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Writing or making your resume look professional has never been easy. Moreover, today’s dynamic job market driven by ever-changing technology makes the employment more challenging. As such, you need to learn on how to optimize your resume for electronic scanning systems if you are to get hired in 2017.

Unfortunately, most job seekers hardly commit enough time on learning professional ways of adding value to their resume. A professional resume should not only reflect their professional standing but should indicate their mastery of advanced skills sought out by employers. Below are some of the best strategies for ensuring your resume looks professional.

Write about Future Methodologies and Not the past

A resume is a document that markets your skills and not a historical document. Your key career goals should dictate what part of your story you should highlight in your resume. Besides, before submitting a resume to a company for consideration ensure you are familiar with their future plans to ensure your resume reflects on such goals. You should always remember to give heavy emphasis to your credentials, accomplishments, and experience in a way that relates to the company objectives and your career goals. Avoid giving a summary of your skills as it is an outdated way of writing a resume. Besides, take the time to highlight future technologies and systems that the company is likely to use and your expertise in such technologies.

Seeking Professional Resume Writing Services

One sure way of ensuring your resume appears professional and relevant to the job industry is by seeking the services of professional resume writers. Reviews from professional resume writers are very essential in building your resume. Hence, take the time to seek the services of top resume services as they have years of experience in writing resumes and have vast knowledge on what the employers check in the resumes. For these reasons, it is imperative for you to seek the services of prominent resume writers to ensure your resume exceeds the expectations of a professional resume.

Integrating Key Keywords

Nearly all companies and recruiter agencies use certain keywords to identify the right candidates for various positions. As such, when your resume lacks such keywords, it will be overlooked by the electronic tracking systems, and you will not get a chance to market your skills. Besides, using obsolete keywords such as “personnel” gets your resume overlooked as no one wants to hire a candidate who is not conversant with the current market trends. Thus, take the time to learn on the relevant current keywords in your profession, as resumes containing keywords have an 80% chance of getting considered.

Showcase Your "Wow Skills" in Your Resume

It is important you let potential employers of the top reasons why they should hire you. Such reasons could be your refined skills, talents, and experience in carrying given tasks. Your wow factors should not be obvious or common to other people; neither should they be a summary of your skills and achievements. To ensure your wow skills stand out in your resume and they appear professional consider asking yourself the following questions.

• What is the number one thing you have always achieved in your career?

• What are you easily recognized for in your place of work?

• What of your achievement yields impressive results in every organization you have worked?

Write Lean and Mean in Your Resume

It is important for you to know every word and phrase in your resume counts in a modern professional resume. Here, ensure you quantify your achievements, by using numbers and graphs whenever possible to indicate a possible growth rate. Avoid using filler words and phrases, as recruiters hardly take more than three minutes going through your resume. Thus, keep it short, simple, and ensure one can easily see your key points without much hustle. As such, proofread your resume as many times as possible and always check for the specific requirements of the job you are applying. A professional resume is not marked by how best you have highlighted your skills and experience but by how well you have complied with the company policies in your applications.

Making Your Contact Information Visible in Your Resume

In 2016, recruiters complained of more than 30% of resumes having contact information placed inappropriately. Your contact information includes your phone number available 24 hours and an email address. Currently, links to your professional blog and appropriate social media accounts are considered as part of your contact information. Besides, over 20% of companies globally place their advertisement for vacant positions on their social media pages. Nonetheless, ensure you are minimalistic when placing your contact information in the resume, as over disclosure could cost you a job in spite of your perfect professional resume.

Enhance Your Resume's Skimmability

Having subheadings in your resume is one sure way of ensuring one can easily get your key points on the resume. Modern resume practices indicate subheadings make a resume appear more appealing and readable. Besides, ensure your paragraphs contain a maximum of five sentences, as short paragraphs give readers breathing space while reading the resume. Ensure your subheadings are used as useful indicators your ideas. Besides, make your resume short, recruiters will always avoid reading very long resumes in spite of the content of your resume.

Making your resume professional should not be a hectic venture as the above strategies indicate what employers consider professional. It is important to write your resume through the eyes of an employer and not what you believe as professional. Besides, seeking professional resume writing services will add significant value to making sure your resume appears professional. The resume writing agencies have years of experience in resume writing and will always guide you in making sure the resume complies with the requirements of employers. Always remember to be very genuine in writing the resume as any sign of inaccurate information will lead to automatic disqualification. Besides, ensure creatively write the resume to avoid making it a cliché in the eyes of employers.