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In the business world, there is nothing more exciting than giving life to your own venture and creating a Startup. To achieve success you must be prepared to face the digital world and generate a sustainable digital marketing strategy.

If you are not prepared for this, your startup will probably fail in this large and dominant world. There is a huge competition to win the attention of your potential customers promoting your business. Thousands of emails, advertisements and publications fill the day to day of your leads.

Digital marketing is essential to ensure the success of your business, so we share these 23 tips of Digital Marketing for startups.

We want your startup to grow. That's why we want to show you these tips or tips that you can apply in it. Clearly, marketing requires funds and investments to be able to have significant returns. We know that for startups it is a bit difficult to get the economic means to spend on marketing. So, what should we do? Well, this is not a problem. Today there are many platforms and ways to do digital marketing that are effective and at the same time affordable.

One of the most common and effective ways is to start using the different social networking platforms. They are easy to manage, to make successful promotion campaigns and to maintain or create an engagement and direct communication with your audience.

Another preferred strategies today which perfect for startups is Inbound Marketing or using a Growth Hacking process.

We start with the tips:

# 1 Start well

The world of digital marketing is very big and it is very likely that you feel overwhelmed and confused with the amount of channels and media that exist. So it is important that you know your product well, your potential customers (buyer person), and define a marketing strategy for your startup. If after doing this analysis, you are still confused, you can hire a Digital Marketing agency in Dubai to do a study and marketing planning appropriate to your business.

# 2 Achieve online presence

Achieving online presence has become more complicated and important than before. In order to promote your brand, you need a modern and sophisticated website that can give the business more visibility. It takes more than an informative web page, a multi-functional website. Having a blog is essential, will help position you and make your inbound marketing strategy. You should also open a Facebook page, a Twitter account and probably an Instagram account.

Many companies choose to convert their website into a mobile app. Even when this is not essential, having the mobile or responsive version of your website to be seen on different devices is essential.

You must create a very well designed web page, with relevant images and very precise so that the user finds what they are looking for very quickly. This is essential within your digital marketing strategy. You must concentrate on the structure and content and this must be optimized for SEO, the search for keywords is essential. SEO is very effective and provides benefits over time. Maximize the visibility of your website and increase the number of organic visitors.

# 3 SEO

The initials SEO refer to Search Engine Optimization and as I mentioned earlier, it is fundamental in the world of digital marketing today. There are professionals specialized in this technique that will help optimize your strategy and grow your business. You must make sure that all the pages of your website work correctly, create the descriptions and titles suitable for each one as well as the labels and titles of the images. There are several programs like Yoast SEO or Semrush that will help you do it for yourself.

# 4 PPC Marketing based on personalization

This technique is one of the preferred by marketers. It allows you to design a personalized strategy based on the preferences of your users. You can create retargeting or traffic capture campaigns based on the identity of your buyer people. In this way you can promote your startup to people possibly more interested or with common interests.

# 5 Responsive version of your website

As we discussed earlier, most traffic, today, comes from mobile (cellular) traffic. So you must take good care of how your website looks on different types of mobile or tablets, in this way you will be able to convert more visitors from the PPC campaigns you make. Users should be able to navigate without problems through all the pages.

# 6 Build and determine the voice and image of your brand

You must build the image of your brand and the voice of it. That is, define the type of content you are going to publish and the way to do it. Are you a close brand with your audience? Do you speak formally or informally? What are the colors of your brand? Do you have templates to achieve uniformity?

The voice and image of your brand must be present in all your communications: in emails, brochures, landing pages and social media content.

This is paramount.

# 7 Educate your consumers, not just promote your page

Social networks and communications should not be used only to promote your product or brand. They are a communication channel, so you have to promote the conversation, listen to your client, know what they want to see in your networks and offer them valuable content. This will make your brand much more attractive. People do not like you selling them all the time. They like to have the power of decision and the power of information so you must accompany them on your buyer journey.

# 8 Interact with your visitors

In Digital Marketing, visitors have many communication channels to ask questions, comment on concerns or make a complaint. Make them feel important and part of your brand. Create contests, make likes, respond comments or direct messages. This, without a doubt, will make your brand more human and will promote your credibility.

# 9 Use several Social Media platforms

What will be your social media strategy? The number of publications that you must do in each channel ... For this we recommend a social network automation strategy so that you have enough presence to generate reach and engagement. You should know and study the behavior of your audience to post at the appropriate times and frequency of each social network. In our module of Social Manager you have infinite possibilities to manage all your social networks from one place.

# 10 Content is king

You must have a content marketing strategy. What topics are you going to talk about? What will I say about my brand? What is my USP, how am I going to communicate it? Content is the king of digital marketing and especially content marketing. You must always share interesting content, of value, that contributes something to the community. That makes people stop to take notes.

Do not talk about your business, features or benefits within the content of your blog. Content is the reason or the answer of what people search on Google.

If the content is not clear and is not well prepared, your startup will have problems to succeed. Create creative and innovative content. The idea is that your content is shared by users to multiply the reach.

The content is composed of blog entries, videos, downloadable, e-books, among others.

Although we do not want to sell the first time, it is important to have a strategy and campaign to increase KPIs and sales.

"Content is the king of Inbound Marketing"

# 11 Have real followers

Nowadays it is very easy to buy followers, fans or likes in different social networks. This is not recommended. The ideal is to achieve organic followers that are sufficiently interested in your brand and with which you achieve the greatest amount of interactions and thus achieve high engagement. The engagement is more important than the designers. If they are organic you can achieve your attention to try to convert them and generate sales.

If you have pure false followers, your content will not really be seen by anyone. So it's very important to generate real followers to increase your reach.

Marketing does not have to be perceived by your users as marketing. Your posts and publications do not always have to be focused on your product or brand. As we have said to your exhaustion, interact with your audience, create question and answer sessions, do live sessions with Facebook Live or Youtube Live, Periscope, Instagram, etc. This is a good technique to generate engagement.

# 12 Focus on your target audience

In the beginning, you can get too excited and try to reach everyone. No matter how exciting this sounds, it is not a good practice. It is important to focus on reaching your target audience. Let your message reach the people who are likely to be interested.

You must segment the market according to your niche and exclude all people who do not have the affinity interests defined, demographic data, gender, age and others. If your message reaches a much larger and irrelevant audience, it is more likely that you will not reach your goal.

# 13 Make small test investments.

Experience different options such as Facbook Ads or Google Adsense. You can create campaigns of $ 10 a day and reach thousands of people. There are many tutorials and guides that will help you create an effective campaign. Check to get more courses on this subject.

# 14 Make improvements and optimize your landing pages to generate more conversions.

What do you want visitors to do when entering any of your landing pages or landing pages? You must think and ask yourself these questions when creating or optimizing the created pages. Use Lead Generation plugins to convert as many leads as possible. This is where Automated Marketing comes in .

It is very important to take into account the UX or User Experience within your website.

How to Maintain a Constant Rhythm with Attraction Marketing

# 15 Automated Marketing

This section is very long so I recommend you read this post if you are initiating the topic. All your sales funnels can be automated. Automating processes will allow you to have your website working for you 24 hours a day. Generating leads, sharing interesting content according to the moment this lead is found. Create automated email campaigns, tweets, notifications and much more to sell to the right person at the right time. There are a lot of platforms to do Automated Marketing, you can check online , which allows you to carry out your marketing activities from one place.

# 16 Hire staff with knowledge of Digital Marketing

You can hire an external digital marketing service or create your own team or marketing staff. As a startup, we recommend hiring people who are used to working in startups or small businesses that do not have large marketing departments. Since the people who come with experience in agencies probably have been in specific departments and are not used to handle all areas of digital marketing.

It is very important that they have analytical knowledge or at least ability to analyze and learn. Google Analytics is a very good tool to measure the efforts made on your website.

# 17 Work in Branding

Having a strong branding strategy is key for startups. If there is an important tip for startups or ventures is branding!

As we have mentioned, you must work very well in your communication strategy and the personality and identity of your brand. You must have a storytelling plan for your business to achieve an emotional connection with your customers. This will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you have this established, the copies for your messages, SEM campaigns and communications will be much easier.

This is a job that is done day by day and not all in one fell swoop. It has to be implemented in the different channels and aspects of your business.

# 18 Concentrate on the Marketing of your product

The initial version of the product has to do with providing customers with a great experience. Nowadays, in addition, you must maximize the benefits derived from the use of your products to your customers. What will your customer gain with your product? Show him what he is going to achieve and obtain, generate sensations.

# 19 Work on your Landing Pages or Landing Pages

Let's dig a little deeper into the landing pages. The main objective is to generate potential customers. They have a special importance in digital marketing and must be optimized until high conversion levels are achieved. Fortunately, there is the A / B or A / B testing! Make different versions and leave the one that turns better. Test with colors, call to actions locations and page layout. Give them the time they need! Many startups do not take landing pages into account.

# 20 Invest in the best and most appropriate tools

Even being a startup, you must have funds or resources to hire platforms or tools to carry out the relevant marketing strategies. Choosing the best tools based on the price quality ratio is a very important decision within your startup. There are specific tools for social networks, marketing automation, email marketing, analytics and others. We recommend you try the free licenses and demos before making this decision.

# 21 Work on marketing your company as the best company to work for

Try to position yourself or market yourself as the best place to work. Hiring the right people can be very difficult even when many talented people are available. Having a blog for your employees always helps just like social networks.

Whenever people see their friends having a good time at work, in a good work environment, they will want to work in your company.

# 22 Consider creating your strategy according to your needs

This is very, very important. First of all you must establish the goals and objectives of your company; but you must also know and evaluate your limitations. You must know what makes you better or different from your competition. What is your value proposition? Once you have all this defined you will have to involve all your team and transmit the vision and mission of the company. In this way you can grow and solve any problem or event that may arise.

Separate your objectives in two. Short-term objectives and long-term objectives. Your startup can not grow without thinking of a long-term goal. By establishing them, you can make better decisions, prevent mistakes or make the relevant changes on time,

# 23 Be dedicated and true to your Digital Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing takes time and efforts to be successful. If you are dedicated and committed to your startup, you can achieve the objectives and results you expect.

Too much information?

Putting all these tips or advice into practice can be difficult. It is very important that you take into account the tools, platforms and platforms to carry out your strategy. Remember, you do not need to have an exaggerated budget to carry it out. It's a matter of finding the right tools for your startup.

In Inbound Manager Pro we make Inbound Marketing and Automated Marketing available to everyone. If you have any questions, we can help you start and face the digital transformation of today. Grow your business!