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Why are priests gay

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  1. Are there any Gay Christians?
    can Christians be gay?
    37 Religion 43
  2. Gay life
    5 Relationships 38
  3. gay marriage
    4 Relationships 17
  4. Will I go to hell for being gay?
    Will I go to hell for being gay?
    28 Religion 167
  5. What do you think about gay rights?
    What do you think about gay rights?
    9 Relationships 34
  6. Are any girls gay on FunAdvice?
    are any girls on here gay?
    10 Funadvice 41
  7. How do you know if you're gay?
    How do you know if your gay?
    5 Relationships 18
  8. Is it OK to be gay?
    13 Relationships 87
  9. Why do guys call other guys gay?
    Why do guys call other guys gay???
    5 General 78
  10. Why do people choose to be gay?
    Why do people choose to be gay?
    4 Relationships 28
  11. Is George Bush gay?
    11 Politics 42
  12. Who is the only prophet, priest and king?
    Who is the only prophet, priest, and king?
    15 Religion 35
  13. Is Justin Timberlake gay?
    justin timberlake is he gay?
    4 Entertainment 29
  14. Adam Lambert is he gay?
    5 Music 10
  15. Are urologists allowed to be gay?
    15 Money 132
  16. who is alex evans? is he gay?
    4 Entertainment 120
  17. Is michael jackson gay?
    Is michael jackson gay? Im not gay.
    19 Entertainment 105
  18. Is miley cyrus really gay?
    Is miley cyrus really gay
    9 Entertainment 66
  19. being gay ?
    Can You Be Striaght And Kiss Girls.? Can You Kiss Girls And Not Be Gay.? ???
    2 Relationships 55
  20. Gay people
    Do you think its okay to be gay?
    12 Relationships 44
  21. Do you know anyone who is gay?
    Do you know any one who is gay?
    12 Relationships 52
  22. Do you think that zac efron is gay?
    Do you think that zac efron is gay?
    10 Entertainment 25
  23. What do you think about gay marriage
    What do you think bout gay marriage
    12 Relationships 46
  24. Is Michael Jackson gay?
    micheal jackson is her GAY
    6 Entertainment 35
  25. Does sensitivity make a man gay?
    If a man is too sensitive, does that make him gay???
    8 Relationships 70
  26. Is it gay for a guy shave his legs
    Is it gay for a guy shave his legs
    5 Relationships 141
  27. Is robert pattinson gay?
    Is robert pattinson gay or bi?
    9 Entertainment 54
  28. Is miley cyrus really gay
    Is miley cyrus really gay
    5 Entertainment 10
  29. Movies that gay guys like?
    what are some movies that gay guys like?
    4 Entertainment 29
  30. Are guys with eyeliner gay or hot?
    15 Style 144
  31. is leonardo di caprio gay?
    3 Entertainment 51
  32. Is pink gay
    Is pink homosexual or bisexual
    4 Sex 15
  33. Gay fish Whut does that mean
    4 Entertainment 63
  34. Is Sir Elton John Gay?!
    21 Entertainment 22
  35. Gay Fingering...
    What are the best ways to do it?
    2 Relationships 284
  36. Are bisexuals still considered gay, or half gay?
    basically, are they part of the gay kingdom/world? Lol
    7 Sex 22
  37. Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse gay?
    10 Entertainment 862
  38. are the jonas brothers gay?
    are the jonas brothers gay?? please say no
    12 Relationships 26
  39. Cute gay shows?
    Do you know any gay shows/movies ?
    5 Entertainment 38
  40. What is wrong with gays?
    how come some peple think that being gay is wrong?
    9 Relationships 23
  41. Online priest
    How do you become a priest online? ... Lol just wondering
    3 Religion 14
  42. Is it gay for a dude to wear a fanny pack?
    Is it gay for a dude to wear a fanny pack?
    8 Style 226
  43. Who is a girl/guy that is gay but has no gay friends?
    Anyone gay but have no gay friends? Feel abit isolated or not sure how to meet some x)
    3 Relationships 14
  44. why do guys think the jonas brothers are gay?
    why do guys think the jonas brothers are gay?
    14 Music 37
  45. Are you agree if a Priest have wife?
    Are you agree if a Priest have wife?...if yes/no why?... tnx... :)
    17 Religion 46
  46. Being a gay is it bad or good
    How do an individual know if he or she is gay
    2 Relationships 36
  47. Gay sin
    Is it Truely a sin to be gay? where in the bible does it say this?
    31 Religion 43
  48. Gay Figure Skater
    Is Johnny Weir gay???
    2 Sports 16
  49. Can someone be gay and be a christian too?
    I was just wondering. Can someone be gay but be a christian at the same time?
    22 Religion 57
  50. is he gay?
    is are Kelly gay? ahha. just wondering..
    4 Music 13
  51. Im gay
    How do I tell my parents I am a boy and im gay
    6 Family 27
  52. Why are all the hot guys gay?
    why are all the hot guys gay?! and they come off as straight!
    28 Relationships 280
  53. How can I find a guy I can trust that isn't gay
    How can I find a guy I can trust that isn't gay
    6 Relationships 17
  54. Can dogs be lez, gay, bi, or straight?
    39 Pets 90
  55. How can I ask my cousin if she is gay without offending her?
    13 Family 76
  56. Lindsay Lohan, gay?
    is Lindsy Lohan a lesbian???
    4 Entertainment 14
  57. Who would consider being a surrogate for a gay couple?
    8 General 29
  58. Were the Smurfs gay?
    Seriously were they I there was only 1 girl
    5 Entertainment 59
  59. David Archuletta, is he gay?
    is he queer or just nice?
    7 Entertainment 45
  60. is lloyd the r&b artist gay?
    6 Music 62
  61. is it gay if a male gets his "navel pierced"??
    5 Style 168
  62. Are you still not allowed to join the army if you are gay?
    7 Politics 36
  63. Church+gays
    Can you make your confirmation if you are homosexual?
    20 Sex 52
  64. How is it wrong to be gay or bi but its alright to be straight?
    4 Relationships 38
  65. What turns people bi sexual or gay?
    3 Sex 20
  66. What is some information on gay bullying that leads to suicide?
    6 Health 12
  67. What are peoples opinion on gay marrige and abortion?
    12 Politics 13
  68. Is being gay against the bible?
    Is being gay or lez or bi against the bible? What about gay marrige? If you are gay or lez or bi do you get sins?
    28 Religion 104
  69. The person I really like is gay
    The person I really like is gay hmmm now what do I dooo ? :(
    7 Relationships 14
  70. Gay Fish
    Who Thinks Kanye West iz a Gay Fish???
    6 Music 15
  71. what do you think abouit people that are bi, gay or lesbos?
    what do you think abouit people that are bi, gay or lesbos?
    5 Relationships 18
  72. What is the best way to masturbate for a gay guy?
    what is the best way to masturbat if your a gay guy
    2 Sex 392
  73. Why do some gay guys sound like girls?
    Why do some gay guys sound like girls and some dont?
    5 Relationships 74
  74. If you get a boner wrestling doez it mean your gay
    If you get a boner wrestling doez it mean your gay
    5 Sports 179
  75. What does god think of gay relationships?
    Christians say he is against gays but what does god think of gay relationships what does god say in the bible about it not christians god
    14 Religion 53
  76. What is a good, free, gay teen chat site?
    3 Technology 57
  77. What kind of Christmas present should I get for my friend who's gay?
    11 Shopping 42
  78. Where do you stand on Russia's whole anti- gay propaganda?
    5 Politics 30
  79. why do people make fun of gay kids at my school?
    23 Relationships 106
  80. Abotut gay
    Are the gay boy like to see girl kiss girl
    4 Relationships 37
  81. Why do gay guys
    Do gay guys go to the bathroom like or like a man goes to the bathroom
    2 Relationships 25
  82. when will gay marriage come back???
    is gay marriage gonna come back to california and all the other states?
    2 Relationships 16
  83. I Wanna Be Gay.
    What Are Some Things I Can Do Or Ways I Can Act Or Other Stuff To Be Gay? Seriously.
    11 General 67
  84. Gay Rights
    When someone says 'gay rights' what do you think of? Besides marriage.
    7 Entertainment 15
  85. What does "Gay Unicorn" mean?
    This girls twitter description says Gay Unicorn. what does that mean?
    2 General 193
  86. Is it true that most Italian men are gay?
    Is it true that italians started the whole gay thing?
    23 General 1434
  87. Why is it gay when me and my brother jack off together?
    I want to know is it gay if me and my brother jack off together in the same room
    4 Relationships 436
  88. What makes a person want to become gay?
    What makes a person want to become gay? I dont understand.
    7 Relationships 39
  89. Does Spongebob really have to be gay?
    does spongebob really have 2 be gay because he hands out with patrick or because he is just 2 cute
    4 Entertainment 37
  90. My friend is gay
    My friend told my boyfriend to Brake up with me And he did and I hate her Now because she told him too Uhh
    2 Relationships 11
  91. Is Eli Manning gay?
    I dont remember where I heard or read this, but I did. Is he?
    4 Sports 87
  92. Why is homework so gay?
    And also, why do some of friends, act as if assignments are life...
    8 Education 42
  93. Mom, I'm gay.
    How should I tell my very conservative mother that I'm a lesbian?
    4 Family 15
  94. Do you know any footballer thats gay,I just wanted to know if they are allowed to play?
    2 Sports 30
  95. What, is it normal for a 13 year old to be gay?
    Im gay but im 13 im wondering if this is normal (what is there just kuz I have to have it)
    7 Relationships 93
  96. Who elses boyfriend was gay before they went out wiv u?
    Who else boyfriend was gay before they went out wiv u? And how do you feeel? X
    2 Relationships 13
  97. what do you think about all the controversy with gay teens on tv?
    there has been a lot if controversy with the glee show because of gay teens.
    4 Entertainment 7
  98. if a guy wears a pink tshirt that mean that is gay or not.
    if a guy wears a pink tshirt that means is gay or not no offense its just curiosity.
    8 Style 30
  99. What is the deal is justin beiber gay or not?
    my friends say that justin beiber is gay is he or not? I need to no cause I no him
    15 Entertainment 59
  100. Gay Rights?
    Do you think its okay to be gay or bisexual? Religous believers say No. What do you think?
    13 Sex 22
  101. Why am I turned on by gay porn?
    Why am I turned on by gay porn but not so much at regular guy and girl porn...and ima girl
    3 Relationships 76
  102. Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual
    How did you know you were a lesbian,gay,bisexual??? Was it just attraction to the same sex or somnething else...?
    7 Sex 48
  103. Gay marriage
    Why do people oppose of gay marriage if it doesn't have anything to do with them? Like why do they care?
    14 Entertainment 21
  104. is it gay if guys get their nipples pierced?
    In your opinion is it gay if guys get their nipples pierced? I've been looking into it.
    9 Style 324
  105. How to tell my parents and friends that I'm gay?
    im gay and I dont know how to tell my parents or any of my friends.
    5 Family 52
  106. straight girl but I love to watch gay porn is that normal?
    Ima straight girl but I love to watch gay porn is that normal?
    3 Relationships 97
  107. Your best comeback when someone calls you gay.
    What are your comebacks when someone says to you "you're gay" or "you're a slut" ?
    19 General 1201
  108. Will they go to hell for being gay?
    I have 2 gay brothers and gay friends and they asked me to ask this question. Will they go to hell for being homosexuals?
    36 Sex 82
  109. What's the best way to find out if someone is gay?
    I am gay and was wondering if anyone knew how to find out if a person is gay?
    3 Relationships 67
  110. If I am gay where can I get married?
    What states or countrys can I get maried in please and thankyou!!!
    5 Politics 28
  111. Does god look down on gays and bi sexuals?
    I am not sure if god love me because I am bi help me.
    24 Sex 60
  112. when should i tell my mom im bi cause she hates bi /les/and gay?
    3 Family 60
  113. what kind of pills can gay men can take to increase female hormones?
    7 Health 869
  114. Am I gay for this?
    Am I gay for this? I masterbated 2 a lesbian porn but im not a lesbian im straight...I just wanted 2 know
    8 Sex 31
  115. prayers the priest says when he marrys a couple?
    OKay, Can anyone tell me the prayers the priest says when he marrys a couple? The prayers? Help!
    3 Religion 43
  116. How do you know if someone's gay?
    I know a few peopl andi think they aregay. How do I figure out f they are gay?
    2 Relationships 26
  117. What am I if I date boys but love gay porn?
    I am obsessed with gay porn, but I date guys. Does this make me Bi?
    5 Relationships 43
  118. Should I ask my 21-year-old daughter if she's gay?
    how can I go about asking my 21yr. old daughter if she's gay?
    17 Babies 337
  119. What makes a person gay or bi?
    What makes a person want to be gay or bi abd also what do they do when they hook up with someone
    3 Relationships 32
  120. Is justin bieber really gay ?
    My friend told me justin bieber was gay . And that he said it on the radio ,,, is this true ?!
    22 Entertainment 80
  121. do you really get being gay from one of your parents ?
    if so i wonder what one of mine is gay XD E
    11 Family 26
  122. joe jonas is he gay?
    uhmm hey is joe jonas gay..because that's what I heard and I see a couple of pics
    23 Music 159
  123. What do you think of the new show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), "Pray the Gay Away"?
    16 Entertainment 48
  124. Where can gays get married legally?
    I mean which states of USA or which country outside USA?
    10 Politics 34
  125. why would have sexual intercorse with a shemale be gay?
    Okay I want to know why it would be homosexual to have sexual intercorse with a shemale?
    3 Sex 177
  126. When we were drunk and on our own my friend put my finger in my mouth a few times... what does this mean? she is gay and we are both girls
    7 Relationships 210
  127. Who opposes gay marrige?
    I don't want to know who supports it I want to know who is against it and why? Also I want to know why not based on religion.
    19 Politics 20
  128. Is emo an excuse for guys to be gay?
    What is Emo-Kid? I see it every where? some one told me that it's just an excuse for guys to be gay?
    3 Relationships 32
  129. Why do guys say that if you listen to coldplay your gay?
    Why do guys say that if you listen to coldplay your gay? im a guy and coldplay is one of my favorite bands and im straight
    3 Music 133
  130. Why are gays called "carpet munchers"?
    Does andyone know what a carpet muncher is? Lol I hear people calling gay people that all the time but why are they called that?
    2 Relationships 210
  131. Does anyone think that Zac Efron has gay potential?
    Does anyone think that Zac Efron has gay potential? He is fricking adorable but all my friends thinks he does..anyone have a opinion?
    5 Entertainment 9
  132. Family guy song? 'this song is sang by a gay guy'
    It was a song that he sang And he said 'this song is sang by a gay guy' And it was a george micheal song I think! Help!
    2 Music 161
  133. Is miley cyrus gay?
    Is miley cyrus gay? Im just curious because yesterday I say her kissing another girl?
    7 Entertainment 18
  134. Is the lead singer of Hedley gay?
    I heard hat the lead singer of Hedley ( Jacob Hoggard) is gay. is this true or just a rumour.
    4 Music 2177
  135. Does doing this mean you're gay?
    Is it nesserally GAY TO PUT YOUR FINGER IN your A*SS? I HEARD A LOT OF MAN DID IT...
    8 Relationships 60
  136. I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out
    I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out do that make me bi but I don't want to kiss her are nothing else are eat her out I just want her to do me and that all
    8 Relationships 1849
  137. I have a friend who's gay
    I have a friend that told me their gay but is scared to tell there family because of the reactions they might get from family members. Should I tell the family for them?
    7 Relationships 13
  138. Am I gay
    My friend says im gay because I check out other girls asses- cause he checks them out so I am I a lesbian??
    3 Relationships 33
  139. Is acting a "gay" thing for a guy to do?
    I want to be an actor but I dunno if acting is like a "gay" thing for a guy to do, is it? Also how do I start?
    11 Style 37
  140. Can a gay woman get respect from her son?
    Can a women turned gay gain respect of her 16yr old son
    6 Babies 59
  141. Should gay couples be permitted to adopt children?
    Should gay couples be permitted to adopt children? Please give reason/s if you choose yes or no?
    14 Politics 32
  142. Is he still considered gay?
    Gay men who have sex with other men , but , if a man likes a man , but thinks it is disgusting to do sexual thing with a man , is he still gay ?
    4 Sex 14
  143. How can I get another gay teenager for a boyfriend?
    I am 13 and I have wanted a gay boyfriend for awhile now. How can I tell if the people I like are gay, and how to get them to be my boyfriend?
    2 Relationships 45
  144. Will they kick me out if I tell them I'm gay?
    I am gay and I don't know whether my parents would kick me out of home because my dad hates gays, what should I do?
    7 Family 42
  145. How: Is straight sex safer then gay sex?
    Ha. Thats gay you have to with who, what, when where, why or how! But anyways lets get to the point. Is straight sex safer than gay sex? Is there any risks that occur in gay sex and not in straight sex?
    4 Sex 59
  146. Who knows if Michel from Gilmore Girls is gay?
    Is michele from gilmore girls gay? He acts like it does he not? They say he has dates and stuff but are the dates female or not?
    2 Entertainment 75
  147. Where in the bible does it say being gay is a sin?
    I never found anything in there about it. I was just wondering where it was. I think that love is love!
    13 Religion 68
  148. Gay discrimination equal to racial?
    I think that discriminating against gay people is extremelly similar to discriminating against any race. There is no difference between it, its all discrimination. Do you agree?
    7 General 22
  149. Who is your opinion on "that's so gay"?
    For those who are homosexual are you offended when someone says "that's so gay"? (I don't want to offended anyone I just want to know your opinion on it.. so if I did let me know)
    3 Sex 13
  150. How many of you guys are gays or lezbians
    What is your sexual orientation I am not going to look at all of you profiles so yea
    2 Sex 29
  151. Can I gay or bisexual become straight or not.
    I was wondering if a gay or bisexual person can become straight if he or she meets a beautiful or very handsome person from the opposite sex.
    6 Sex 21
  152. is it wrong to be gay?
    Well I'm not gay but I have a question. . . If god doesn't want people to be gay then why are they gay people? And if god forgives people for there sins why do people say gays are going to hell?
    25 Religion 49
  153. Why do gay guy s think im cute?
    yeah so why is this? I have some gay friends and they tell me im cute like all the time,y not strait guys;and why do only gay guys think this?
    3 Relationships 43
  154. Does anyone think that what people are doing to the gay people is like what they did to the African Americans except on a smaller scale?
    4 Politics 13
  155. Poems about gay guys please?
    Hey I know its a weirdish question but im looking for gay poems about gay guys in love.If you have any please post.Thanks a lot :)
    2 Literature 65
  156. Could God forgive me if I'm gay?
    if I am a gay person cud god forgive me. I feel dirty when I do it but ats hard to stop.
    71 Religion 529
  157. Am I gay or bi?
    I don't know what I am. I like gay porn but I like girls too. What should I do? I think muscles are hot but I like women too. Help me please
    9 Relationships 22
  158. Lesbiand And Gays
    Do you think lesbians, gays, bisexuals are natural, and do you think it would be okay for them to get marrid and raise a child?
    2 Sex 33
  159. How come in movies before the man gets fried by the electric chair there is always a priest?
    What if your Jewish or Muslim?
    3 Religion 9
  160. Is it gay for a guy to wear silk underwear or not?
    I have never tried, just curiosity. Tell me please thank you.
    18 Style 152
  161. Can dogs be gay??
    I have 3 boy dogs and another soon to join the household and they all seem to "like" each other a lot.
    8 Pets 63
  162. Gay christians
    why do christians and catholics exclude gay people. what happened to judge not unless the be judged. and why can't you be a gay christian. also if your going to be a d-bag don't awnser
    13 Religion 31
  163. why do I want gay sex?
    im 14 and im gay...AND I WANT HARD CORE SEX! is this normal? I really want to have but this normal for a kid my age and were can I get some at 14?
    5 Sex 59
  164. Why do people think the Jonas Brothers are gay?
    I am just wondering why do people think the jonas brothers are gay becasue they stand up for Christ and were purity rings! thats great that they do!
    7 Music 25
  165. Gay people.
    Do you support them, or are you against them? I 100% support gay people. I think they're wayy awesome and are really mistreated. What does everyone else have to say?
    11 Relationships 45
  166. Gay Marriage.
    do you think that it should be legal for the same gender to get married? I think it should be. its not fair that someone cant marry the person they love.
    2 Relationships 7
  167. Is my cat gay
    My cat veronica(hes a boy)I think is gay he always playing and licking other boy cats and he wont play or lick girl cats. I would have no problem if he was gay I was just wondering if animals could be gay
    6 Pets 37
  168. new game out grand theft auto: ballard of gay tony?
    Has anyone seen or heard of the new game out grand theft auto: ballard of gay tony?I mean what the hell?GAY???y is that in the header?
    3 Gaming 37
  169. why do gay guys like 2 shop?
    I have a gay friend dame. He always wants 2 go shoppin. Why do gay guys like 2 shop more than strait men? Im just wondering!
    5 Shopping 75
  170. Is a human being born gay, or is it a choice?
    Here's an age old question, but I'm interested to see th FunAdvice community's opinion... Is a human being born gay, or is it a choice?
    11 Science 48
  171. Are ball shaped piercings gay?
    I just got a ball shaped ear piercing on my left ear and a friend of mine told me that it represents homosexuality is this true? And is there anythig gay about a ball shaped ear piercing?
    7 Sex 98
  172. What do I do when I'm in 8th grade and people call me gay?
    I just need help and I don't want to kill myself. How do I get pepple in school to stop calling me gay!!??
    6 Health 33
  173. Why do people think I'm gay?
    grahhh...!.. BADTRIP... many people I've met, at first sight they think that I am a Gay... why?...( I know I don't have
    4 Style 72
  174. When I watch gay porn I get turned on?
    I'm straight, and im pretty sure I'm straight, but when I watch gay porn I get turned on. Why? and if anyone else does, please tell me
    5 Relationships 48
  175. Gay-bashing Churches
    if churches are supposed to be accepting all of the community...then why do they gaybash people??? I dont find that very christion like at all!!!
    24 Religion 54
  176. Is Gerard Way from My chemical Romance gay?
    I herd some rumors that he dont realy bother me if he is because im not a homophobe, im just asking.
    8 Entertainment 53
  177. is it gay for a guy to use a straghtner?
    cuzz i need to use one really bad and isnt it bad for u r hair
    14 Style 21
  178. Who thinks david archuleta's gay?
    Like im a guy and I like his music, I am deff not gay but im afaid if my friends here me listening to him they will make fun of me or even worse, call me gay? So is it to gay for me to listen to him?
    13 Entertainment 93
  179. Is mika gay?
    I have heard some of his songs and he sounds pretty gay, and I heard that his song billy brown(which is about a gay guy) was actually about him...but then again I have some guy friends who act and sound gay but are completely straight...I don't know wh...
    3 Music 26
  180. What are some gay dares?
    Hi well me and my friend like to play truth or dare. What are some pretty insane gay dares to dare him with? I know its stupid but for kicks ...and he is hot... What are some gay dares? And how would I ask them?
    2 Entertainment 988
  181. Why do women get turned on by gay guys?
    Before you say it im not a homophobic person !!! im just asking if anyone knows the psychologic reason why some women get turned on by gay guys Im in love with a gay guy as well
    3 Relationships 28
  182. What do you think of gay marriage
    What are your thoughts on gay marriage.. I am for gay marriage... I'm straight .. I think if you love someone no one should be able to say you cant get married if you want to .. What are your thoughts
    9 Relationships 51
  183. Am I gay?
    Ok so whenever I masterbate I think of girls but right when I start to ejaculate hot sexy boys come into my head. Ami gay?
    5 Sex 55
  184. How do I tell the difference between gays and straights?
    I'm having troubles discerning between gays and straights. I know a few things on how to tell the difference, but to make sure I dont screw up, please remind me how to tell the difference.
    2 Relationships 13
  185. What's your opinion on gay rights?
    We all have our own opinions on Gay-Homosexual rights. Whats Yours? I'm just curious, and I love a good arguement. If you can argue your case... I'd love to hear it!
    22 Sex 33
  186. What happens if a muslim is gay?
    I was just wondering - With strict muslims, the family has to choose a husband for the daughter to marry right? And male muslims have more rights than female muslims. So what happens if a male muslim turns gay? I'm just wondering :)
    11 Religion 119
  187. Is anyone here gay?
    hey if any of you are gay or do you know you arent straight? I need alittle help! and No offence because Im not being mean at all> ADVICE PLEASE!!!
    8 Relationships 39
  188. The guy I like is gay...
    What do I do??? I don't have a problem with him being gay but I just found out and I'm sooo sad about it :( I think I have to get over him so he doesnt break my heart but it's so hard to. Help?
    2 Relationships 19
  189. Does 2 boys masturbating together make them gay or bi?
    If two boys masterbate together (around the age of 14) on cam does this meen they are both gay or bisexual? also if a boy watches gay pornography does this make him gay also?
    6 Sex 171
  190. Why does everyone think I'm gay because of my clothes?
    Why does everybody think I am gay/les because I wear some boy clothes I find them more comfotable than girl clothes please help me
    7 Style 30
  191. Is it weird to be obsessed with gay people?
    I am 15 years old and I'm super obsessed with gay people. I don't know why but gay boys are my life. My friends think I'm really weird but I'm not so sure. Is this a weird thing to be obsessed with?
    2 Relationships 41
  192. How did this happen that I like my gay best friend?
    Ok my best friend is a dude and I like him!! He is soo sweet like omg. But like I don't know how to tell him... And theres a problem. He is gay. What do I do!! I need help!!!
    2 Relationships 19
  193. Is Glen Peloso gay?
    Is Canadian interior designer Glen Peloso gay? He is on "Take this House and Sell It!", "Resturant Makevover", and "Renovate My Wardrobe" (which is about closet organization not fashion).
    3 General 60
  194. Why doesn't God accept gay people?
    I Like This Girl a lot but My Best friend keeps telling me that god doesnt except gay people.. is she true? why doesnt he if he doesnt?
    40 Religion 117
  195. Should gay marriage be legalized in Florida?
    Should gay marriage be legalized in Florida? Id like your opinion, be honest, and please just a yes, no, or undecided. I have a project on making a poll, so I just need the yes, no, or undecided lol.
    36 Politics 126
  196. Can a woman be a priest?
    I was watching this show...'What Not To Wear' and this woman is a 26 yr old priest and she is also looking for a guy to date..i didn't know a girl could be a priest and i didn't know priests were aloud to this is very interesting to me..
    21 Religion 137
  197. Am I gay? Help!!!
    Ok I've been abused rejected walked on and taken advantage of by girls and after all that I thought about being gay because girls are obviously not working for me but I just have no intrest in guys at all and I've just been thinking about being gay but...
    4 Relationships 28
  198. asking **Bi's Gays and Lesbians**
    how do I deal with all the bulls*** of being bi?? people shy away from me, my friends deserted me because im not me anymore im bi. its how they put it! I dont no what to do.
    12 Relationships 15
  199. Did you know Dumbledore is gay?
    J.K. Rowling had a speech after an award and she said that the reason our favorite old wizard loved to choke the chicken.
    2 Entertainment 21
  200. Why do I watch gay porn if im stright?
    Im 15yr old male never hit puberty and am in love with this amazing girl ,but I often watch gay porn and jerk a bit to it ,is it wrong ? Am I gay ?
    5 Relationships 102
  201. why do guys think gay girls are sexy?
    Please explaain this to me guys because I don't understand. Guys find it very sexy to see two gurls make out or have sex. Please explain.
    2 Sex 47
  202. what does gay mean to you
    I want to know how many people say thats gay when alll your really saying is thats stupid because I was on the internet and someone said something was gay and someone yelled at them for it me personally always say that gay when im calling it stupid
    3 Relationships 52
  203. is it wrong to be gay and...
    is it ok to be lez and still beleive in God? I want your opinion please? im confused because in tha bible it says homosexuality is bad and im Gay!
    32 Sex 40
  204. Why does everyone in my school think I'm gay?
    I'm straight but everyone in school thinks I'm gay. I'm not the only guy who wears v-necks and skinny jeans but everyone picks on me anyway. please help!!!
    7 Relationships 70
  205. How to get a boyfriend if I'm gay?
    ok im gay and I would say im cute and im 16 and black how come I dont have a boyfriend everyone else seems have one even other gay people how come?
    3 Relationships 48
  206. Gay douching?
    Do lesbians douche more than straight women? Because I think my lesbian roommate and her lesbian partners douche quite often and I personally dont. Please tell me im scared
    2 Health 100
  207. Why does he looke at me like that?is he gay?
    This boy looks at me and smiles at me. Is he gay? He smiles and finger waves at me. Pluss when I go to the bath room he comes too and trys to act like hes going too but its so ovious he's not. Please help me!
    2 Relationships 30
  208. What is your opinion on gay people?
    Just a simple question. I have gay friends and they're really nice adn kind and frankly I think that they are perfectly normal people but don't know are they a bad influence?
    7 Relationships 72
  209. I think he's gay...?
    I love a boy so much for about 2 weeks now but I have known him for a year. We playfight and joke and I really am crazy over him. I THINK he's gay, I don't know but maybe... I hope not do you know how I could find out???
    4 Relationships 38
  210. Why dont people like gay people?
    I was raised unitarian which means we belive in all races and all religions and all life styles so I've never really understood why people hate gay people. I have tons of gay friend and there great people so why do people not like them
    6 Religion 55
  211. I don't know how to tell my family im gay
    I've known I've been gay my whole life yet my family isnt the type to support homosexuality at all .. I've asked if I was gay what would you guys say and they were like you are out of our house ... what should I do or tell them b/c I really am gay
    5 Sex 23
  212. Does it make him gay
    Our next door neighbours son admitted to me and my younger brothers that he looks at transexual porn, nothing against them, but does that make him gay?? I got nothing against gay people, I don't agree with it, but whatever you're into, so does this adm...
    9 Sex 18
  213. My Boyfriend (Gay)
    Were Both Guys But Im More Feminane So What Exactly Do I Do I Mean I Was More Masculine In My Last Relationship, Im Hoping He'll Make Me Feel Feminane And Be Able To Be More So.. What Do You Think?
    4 Relationships 20
  214. Is Lady Gaga gay?
    I know this is a random question, but a bunch of people told me she was. I didn't realy believe it though. I can't always trust gossip :P
    11 Entertainment 9
  215. What should I do if my boyfriend said he was gay?
    I asked a question earlier about getting my boyfriend to feel me I thought it was because he was shy but he just told me he wasn't doing anything with me because he is gay and wants to break up with me I really love him and dont want to break up.. what...
    2 Relationships 27
  216. What should I do I love some guy in my neighbourhood and he is gay?
    Hie I m a 16yrs old girl I love a guy who is living in my neighbourhood. one day I decided to tell him that I love him. but on that day I found that he is a gay and loves his bestfriend and wants to marry him..weirdo!! :(
    2 Relationships 7
  217. im being teased about being gay.
    My friends ar'nt being nasty or anything and im not gay but they keep taking the piss out of me becasue I've been thinking about applying for fashion school. should I just apply for somthing else?
    4 Relationships 44
  218. Help gay rights, what the heck can I do to help?
    I just chose my exhibition topic...which is yes to gay rights. I thought it would be fun to do something different then every body else because they were all doing animal/child abuse, and homelessness. Xd But here is the do I help gay ...
    2 Politics 29
  219. When- I think gay love is true love anyone agree?
    So I pretty much think two guys married or in love is ture love and beautiful..and I think guy and girl its lame?? I am a diffentrly you think I am weird?
    9 Relationships 20
  220. Why do guys think singing is gay?
    ok so I live in Gunnison, UT. we are HUGE rivals with Manti. the guys there like to sing and actually do stuff. the guys in gunnison don't want to sing. is it because Manti guys sing, or because they are idiots who don't know anything?
    5 Relationships 66
  221. What do you think of the skateboarding priest?
    Some people think he's doing a great service by making religion more interesting to a younger group, while others think that it's all a hype and he is failing to promote the true word. What's your thought?
    5 Religion 19
  222. Gils and guys gay,bi,straight...In relationships.
    How do you get a relationship. How do you act to get one? I am bi so ALL answers are accepted. This is also in reference to my other question. But please tell me what you did or are doing to get a relationship that works. Thanks!
    3 Relationships 14
  223. Was Freddie Mercury gay?
    does anybody know if Freddie mercury was gay? or was he bi? I heard in a report that he was criticised for having kept his ethnicity, as well as his sexual orientation and HIV status, a secret from the public. I have no idea what that means
    8 Sex 116
  224. If god created you then why is it wrong to be gay?
    Then why do people say its wrong to be gay? I mean, he created gay people like this... Seriously if your not gay you cannot disagree on "oh you choose to be gay" because you DONT. And how hypocriticle to give your oppinion and not be open to anyone el...
    17 Religion 45
  225. Is it OK to be a tease to gay guys?
    Ok, I went to a party last night, and I met a gay guy. I'm a completly strait guy, but I tend to have no problem with anyone different. Anyways the question is, is it normal to try to be a tease to a gay guy, with no intentions of it going further?
    28 Relationships 57
  226. Why does everyone think my ex-boyfriends gay?
    Okay, ya, he talked girly and was more feminine than I was but why does that suddenly mean hes gay? dude hes bi! were still good friends but he isnt gay and how do I prove that to every1?
    3 Relationships 13
  227. Does God love gays?
    does God love gays but hates the sin in the gay person? I dont know what to thingk many peopel say that god hates sin and that being gay is a sin? a lot of people also say that God destroyed sodom and gomora because of the sin in the city and that ther...
    15 Sex 57
  228. Why do people call lesbians and bisexuals gay?
    ok I want to no y when people are talking about gays, lezbos and bisexual peopple why they always put them into the same group as gay? Gay is only for boys that like boys. Lezbo is only for girls that like girls. Bisexual is for both sexs and like bot...
    6 Sex 46
  229. Is channing tatum gay???
    I need to know because he is so fine and I wuldnt look at himthe same if he was but if you google his name he is one out magzaine and have half-naked pics wit guys
    2 Entertainment 65
  230. Why do people think im gay?
    I go to an all girls school - very bad! & everyone in my class think im a lesbain? Not sure why, I'm straight, & I don't take their sh*t, but why do they say it? - I always wonder if it because im friend with a gay person!
    2 Relationships 43
  231. Why is being gay wrong?
    Ok so I know that they used to put people in prison and kill them and stuff for being gay, but that was AGES ago. I dont get why people STILL think its wrong!! If you dont think its moral, why?? If you dont see a problem, why?? thanks :) x
    5 Sex 47
  232. I mite think im gay and im 12!!
    Ok their is this gay guy im my class and he is sexy and I am perving on him and im past my confussion and I've tried to kiss him and I succeded and I liked it sso mutch so am I or im not pls tell me
    3 Sex 22
  233. Am I gay?
    Ok am I gay?..I kissed my was my first kiss and his...and it was so gross!..but I figured we just needed practice..but weve kissed since them and I still think its nasty..I find myself avoiding I him because im afraid he'll kiss si...
    3 Relationships 22
  234. How Do I Know if he is gay?
    He is tan, muscular, handsome, and he tried to teabag another guy at their house. He grabs boys butts but he had a girlfriend he made out with several times. HE IS SO CUTE. I am a boy and should I ask him if he is gay or just make a move. He knows I am...
    4 Relationships 31
  235. think men getting manicures are "gay"
    My uncle is a mechanic and his nails are or length and always dirty and it makes him look like a dirty person, he has a second job and goes to work with dirty nails. I try to persuade him to go get a manicure... but he thinks it's "gay" you think ...
    3 Style 27
  236. is it gay 4 a guy 2 like girl music?
    My friends think im gay because I listen 2 girl and guy music. I really dont care if they think im gay or not. I juss no im not gay. but I juss wanna no because I listen 2 songs like Sober, Diva, Just Dance, Right Now(na na), and a few othas. wha do yo...
    13 Music 40
  237. Why gay=bad
    why do sooo many people have a problem with lesbians, gays and people that are bi-sexual? I find that it is stupid for people to judge people based on their sexual orientation. I want to come out as bi, but dont want to be re-jected. Help
    2 Sex 16
  238. Dogs...
    5 Pets 29
  239. Why Disrespectful to Parent having a gay man in moms home?
    I have a friend who just found out her 27 year old son is gay. Her son snuck some guy into her home and was getting ready to lay up with him in her house. I told her that was very disrespectful. How many agree with me? Was I wrong?
    2 Relationships 22
  240. Being gay is abnormal?
    I want to start off clean, admitting that I am gay. Today, society views homosexuality as an abnormality. I understand that people fear what they don't understand or what they are told is wrong. I don't understand how being gay is abnormal... Only 4% ...
    6 Sex 43
  241. Do you think he's gay?
    So I have this guy friend that I suspect might be gay. He doesn't act feminine. Actually, he is very masculine. But, he has a great fashion sense. He recently moved in with a male roommate. Yesterday they shopped for groceries together. What do you guy...
    2 Relationships 23
  242. Gay child
    Ok folks, I hope you answer this honestly...What if your child was a gay or a lesbian ? How would you feel ? Although I have nothing against gays and im quite a gay rights supporter and im sure there are many who support them, I cant help but think th...
    18 Babies 1253
  243. Can someone support gay marriage even though their religious preference does not?
    I'm not trying to start an argument or anything but I am genuinely curious. If a person is gay and/or supports gay marriage when the bible doesn't does that mean that they are going against their beliefs? Or are they simply tweaking the rules?
    14 Religion 20
  244. Gay dream?
    Halp! Alrighty. So I'm 14. I have a huge crush on this girl. But for no reason, I had a, I guell you could call it a gay dream... So it was me an my best bud. Not going to continue, but it was by all means a gay dream. Alrighty. So that was hard to adm...
    3 Relationships 11
  245. Why respect the priest?
    As much as you may belive in god why should you have extra respect for a priest, to my eyes he's just an ordinary person like anyone else, the'll die the same and has to find a way to make a living the same as anyone else, So are they suposed to be...
    14 Religion 206
  246. What's the matter with being gay?
    Hi my name is andrea mckinley and I'm 15 Ok I'm not gay but ii have no problem wit them but why do people hate gay people yall say that god made it so boys and girls can be togeter but if god made it that way then why did he not make gay people stright...
    3 Relationships 14
  247. Can I be married without a priest?
    i want to get married october 31 of next year but i do not want a religious ceremony. is it possible for me to get married without a priest but still be able to have a nice wedding with friends and family outside or whatever? like a real wedding just w...
    6 Relationships 1875
  248. Wentworth miller is a gay,is that true?
    Is there anyone who love the prison break ?I love wentworth miller veryyy much.but my a lot of net friends said he is a gay. I cant believe that is true,please tell me the truth. and I very ...
    2 Relationships 34
  249. when your 13 is it alright to go full on sex if your gay ?
    hi, iam 13 and iam gay but my boyfriend is 16 and want full on sex which I am ok with I can cum and I have a 8 incher but is it ok at my age and we tried like anal and hand jobs but all the time I have used a condom
    5 Sex 67
  250. am I gay?
    ok I'm 14 year old guy and I'm straight but I wash gayporn and masturbate sometimes I even remmeber the secne from what I was watching and fodle myslef if I'm gay plesea tell me how to stop cause I love me some vagaga.
    4 Sex 70