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I'm a 50yr young woman, who became disabled due, in part, to complications from cancer treatments, and forced to retire. I had been working as a nurse since 1986. Although my body has been forced into retirement, my heart and love of nursing hasn't. I have always had a fondness in caring for the elderly and animals. I have one grown son, who lives out of state and two young daughters. My greatest achievement in life is first and foremost having become and being a mother. My second greatest achievement in life is a tie, between my work as a nurse and fostering animals, in addition to caring for and taking care of my own family members, pets and friends. Knowledge and a continual thirst for knowledge is an attribute that I possess and have instilled and continue to instill, in my children. Knowledge is the "master key" to life, as I see it and provides one with the ability to unlock and open as many doors as one chooses. This "master key" I speak of is not just about math and sciences. Knowledge applies to communicating, relationships, love and all aspects of being human and the human being. It's a double edged sword. It also allows a person to "lock a door", if they choose to close it. Knowledge has helped me cope with the one inevitable, invariable and universal truth, that I've had to pose to myself on many occasions: "It will work out one way or another. It may not be the way I want, but it will work itself out, one way or another."

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