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Wide mouth kissing

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  1. Where did you have your first kiss?
    Where did you have your first kiss?
    7 Relationships 53
  2. When should you have your first kiss?
    When should you have your first kiss?
    2 Relationships 62
  3. How do I get a guy to kiss you with out kissing him?
    How do I get a guy to kiss me with out kissing him? -I don't know?
    3 Relationships 86
  4. What do I rinse my mouth with?
    what do I rinse my mouth with??
    3 Health 58
  5. How do you kiss awesomly?
    16 Relationships 94
  6. When did you have your first kiss?
    5 Relationships 25
  7. Are dogs mouths really cleaner that a humans mouth.? :/
    4 Pets 27
  8. what are the diferent kissing styles?
    what are the diferent kissing styles?
    2 Relationships 244
  9. When was your first kiss?
    Just wondering... when was you first kiss...
    5 Relationships 43
  10. How do I get my girlfriend to kiss me?
    How do you get our girlfriend to kiss you?
    5 Relationships 95
  11. First Kiss
    What is your first kiss story?
    7 Relationships 40
  12. first kiss
    Tell me about your first kiss? [:
    4 Relationships 37
  13. Long kiss
    What do you consider a long kiss
    3 Relationships 36
  14. favorit kissing moment
    what is you favorite kissing moment?
    4 Relationships 36
  15. Your most amazing kiss?
    Describe your most amazing kiss! =]
    5 Relationships 100
  16. When does a boy usually kiss you?
    When does a boy usually kiss you?
    6 Relationships 114
  17. When can I be kissed
    How do I get this guy to kiss me
    3 Relationships 60
  18. is there a certain way you have to kiss?
    4 Relationships 34
  19. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
    32 Relationships 43
  20. Is it safe for me to kiss my dog?
    16 Pets 69
  21. Why do we bite while kissing? What does it mean?
    3 Relationships 73
  22. How Too Kiss
    How Do You Make Out With A Girl?
    10 Relationships 44
  23. Kissing secrets
    What is your favorite trick to do when kissing?
    11 Relationships 203
  24. Where can I kiss a girl to turn her on?
    where do I kiss a girl to get her turn on
    5 Relationships 281
  25. Your first kiss
    What was your first kiss like? Like who was it with and how did they do it or how did you do it? Do you regret it???
    2 Relationships 63
  26. Your First Kiss
    what was your first kiss like? just curiose?
    9 Relationships 43
  27. While kissing
    What should I do with my hands while im kissing my boyfriend?
    2 Relationships 41
  28. How to kiss someone who's not my boyfriend?
    how do i kiss a guy that is not my boyfriend
    4 Relationships 114
  29. How to kiss passionately?
    How do you kiss someone passionatly?
    2 Relationships 38
  30. How do you kiss?
    Do you have any good kissing tips? What do you do to be a good kisser?
    6 Relationships 37
  31. What are some tips on kissing?
    I need tips on kissing!!! Help!!!
    2 Relationships 39
  32. How can you get rid of wide hips?
    How can you get rid of wide hips?
    2 General 86
  33. close your eyes when kissing
    why must close our eyes while kissing?
    7 Relationships 256
  34. What makes the best kiss?
    What makes the best kiss in your opinion?
    5 Relationships 73
  35. Your kind of kiss?
    What is your favorite type of kiss and why.
    4 Relationships 31
  36. What are fun things I can do with my boyfriend other than kissing?
    What are other fun things I can do with my boyfriend other than kissing?
    2 Relationships 717
  37. how do you know when a boy wants to kiss you?
    how do you know when a boy wants to kiss you??
    6 Relationships 66
  38. Kiss and hug my girlfreind
    How do I kiss and hug my girlfriend?
    2 Relationships 39
  39. Why do i randomly chew on the inside of my mouth?
    7 Style 53
  40. Why did girls like kissing than boys?
    9 Relationships 63
  41. is it bad to be 17 and never been kissed?
    44 Relationships 55
  42. why am i thinking about the guy that i had my first kiss with?
    2 Relationships 78
  43. Is it bad that I have really wide shoulders?
    8 Style 57
  44. how do you get the taste of cum out of your mouth?
    40 Health 3667
  45. will niacin pass a mouth swab
    3 Drugs 347
  46. Can tuberculosis or pneumonia be contracted by kissing?
    6 Health 75
  47. what is it when you randomly taste salt in your mouth?
    11 Health 231
  48. Can people kiss just as good with braces?
    15 Health 73
  49. Words to Mouth While Kissing
    I like to mouth the word "peaches" Do other people mouth words? What do you say? Or is that just something weird I do?
    4 Relationships 84
  50. Kiss GreatKhali
    Who would kiss him in his kiss cam on smackdown?
    2 Entertainment 16
  51. Mouth ulcers :'(
    Any seloutions to get rid of the mouth ulcers ?
    2 Health 59
  52. Why do men like to kiss women on the lips?
    Why Men Like to Kiss Women on their Lips?
    9 Relationships 640
  53. How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    6 Health 1957
  54. Why is my new born puppy breathing from its mouth
    Why is my new born puppy breathing from its mouth
    3 Pets 1202
  55. Vampire Kisses movie
    Who should play alexander if there will be a vampire kisses movie?
    11 Entertainment 55
  56. Which is better: a kiss or a hug?
    which is better.. a kiss or a hug? XOXO
    14 Relationships 42
  57. Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    2 Style 41
  58. take a fising hook out of turtles mouth
    how do you take a fising hook out of turtles mouth
    2 Pets 117
  59. Which is the best lipstick for a hot kiss?
    Which is the best lipstick for a hot kiss..
    2 Style 16
  60. How can you get rid of being nervous and mouth shaking?
    How can you get rid of being nervous and mouth shaking?
    2 General 18
  61. Can you eat with your mouth ?
    Can you eat with your mouth closed and you are nose plugged?
    6 Food 15
  62. Where did you have your first kiss?
    Where, with who, how and when did you have your first kiss? I'm curious lol.
    8 Relationships 51
  63. How was your first kiss?
    How was your first kiss tell me what happened and if you liked it!?
    7 Relationships 47
  64. Why do we kiss?
    I've been wondering, why do we kiss to show our affections?
    2 Relationships 18
  65. Do you like to be kissed
    Do you like to be kissed any answer is welcome thank you.
    7 Relationships 16
  66. What do you do when a guy kisses your neck?
    what do you do when a guy kisses your neck? like, do you just sit there? or what?!?!
    4 Relationships 6490
  67. What to do when he ejaculates in my mouth?
    what should I do if a guy blows his load in my mouth
    5 Relationships 301
  68. How can I get my girlfriend to kiss me?
    My girlfriend and me are shy. What do I say to kiss me?
    7 Relationships 144
  69. How do I kiss my boyfriend?
    I have been going out with My boyfriend for a week & a few days & I want to kiss him & he wants to kiss me, but how do I go up to him & kiss him ??
    4 Relationships 119
  70. Do guys like girls with wide shoulders?
    13 Relationships 69
  71. What do you do when someone is kissing your neck?
    Soo when someone is kissing your neck what do you do kiss theirs? or just like chill there?
    2 Relationships 278
  72. can herpes of the mouth be spread to cause herpes of the genetals?
    4 Health 54
  73. Why do I love kissing girls with tongue piercings?
    18 Relationships 195
  74. How do I stop my mouth from hurting with braces?
    2 Health 57
  75. Which one is the synonym of ample: wide or plenty?
    8 General 13
  76. When you get cotton mouth is your mouth really dry or just numb?
    For those who don't know what it is from researching or smoking don't answer.
    4 Health 45
  77. do girls love a boy kiss her on armpit?
    5 Relationships 206
  78. What are different ways to kiss your girlfriend?
    ME and my girlfriend have already kissed and made out what are some different ways I can kiss her
    7 Relationships 337
  79. Why when working out do they say breath in through your nose and out through your mouth?
    12 Nutritionfitness 51
  80. why do people believe in the kissing under the mistletoe thing?
    12 General 38
  81. Is it wrong to be in highschool and still not have had your first kiss? :(
    19 Relationships 28
  82. Why did my cat have her full mouth on the kitten's throat?
    9 Pets 103
  83. is he going to kiss me?!
    My boyfriend and me have hugged and kissed on the check, but will he ever kiss me? is he going to kiss me soon?
    6 Relationships 32
  84. How do you kiss a guy's neck?
    How do you kiss a guy's neck and make it feel good?
    4 Relationships 330
  85. what is a helpful to to practice kissing on
    I want to be prepared for my first kiss what should I practice on
    4 Relationships 42
  86. Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    3 General 96
  87. A cut inside mouth
    I have a cut inside my mouth whit puss what can I do to heal it?
    3 Health 361
  88. Why did my friend tell me to kiss him?
    Why did my freind to kiss him or he woldnt come over again
    2 Relationships 33
  89. What do I do if he cums in my mouth?
    If I give my boyfriend head and he cums in my mouth what am I supposed to do ?
    6 Relationships 348
  90. Can I get pregnant my preiods each mouth is only 2days
    Can I get pregnant if I only come on 2days of the mouth
    7 Health 24
  91. What is French Kissing
    is french kissing like making out or what please explain!!
    2 Relationships 337
  92. Kisses
    All my friends have been kissed, and I havn't. I can't even get a boyfriend. What do I do??
    4 Relationships 69
  93. Whats the name of that cloth they put over your mouth to kidnap?
    Whats the name of that cloth they put over your mouth to kidnap?
    6 General 491
  94. kissing with eyes shut
    im just wondering why do people shut their eyes when kissing?
    2 Relationships 39
  95. What are some fun and creative kissing ideas?
    Jusat curious. What are some fun and creative kissing ideas? =]
    9 Relationships 255
  96. What does the first kiss taste like?
    what does the kiss taste like? im nevorus to kiss my boyfriend!!!
    10 Relationships 287
  97. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
    How old where you when you had your first kiss? Was it with your boyfriend or with a random? If it was with your boyfriend how long did you date before you kissed?
    3 Relationships 28
  98. Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's?
    they say a dogs mouth is cleaner than humans mouth's ... what do you guys think??
    10 Pets 177
  99. can I surprise kiss a friend to find out their sexual orientation?
    9 Sex 15
  100. Why am I getting so much irritation around my nose and mouth?
    3 Health 27
  101. Is there any side effects if we use mouth wash regularly?
    3 Health 54
  102. Would you rather get hugs or kisses from your crush?
    40 Relationships 55
  103. Why do my front teeth hurt when I breathe through my mouth?
    And how can I fix it?
    2 Health 74
  104. tongue kissing
    whats the best tongue movement for a beginner
    3 Relationships 162
  105. why does warm salt water help mouth ulcers?
    5 Health 61
  106. What's the perfect way to kiss?
    i was just wondering lol x
    4 Relationships 22
  107. how do you french kiss?
    how do french kisss? any one tell me pls
    6 Relationships 104
  108. Gilrs kissing girls song
    Who sings the song with the words...I like them girls kissing girls
    2 Music 96
  109. What does "Put You Foot In Your Mouth" mean?
    What does it mean when someone says that someone else has there foot in their mouth?
    3 General 105
  110. in her mouth
    why do boys like to cum in girls mouth so much why not some where else
    5 Relationships 224
  111. STD somewhere besides your mouth or "private" parts?
    can you get a STD somewhere besides your mouth or "private" parts?
    4 Health 189
  112. How to anticipate a kiss?
    lol how do you know when a guy like wants to kiss you?
    4 Relationships 83
  113. How to tounge kiss?
    Its been a while since I've tounged kiss and I forgot how, so any advice or what to do..? Asap.
    6 Relationships 122
  114. How do you handle someone with a foul mouth?
    Some people just can't be ignored! How do you handle a sewer mouth?
    3 General 41
  115. Can you eat and kiss underwater?
    Is it possible to either eat something or kiss someone underwater?
    7 Relationships 220
  116. Can you get pregnant from oral and kissing?
    Can you get pregnant from giving oral to a guy, kissing and then the guy giving oral to the girl?
    5 Sex 487
  117. When was your first kiss?
    Im just curious.I love kissing and I love to hear about experiences...
    7 Relationships 18
  118. How do I kiss my boyfriend?
    Ok me and my boyfriend have been going out for awhile and I think we're ready to kiss but how do I kiss him?
    2 Relationships 187
  119. What was your first kiss like?
    Where was it? How old were you? Was it a good kiss or bad kiss? Im just bored
    7 Relationships 52
  120. How do you kiss a guy??
    What are you supposed to do when a guy puts his tongue in your mouth? Are you supossed to put your tongue in his mouth or just suck on his tongue?
    2 Relationships 366
  121. What's the tastiest thing that's been in your mouth today?
    Mine was pork chops :)
    11 General 14
  122. What happens when you're kissing someone and your nose starts bleeding?
    8 Health 68
  123. Who to kiss
    Okay now how do I find the right guy? Will I just know? Or will it take a while?
    2 Relationships 21
  124. What are your opinions on parents who kiss their children on the lips when they're about 7 or so?
    17 Family 53
  125. What is this feeling in my mouth on my tooth I am chewing anything sweet and then it feels very sensitive?
    3 Health 25
  126. Would you rather receive/give tap kisses or make-out?
    8 Relationships 21
  127. Did anybody have a really bad smell in their mouths when their braces came off?
    4 Health 65
  128. Do the Kiss Curve Overlap fake nails work fine?
    4 Style 15
  129. Can I get mono if I get oral from someone with it without kissing them?
    2 Sex 91
  130. how does the world wide web influence on business and daily life?
    2 Technology 15
  131. How do i stop going on the b0ner while hugging, meeting or kissing my girlfriend ?
    8 Relationships 79
  132. How do I make the move to kiss my girlfriend?
    I want to makeout with my girlfriend and she wants to make out with me but I don't know how to make the move how should I?
    3 Relationships 185
  133. Guys: Have you ever been drunk and kissed a guy on a dare?
    3 Relationships 153
  134. What are some (specific) foods that have a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients?
    3 Nutritionfitness 17
  135. Braces (Mouth ones)
    I have braces and was wondering why people are like geeks because they have braces?
    6 Style 42
  136. What is that black stuff around my dogs mouth?
    My dog has all this black stuff around his mouth and I would like to know what it is
    4 Pets 728
  137. dont know how to kiss
    im 17 and I don't really know how to kiss any advice with making out?
    4 Relationships 45
  138. kiss me thru the phonee !
    is anyone elsee in love this the song kiss me thru the phonee ? I am ! :D
    3 Relationships 18
  139. How do I get my boy friend to kiss me?
    How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me when I see him again at the end of the month
    2 Relationships 51
  140. why dos seeing the girl I like kiss another guy
    why dos seeing the girl I like kiss another guy piss me off
    2 Relationships 117
  141. How was your first kiss?
    ok im bored so tell me how your first kiss was and where it happend. just curious
    2 Relationships 20
  142. who else likes the movie never been kissed?
    LOL who else likes the movie never been kissed,I dooo its hilarious!
    2 Entertainment 15
  143. Am I jealous or annoyed that she's kissed first?
    my bestmates kissed before me do you think im jelous or just annoyed at her ??
    3 Relationships 35
  144. How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek?
    How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek? please answer this guys!!!
    2 Relationships 97
  145. Why doesn't my husband give our daughter kisses?
    Why doesnt my husband feel comfortable with giving our daughter kisses?!
    10 Babies 49
  146. When is it a good time to kiss your boyfriend?
    Is it a good time to kiss my boyfriend?itz been like 3 months so...
    3 Relationships 125
  147. Cotton mouth.?
    Is that from smoking.? Can you please tell me all you know about cotton mouth because apparently my "boyfriend" has is because of smoking.
    2 Health 42
  148. how to get someone to kiss you?
    me and my boyfriend are new and wanna kiss but dont know how or when to ?
    2 Relationships 18
  149. What is the difference between a 1st kiss and a 1st REAL kiss?
    I hear people say that they had their 1st kiss as a kid but their 1st REAL kiss as a teen and I never understand what the difference is =maybe thats because I havent had my 1st kiss yet but I also never get what they mean by REAL kiss isnt a kiss just ...
    8 Relationships 1611
  150. Can you get diseases from kissing?
    ok my boyfriens wants to kiss so bad and I am afraid too... can you get dieases by just kissing???
    9 Health 124
  151. How old should you be to have your first kiss ?
    I'm 13 years old, and I have already had my first kiss . do you think I am too young to have already had my first kiss ?
    2 Relationships 87
  152. Moving In For A Kiss
    I have been seeing ma lad for ages and we havent kissed yet! how do I move in for our first kiss?
    3 Relationships 30
  153. why when I kiss my hand for practice it feels stupid?
    when I kiss my hand to practice french kissing it feels stupid and wierd to do so anyone have the same problemo?
    3 Relationships 107
  154. How do I prepare for my first kiss?
    My boyfriend said he wants to kiss me tomorrow but how do I prepare? I never kissed a boy before.
    4 Relationships 87
  155. Who was your worst kiss with and how?
    just wondering. because mine was bad. the guy didn't have a clue what he was doing!
    4 Relationships 13
  156. How can food pass from the mouth to the stomach even though you're lying down?
    12 Health 24
  157. Don't like kissing my s.o.
    If you don't enjoy kissing/making out with your partner, is that a sign that you should just be friends?
    5 Relationships 64
  158. Do guys like it when you bite or rub your teeth gently on their tongue when kissing?
    16 Relationships 169
  159. where is a good place to kiss a guy for the first time
    5 Relationships 82
  160. Kissing advice
    How do you know of your a good kisser without asking the person?
    2 Relationships 191
  161. Is it ok to kiss someone after eating ice cream?
    Or will it taste bad?
    21 Relationships 256
  162. how to kiss a guy?
    I really like this guy I am going out with and I can tell he wants to kiss me but I have never been ready know I am ready but I dont know how to kiss and I want to kiss him it will be my first kiss so how do I kiss a guy?
    2 Relationships 110
  163. How dangerous is the kissing bug?
    Does anyone know wut the tha kissing bug is? Wut happen if your bit and how dangerous is it
    2 Health 60
  164. kissing someone that smokes effects me also?
    I have asthma and my girl smokes and if I kiss her would that hurt me?
    4 Health 607
  165. Vodka can make foam come out of your mouth while sleeping?
    Is it true if you drink a lot of vodka when your sleeping foam can come out of your mouth?
    8 Health 409
  166. Why am I so nervous when it comes to kissing?
    I have a disco coming up and the guy I like wants me to kiss x
    3 Relationships 82
  167. Did joe kiss miley yes or no?
    Did joe kiss miley yes or no because dis iz causin big probles ???
    10 Entertainment 38
  168. I kissed a girl by Katy Perry?
    does any 1 like the song I kissed a girl by katy perry? because I love it its a great great song
    19 Music 39
  169. How old were you guys when you had your first kiss?
    I just wanna know I was 13 when I had my first kiss was I to old to young. how old wer you guys?
    24 Relationships 64
  170. Should you wash a kids mouth out with soap?
    Should you wash a kids mouth out with soap? I think its okay but I need a second opinion
    16 Family 154
  171. Who did you have your first kiss with?
    Who was your first kiss with??and did you like it or was it bad?? Tell me all the details on what happenedd:) just wonderin..:p
    3 Relationships 23
  172. When im kissing, should I be doing anything?
    When im kissing boyfriend, should I be doin anything else? Like with my hands or whatever.
    6 Relationships 2109
  173. What should I do when he kisses my neck?
    When ue kisses my neckk what do I dooo?I juss dont noe what to doo?
    3 Relationships 230
  174. What does it mean if I can put the head of my dick in my mouth?
    I was experimenting and I found out I can put the head of my d*ck in my own mouth.
    4 Relationships 116
  175. When should I have my first kiss?
    im 14 I never bin on a date or kissed is this good or bad
    9 Relationships 30
  176. Ever Kissed Somebody and Didn't Feel Non?
    Have yuh ever kissed someone and didn't feel nothing?
    3 Relationships 18
  177. How to treat a cut inside a humans mouth?
    How to treat a small cut in the inside of a human lip? a small white gash inside a human mouth
    4 Health 624
  178. Snakebite kissing?
    I have snakebites and I was wondering how do I kiss someone who also has snakebites?Is there an angle I can go at when Im kissing so and so and his or her siblings or parents
    2 Style 215
  179. How to get my boyfriend to kiss me?
    I really want to get my boyfrind to kiss me. but how can I with out kissin him first? dont ask why but I want him to kiss me.
    2 Relationships 67
  180. How to kiss my boyfriends if its his first??
    I tried to explain to him and he just doesnt understand. I have kissed guys before. He has never kissed a girl before.
    2 Relationships 23
  181. how do u say "kiss my ass u stupid son of a bitch" politically correct?
    3 Politics 71
  182. Is kissing alot of different guys in less than 3 hours bad 4 you??
    19 Relationships 19
  183. Can you think of a school-wide rule that you believe violates your constitutional rights?
    9 Politics 12
  184. when doing the sign of the cross with the name of the father the son and the holy spirit i should kiss it at the end?
    12 Religion 34
  185. What if you plugged your nose and your mouth while you sneezed, would it come out of your ears or would your head explode?
    7 Health 51
  186. Is it better to have your kiss at (say ninth grade, for example) an "older age"?
    8 General 46
  187. When we were drunk and on our own my friend put my finger in my mouth a few times... what does this mean? she is gay and we are both girls
    7 Relationships 210
  188. What to do when I get my first kiss??
    3 Relationships 15
  189. woman getting kissed in the neck?
    what goes on througha womans mind and what do you physically and mentally feel, by getting kissed in the neck?
    3 Relationships 45
  190. get pregnant if cum goes into your mouth?
    Ok so I hear you get pregnant if the boys cum goes into your vagina. Do you still get pregnant if it goes into your mouth?
    6 Health 94
  191. Kissing a guy
    I've never kissed a guy be4 how dose it feel? Is it scary? Is it ackward afterwards?
    9 Relationships 27
  192. how can I get her to let me cum in her mouth?
    I just wanna know why she will let me cum on her boobs but not in her mouth. I mean she sucks the cum off my penis after I cum
    7 Relationships 324
  193. How can I please my girlfriend with kissing?
    My girlfriend is well fit but I dont no how to giv her a nice time with a kiss help please!!!
    3 Relationships 99
  194. Boys & kissing
    Umm how do I know if im a good kisser and how do I show a boy I want to kiss him? xxx
    5 Relationships 35
  195. When was ure first kiss ???
    Hi guys... just here to ask you when was ure first kiss ??? Just wanted to know...answer sincerely... =)
    11 Relationships 28
  196. Kissing stories
    Tell me your kissing stories. What he or she did and whyit was so great or why it was soo bad. Also tell me the ages when it happened:)
    4 Relationships 75
  197. where do girls like to be kiss ?
    I am with my girlfriend all day tomorrow where is a good place to kiss her where do girls get most enjoyment from ?
    2 Relationships 39
  198. Why do they like cumming in girls mouths?
    Why do guys like cumming in girls mouths? Like even when I toss off my boyfriend he wants me to move so he can cum in my mouth ? Is it wierd?
    3 Relationships 467
  199. Girlfriend kiss
    I had a friend she is a girl talk to my girlfriend and we have been going out for 1 week and my girlfriend wants to kiss is it to early and if it isn't how do I kiss her?
    2 Relationships 41
  200. Zeppelin Or Kiss?
    Who do you like best?? Led Zeppelin or Kiss?? I enjoy both of them. But if I ever had a choosing... it would have to be Kiss. I like upbeat music. Led Zeppelin has good upbeat music too... but I enjoy Kiss more.
    15 Music 41
  201. What is the difference between a sensual and a sexual kiss ?
    Whats the diffrence between a sensual kiss And a sexual kiss. My friend was talkinq bout how her and her boyfirend have "sensual kisses but never has a sexual kiss"??. And I had no idea what she was talkin bout.
    2 Sex 29
  202. Will sneezing with your mouth and nose plugged make you explode?
    If you are about to sneeze and plug your nose and your mouth just before you do. . what would happen would it go out your ears or would your head Explode. . .
    6 General 208
  203. Meaning of a kiss on the bridge of the nose between the eyes?
    Just curious as to what message it would portray. Thanks. :)
    4 Relationships 140
  204. Cold mouth
    Why is it that when you chew mint gum and you drink something it is alwayse colder than what it really is.
    4 Food 8
  205. What did u think about the new Degrassi lastnight, it was SIck how Fiona kissed her brother Declan?
    4 Entertainment 7
  206. What do you think of the nation wide emergency test happening in the USA?
    3 Politics 11
  207. what breed are my new hamster? 3 month old males, 4 inches wide.
    2 Pets 17
  208. Should i be careful kissing a guy with braces?
    I'm planning on kissing/makeout with a guy with braces. will it hurt or cut me? lmao.
    10 Relationships 19
  209. Why did my crush kiss me
    Out of no where my crush kissed me, I dont even think he likes me, so why would he kiss me any ideas? if I was to ask he'd say dunno :|
    8 Relationships 157
  210. Is it too early to kiss?
    me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 days now and he said he wants to kiss me but I think that its way to early for that how do I tell him that?
    3 Relationships 46
  211. Mouth Sore
    What is this sore I have in my mouth?? It is stinging and annoying because I cant move my mouth withouth it stinging. No it is not an STD because I never did it. It is red. Anyone knows???
    5 Health 72
  212. Kissing A Boy
    How do I move onto my boyfriend to get off with him.. ??? Help quick :O
    6 Relationships 56
  213. Do you think it's hot for emo guys to kiss?
    lol. do girls think it's hot for emo guys to make out? I know, it's random.
    15 Entertainment 47
  214. How do I floss my back teeth when I have a small mouth but big hands?
    and long fingers that have trouble fiting in my small mouth?
    3 Health 72
  215. why wont my boyfriend kiss me?
    my boyfriend likes hugging me but he never kissed anyone befor so why wont he kiss me he told me he loves me so please help!
    3 Relationships 25
  216. Why does "x" stand for kiss
    Why does "X" stand for kisses, and "O" for hugs??? how are they different? How did this even come to mind? WHo even made it up? Thanks!
    3 General 51
  217. Who thinks the song "I kissed a girl" is annoying?
    My cousin always plays that song and its so annoying!! Anybody else thinks that??
    11 Music 19
  218. your first kiss
    what was your first kiss like? was it what you thought it would be like? did you expect it to be good but it turned out terrible? or were you dreading it but it turned out to be fine?
    4 Relationships 18
  219. How to kiss someone?
    Someone asked me how to kiss a boy and insted of helpin her I laughed can ya'll tell me how to teach her 2 kiss?
    3 Relationships 36
  220. why is mouth and lips drying up so fast?
    i'm drinking plenty of water but still why is it happening?what can i do?
    3 Health 27
  221. If I kiss more than 4 guys in one year, can I get a disease?
    if I kiss like more than 4 guys in one yr..I I get any kind of diseases?
    4 Health 18
  222. Kiss her neck?
    I keep hearing about how girls like to be kissed on the neck and Im going to try that...but I dont know where on the neck to kiss her...I know it probly depends on the girl but what do you all like if you like being kissed on the
    8 Relationships 347
  223. Lump in mouth
    Hi I just found a lump in my mouth tonight its at the top of my mouth but at the back its red lump and its got white in it and red little spots in it. What could this be?
    2 Health 100
  224. The band kiss
    Was the band kiss racist? Because when you c the word kiss in places they use the 2 lightening bolt s's. And thats a racist symbol So are they racist or is it just a coinsidence??
    10 Music 132
  225. Don't know how to kiss
    Okay, well my girlfriend kissed me the other day, and it was amazing, but my problem is that I don't really know how to kiss her back. Like, making out. Help?
    2 Relationships 120
  226. What does a kiss on the forehead mean?
    what does it mean? I dont think guys go around randomly kissing girls on the forehead ...doesnt it mean something more than a kiss on the cheek?
    5 Relationships 3011
  227. Where do they sell women's shoes for wide feet?
    I have really wide, long feet cause sadley I have my dads bad genes.
    2 Shopping 13
  228. How to get rid of mouth ulsters?
    ello every1 does anyone no a way 2 get rid of a mouth ulsters please answer fast :)
    3 Health 332
  229. Do you only get mono from kissing?
    I have mono,They think. I heard you only get it form kissing. if thats true,then I got it from my boyfriend. which leads me to wonder who HE got it from. =/
    13 Health 2152
  230. What are some ways to practise kissing?
    What are some ways to practise kissing, without a person involed or food such as an orange?? Weird question, just curious haha.
    3 Relationships 85
  231. Have you ever had your braces caught in a kiss?
    have you and the person your kissing got each others brasces cought on each others? just curious. [= xo. thx.
    2 Relationships 14
  232. Do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?
    Everyone I know opens their mouth when putting on mascara, except me. I find it easier to keep it shut. How about you? Britz
    10 Style 62
  233. What do guys like when kissing?
    I've just started kissing but im not sure what to do to make it more enjoyable fr him. I dno if its borin fr him or not... :s ?
    3 Relationships 58
  234. Can sunblisters on your lips be transmittid if you kiss someone
    Hey I have sunblisters from the sun if you kiss some one can it be trancemitted I need an hounest anwser
    4 Health 41
  235. anybody love the song kiss me by six pence none the richer?
    anybody love the song kiss me by six pence none the richer? because all my friends think its crap but I love it :D
    3 Music 8
  236. Who knows if it's possible to get alittle organism from kissing?
    When your making out with a guy/girl in your room or something is it possible to get alittle organism from only kissing him/ that normal???
    4 Relationships 1910
  237. Would i start being called names if i kissed a guy that went out with every girl and i wasn't going out with him?
    6 Relationships 24
  238. Why am I really sleepy at 10, but when I get into bed and try to sleep I feel wide awake?
    Its getting me agitated >.<
    6 Health 56
  239. How do those magicians make cards come out of people's mouths?
    They tell them to cough so they can spit them out and then they say, "is that your card?". They can't have all of that planned, can they?
    4 Entertainment 43
  240. How do you pick a good career field if you have a wide range of interest?
    Like I like the mediacal field, but I also am interested in the legal field.
    3 Money 18
  241. Whats a rainbow kiss?
    Im just wondering.. What is a rainbow kisss? I've heard my frieds talk about it.. So I was just wondering.!
    4 Relationships 142
  242. What do you do when he cums in you mouth?
    So what do you do with it? My boy friend is 17 and im 15...we have been talking about oral sex and I was just wondering.
    4 Sex 170
  243. How exactly do you kiss a guys neck?
    Peck, suck, nibble? What gives the body the greatest sensation?
    3 Relationships 441
  244. Why does The Back Of My Mouth Hurt Like Where the dangling Ball Is?
    for some reason the back of my mouth where that dangling ball is it hurts all near there and I don't know why:( an it hurts to swallow an if I drink like soda it itrritates my mouth back there help!! :( :(
    4 Health 58
  245. when will he kiss me?
    im 13 and me and my boyfrien havent kissed yet and I want us to kiss and I need some tips on how to hint him please help x!
    5 Relationships 29
  246. When is the right time to kiss my girlfriend?
    I want to kiss my girlfriend but dont know when is a good time to do so.. First kiss as well.. Dont want to do the wrong thing. Help me :)
    3 Relationships 100
  247. kissing with a tounge piercing??
    I got my tounge pierced and havent kissed anyone since then.. I need some tips here/ advice on what to expect on kissing and how to be good at it. :) thanks
    4 Relationships 132
  248. Are you supposed to breathe through your mouth or nose?
    Are you supposed to breathe air through your mouth or nose? Ii know when you work out, you're supposed breathe through your nose. Butt what about when your sleepin? Or like normally ?
    4 Health 66
  249. What should I do about her kissing me?
    I have a girl friend (duh) but her friend likes me but my girl does NOT really not like me anymore but I tiny pit like her but. back to what I said she KISSED me and I don't no why and my girl does not do that WIERD! but just HELP ME!!!
    2 Relationships 21
  250. My boyfriend won't kiss me
    My boyfriend wont kiss hug or hol my hand even though weve been going out for 3 months what do I do?
    2 Relationships 45