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  1. Hermaphrodites???
    Can hermaphrodites get themselves pregnant? If they can, then what happens to the baby?
    6 Health 660
  2. Can hermaphrodite's get married to men or women or none at all?
    Can hermaphrodite's get married to men or women or none at all? Is that fair?
    3 General 177
  3. Which gender prison would a hermaphrodite go to?
    If a hermaphrodite got sent to a certain gender prison, which one would it get sent to?
    6 General 225
  4. Is Jamie Lee Curtis a testicular hermaphrodite?
    Rumors have been circulating for years? Anyone know the truth?
    2 Entertainment 204
  5. can hermaphrodites get prgenant
    can they. bc im pretty sure that they have a p!nis and a vag!na..
    5 Health 111
  6. Do hermaphrodites really exist?
    Hi I am curious to know whether true hermaphrodites do exist? As I understand they have both functioning p**sy and d!ck and they live normally. I happend to see clip where in there were ladies with both organs and at the end they ejculated also !! W...
    5 Health 1509
  7. Is being a hermaphrodite considered a sin?
    Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice and is an abomination in the eyes of god. Well, that topic is debatable enough as it is, but what if a person is born with both the male and female reproductive organs? If being homosexual is really a ...
    89 Sex 400
  8. Ball inside vagina
    I was feeling inside my vagina with my finger and noticed a ball shaped thing in it. I'm a virgin, so I don't know how it's supposed to feel. I'm just worried that it might be something bad or (this might sound extremely stupid) if I'm a hermaphrodite ...
    2 Health 245