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About Merchant Account And High Risk Credit Card Processing

The merchant accounts get approval or disapprove from the risk departments. Any business with bad personal or business credit scores, a high chargeback history, a startup, or high frequency or high average tickets can be at high risk. On an individual basis, the majority of high-risk businesses are among such by the industry they operate in. At First American Merchant we specialize in high risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts. We work with virtually every business type and any credit situation. We specialize in helping high risk business owners get the credit card processing services they need. We have helped thousands of online and retail business owners get merchant accounts.

Best High Risk Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing Options

If your business is part of a so-called high-risk industry, it may be difficult to find quality credit card processing. After sifting through dozens of contracts for high risk merchant account providers and speaking with many sales representatives, we found a good number of companies offer little transparency, confusing and contradictory information and a plethora of hidden fees. We compiled a list of the best high-risk merchant account providers and top high risk credit card processors to help small business owners more easily find options that suit their needs.

The Challenge Of High Risk Merchant Accounts

High risk merchants know that getting the right merchant account is challenging. Not all banks are eager to provide payment processing for industries deemed high risk. In 2001, Merchant stronghold carved its own niche in the high risk merchant services space and has been providing quality solutions since then.

Benefits Of Merchant Stronghold High Risk Merchant Accounts

  • More Acquiring Banking Solutions
  • We Work Within the Guidelines of Visa, MasterCard, and More
  • 3D Secure – Something to Think About
  • Fraud Protection Tools
  • Offshore and International Merchant Accounts
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • Live Customer Support

High Risk Merchant Accounts

At Host Merchant Services we realize that some merchants fall into “high risk” categories. This means that it can be harder for the business to obtain a merchant account.

But what if you've been categorized as a high risk?

High risk merchants don’t qualify for traditional processing agreements. They're stuck working with acquirers and processors who offer high risk merchant services and are willing to accept liability for the increased risk associated with these businesses (known as a high-risk payments processor). As you might imagine, "high risk" service comes with a higher price tag.

Let’s Understand the High-Risk Merchant

It is difficult to start a business, as well as applying for a merchant account. The merchant accounts get approval or disapprove from the risk departments. While considering the business to be high-risk business or Low-risk. There are few reasons why any business can be in high-risk business.