for my 16th birthday to let me get a tattoo, nothing big and something I'm going to regret, but something small enough for me to know its there,...


am I too old for a spanking

im a 13 year old boy who still gets spanked over my mothers knee when im naughty on my bare bottom I think im to old but mum dosent

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What is a good excuse for when I come home late?

So I like to hang out with my friends untill like 11 at night but my mom says I have to be home at 5 right after school. The other day I hung out with my friends and didn't return until 11:30 and she flipped her lid. I'm really bad at being creative wh...


Nude in front of Family Members

I am a 20 years old Boy. I live with my Mom,Dad and two elder sisters. I love to stay nude in front of my family members,
Should I consult them all before I start doinf it ?

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How can I get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?

I need help on how to get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house, im 15 and hes 16, I am 16 this year, my parents say im childish but they use it as an excuse because they are too controlling.

What to do?

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How to tell my Mom that I have my period?

I've had my period for almost 2 years and I haven't told my mom yet. I don't know why, everybody else can tell their mom but I just can't bring myself too. I want to tell her but I'm afraid to. I don't know what I'm afraid of but I just am. Can anybody...


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