Astrid Tejero Bevans

Writer, Singing, Aircraft buyer


Hi my name is Astrid; I was born and raised in California... just a little about myself. I say I’m blessed to be mom of two. My daughter and my son actually brought a meaning to my life in my earliest years; reason why I don’t try but do my best every day. I am a workaholic. I love to work and being independent of my own. Been working in the Aerospace field for quite some time now, every day is something new for me. I am a fearful woman of GOD. I love going to church and bible studies. Also I am member, lead singer and vocalist of my church’s worship band. Very goal oriented, always pursuing ways to accomplish what I set my mind too. Every experience is an outstanding form to me as living the moment. I enjoy spontaneous journeys, road trips, adventures, traveling once in a while. I’m a hopeless romantic, have those kinds of crazy days. I love hiking, the walks and the views fascinate me. Trying new foods is something I enjoy. Art falls in my interest, paintings, and theatrical plays, anything that has to do with art in general! I have a passion in writing is something I love to do in my free time; could be poetry, personal, reflection, or simply a message. Books come in second. I am simply am passionate about life and the people in it. My priorities in life are different from others as I see success in other ways. Success is not measured on how much income you make in a year but on how you impact someone's life for the better. I’m just down to earth, self sufficient, get things done through the power of my emotional commitment. Persistence takes me far.