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Will my wife be my wife in heaven

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  1. Who is ginuwine's wife?
    Who is ginuwine's wife?
    2 Relationships 61
  2. Is there a gender in Heaven?
    Is there a gender in heaven???
    7 Religion 50
  3. Why did my wife cheat on me?
    why my wife cheat on me?
    4 Relationships 105
  4. What do you think heaven is like?
    What do think Heaven is like?
    17 Religion 47
  5. What's the similiarty between knife & wife?
    similiarty between Knife & wife?
    3 Entertainment 18
  6. Did Adam have a wife before Eve?
    Did Adam have a wife before Eve?
    26 Religion 281
  7. How do I make a child with my wife?
    How do I make a child with my wife?
    4 Health 96
  8. what is a trophy wife or trophy husband?
    3 General 38
  9. How can I learn to read my wife's mind?
    How can I learn to read my wife's mind?
    5 Entertainment 57
  10. Who shot Trace Adkins' wife?
    who shot Trace adkins wife?
    3 General 83
  11. Do pets go to Heaven?
    do you beleive pets go to heaven?
    26 Pets 48
  12. Must you be saved to go to Heaven?
    must you be saved to go to heaven?
    57 Religion 109
  13. Adam, more than one wife?
    Did Adam have more than one wife and how do we know?
    7 Religion 188
  14. what was God doing when he created heaven and earth?
    what was God doing when he created heaven and earth?
    14 Religion 46
  15. Stairway to Heaven
    What musical key is stairway to heaven in?
    2 Music 18
  16. What can I do to show my wife how much I love her?
    What can I do to show my wife how much I love her?
    4 Entertainment 24
  17. Heaven, What is it & Where is it?
    Again, my question is not to the unbelievers, but, to the believers.
    4 Religion 39
  18. should i go out with a guy who just split from his wife?
    4 Relationships 11
  19. Do soldiers who have killed go to heaven?
    21 Religion 54
  20. how can i make my wife satisfied?she is pregnent.
    7 Health 26
  21. Heaven or hell?
    How does anyone know if they are going to heaven or hell?
    22 Religion 46
  22. Can I adopt my wife's child if I'm a felon?
    I am a felon;Can I adopt my wifes child
    2 Babies 86
  23. Are you agree if a Priest have wife?
    Are you agree if a Priest have wife?...if yes/no why?... tnx... :)
    17 Religion 46
  24. Heaven and Hell
    Does the Wicken religion believe in a Heaven and a Hell??
    5 Religion 18
  25. Bible question are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    7 Religion 31
  26. can my wife get pregnant
    can my wife get pregnant if we did the anal sex?
    2 Sex 560
  27. Gateway to heaven
    What is orion? Is it the gate way to heaven
    4 Science 73
  28. Do you think we will stay in hell or heaven forever?
    27 Religion 44
  29. Do animals have souls, and do they go to heaven after they die?
    13 Pets 46
  30. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
    Yes or no? Explain why.
    24 Religion 29
  31. Is Nirvana from buddhism better than heaven from christainty?
    20 Religion 68
  32. Where do Agnostics go when they die - Heaven or Hell?
    11 Religion 66
  33. What does it mean when some says "I waved being a mother, I waved being a wife"?
    5 General 20
  34. Can i wife charge her husband with rape if he raped her?
    5 Family 36
  35. What are little things to do for my wife?
    Ideas for little & nice things to do for your wife everyday?
    4 Relationships 158
  36. If you kill your self would you go to heaven or hell
    If you kill your self would you go to heaven or hell
    38 Religion 326
  37. How do I get my wife back?
    I've tried everything how do I get my wife back
    4 Relationships 17
  38. How can I get my wife to love me again?
    My wife said she has fallen out of love with me. Can I fix it?
    2 Relationships 32
  39. Does John Cena have a girlfriend or wife?
    I just want to know if John Cena has a girlfriend or wife?
    40 Entertainment 221
  40. Wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    My wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    5 Health 459
  41. How will you feel in Heaven?
    assume one day you will be in heven.,how will you feel?
    5 General 10
  42. What is a best gift to buy for your future wife's grandmother?
    17 Shopping 69
  43. A friend makes a good wife
    is true that friends make good wivies
    2 Relationships 9
  44. Is it still special if I get my wife a gift from her own spa?
    12 Shopping 22
  45. do you belive in heaven and/or hell?
    why/why not? just wondering.
    7 Religion 17
  46. Stairway to heaven or bohemian rhapsody?
    whos side are you on?
    8 Music 17
  47. will cremation send their soal to heaven?
    if you cremate a love one will there soal go to heaven
    9 Religion 452
  48. Divorcing my wife- need reasons
    What criteria should I consider when thinking about divorcing my wife?
    3 Relationships 37
  49. What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel.
    What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel. help!
    3 Shopping 25
  50. How doses obomas wife doses her job so good,excellent?
    How doses obomas wife doses her job so good,excellent?,my friends.
    3 Politics 17
  51. How can I make my wife have a orgasm.
    How can I make my wife have a orgasm without using my penis or fingers?
    3 Relationships 68
  52. Romantic ways to let my wife know I love her
    what romantic ideas do you have
    5 Relationships 32
  53. What is the religion in which you don't believe in heaven, God, the devil, or hell?
    37 Religion 76
  54. Does wiccans believe in heaven?
    Do they believe in the afterlife? ( for wiccan/pegan experts, no flamers!)
    5 Religion 75
  55. is being baptised the only way in to heaven
    and who is the person most holy these days to do the job.
    10 Religion 51
  56. A million dollars or a place in heaven?
    Ok ok what would you rather have...a million dollars or a place saved for you in heaven??
    9 General 20
  57. Where will Heaven and Hell be?
    When Jesus comes back, and all is said and done, where exactly will Heaven and Hell be?
    14 Religion 31
  58. What is your heaven like?
    Ever wonder what heaven is like? Well at least your heaven. Hm...I hope heaven has a Snapple machine
    5 General 19
  59. What in heavens is that song called?
    It goes like this we gotta liiive like were dying and what is the song called?
    2 Music 40
  60. there's something about mary or just like heaven?
    which movie should I buy? I can't decide and I like them both haha.
    2 Entertainment 9
  61. mayb you dont like obama but what do you think about his wife...
    I know a lot of people dont like obama but what do you think about his wife???
    9 Politics 29
  62. looking for wife
    im looking for wife to love to shere all my life she must be frome kergestan and that what im looking for
    2 Relationships 22
  63. Do we have Heaven on Earth?
    If a king rules his kingdom and if Jesus rules in our heart, do we have a little piece of heaven here in on earth?
    9 Religion 44
  64. How good do you have to be to get into heaven?
    So how good do you have to be to get into heaven? If all sins can be forgiven, then why not just sin all your life and hope they let you in. Lol.
    16 Religion 35
  65. Who sings the girl part in the song a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold??
    Who sings the girl part in the song a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold??
    2 Music 194
  66. Where is Heaven?
    Whr is heaven, most people say its up. bt whr? what if down, side? bcos up is stars and dark
    12 Religion 18
  67. Are their animals in heaven
    ok there has been an arguement for a long time among christian animal lovers, are their animals in heaven? and if there are why? and if there are not why?
    8 Religion 20
  68. Does it speak of Adam's first wife before he ever met Eve in the Garden of Eden?
    27 Religion 43
  69. Is it true that if a man kills his wife when he found out she cheated on him, he can get out of his charges because he was in a rage?
    11 Politics 32
  70. 144,000 going to Heaven
    Are the 144,000 the only ones that are going to heaven? Some crazy Je.Wit are confusing my kid bro
    20 Religion 70
  71. How do I tell my wife that I love her?
    I am broke and I will be broke till January. How do I show my wife that I love her without being sexual or material?
    11 Sex 59
  72. If a baby dies, do they go to heaven?
    If a baby dies soon after its born, does it go to heaven or hell? What about like 2 year olds?
    31 Religion 76
  73. Should I be worried that my wife is into wearing thigh high boots and mini skirts when she goes out lately?
    23 Relationships 160
  74. Where did God live before he created Heaven
    If God has been around forever and if God created the heavens and the earth and mankind during creation, it stands to reason that God has been around much longer than heaven. Where did God live before he created heaven?
    24 Religion 324
  75. why dose bad things happen to gods most blessed people like canser to my wife?
    7 Religion 26
  76. Words without thoughts never to heaven go meaning?
    My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go. - William Shakespeare
    3 Literature 168
  77. Whatever happened to 7th heaven show?
    Whatever happened to the TV show 7th Heaven??? I like it! And does Degrassi still come on Noggin?
    4 Entertainment 32
  78. What to do 7 minitues in heaven with a girl?
    Me and my friends are having a sleep over 5 girls are coming and 5 boys we all agreed to play 7 minitues in heaven. what should I do in that 7 minitues with the girl
    4 Relationships 40
  79. Does anyone know a good way for my wife to gain 20 lbs?
    13 Nutritionfitness 41
  80. Why does my wife m*sturbate while she sleeps?
    my wife m*sturbates while she sleeps almost everynight now. whats wrong, is it me or is it someone else now. I think I'm losing my wife.
    5 Relationships 129
  81. Has anyone heard of the band when heavens collapse?
    Hey has anyone heard of the band when heavens collapse? I was just wonderin because my friends big bro is the singer/guitarist.
    4 Music 45
  82. What should I do now that, my wife is moving out of our home?
    We are at peace with each other, and she is only 1 block away, and claims we are still together.
    6 Relationships 28
  83. My wife cums but no orgasm?
    So my wife gets off just fine with the clit but when I figer her or doing her she cums a lot but she says shes not having a orgazum
    3 Relationships 138
  84. Wife is sending other men photos of her breasts
    how do you handle the fact that your wife was talking to another men while you were at work and sending the men pics of her breast?
    5 Relationships 52
  85. advice about my kids seeing me naked and my wife
    me and my wife and extended family are needing advice kids seeing us naked PLS ANSWER ME
    6 Babies 130
  86. All religions in Heaven?
    Does anybody beleive that people of all religions will go to heaven, or do people have to beleive in a certain god or a certain religion to go to heaven? can all people of all religions no matter who they worship as god go to heaven? please give sugg...
    20 Religion 95
  87. How can I get a better bj from my wife?
    My wife just seem to understand how to put tounge pressure on it, cam someone help?
    5 Relationships 48
  88. What is our state in Heaven?
    Do we see our bodies as ourselves on Earth or do we only see spirits? My mom thinks we will all get a new body. Is that true?
    29 Religion 34
  89. What is 7 minutes in heaven?
    how do you play it? what do you need to play? im just wondering cause I hear people talk about it.
    7 Gaming 46
  90. Help getting over ex-wife
    How do I move on she still wants to see me some and have sex but she still wants to be single.
    2 Sex 22
  91. Are homosexuals going to heaven?
    If a gay person believes Jesus and accepts him as his personal savior, and wants to go to heaven, will he? And will people from all different church denominations go to heaven too?
    52 Sex 129
  92. why churches teach all is going to heaven???
    I want to know why all these churches are telling every that they are all going to heaven, that is not what I read in the bible, but all they talking earth burning up and we all going to heaven or hell.
    12 Religion 66
  93. My wife's birthday gift
    My wife's birthday is approaching, what is the best economical gift I can present her? Please suggest some bright innovative ideas folks.
    2 Shopping 156
  94. Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church?
    Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church but as long as im a good person and helps the ones in need?
    14 Religion 159
  95. Obama says Jesus Christ is not the only way to heaven?
    To the Christians here: Obama claims to be a Christian, yet he proclaims that Jesus Christ is not the only WAY to Heaven - Is he right or is he a false prophet ?
    42 Religion 239
  96. christmas gift for my wife
    I need a good gift for christmas for my wife. we have been married for 4 months. 1st christmas together. she also likes snowman.
    2 Shopping 145
  97. Can you watch 7th heaven episodes online?
    Hey I have been looking all over google to find where all the 7th heaven episodes are online to watch but I cant find... does anyone know where to go to watch all 7th heaven full lenght episodes?
    3 Entertainment 76
  98. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  99. Heaven brayan adams
    Do you know the heaven song by bryan adams? Theres the girl version of it also right? Whats the name of the girl that sang it???
    3 Music 20
  100. Do you think there is a heaven for animals too or not?
    I mean animals dont have to worry if they are good or bad they have to go go somewhere right. Do you think there is a heaven for animals. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    18 Religion 38
  101. How can I find out what my wife is looking up on my computer?
    My wife keeps deleting the history every time she gets on my computer. I am wanting to know what she dont want me to see
    3 Technology 103
  102. Cheating wife
    I am married but is currently cheating. My husband has fund my boyfriend phone number in my phone and is now asking question . Whart do I say
    6 Relationships 56
  103. does anybody know if jensen ackles is getting along with his wife?
    i read somewhere that he has a secret love.does any of you know if that's true or is it just a rumour?
    2 Entertainment 35
  104. How do find the phone number on my wifes phone she had it changed"?
    Need help finding phone number don,t know how it.s a boost phone but they will let her know if I try trhough them
    3 Technology 60
  105. Why does my wife let loose trucker farts?
    my wife shamelessly expells trucker sized farts. Its not so much the fact that she farts in general just that she can do it louder and longer than me. I feel immasculated.
    4 Health 323
  106. Are christians the only ones that go to heaven?
    im catholic and my stepfather told me once that only chirstians are going to heaven and everyone else will go to hell. im wondering if thats true...
    16 Religion 45
  107. Did we live in heaven before we came to earth?
    I have heard this is true. Did we live as angels before we were born on earth? What do you believe? Please, no 'wise guy' answers, thank you.
    10 Religion 239
  108. What are the requirement to go to heaven?
    I have read in the Bible that there are requirements to go to heaven and it is a reward to those who are obedient to His will. As christians, do you think that we will go to heaven if do not keep the commandments, turn away from sin and have a personal...
    14 Religion 39
  109. Would you go to heaven or hell?
    if u'm gay up untill the last day of your life then you go straight would you go to heaven or hell - (thats me plan to get 2 heaven) lol
    20 Religion 79
  110. Would I be able to get on the mortgage loan once my wife refinances?
    So here's the deal, my wife has the credit but I make the money, so she will be with a co-signer on the loan, now, if she refinances would I be able to replace the co-signer once my credit is at a 620?
    2 Money 11
  111. Can someone tell me why my wife can't get pregnant?
    I have being with my wife for 7 years but she can`t get pregnant. Last year she found out that she hard a fibroid, she operated on it, and still for about 1 year she can`t get pregnant. Can someone tell me what the problem may be? Is it me or her?
    5 Health 67
  112. What murders can go to heaven?
    I want to know this answer...I don't see how you can murder and rape and kill kids or even go on a shooting spree at church and be forgiven.
    17 Religion 221
  113. What do you imagine your heaven to be like?
    Just wondering... I'm not exactly christian x_x Just open for anything. I just thought this would be a cool subject for everybody.
    56 Religion 46
  114. What is the true meaning to stairway to heaven?
    I know its about materialism but of exactly what?? and don't go on about blaah blaah blaah satanic messages because I don't really care about them I just want to know the meaning of the song.
    6 Music 123
  115. Why did solomon had too many wifes?
    King solomon and others had many wifes. Can someone explain if god allowed it? Also, he had sex with almost all of the virgins at that time. So now some religions use this example to have more than one wife. Is that excused?
    5 Sex 61
  116. Does which God matter when getting into Heaven?
    If people of all religions can go to heaven by worshipping whatever God they chose to beleive in, why does it matter what God they chose to beleive in? Just wondering. Does it even matter what religion you are, if you will still go to heaven for woshi...
    10 Religion 32
  117. My wife's affair
    I caught my wife cheating on me with another man about a year ago in which she said that the affair had ended. Well my wife had a baby about 2 months ago and it is half black and we are both white. What should I do, I am having trouble coping with this.
    14 Relationships 3876
  118. Why do men cheat on their wife, whom they promised fidelity to?
    I just wonder why? please enlighten me:) I am merely curious. not just male celebrities have affairs, even normal people...
    3 Relationships 14
  119. Is it cheesy to write a poem for your wife?
    Back in the day, I used to write my wife poetry. I haven't written anything like that for her (or poems in general) for a decade. Is it cheesy to write a poem for her now, after so long, or would she appreciate the gesture?
    5 Literature 54
  120. How can I see my son legally without threats from my wife
    My wife and I are physically separated but we were sharing our child till she changed her mind. she is not allowing me to see my son without any legal action. She is threathing me with the police if I try to see my son.
    4 Family 60
  121. How do this Reverend and his wife pull demons out of people?
    I know a powerful reverned and his wife who have done all like taking demons out of people, prophesy, and speaking in tongues and healing people I am interested in what they are saying? and how are they so called doing all this?
    11 Religion 15
  122. A man came home and found his wife..its a joke
    A man came home and seen his wife blow drying her pubic hairs, and he says babe what are you doin and she says reheating your dinner.. Haha
    5 General 18
  123. Do you still have free will in heaven?
    If not, doesn't that demonstrate it isn't so great? If so, then doesn't that mean there will be sin in heaven. "Aw," you say, "but we are transformed in heaven. We no longer have a sin nature." If so, then why did god create us with a sin nature...
    21 Religion 126
  124. Will I ever be able to trust my wife again?
    I recently found out my wife had an affair with a married man. She wanted to leave me and marry him but he said no. She said in all affairs, things are said but not meant and wants to work things out with me. I feel she is with me only because he said...
    2 Relationships 50
  125. Are heaven and hell considered physical places?
    This is more of a question for the religious, or those who know a lot about religious teachings. Are heaven and hell considered physical locations, alternate dimensions, or are they just symbolic places used by prophets, etc. to make their point?
    8 Religion 54
  126. my boyfriendboy and his ex wife
    my boyfrienboy is always taling to his ex wife and as even stayed at her house for3 days at a time .we have been togather for 7 years. im dont what to do. he tinks it is fine and she does to.
    5 Relationships 48
  127. What do I buy my wife for christmas?
    Wondering if ya'll can help me - I love my wife, but she is very stressed that I am going to mess up when I get her a christmas present. Can anybody give me some good gift ideas? Thanks!
    19 Shopping 894
  128. FunAdvice Trivia: What movie was the song 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams written for?
    A) Hope Floats B) The Mirror has two Faces C) The Three Musketeers D) A Night in Heaven
    4 Funadvice 336
  129. Why did Rochester keep his wife?
    Why did Rochester keep his wife instead of sending her to a hospital or divorcing her and then he could keep her hidden and THEN marry Jane. I know divorce wasn't seen as a good thing back then but he had a legitimate reason she was insane!
    3 Literature 43
  130. Is my wife right?
    My son leaves his toys (knights and monsters) all over the floor. He is nine and we have told him four times that if these toys will get stepped on if he leaves them out. My wife thinks I should walk on them with my cowboy boots to teach him a lesson....
    4 Relationships 28
  131. How can I convince my wife to be blonde again?
    How can I convince my wife to be blonde again? When I met her she was a light almost platinum blonde but over the years has gone back to her original brown hair color. I just think she looked better as a blonde, but she says she is past that now. Any...
    5 Style 406
  132. Wife angry at me!
    My Wife is not talking to me since noon due to a small quarrel!What should I do?Can anyone of you insist her to talk to me.Please!Just post your answer and I'll show it to her.My whole day has been boring without her company!
    2 Relationships 17
  133. How can I truely believe in god and heaven?
    I've been having trouble believing in heaven and god lately. I've been a catholic and have gone to church and sunday school my whole life. But my faith in him is slowly going away. How can I believe in him if im not even sure if he believes in me.
    14 Religion 44
  134. My wife and my 2years old daughter are taking a flight to India next month.
    I already own travel insurance. Do I need to buy a separate health insurance policy to get medical coverage for my pregnant wife?
    4 Travel 9
  135. Should I tell my wife I like wearing her clothes?
    I am a married man,I like dressing up in womens clothes from head to toe,I did dress up once for my wife,she asked what was it like I said it was only alright,but really it was a dream come through,did not want to worry her,I still dress up when she is...
    6 Relationships 281
  136. Randy orton...did he cheat on his wife
    Ok so word has it that randy orton has cheated on his wife samantha, its been said he was holding a chick still wearing his wedding band but it wasn his wife, there was even pics but I couldn view them, so I was just wonderin has anyone else read or se...
    4 Entertainment 229
  137. FunAdvice Trivia: Who sang 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls' in the movie GiGi?
    A) Bing Crosby B) Maurice Chevalier C) Rex Harrison D) Perry Como
    17 Funadvice 40
  138. What are similar movies like the Time Traveler's Wife?
    Okay well my boyfriend's coming home in about 3 hours and we watched the Time Traveler's Wife movie about a week ago and we both enjoyed it! Are there any movies kinda similar to it? like adventures? If not, do you know any funny movies? Thnkss<3
    4 Entertainment 51
  139. Afghanistan (army wife)
    my fiance deployed off to military training 2 months ago and will soon be going to afghanistan/pacastan. I dont know how to cope with that. and I am now 8 months pregnant can anyone help me that is going through the same situation??
    6 Politics 38
  140. Who thinks Tiger Woods and his wife could have worked out the issues in their marriage?
    As the divorce becomes final today, I wonder if it was possible for them to stay together despite the problems....or were they simply not in love with each other anymore?
    5 Entertainment 10
  141. heaven..should I want to go
    ok, my opinion(being an athiest) im pretty sure there is no heaven but even if there was would I want to go? to me it looks like christians dont have much fun since the bible tells them not to do a lot of fun things. and if you went to heaven yo...
    20 Religion 30
  142. Is anyone else an Army wife?
    Where are all of the army wives? We are here at Fort Hood, Texas. I am looking for other wives of soldiers all over the US. Is your soldier deployed? I should say this question is not limited to wives, but any family member of soldier. Tell me where yo...
    3 Funadvice 15
  143. Seventh year anniversary gift ideas for my wife?
    Seventh year anniversary gift ideas for my wife? Our anniversary isn't for about six weeks or so, but I want to make sure I get the drop on her this year & do something very creative. Not necessarily expensive, but I'd like to be the one who gives the ...
    2 Shopping 126
  144. How to get my wife in the mood and take her verginity
    My questions are my wife and I are married for almost a year now and we haven have sex as yet she is still a vergin and whenever we try to she stops me now iam not interested and so is she I iam just tired of trying and not geting through please tell m...
    9 Sex 91
  145. Why would a man just up and leave his wife?
    I have a girlfriend whos husband just up and left last month after 19 years of marriage, he swears there is no one else, he told her she did nothing wrong. she is absoutley beautiful. Does anyone have any feedback
    4 Relationships 19
  146. Who is john cena's wife?
    I have heard so many people say he is but I dont think so he is really to involved with the wwe and tv shows, movie ect... And all the pic floating around are so fake a blind man can see that
    2 Entertainment 24
  147. Why my wife do not like to be fingered or have oral sex?
    I am married for last 7 years and have a 5 yr old child. Well, I want to know as to why my wife is not into oral sex she even does not like to be fingered, she says she does not like it, although we do have a great contemporary sex life. Is she just sh...
    3 Sex 122
  148. Heaven and hell? (sins and death)
    I know this is kind of stupid of me but my mom and I dont go to church. I used to go but we stopped going when we moved out of my home state. Now I go every now and then with my friends to their church. I was wondering what are the seven deadly sins an...
    20 Religion 6
  149. Has there been a US president before who divorced his wife?
    My US history skills aren't all that great, and I just realized: have we had a president before who divorced his wife? If not, then McCain would be the first, right? Sorry, I just remembered: Reagan was the first president to have divorced his wife. H...
    12 Politics 650
  150. He was a big gangster, but he was afraid of his small wife?
    I was watching yesterday a tv serie based on a real life person about a big drug dealer who fought with many guys and shoot many bullets to their enemies, but the only person he was afraid was her small wife, but he loved her very much. I think that i...
    3 Entertainment 14
  151. Wife really likes girls
    My wife really enjoys being with other women. I have never been with her when she is with another woman but she tells me all the details. I am cool with it. She right now is on a trip with girlfriends in Florida. Things are good between us sexually. Co...
    4 Sex 115
  152. Other Wives
    How do I get my wife to let me have a second wife?
    6 Family 25
  153. Would you rather go to Heaven?
    Why does it matter, to whorship God at Chruch..if all you have to do is accept Jesus at even the last miniute? Would you rather spend eternity with God or no, would you rather go to he*l?.. I know everyone has a different life/expieriance. Whats hell r...
    16 Religion 44
  154. How can I deal with my baby's daddy's wife?
    recently my baby daddy got married , I dont care for his wife and I dont want her physically dealing with my son I know shes there when my baby dad takes my son but I have a problem with her taking some of my duties I hear that now that she married to ...
    5 Family 302
  155. Why does my wife want me to have sex with a guy while she watches?
    help My wife wants me to have sex with another man while she watches im not bi so what to do ??? It makes her very hot talking about it and she brings it up almost everytime we are in the middle of having great sex .She wont bring in a girl for me but ...
    6 Sex 655
  156. My wife just cheated, what should I do?
    You answer a lot of these and was wondering if you could help me. I found my wife having a 3 some with 2 guys I don't even know. One was really fat, the other was a black guy. I love her so much and we have 2 babies together. It happened last night, I ...
    14 Relationships 93
  157. Wife wants kids and I am not sure
    Thanks for any advice you can give I am 34 and my wife is 26 we have been married for about 5 years she really want to have a baby now and I am not sure I want one I dont feel like I would be a good dad my dad and I didnt have a good relationship the t...
    2 Family 14
  158. What is the easiest way to go to Heaven?
    The church is the biggest commercial organization, & the only way they can earn, is by brainwashing your mind with fear & guilt, heaven and hell etc. The Bible says that it is easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to...
    10 Religion 60
  159. How do I get my wife to get interested in sex?
    My wife has never had adequate interest in sex even before marriage. Whenever we tried she says it hurts and finds no pleasure, so she avoids it everytime. We have never had good sex in last 1 yr. I have tried every way of seduction too and tried to ma...
    4 Sex 64
  160. Getting my wife to have multiple orgasims
    When making love to my wife and she has an orgasim she wants to stop and says she can not go again. We have discussed this and she thinks that I just have an obsession with this. She told me I watch to much porn that multiple orgasims dont happen in re...
    3 Sex 167
  161. Is there really no marriage in Heaven?
    Today in my Catholic church I listened to a reading from the 2nd Book of Maccabees. In the reading it spoke of multiple marriages in life on earth and the question was raised as to what occurs in the kingdom of heaven with regard to these marriages. A...
    9 Religion 136
  162. What is heaven and hell?
    Me and my mum were talking about it a few days ago. and she doesnt believe in god anymore, she hasnt gone to church since she was little, and she believe to an extent. anyways she doesnt think theres a heaven and hell. she believes that whe...
    15 Religion 25
  163. Salsa dancing lessons? Do you think my wife would like that idea?
    There was this cheesy Richard Gere movie my wife & watched a few weeks ago - he took dance lessons from Jennifer Lopez, and then hid the whole thing from his wife (very strange). Anyway, I was thinking of registering for a dance class at the local c...
    2 Entertainment 13
  164. Do you think its reasonable for a husband who works to expect his stay at home wife to have the house clean and dinner cooked every day when he comes home?
    My mother thinks that chris is controlling, i however think its perfectly reasonable to expect a clean house and a warm dinner when he comes home seeing as how i dont work and he does. It only seems fair to me. Just curious as to what others opinions...
    17 General 94
  165. Does anyone know the details on "Heavier Than heaven"?
    I read about a movie coming up,a biography about Kurt Cobain,with Zac Efron Starring as Kurt.((Not so fond of that idea,but okay)) And Im just wondering,will it make it to the big screen? or just go straight to dvd? And how far along in the making is...
    3 Entertainment 45
  166. How can I find an English divorced wife for my Dad?
    My dad he gotten a divorced with my mom.We want an english divorced mom/wife.The reason we wany an ENGLISH woman is because we have english in usand want an english woman.My brother said 30-40 years.My dad want me to find one for him. So what site woul...
    5 Family 17
  167. is earth heaven?... or is it hell?
    with all the things that happen in the modern world I'll have to assume the latter. Does anyone else think that we are reborn until we've proven ourselves worthy enough to enter a higher state of being or are we already in heaven and by doing wrong we ...
    13 Religion 42
  168. Holiday gift ideas for my wife?
    Name's Steve (audience echoes, "hi steve") - I'm trying to come up with a banger of an idea for a holiday gift for my wife - am looking for ideas, suggestions and recommendations. She's into painting, so perhaps a gift along the lines of some brushes o...
    3 Shopping 44
  169. Do babies go to heaven =*(
    Hello, im sorry to say this I just CANT get it off my mind and my girlfriend got a forced abortion by her parents and I cant stop blaming myself. Im jw because im wondering if babies go to heaven if they dont know about god yet but have no intention ...
    10 Religion 50
  170. Could my wife be pregnant
    after our last son was born 4 years ago my wife went on the pill to get her period back to normal and she went off it last xmas and 2 nights ago we had a few to many drinks and had sex and i came in her it was a day or so after her period when she stop...
    3 Sex 22
  171. Will you have a normal human body at heaven?
    I grew up as a catholic my whole life but it seems so silly now. Like what if you die a very old man. What body will you have? What clothes will you wear? Heaven sounds so boring. A mean what will you do there? Pray 24/7? Walk around? Sit around all da...
    27 Religion 99
  172. Why is my wife sex craved latlety?
    so okay this gunna sound so lame cuming from a guy but gezze my penis kills I mean she wants it all the time I mean not once a nite she wants like 5 it hurts!! I mean we've gone through some sheets this week cause squirts when she cums but man how I li...
    4 Sex 14
  173. What to do if I found a clip of my wife having sex online?
    I posted a question telling that my wifes stares at other men , now I found a mobile mms. In that mms I found my wife having sex with another man and is taken by another person ,I am really worried I asked her ,but she refuses , she says she dont know....
    20 Sex 327
  174. What to get my wife for xmas?
    Ok. So I've been at a loss as to what to get my wife for Christmas but have finally come up with what I think is a winning idea and would like some input on it. (preferably from other women) :) So I was thinking: A fluffy new bathrobe, a relaxing new f...
    5 Shopping 24
  175. wife wont give me a blow job
    My wife wont give me a blow job and its drivin me nuts. When we first got together she couldnt do enough and that included blow jobs. 'she says it knocks her sick something to far down the back of her throat. any ideas as how to change this. I dont thi...
    9 Sex 645
  176. What if my wife wants a divorce?
    My wife and I was having problems. She started to talk to an old friend and that bothered me and was having a hard time letting it go. At my job I delt with many repeat customers and ended up making a friend. It was a female and we talked on the phon...
    6 Relationships 38
  177. Junk food heaven
    I’m 24, but i’m like a kid when it comes to junk food, I aint a couch potato, I do take exercise everyday but i’m afraid it aint enough to top off what I eat. Reason why i’m posting is I know i’m not the only one that’s fighting over extra skin and lov...
    3 Food 44
  178. can I still go 2 heaven?
    I am christian and I am very active in my church community I teach 1st grade ccd and I cantor... but I am only 15 If I were to have se xnow and obvioustly not be married would that be a sin? Because honestly I would not be sorry I would want to go 2 ...
    32 Religion 73
  179. How do I make my wife happy and content?
    You know it is hard sometimes being a man. There are sometimes many things that are put on to us that others don't understand. We are to be the providers comforters protectors lovers friends put all of these together and you're supposed to get a husban...
    6 Relationships 128
  180. wife problems
    Me and my wife have been married for about a year and been going out sinc freshmen year of high school. Anyways ever since we got married she won't help me with anything. I mean yeah during the day she takes care of our kids, and I work 12 hours a day...
    3 Relationships 39
  181. My wife wants to bring a friend home...but I'm not so sure...
    I have been married for 4yrs...we live together and everything is smooth. recently, she asked me if I wanted to bring another girl into bed... she works with this girl who is pretty cute... but I can't seem to decide if this would be a good idea or ...
    18 Relationships 1927
  182. My wife still talks to her ex-boyfriend
    we've been married for 2 years and she still talks to her ex. I confronted her many times as a result she cries, apologize and sneaks again over the phone or email. last time she went as far as having affair with him. That time I was maaad and we almos...
    6 Relationships 167
  183. I want a baby, my wife doesn't!
    Hi, my wife and I are in our mid thirties, financially secure (or as secure as anyone can be in this crazy world) and have been taking steps to start a family. After a couple of months of trying I got home from work tonight and my wife told me that sh...
    2 Family 146
  184. I cant,get over my ex wife
    hi,can you help me,I was married for 23 years then my wife started seeing someone else.I found out about it,and she told me to leave,which I did ,I lived on my own for a year but still use to see her about once a week but now see as moved a new man in...
    9 Relationships 254
  185. How to know which tribe you're from in Heaven?
    I was thinking very hard on this question which I think could be an answere that might make reasonable since. if there is only 144,000 people that would make it to heaven (12,000) from each tribe how would you know what tribe your are from, maybe, just...
    8 Religion 61
  186. How many military victories can be traced to the army members believing they would go straight to (their) Heaven if they died?
    To start you off, I'm thinking the Vikings, Judas Maccabeus, the Umayyads, Ottomans, Agincourt and a host of medieval battles as well as individual battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. WWI and II are more complicated, so you can ignore those is you like. F...
    2 Politics 10
  187. How to make my wife sleep better
    Anybody know of any good sleeping pills that will make you sleep all the way through the night. I think my wife has tried just about everything. We would go to the doctor, but don't have the money for prescription medicane right now. I just need someth...
    7 Health 439
  188. Why does always the husband leave his wife and children alone?
    I thought i was the only one raised by his mother, because my father was bad and didnt care about us, but now i realized that this thing happen to many people, i have seen many women some are my friends and the guy always left them and most of the time...
    2 Relationships 36
  189. Is there really a heaven and hell?
    Ok, this is what I do in my spare time, I free think. Is there really a heaven and a hell somewhere in this galaxy? In another Galaxy? I personally don't believe there is a heaven or a hell. There's been no actual proof that there is a god or a devil, ...
    21 Religion 76
  190. Jews going to Heaven
    I have never had a satisfactory answer to this question--Jews are God's chosen people but most do not believe in Jesus as their savior. As His chosen people, but not christians, will they be going to heaven anyway? I cannot find this answer in the Bibl...
    38 Religion 74
  191. Valentine's day gift ideas for my wife?
    It's six weeks away now, but if I don't start dreaming up some valentine's day gift ideas for my wife, I know I'm going to suffer for it. What I know she might like: an expensive ring with a large stone, dinner at a nice, high class french restaurant (...
    7 Shopping 102
  192. What after death?
    What happens after death? Are there any heaven and hell?
    29 Religion 11
  193. i cant be away from my wife
    hi ya, im not sure if im doing this right but here goes. i have a lot of mental worries ,i find it very hard to go out and be in the company of other people but my wife is the opposite,she love clubbing and im very insecure, im so much in love with he...
    2 Relationships 33
  194. 7th grade seven minutes in heaven?
    okay, my 7th grade friend is going to be 13 in feb. and for her party she wants to go out to the woods with some girls and her friend adam and some of his guy friend peoples for the after party. so she made up these cards with all kinds of nasty thing...
    11 Sex 661
  195. Did Ayrton Senna ever have a wife or child?
    Ayrton Senna, of Formula 1 fame, is my favorite driver yet his personal history is sort of in the dark. I've never even seen the guy hold a girl's hand... Now he did go to some measure to keep his private life tucked away neatly and privately into his...
    2 Entertainment 480
  196. What is going on with my wife and this old man ?
    My wife and I are 30 but I think she is attracted to a man who is bald fat and in his 50s she says they are just pals but he hangs round her all the time and they always text each other ,she is very secretive with her phone and when we are togrther ie ...
    3 Relationships 27
  197. Christian's Heaven Question
    One of the many things that bother me about the Christian religion specifically, and please, tell me if I have one of my interpretations wrong because I am always up for bettering my understandings of anything. God created everything. Because good ...
    14 Religion 24
  198. After ten months my ex wife is calling
    My ex told me she wanted a divorce in jan 08. I did not fight it whats the use. Our divorce was final in March. After ten months of no talking only seeing her in passing cars she called. At first she said she wanted to end things better, I was cool wi...
    2 Sex 11
  199. What should i do about this situation of my cousin treating his wife like a slave - please read the details?
    I saw my cloose cousin for the first time in 2 years yesterday, he just left the marines and is now back home. He came to my brothers party and i was disgusted by what he had become. He treats his wife like a slave, makes her do everything for him, ta...
    10 Family 35
  200. Would this guy at my work cheat on his wife?
    9 Relationships 31
  201. Do people look sick and dead in Heaven?
    im just wondering if you will give your opinion..and what you truly believe. well..a reletive passed away and I went to the prayer was very hard for me because I dident really think how different he would look. I thought he would look pret...
    9 Religion 89
  202. why my boyfriend have to do his promise with his ex-wife?
    Well we've been together for almost 3years now, he already proposed to me but just on the internet, were on a long distance thing, ive seen and talk to me him everyday in the net..weve see each other on cam..but things is starting to change so much, wh...
    7 Relationships 70
  203. How to spend time with my family when I work all the time?
    3 Family 23
  204. Church home
    Will I still go to heaven if I don't have a church home?
    9 Religion 25
  205. What do you believe?
    Do you believe you will go to heaven when you die? How do you get there?
    8 Religion 7
  206. Just had a miscarriage, how long to wait to try again
    My wife just had a miscarriage how long should we wait to try again
    3 Health 48
  207. Military Wives?
    anyone else out there a Military Wife?
    6 Politics 16
  208. Man having orgasm by anal sex
    Can a man have an orgasm with his wife doing anal sex on him?
    3 Sex 1039
  209. Will he ever leave his wife?
    Im very confused.Im dating a married man.Well he always tells me that he loves me, and that he wants to start a life with me, but that I need to be patient.Well to me it just sounds like he is selfish and wants me to put my life on hold for something t...
    14 Relationships 282
  210. Who will go to heaven and hell?
    Lets say one man goes and blows up 10 000 people, he is caught by the police and after the court case he gets a death sentence. In the time he waits for the death sentence, a priest talks to him about God and he starts to believe in God and love those ...
    59 Religion 117
  211. What should I do my wife is being bullied?
    My wife is being bullied by several women in her coffee morning group> And yes I do realise that the situation seems a trange one. The root of the problem seems to be my wifes small size (only 5-0 and roughly 95lb) her friends and other women in the gr...
    3 Relationships 70
  212. What you think of this poem I wrote for Groom from Wife??
    The way we met you and I, it must of been by fate, for the way we feel for each other, Love could never be this great I never thought I could Love like this, for the love I feel is strong, being with you feels so surreal, we truly get along, yo...
    2 Literature 9
  213. Wife thinks I'm a cheater how can I make her see that I'm not?
    My wife thinks I'm cheating on her. I'm not. All I've done was talk to people in chat rooms online(nothing in a sexual nature).I might look at porn every once in a while but I don't do that online due to her expressed consern. She has no problem with m...
    4 Sex 60
  214. Why my wife want to stay over at her parents 2 or 3 days everyweek?
    My wife and I been married for a month now. We purchase a home together about 6 month ago in LA. Her parents and family live about 30 min drive away. After our wedding she moved in to our place. Since the first weekend after our wedding she stayed over...
    2 Relationships 28
  215. my wife hates sex
    I have been married 21 years, my wife hates sex, we have 2 wonderful children. I would like sex daily, she can go for months without it. the only way she can O is by oral and when i talk her into letting me do that it roars like thunder and happens ver...
    6 Sex 44
  216. Is this being a swinger?
    is it considered being a swinger when the husband and wife are dating the same girl??
    2 Relationships 51
  217. Big Macs
    Who likes big macs? I had two today and its like heaven.
    14 Food 48
  218. to give myself to the lord before it my time
    I find myself lost in myself, I love my wife and my kids, but I just want to go to heaven. woundn't it be nice to wake up in heaven? to know that there is no more hate and sickness in your heart.?
    7 Religion 18
  219. Where's a good place for sexy lingerie?
    Where should I buy sexy lingerie for my wife?
    5 Sex 106
  220. I Want My Wife Come Back In My Life
    14 Relationships 110
  221. Why do you have to "accept jesus in your life" to go to heaven?
    I'm curious about why christians believe so strongly that everyone except them are going to "hell" because they havent accepted jesus into their life? God isnt "all loving" if he kills people everyday and sends the majority of people to "hell" is he? S...
    17 Religion 94
  222. Will he leave his wife?
    Ok my guy is married!!! HOLD ON AND LISTEN BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!! Ok so here's the story. We've been seeing eachother for 3 months, he's my step dad's nephew, his whole family knows and is very supportive of us!!! His wife knows and we've talked she's gla...
    3 Relationships 31
  223. Should I cheat on my wife?
    Why not if I won't get caught? There is this woman at work. Ever since she started working there, all I can think about is her. She's not the most attractive woman in the world, but she has a unique beauty that shines every time I lay eyes on her. T...
    40 Relationships 263
  224. I'm Jealous Of My Boyfriend's Relationship With His Ex Wife
    My boyfriend and I have been constantly fighting for the past 6 months about his relationship with his ex wife. They remain very close friends and I am very jealous of it. I don't think I have anything to worry about, but they were together for 13 year...
    15 Relationships 925
  225. Would you pick 7 days of pure heaven and risk 7 days of hell?
    What would you do? If you came across a door in the middle of a field in the country side. There was a man at the door and he says, "open this door and either something spectacular or something evil will happen. you will have a 50/50 chance of spendin...
    12 Sex 10
  226. God's plan
    do people that murder their children go to heaven
    12 Religion 20
  227. what happens when you die?
    what happens when you die? is there an afterlife? what happpens? is there really a heaven or hell?
    17 Religion 20
  228. Wife tried things with past boyfriends that won't do with me. HELP
    My wife has done several sexual acts with her past boyfriends (anal, 69, etc.) that she refuses to do with me. She says that she was in a "different frame of mind then" and was more intent on pleasing her boyfriends than doing things that she actually ...
    5 Sex 2486
  229. he is so sexy I just wanna know
    does john cena have a girlfriend or wife ???
    3 Sex 16
  230. tired of masturbating
    Should I cheat on my wife, if she does not want to make love?
    2 Sex 42
  231. Do you think that God, Jesus, and Mary are real?
    Do you think that God, Jesus, and Mary are real? What about the Devil? Heaven?
    19 Religion 20
  232. What do you do when your wife hates having sex with you?
    I am so confused and I think something is wrong with me. I am 25 and she is 26. We have 1 child together who is 2 and she has 2 others that are 7 and 8 by her ex. There was a time when she did like to have sex with me. Now its like she is having sex wi...
    4 Sex 80
  233. Should We keep daughters hair short or it grow back waist length?
    We have four daughters who used have waist length hair until My wife took our girls to the barber shop to cut their waist length hair very short like a boy Now our girls has very short hair for over 1 year . My wife bring our girls to barber shop to ...
    11 Style 110
  234. What is my religion?
    I believe in god and jesus but I don't believe in hell but I believe in heaven. I believe that peoples sprits stay on the earth or go to heaven. I believe in gay marriages. And I believe abortions are okay. So what religion am I?
    10 Religion 57
  235. Id this a good song
    He's always on my mind, from the time I wake up till I close my eyes, he's everywhere I go he's all I know tho0o he's so far away its just keeps gettin stronger everydaii even now he's gone im still holding on tell me where do I stop cas its breaking m...
    2 Music 12
  236. My Wife Hates Sex, I Can't Get Enough. Help!!!
    My wife and I are both 24 and we have been married for a year and 4 months. We never slept together before we were married for relgious reasons, but we were both very horny and ready to go. She told me that she wanted to have sex every day. Now we h...
    131 Sex 286
  237. help me im confused
    ok so if a man and a woman got married and were husband and wife and both had divorced parents and the husbands mom gets married to the wifes dad does that make the husband and wife brother and sister and would they have to get a divorce or something ...
    2 General 15
  238. How about those who are not christian?
    In christianity jesus is the only way to heaven,does it mean that anyone who is not christian will go to hell?
    23 Religion 25
  239. My friend's dog was put to sleep
    When animals die, do they go to heaven?
    11 Religion 24
  240. Did Axl Rose ever get married?
    did axl rose ever get maried ] and if so did his wife die
    4 Music 249
  241. Is there God?
    Does God really exists? Is there really heaven and earth? is there anything like paradise?
    36 Religion 42
  242. Stop phone calls
    Block a number from calling or txt to my wife phone by cp
    2 Technology 35
  243. Are you a stay at home father or mother
    My wife works and I stay home with our daughter, How about you? And if so what do you love about it?
    3 Family 10
  244. Polygamy why share ?
    why would the first wife allow his husband to marry a second or third? whats in it for her (the second or third wives) ? Why would a women marry a man that already has a wife and kids?
    6 Religion 25
  245. What's on t.v tonight?
    What's a good show that's coming on t.v tonight besides wife swap?
    8 Entertainment 17
  246. what song
    what song is this and whos it by please "and if heaven and hell decide, that their both satisfied" thnx
    3 Music 5
  247. Ryan Jenkins murder
    do you guys believe that he killed his wife? because I dont
    5 Entertainment 43
  248. My Ex-wife Wants Me Back, What Should I Do?
    My ex wife wants me back. First of all, we were married 13 years when she started having an affair with a co-worker. She then left me on February 14th, Taking our 9 yr. old daughter. Our 12 yr. old son wanted nothing to do with her for the next year. W...
    12 Relationships 1284
  249. Do those who commit suicide go to Hell?
    A friend of mine recently committed suicide and many people have told me people that if someone commits suicide they go to hell because its the unforgivable sin and others have told me you go to heaven as long you believe in Jesus. I know I will never...
    25 Religion 212
  250. marriage in question...
    a common friend of my wife and I told me that my wife has been less than faithful to me a few monthsago...theres a lot to this story, and my wife and I have come along way since that time, but im wondering if I should let the past stay in the past or i...
    6 Babies 15