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Why are managers so lazy

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  1. Do you manage this site alone?
    Do you manage all this alone.
    6 Funadvice 20
  2. what does a collections manager at a museum do?
    2 Money 47
  3. What do you do as a rock band manager and what is a band manager? How much do you get paid?
    2 Money 45
  4. What is Management Information Systems?
    2 Money 12
  5. How do I get rid of my laziness?
    10 General 15
  6. Is there a lazy eye treatment?
    What treatments do they use for lazy eye???
    2 Health 33
  7. What's the number for the Jonas Brothers' manager?
    what is the number of the Jonas Brothers manager
    2 Music 40
  8. How does Mila Kunis manage to be so pretty?
    3 Entertainment 25
  9. What is the average salary of a IT Project Manager?
    6 Money 32
  10. Why is the game Football Manager so addictive?
    2 Gaming 17
  11. Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    2 General 19
  12. How would you persuade a lazy friend to do more exercise?
    12 Nutritionfitness 24
  13. How do you properly care for and manage Sugar Gliders?
    2 Pets 7
  14. How do you make Lazy Man Cabbage Rolls?
    2 Food 31
  15. What does sole custody and full management control mean?
    What does sole custody and full management control mean?
    2 Babies 48
  16. Who is the WWE Anonymous General Manager on Raw?
    Who do you think it is?
    2 Entertainment 44
  17. Does anyone think hooking up with manager is a bad idea?
    12 Relationships 34
  18. What is the weekly payment for a manager of a 5-star hotel?
    3 Money 34
  19. How do you get a cat to stop being so lazy?
    my cat is really lazy please helppp!
    4 Pets 38
  20. What should be done to manage the wild horse and burro populations in the US?
    5 Politics 21
  21. What is your favourite quote relating to laziness, procrastination, or time wasting?
    9 Literature 20
  22. Anger Management
    So, as my mom is constantly saying, I have anger problems. How do I control it?
    4 Health 10
  23. What do you feel will be YOUR biggest obstacle to managing an online course effectively?
    3 Education 10
  24. Can Obama manage both ?
    Can Obama be a good Dad and manage a high office in government also ?
    14 Politics 21
  25. Do call center agents need stress management?
    Do call center agents in the Philippines need stress management seminars?
    2 Money 13
  26. Are boxer puppies lazy?
    because i have 3month old boxer and she is lazy at times and sleeps ALOT !
    7 Pets 213
  27. How do I cure laziness?
    how does one cure laziness? I know of my priorities but can't seem to get up and get going'
    9 Nutritionfitness 44
  28. Who here done a degree in business management (read more)?
    if yes, how was it and what class degree did you achieved ?
    2 Education 10
  29. Money managment
    Should I save most of my checks to help in in the 16
    3 Money 10
  30. What is the best organization web-based project management software?
    2 Technology 24
  31. why do i gain so much weight but manage to lose it within that same day?
    is something wrong with me?
    6 Nutritionfitness 23
  32. Is quitting your job because your manager treated your friend badly a good reason to leave?
    9 Money 41
  33. What do you think of the New Monday night Raw. With viki guerrero as the genral manager?
    3 Entertainment 15
  34. Have you ever had a lazy day?
    I know it's stupid, but I got bored. Have you ever had a day where you felt so lazy you hardly ever got up to do anything that day?
    4 General 11
  35. how I manage my love and studies ?
    I love my boy friend very much also my studies but I want to manage my studies and my love together after the my affair im so week for my studies then how I manage my affair and my studies together
    6 Education 581
  36. How do you manage divorced parents?
    How do you manage divorced parents? My parents have been divorced for 6 months now. I can't stand it! It gets harder and harder! My mom's already dating again.
    4 Family 29
  37. What are the best jobs for lazy 18 year olds?
    Whats the best job out there for lazy 18 year olds? Dont forget good pay.
    6 Money 134
  38. Is there a possible way to kill laziness?
    A pill that helps against it? Some massage? Some magic tree root to chew that helps?
    15 General 29
  39. Recovering Task Manager on Windows?
    Is there a way you can recover the Task Manager (except of re-installing windows) on windows after it was disabled or overwrite by a certain virus?
    6 Technology 20
  40. How can a tiger, which is black and orange, manage to sneak up on pray, undetected and camouflaged, in a predominantly green and brown environment?
    5 Pets 30
  41. Did Rob Dyrdek really fire his manager?
    I was trying to find Rob Dyrdek's manager on Wikipedia but I have yet to find anything, but what I did find is that Rob supposedly fire his manager being Jeremy Larner. Is this true? Why though?
    2 Entertainment 56
  42. What do you say to your manager when you quit?
    I know I need to give at least two week's notice, and I know I need a letter of resignation, but along with that what should/need to say to my manager?
    3 Money 20
  43. managing curly hair!
    ok so I have short curly hair, I got it cut like a month ago, how do I manage it when I put it down, it gets poofy sometimes.
    4 Style 20
  44. How do girls manage to hide anorexia?
    im not saying I want to or dont. im just wondering how do they because wouldnt their family make them eat?
    3 Family 51
  45. Managing comments
    Where can you manage on who can and cant comment on your page?? Like is there a place where you can only let friends comment, b/c I really dont want others commenting, I looked but I might had over looked it
    4 Funadvice 22
  46. How to manage poofy hair?
    I have extremely poofy and thick hair that is just below my shoulders. It dries and goes extremely poofy. I want some hair styles that are manageble, quick, and easy to do. Any suggestions??
    4 Style 351
  47. Who was managing the shop in the past?
    Who were managing the shop in the past? Does the mall apply every thing that you need in life? me............. I want this informations. I meant how was the shopping in the past? and I want answers for these two questions.
    6 Shopping 23
  48. lacross or manage boys base ball?
    I'm a freshmen and I've never played lacross or maneged anything I have a chance to do one but not both. And opinions?
    2 Sports 8
  49. I cant manage my pics!
    It says its blocked and page not found! Why? I havent even been on cause I've been at the beach for like ever so I dunno why its blocked -_-
    7 Funadvice 8
  50. What can I do to manage my anger?
    i am a person who will get mad a the simplist things sometimes. i want to know how can controll my anger b4 something bad happens
    3 Health 32
  51. What should I write in a thank you card to my manager and work colleagues?
    im leaving in a week and id like to get them a thankyou card but im not sure what to put in it ...
    7 Money 60
  52. How can I manage my school work?
    I go to a private prep school, and I always have tons to do! How can I manage my time to get all of my work done. I have after-school activities practically every day, and we do not get a study hall in school. How can I manage this?
    3 Education 16
  53. Too Lazy to get up
    lol I cant get up even with my alarm clock because I feel soo tired that I just turn it off and fall back to sleep again! how can I stop my habbit???
    8 General 40
  54. What major and minor would I need if I want a bachelors degree in Culinary Management?
    I'm so confused here..I figured out exactly what I want to do now, but I don't know what major and minor I :D
    2 Education 7
  55. Mandy, why haven't I gotten my Irving tickets from your manager?
    Mandy Its me again.. I stil have gotten my tickets from your manager or whoever is supposed to give to me. She sent me a link to ticket master but it didn't work. Please help me if you can.
    4 Music 24
  56. How do I stop being lazy??
    Supposedly I am really lazy. My mum is always giving out to me for it? I don't think necessarily I am...I do things I want to do and I won't do things I don't want to do?? But many people have told me I am very lazy? The teachers at school don't think ...
    5 General 19
  57. How do you manage your kids TV time?
    what is the ideal or "not disadvantageous" tv time for children during school days if the classes ends at 5pm? or is it better if there should be no tv time during school days? i just wanna know how other people regulate their children's tv time.
    2 Entertainment 22
  58. How do dogs manage to pee so much?
    I swear, I have these teeny tiny little dogs but they can manage to pee in like 15 different places during one potty break. It's insane! I just want to know how they manage to make that much pee come out of those tiny creatures.
    3 Pets 42
  59. How am I supposed to tell my manager I want to quit?
    Ive got some important exams coming up and im just gonna be really busy now so what should i say to quit my saturday (voluntary) job?
    5 Money 68
  60. What are some of your suggestions on how to manage heavy work load?
    I am fairly new at my job and i'm still not used to this much load. I don't want to not be able to deliver results. My previous job was more manageable in terms of the volume. What can you suggest? thanks!
    2 General 11
  61. Cure for being lazy
    I'm not really lazy, but sometimes I just cant be bothered doing anything and just sit around and stuff.. might have something to do with there being nothing to actually do.. which also results in bordem.. any ideas?
    6 General 40
  62. How do some people manage chatting to several people at once?
    I see people on FA talking to like literally 13 people at once! Like a ton of status updates and also probably more FunMail! You guys have serious talent!
    9 Funadvice 26
  63. How to overcome Laziness?
    I waste a lot of time sitting on computer or watching TV and doing useless things. And whenever there is an important thing to do like exams, I become lazy and my mind does'nt want to go that way. so can anyone tell me How to overcome that laziness?
    4 General 37
  64. How to get to task manager on Vista Home Premium?
    I got Windows Vista Home Premium and I have a virus which diables my anti-virus (McAfee). I had a similar virus once on my XP machine and I managed to close it using task manager and then delete it using McAfee. Please help. Does anyone know how to get...
    2 Technology 44
  65. What are some good time management games for iPad?
    I'm going on a long car ride in a couple of days, and I need some good, addictive apps for my iPad. I have the obvious time management games like Diner Dash etc. Are there any 'unknown' ones?
    4 Gaming 18
  66. What causes a lazy eye?
    recently I have notice that my daughter has a lazy eye,is there a cure for this and whut should I do about this situation! she is only 2 years old and I cannot beleive one of her eyes is like that! why doese this happen! I seen it in other kids but no ...
    3 Health 21
  67. How do you control anger management?
    I have had problems when someone insults me and I just go off on them! I can't just shake it off, I always have to say something back. I just hurt someones feelings really bad, just because they were joking about me. now I dont know what todo.
    3 Health 16
  68. Are rice cookers only for lazy people?
    I don't cook much rice, but when I do, I use a pot to cook it in. However, those rice cookers in the stores always look pretty easy & convenient to use...but, it's not like it would be much less (any?) less work than using a regular pot to cook the ric...
    4 Food 68
  69. Why are parents becoming lazy with their kids?
    Have y'all notice that more and more kids are having kids and some have no idea who the baby's father is because they been sleeping around so much ...where is the parents o my bad their the ones supplying the beer and buying the slutty clothes and drugs.
    6 Family 34
  70. How do I manage his Biting and Tantrums?
    33 month old had given up biting but has now started again and temper tamper tantrums have got much worse he growls when he dont get his own way. I have run out of ideas. please help
    5 Babies 27
  71. Bad manager or supervisor
    I was in a 99cents store today and I heard the supervisor or manager talking to the employees in a very bad way he said something like that you dont listen again I have to repeat this where do you have to put that, but he said it in a very bad way t...
    2 Money 33
  72. What are your opinions on the theory that we are genetically lazy?
    I saw a program today and some one's theory is that as a race we are genetically lazy. "Due to our primitive ancestors we must conserve our energy when we can because of all the hunting we used to do" That's not the real quote but it sums it up. So wha...
    5 Nutritionfitness 17
  73. Lazy Friend
    i have a friend and she is really lazy. When she asks to be my partner in a project, i don't want to say no so i agree. When we do teh project, i end up doing most of teh work and she is really careless. Right now, we are doing an art project together ...
    5 Babies 41
  74. Time management strategies?
    I have difficulty completing my homework after school I get really distracted, play on my iPod, etc. how can I stop procrastinating? I'm normally a good student and I get good grades its just that this year has been really stressful :/ .
    3 Education 7
  75. What is a good software to manage websites?
    Web content management software. Hi I am a webmaster of course very low experience in the world of internet. I have prepared almost a couple of websites. Now it will be very helpful to find some web content management software free for me. As I will m...
    2 Technology 15
  76. What is the best way to manage your empire on Medieval Total War 2?
    I am playing as scotland and i am currently at war with England, Norway and Ireland.My welsh allies have been completely destroyed i have the biggest empire at the moment and im looking for some advice on what to do next?
    2 Gaming 19
  77. How to correct a lazy eye?
    Really Random- I've noticed in some of my pictures this past year that my left eye always seems to be not as open as my right! Its really starting to drive me insane, because I have never had this problem before! In some pictures it looks as if my lef...
    4 Health 58
  78. Too Lazy to workout
    I really want to work out, but whenever I try I always give up... I want to try to work out at home, but I can never get myself to do it. Does anyone know any thing to try to help me get to work out? Sometimes I think when I work out that its not doing...
    5 Nutritionfitness 15
  79. how long will it take the manager to call me back?
    .. Well finally, interview day came, which was yesturday, it went VERY WELL ! The questions were different from the ones i was expecting .. But anyways, the manager said she was very pleased and that i had excellent answers and that she's sure her & th...
    2 Money 37
  80. How can I manage my curly hair?
    I have naturally curly hair.I usually straighten it because I can hardly ever fix it to the way I like.I try moose and gels and sprays but I can never seem to get it.I dont want it to be hard and crunchy but I dont want frizz either.what to do..
    3 Style 37
  81. How can people get rid of a lazy eye?
    I've realized that I when I take some pics. of myself my right eye is a lil more up than my left eye. my eyelid covers some sight of my right eye. I hate it :( it didnt used to be like that... or at least I dont think so... and its weird because you ca...
    4 Health 25
  82. I need some debt councelling & debt management tips.
    I work with an organisation but at the same time I have a part time business from which I happened to borrow money and I have failed to pay it back on top of which my employee demands me 4 month salary. With my current salary there is nothing I can do...
    4 Money 25
  83. Methods for managing my anger?
    how can I control my anger better? I can keep it down more than usually but when I really get heated I can't think straight and I need to know how I can stay calm or get rid of my anger without hurting anyone? p.s. punching pillows and deep breaths do...
    5 General 21
  84. Would Voldemort have gotten a new body if he had managed to get the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone?
    I'm plotting fanfiction and it struck me... The stone was supposed to grant him eternal life but realistically why would he want to spend eternity stuck to the back of Quirrell's head? Any ideas or theories...? =]
    6 Literature 31
  85. what can be done if the manager in charge of payroll refuses to pay anyone?
    My boyfriend worked seasonally at an institution called Frightdome which is until Halloween and he has yet to receive a check nearly two months later. The woman in charge of payroll will not answer through any form of contact. My boyfriend is not the o...
    3 Money 48
  86. Anger Management
    I get really angry at the smallest thing. at school a few of pple stay away from me because I have been known to start a few fights. when I get angry I cannot control myself. one second im fine next I have someone pinned on the floor. I need sum help.
    2 Health 9
  87. Do this work to fix lazy eye?
    I've heard from some people that if you cover your good eye your lazy eye will adjust and get better is this true or does it ruin your eye? I need a free way to NOT wear glasses because I cant afford contacts (and Im kinda scared of them) and I defina...
    8 Health 82
  88. How do I loose weight if im a lazy person?
    okay im 14 and fat. well not really fat. I just have love handles and a belly. im extremly lazy and I plan to go out and run everyday but I just dont end up feeling like it. I wanna loose weight because I see a lot of skinny girls at my age and I just...
    6 Nutritionfitness 19
  89. What can a lazy person do?
    Im very lazy the only exercise I do is walk, jump on the trampoline sometimes, and sex lol. Can someone here give me a routine wit times and reps and all so I can lose my tummy fat and tone up my thighs and arms? I have no exercise equipment except fo...
    5 Sex 11
  90. has anyone heard of the agency model time management
    has anyone heard of the agency model time management. They called we went in and met and told me that if I came back in 3 months and lost 10 pounds they would sign with me. But im not sure if its healthy/or if I need to loose the weight. What do you...
    3 Money 25
  91. Where do I begin on managing money?
    I am currently working at bdubs. I get paid arond 75-120 dollars everyother week. I need to save up 3,000 dollars here and im hoping to get at least half by march but I am terrible at managing it and I almost need a game plan on evrything bc I just alw...
    4 Money 35
  92. Have you used evernote or another memory / knowledge management software before?
    I'm reading a book where the author mentions devonthink, but evernote seems similar and is free :) But, while these things seem popular (kind of like a software version of a commonplace book)...well, I haven't used one so I'm not sure the value. Any ex...
    4 Technology 12
  93. Lazy step daddy
    I have a lazy no good alcoholic step dad that I want to get rid off. He sits at home and dont do nothin everyday he dont work a 9-5 monday- friday job. He gets on my nerves and my momma put 15 years into their relationship I understand that but my is t...
    5 Family 51
  94. How you get colored contacts that fix a lazy eye ?
    O.k I have a right lazy eye and my glasses "correct" it but I want dark purple,deep blue or dark green eyes. Is it possible if you get contacts that fix a lazy eye but also are colored? Where can I get those? Are they expensive? How much for averag...
    4 Health 146
  95. How can I get rid of my lazy stepdad?
    My mom has been with this "Thing" for 5 years, they have had 3 kids together and it seems like the only thing he does is give us the paycheck. He's so lazy, all he does EVERY day is sit around and watch tv, he is missing out on his kids, and he stress...
    4 Family 115
  96. Am I too lazy
    Guys am I too lazy ? I had calculus class in high school, but when I just went to sign up for college classes, I took the placement test I didnt really pay attention and I got a bad score in it, now in college they give me prealgebra is it shame for m...
    6 Education 30
  97. A lazy afternoon
    Quitely in a lazy afternoon. A theatre in my mind my life has been. One after the other the show goes on. But over and over - my favorite play you 've been. I laugh with your joy, so overwhelming. I sulk with you and cry your pain. I try to...
    5 Literature 13
  98. Sprint LG Rumor phone does not have a download manager?
    I have a Sprint LG Rumor phone. It does not have a download manager option in the settings anywhere. I looked in the picutures and viedeos settings as well. That didn't help either. When I go to the memory card manager the only option it gives me is to...
    5 Technology 40
  99. Lazy sisters
    hi I am 13 I have 2 sisters and both of them are lazy.they are not fat they are skinny but they sit on the computer every day and I only get about 45 mins a day becasue they kick me off. I don't like it they never come play with me like do something pl...
    3 Family 16
  100. Why does one of my eyes get lazy when I smoke pot??
    Not always but sometimes my right eye becomes like a lazy eye when I smoke and it looks bad! First I felt it and thought that I was just imagining it because of "thinking too much" but then I looked into the mirror and it was actually happening. It mak...
    5 Health 1714
  101. lazy 15yr girl, LOL
    I know this is going to sound slack, but I do 5 push-ups and 20 situps fast every morning before school, because I can't manage anymore and I'm no fitness freak. Does anyone think this will improve anything, like 2% at all, maybe if I keep doing it ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 14
  102. what can I do for my lazy computer?
    my computer is a very old desktop. is there any free downloads I can use to speed it up? or simply be able to watch videos off the net? I know nothing about computers and this one was given to me so I have no books to go off of :) I would at least love...
    4 Technology 39
  103. Studying and time management techniques?
    Hey I'm in grade 11 and the work load is getting quite heavy now. I never used to study as much cause I cruised with a's through grades 8-10. Now I can't get the hang of it. I really need to be motivated. I set myself goals and everything. But haven't ...
    2 Education 34
  104. What do I do with my lazy nephew and his girlfriend?
    I own a beautiful rental home. I recently remodeled and spent $70,000.00 in upgrades. I agreed to have my brother who is 54 years old rent it. He has a 29 year old son (my nephew) which would live with him. Both have good jobs. But now my other nephew ...
    2 Family 93
  105. How do I tell my managers about an allergy to a cleaning product we have to use?
    I grew out in red blotches on my arms and hands when I used a cleaning product called Ajax. It makes my asthma horrible and I come out in rashes. I'm positive this is an allergy but I haven't been to my doctor about it. When I finish using it, I use a ...
    7 Health 29
  106. What to do after I managed to get his number?
    Hello! I just asked my friend to ask him for his number and he has given it to her... He stares at me and gets jealous when I am around I guess that means he likes me. And I like him too. And he has a girlfriend ...and the relationship is ...
    3 Relationships 13
  107. How do I manage with this feeling?
    I've recently started to feel annoyed. Annoyance towards things in my school, and sometimes at home. I was wondering how I can stop these things from getting to me as they are really changing my usual attitude and how I approach things at school and at...
    7 Health 12
  108. How can I encourage my lazy sons to pay their own bills?
    I told my son that if he moved to the area that I live that I would help him "get on his feet". He's been here for months and has been living off of me like a parasite while he doesn't even look for work or try to get his unemployment. I rented him a...
    13 Family 58
  109. How do I manage to do my homework with a busy schedule?
    Heres how a normal day goes for me: Get up, go to school. I either have volleyball practice after school, or an hour after. Or I have an away/home game. & if its an away game, I have to sit & watch my varsity team play too, & then I've got to ride ...
    4 Education 41
  110. What are some effective ways to manage stress?
    Tried breathing, walking away, running, etc... only thing that seems to work for me is spending time with my cat & the other furry friends of the house(I don't like calling them pets) only issue is, as you all know, you can't take a pet to work or...
    10 Health 33
  111. No motivation or time management
    How do I get motivated and manage my time better? I have a hard time staying motivated. We live in the country and one day just meshes right into the other. It's so boringout here that I can't see straight. I get sidetracked easily, can't keep up with ...
    4 Homegarden 23
  112. How will I manage without him?
    me and my boyfriend of 13month have just broke up, I keep crying I dont want to eat because I feel sick,,,but even worse we ended it badly and will probly never speak or see each other again! as he is at skewl and im at college and we dont live near ea...
    6 Relationships 48
  113. How to manage six small meals a day?
    so if I want to lose weight I've been told to eat 6 small meals a day.. so what the hell could I eat? im a vegetarian. yes that means no fish btw.. and I dont even get time 2 eat 6 times a day because im at college. so.. what am I supposed 2 do? but ...
    8 Food 130
  114. Should I talk to my manager about feeling like her slave?
    agh! I hate my manager. I am the assistant and I feel like im her slave. we only work together 3 hours a week, but she always leave the office a total mess. I file all of her paper work. she doesnt track customers who call so when they come in I look l...
    6 Money 36
  115. How to avoid becoming lazy?
    I don't want to become lazy!! I want to try to stay away from that as much as I can! I want to fill my day with everything I could do! I don't sit for one single second! How can I do that if I don't have anything to do? Cause I started sitting on the...
    4 Entertainment 16
  116. What should I do about my manager? I need help fast!?
    I have been working at one of my jobs for a little over a year now and I have been having problems with my manager for quite some time now, she always spreads rumors that im pregnant or that I sleep around with all of the guys at my work, she says real...
    2 Sex 11
  117. How to manage all my homework?
    I have a ton of homework right now because I was sick all week last week so I'm way behind and I've got a lot going on right now so I'm really stressed out and my parents somehow think that telling me I should do my homework is helping me but at any ra...
    6 Education 83
    3 Family 83
  119. How do you manage breast binding?
    I'm NOT a FTM trans or anything, just a very thin girl with a very big chest. I get stared at a lot... and I hate that and they are always sort of in the way... and with traditional undergarments, they still bounce around a lot and I find that I'm cons...
    7 Style 48
  120. Cheer or bball manager..opinions?
    Okay so I'm in juior high and I've played basketball and softball all my life but this past year I decided I wasn't going to play basketball in hs so I quit last year and just managed. I really like all the bball girls and the coach and I thot I did a...
    2 Sports 33
  121. How do I manage my stress?
    ok guys, I need help, how do I manage my stress? I have so much going on at one time and im not even in any sports. I got art that I've taken on a major project and its due in two weeks and I seriously dont think I can get it done in time because my gr...
    5 Education 18
  122. Lazy & Frumpy
    I am 52 years old and just graduated (finally) from college. I like my feet because they are small (5' 2") but hate my short legs, wide waist, long hair, and face. I don't have a full length mirror because it is too depressing. I don't go out because I...
    2 Style 44
  123. Too lazy to finish school
    Im a freshman and I really dont like school but I still go. And you could imagine my grades there lower than low. I think that im probaly going to fail the 9th grade and have to repeat it next year. I really feel in my heart that im going to end up dro...
    3 Education 18
  124. How to defeat laziness and go to scool?
    Hey. I'm a 17 year old boy and everyday when I wake up at the time I have to go to school, I feel weak, I don't want to get up. I live with my mother, my parents divorced a long time ago. I'm doing really bad at school and I rather spend my time hang...
    4 Education 34
  125. Who has to go pee?
    anyone have to go pee,but to lazy to get up and go? hhaha[:
    22 Health 45
  126. What is a "tosser"?
    I always wanted to know but am to lazy to look it up
    47 General 112
  127. How do people manage life's difficulties?
    I'm 25 year old guy, overall having a normal life with a job and college education, not fat, not thin and have good parents. So what's my issue? I don't have any particular interest in anything in my life. I hate my job. I can't make friends. All I go...
    3 Health 13
  128. How many of the things on your bucket list have you managed to do this year?
    I saw a live performance of My Fair Lady. I saw one of Jeff Dunham's shows. I read The Greatest - Muhamad Ali's Autobiography Went caving in Wonderfontein Cave. Went hiking in a meteorite crater - The Tswaing Crater I got a degree in Accounting....
    4 General 10
  129. Letter for vacating room
    Ii am asked to submit a letter with one month notice to the management before leaving the room at a mansion so I am requesting you to frame a letter for me to submit to my management...
    2 General 78
  130. Peter andre
    Who is peter andres manager ?? p.s I met him yesterday and had a picture with him
    2 General 58
  131. What degree do I need to own and operate my own animal hospital?
    I was just wondering what degree do I need to be able to own and operate my own animal vet clinic. Health care management? Accounting?? Buissness management?
    3 Money 87
  132. How can I get 75 grams of proteins a day?
    I only manage to get 40isha
    10 Nutritionfitness 42
  133. Why cant I manage to make myself look my age?
    Ok, im 14, and im constantly mistake for anything between 16-19. Its getting annoying. Im 180cm (about 5'11") tall, and slim/muscular... I train each day twice... So yeh, which probably has a lot to do with it, but I cant help that. And dont tell me to...
    6 Style 48
  134. What can be done about lazy siblings?
    So I have a brother and his girlfriend and their child and dog living with me and my mother. My mom thinks it's high time they moved out though. They have lived on their own before but certain circumstances have left them sorta drifting from home to ho...
    3 Family 48
  135. Lazy in bed
    my girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year. I like to think of myself as a pretty sexual guy, and im wildly attracted to her. I love trying to find new ways to keep things exciting for her, and there really isnt much that im opposed to doing/...
    2 Sex 66
  136. A Dream I Had if your lazy don't read its long...
    I don't never really wake up dis early but I had dream that 2 teen boys was argueing next door then one of them got shot and my window was half open and I was scared to close it so I told my mom too and the boy that got shot got up and was talkn about ...
    4 Relationships 18
  137. How do you get tippex off your fingers?
    I was in work having a fight with the tippex (as you do) and i managed to get tippex all over my fingers and my elbow, i do not like it :( how do i get it off???
    3 General 126
  138. Good tips for motivating myself?
    what are good tips to motavate myself. I tend to be lazy. please help
    2 General 44
  139. Stress Control
    Whats a way to manage stress better than drinking or smoking?
    2 Health 10
  140. Why do I get mad when I have my period?
    I alway get mad, tired and lazy when I get my period its that common in women?
    3 Health 87
  141. How to manage going back to school after almost being raped?
    This guy has been stalking me at school and today he came up and talked to me. He seemed really cool; he was the shy type. I told him I needed to go home and he said no. I kinda laughed and said "No seriously I have to be home in 10 mins. Bye." And I s...
    8 Health 22
  142. The Death of Somone You Loved
    Have you ever had to face the death of someone you really loved? How did you manage to cope with it?
    12 Family 21
  143. Getting my hair dead
    What will happen to my hair if I get it dead? And will my hair be easy to manage and will stay permently straight
    4 Style 32
  144. What tips/support can you offer me about my boyfriend managing his life threatening condition better?
    My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and has been having a lot of complications with it recently. He is only 23 years old and im scared that if we don't get his condition under control soon the wrost may happen. In the last 8 months he has had 7 seizures d...
    6 Health 54
  145. What's wrong with dogs if they have the runs?
    She does not want to eat. She has the runs. She seems very lazy too. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
    10 Pets 41
  146. How can I motivate myself to do more homework and cleaning?
    I'm VERY lazy and I can't seam to motivate myself to get up and work! Any tricks on how to get myself motivated?
    5 Education 40
  147. Is it normal that I am more mentally mature than my peers?
    i am capable of managing a household an children of all ages ?
    7 General 39
  148. How do I go about asking for a raise?
    An assistant manager in my store told me that employees who work the overt a year usually get a small raise and said I should ask manager about it. How do I even start that conversation? What should I say to start it?
    9 Money 33
  149. Stay logged in
    Who here doesnt bother to log out but just stay logged on so you dont have to bother typing in everything again. Im lazy like that.
    6 Technology 33
  150. How long to cats live?
    My cat is seven years old. She's very lazy and sleepy. An average of how many years do cats live for?
    3 Pets 22
  151. What do to?my turtle is not eating anythng from four days :s ?
    From four days my turtle is not eating anythng and havng motion.. And he has become so lazy :s .. What to do
    3 Pets 39
  152. unsolvable math problem
    Okay so three guys decide to split a hotel room. they go up to the hotel manager and he says the room is thirty dollars so they each pay ten dollars. Well later the manager realizes that the room is on sale that night for twenty five dollars but the ma...
    11 Science 94
  153. Stop Procrastinating!
    I can't stop procrastinating! I try to do my HW and everything and get it in on time, but I never can seem to get a hold of my time. how can I stop procrastinating and manage my time?
    2 Education 31
  154. What are your parent's occupations?
    My Mother is a pre-school teacher and my Father is a manager for Firestone.. What about yours???
    17 Family 35
  155. Is anyone here agnostic?
    Who thinks this is a lazy persons religion? HA, I'm agnostic, I really am, and have been since I was 13.
    15 Religion 43
  156. Why do people lie and call into work "sick?"
    For once I'd like to see someone just be honest and call in "LAZY!"
    12 Money 123
  157. How to eat burger in a decent manner
    My son makes mess when we have burger at Mcdonald. Tips to help it make more manageable
    4 Food 22
  158. What did you give up for lent , did you succeed in keeping it up ?
    I gave up crossdressing, I found it hard but I just about managed not to "dress" for lent. Toni
    4 Religion 20
  159. How do I get my mom to get me a new cellphone?
    My old and dumb cellphone, (Samsung Reclaim) is broken and my mom is being too lazy to get me a new one.
    10 Technology 36
  160. Should I call the police, can I claim insurance?
    I worked at a place called zenith, manager didnt pay me and my friend me and my friend went down there I argued with the manager, and told my other old school friend you dont get paid so dont work here a lady come out [heavily pregnant] started screwin...
    3 Money 19
  161. What song is your favorite from
    The Grateful Dead? I daresay mine would have to be Sugar Magnolia, or Lazy River Road.
    2 Music 8
  162. won't let me download
    Hi there my computer tells me my internet manager is expired and asked for a serial number.
    4 Technology 72
  163. How should I cut my hair?
    How short should I cut my hair? It is below my boobs right now and it is just too much to manage. I need a hair cut but I don't want to end up hateing it. So help me.
    4 Style 40
  164. My moms too overprotective
    My mom is overprotective with me and I want her to loosen up with ma and let me out more . I don't like being stuck at home bored and lazy what can I do to or say to my mom so she will let me out?
    7 Family 55
  165. What can my nickname be if my name is Natalie?
    Uggh, I have been searching for a nickname. My name is Natalie but I dont like it, I have asked my friends to make a nickname for me but they are too lazy. help me!!
    7 General 5278
  166. What does Dogma mean?
    What does Dogma mean?...Dogma and Carma... explain the differences...please... much too lazy to google it...or consult a dictionary... thanks!
    7 Religion 80
  167. How can I delete songs off of my iPod?
    How can I delete songs on my iPod when I have it set to manually manage music? I can't take it off of this setting because I use more than one computer to download music from.
    3 Technology 15
  168. How many days till christmas?
    Cause im so lazy..I couldn't be bothered adding up how many days it is until christmas..soo how many day's is it? Lol =)
    6 Religion 42
  169. Are you allowed to end a sentence with a preposition?
    I really feel lazy and I just want to know if I can ask my friend, "Where's your house at?"
    5 Education 24
  170. Why don't these keys work on my keyboard?
    the letter between the z and he c will not work, also the letter between the c and b. I press and no writing will come from them, they are lazy. Why this?
    4 Technology 42
  171. Is it too soon to call for a follow up to a job application?
    I put in an application on friday is it too soon too call to see if they looked over it.? because the manager seemed really into me?
    3 Money 52
  172. can a 15 year old work at McDonalds or a grocery store?
    Can a 15 year old work at McDonalds or a grocery store. Because instead of staying home being lazy teenagers should work.
    3 Money 152
  173. How to book the Jonas Brothers?
    Does anyone know the number for the Jonas Brothers' manager? Because I want to book them for my sweet 16, (if possible), and I need estimates & avalibility. if anyone knows ANYTHING, please message me. I DO NOT want joe, nick, or kevin's personal nu...
    20 Literature 58
  174. makeup routine
    what makeup routine, if you could, would you do for my face (like for school)?? -I'm kinda lazy so I MIGHT do a couple of these but I was just wondering what you would do!! :)
    6 Style 13
  175. What should I eat in healthy breakfast?
    Can you list out some healthy breakfast, which is quick to prepare...I sometimes feel lazy to prepare my breakfast which takes time ... Thanks in advance
    4 Food 11
  176. How do I keep my job when I'm getting blamed for serious things that could lead to dismissal?
    I'm on my final written warning for my till being down quite alot. The thing is, i have never stolen from my till and everytime a certain manager cashes my till up, its mysteriously down by quite a bit. My till is my responsibility and i make sure no i...
    5 Money 30
  177. What do I do about being fired?
    ok, so I was hired at Subway on Aug. 4th, and then I was hired at Pizza King later that month. well, yesterday, I turned in my uniform at Subway before I went into work at Pizza King bc I've been working 38 hours a week at Pizza King and im in honors c...
    3 Money 12
  178. My Computer is Dumb.
    ***Something along these lines pops up when I turn on my computer everyday:*** (Sonic Update Manager CD Prompt When the Computer Starts When starting the computer, the following message appears in a Sonic Update Manager window) The featu...
    6 Technology 49
  179. How can I improve my tapping abilities on my guitar?
    i've been working on them but i still haven't actually manage tomake them the way i should make them... when i try to tap i tap by hiting the strings where i want to play with and try to make 4 to 5 notes at the time but i have only manage to play 3 o...
    3 Music 10
  180. crazyy people?
    why can't people get off there lazy butt and look for them a guy or girl? instead sit on the couch and talk to complete strangers
    4 Relationships 10
  181. What do you do when you're bored in lesson?
    Some lessons I just sit there and stare at the clock waiting for the bell to go, if I've finished my work or just being lazy and not doing anything!
    9 General 16
  182. Bedwetting?
    My kids are: girl-10 and boy -12 They still have a problem with bedwetting. Not every night, though. Could this be a medical problem or just laziness?
    8 Babies 48
  183. I drink coffee all the time and I just cant seem to get any energy
    I drink coffee all the time and I just cant seem to get any energy in my body. I'm not a lazy person I just so tired all the time. and I cant seem to get anything done what should I do?
    4 Health 56
  184. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years or more?
    I have a lot of future plans, hopefully I'll manage all of them. I'm curious thought what do you guys see in your future, or hope will be there?
    70 Education 31
  185. Who knows how to describe someone using I and E?
    The title says it all I need words that start with I and E for a class project I'm too lazy to think of words
    3 General 37
  186. Good name for a chocolate lab?
    What is a good name for a chocolate lab that is loving energetic fetches swims playful lazy and eats and drinks a lot oh and is curios?
    8 Pets 15
  187. How can I keep my parents together?
    I am really worried at the moment that my mum and dad are going to break up and leave each other because my mum said a few days ago she would leave if she could and they have arguments a lot and say they dont have anything in common. I really dont want...
    4 Family 210
  188. Do you have any tips on how to get your homework done in general?
    I am just really lazy, and sometimes I just dont get all my homework done. I always say, that next time i will make it all, but then I end up not doing it.
    6 Education 44
  189. My hair is impossible
    I have very thin blonde hair, but yet I have a lot of strands. My hair is almost impossible to manage! Its very wavy, it falls out a lot, it wont dye properly either!
    2 Style 30
  190. How can I be motivated to floss my teeth?
    The dentist told me to try to floss my teeth, but I cant find any motivation. Im so lazy, I just blow it off. I know I should, but that doesnt change anything. So what can I do? Any ideas?
    4 Health 42
  191. What are good sites for buddy icons?
    i usually go on iconator but they are boring me and i went on google but im too lazy to look through a thousand pages of randomness lol
    3 Technology 13
  192. Best way to resume regular exercise?
    I've been lazy for a few months, and just tonight tried to do a bit of exercise. Is there a best way to resume regular exercise for a guy who can barely do twenty push ups?
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  193. I want information about
    I have a university project and I need information about management,(introduction mangement)information about how a certain company is managed , what plans do they follow ,how do they deal with employers and customers ,I want every single detail, ...
    2 Education 13
  194. How can I stop hating exercise and start loving it?
    I just can't trick myself into liking exercise..I'm too lazy and I have 20 extra pounds to lose in 2 months.Help me!!! xoxo
    3 Nutritionfitness 64
  195. Why can't I sleep with my make-up on?
    Sometimes I'm really lazy and I'll sleep with my make-up on, I'll hear from everyone that it's bad but why.?? Washing my face for me is a big hastle... Melody,
    4 Style 54
  196. Does the Odyssey date back further than the Bible?
    Hmmm...did I spell that right?? Hmm I was wondering...does the Odessy date back further then the Bible? Like is it older? (im too lazy to google it...haha)
    8 Religion 1273
  197. What are some good exercises?
    I feel like I have really been neglecting my health lately [junk food, laziness...] so does anyone have good exercizes I can do in my house without equipment.?.
    4 Nutritionfitness 15
  198. Is this rape
    I told this boy no to sex even fought him off but he still managed to f*ck me!!! :( I aint want it that bad so can somebody tell me if I was raped or not because I am confuzed:(
    12 Sex 19
  199. How to teach your dog how to ficth a ball?
    Well my dog she is soo lazy but I get bored sooo I just want her to know how to ficth a ball for I could go to the park and play
    3 Pets 23
  200. Marijuana vs Alchohol, which is worse for you?
    The main thing people say about weed is that it kills brain cells and causes laziness, but isnt alchohol worse? What do you think is worse for you and why???
    8 Health 53
  201. What are some hip hop songs to put on a basketball warm up cd?
    me and my friend are managing the guys basketball team, and we're supposed to make a "warm up" cd and we have no idea of what songs to put on it. suggestions???
    5 Music 196
  202. Where can I download a free trial of windows 7 enterprise?
    Where can I download a free trial of windows 7 enterprise? When I went to microsoft technet the download manager wouldn't let me download from the 32 or 64 bit version.
    2 Technology 38
  203. Psychological
    I am doing an essay for my degree in early childhood studies, the essay is on the behaviour management policy in the school I work in, we have to analyse the policy with regards to psychological perspectives, what is psychological perspectives and wher...
    7 Education 31
  204. Should I take anti-depressants?
    I am depressed, my therapist told me I need to get on something quick. I've taken zoloft before and I didn't feel any better. but when I got off of it, I went manic for a little while, kinda like a drug addict... I've managed so far without for the l...
    6 Health 27
  205. My Nephew
    Me and my fiance look after my nephew because my sister get really sick so his kinda like ours too but he keeps wettin the bed he never used to do you think his just being lazy or should I look deeper ?
    2 Babies 40
  206. Who else has taken part in 'No Shave November'?
    I did! But only 'cause I've been too lazy to do it so I just used it as an excuse.. only my legs though. I'm not an animal, ahah :L
    14 Style 31
  207. Important Events of the Vietnam War
    I am doing a presentation on the Vietnam War and I need help with a slide about important events that occurred. I am not lazy but I really need help getting the info for the slide. Please help!!! I will answer your question/s in return!!
    6 Education 67
  208. when your on your period, does anyone get aches in your theighs?
    Sometimes when I'm on my period, I get aches in my theighs. Sometimes before my period starts and during it. When this happens I just wanna sit down and not move. It makes me feel really lazy. haa.
    3 Health 30
  209. How do I tan my fare skin?
    Ihave white , but italian skin. I can get a tan but its diffucult and usually I become too lazy.. Whats some advice on getting a good tan over the summer but not from a tanning salon?
    2 Style 40
  210. Does this mean she's really loose?
    Ok. I fingered my girlfriend the other night, and I managed to get all 4 fingers of my left hand up there to the to a bit beyond the 2nd knuckle. She's 16. Does this mean she's really loose?
    3 Relationships 113
  211. Is abortion murder ?
    Do you think abortion is murder ? I think it depends , like if a girl was raped or if the girl's life or the baby's life was in danger , but if a girl had sex with her boyfriend and was just to lazy to use a condom , then I'd consider it murder .
    7 Sex 20
  212. What is the name of The Sudbury, ON forest?
    I'm sure it's not actually called the Sudbury forest, but all the reasearch I've done I can't seem to figure out it's name, I'm doing culminating for geography and I'm just too damn lazy to keep reasearching.
    2 General 13
  213. What are some of the craziest things a kid has said around you or about you?
    Today I was at my neighbors house. My five year old girl told him that her mom is lazy because she doesn't have a job.
    25 Babies 44
  214. If i say i sold my car for $200, how much would the taxes be when we go to the tax, title, and license place to switch the title?
    I know i should call....but im having a lazy moment.
    2 Money 38
  215. Jeff Mills vs Derrick May
    I think that derrick may, should not win, Due to Jeff Mills making 1000 times more music than lazy Derrick.. Derrick, just rides from his past, while Jeff aways makes amazing music what do you think!!!
    2 Music 6
  216. On a diet but still the same weight ?
    I've been on a diet for the past 2 months ... And im managed to keep the same weight Is this a good or bad thing ...? I've been eating a balanced diet ... And exercising ... Help ? X
    8 Nutritionfitness 25
  217. How much should i get paid ?
    .. At my interview yesturday, the manager asked how much i think i should get paid .. I am a 15 year old applying for a customer service position at Pizza Nova .
    7 Money 22
  218. Why won't my virtual CD work?
    I managed to mount and install a game, but now it won't let me play it. I used MagicISO to mount it, but I'm trying to open the game and it's saying "insert CD" What do I need to do?
    5 Technology 41
  219. Blackberry email issues
    when I acess the blackberry desktop manager the email section is blanked out and when I click on it it says " email settings are not avalible when there is no connection to server, can anyone explain what I can do to sort it, thank you
    2 Technology 17
  220. How many email accounts do you have?
    Odd question, I know, but I'm just curious about how many most people have to manage. I have one personal email, one for business and some personal, and then a slew of other emails forwarded to me form various business I work for. How about you?
    22 Technology 84
  221. Whats a quick snack I cud makee
    ??? A quick nice snack without using the stovee( im too lazy) But using the microwavee is okayy. Something good thoughhh. Chankss ;d
    5 Food 43
  222. How to get the sound back on my computer?
    I deleted my sound max off my computer and now their is no sound. On my device manager it says no multimedia audio controller I've tried to restore it but with no luck can anyone help me.
    2 Technology 90
  223. Why am I not feeling good?
    I just started my period on Saturday. I've been grumpy, tired, lazy and sore. I mightve been sore from Saturday.. I had vb tournaments all day, so yeah.. but how do I stop feeling so horrible?
    2 Health 44
  224. What - The eye docter has no clue how to fix my eyes?
    'kay so when I was 2 I walked up to my mom and she noticed I had a lazy eye. I went to the eye docter when I was like 5 and he gave me glasses. I HATED wearing glasses so I stopped. Then my parents made me wear a patch over my good eye. It helped a lit...
    2 Health 31
  225. What do I feed wild frogs?
    I caught some frogs and put them in a tank. I do this every year and they managed to survive this summer, but I did get some food from the pet store and they won't eat it. They also won't eat the crickets I caught. What do I feed them?
    4 Pets 54
  226. So I can look sexier, I'd like to make my stomach flat
    Hi, I have a problem I weight 150 pounds and I want to get my stomach flat so I can look sexier for my man. But im too lazy to excercise how can I lose them pounds?
    7 Sex 131
  227. Who is apart of the FFA and has filled out the Placement Proficiency application?
    I'm sitting here filling out the application and my SAE area is Equine Management. What are some really good tips you have on filling out the application, especially with all those little essays Thanks :)
    4 General 10
  228. What will happen if I dont clean my belly pierce ?
    Im kina of a lazy person Is it okay if I dont have to like clean it every single day before this and before that etc.. And is it that bad if I sleep on my side with it ?
    3 Style 189
  229. Mixed girl +scene cut= ???
    Im mixed [white mom and black dad] And im emo/punk/goth wateverr And I wanna get my hair cut scene But I don't know if my hair wud b managable with a scene cut Help?
    6 Style 67
  230. Can anybody tell me if a Rottweiler/English mastiff (English mastweiler) is a good type of dog to get?
    -good with lots of little, noisy dogs. -good in hot and cold temperatures. -Sorta lazy. -cuddlie.
    8 Pets 67
  231. Chest and throat tightening
    For the last year or so , I always get these chest pains, and they go up in my throat , its like a tightness. And then my arms get right stiff and lazy. Anyone else get this or any idea what this might be?
    2 Health 59
  232. Why does my cat chew on plastic wrappers?
    No matter how many times I make sure I put the wrappers deep enough in the trash can, my female cat Mischief always manages to get them out, then drags them off, and chews on them. Why does she do that?
    7 Pets 44
  233. What do think attracts a person to someone?
    What do you think attracts a person to someone? I was just curious because somehow I manage to always go for the aries guy but not intentionally. I only find out their star sign after we in the relationship. Could this just be pure coincidence or what?
    3 Relationships 9
  234. Why isn't my download for RIFT working?
    So iv put my credit card info in and everything for the game. When i click buy game it takes me to my Manage Account page and under manage game it says RIFT order now, once i click this it takes me back to the buy now then back to order now. Another th...
    2 Gaming 50
  235. I was banned from hot topic!
    I was in my local hot topic store today with my friends shiloh, michelle, and brendon. We had been in and out of there a few times and brendon went in by himself and they said "we have the right to deny service to select members of the community and if...
    6 Shopping 301
  236. Why is my mom nuts?
    I love my mom but she seems to always pick on me. I do the best I can but it is never enough. My dad is a lazy pothead and my siblings dont respect me. Sometimes I want to die... Can someone help me?
    2 Family 54
  237. Where to download free backup software?
    Where to download free backup software? Hi friends I am in need to download free backup software as I worked on a very sofisticated data management system. Frequently I need to use the stored data in the dvd. But the dvd are not reliable to use. So nee...
    2 Technology 12
  238. my newest attempt to lose weight
    I'm actually running!! I never run because I'm just flat out lazy and my asthma is such a pain that I don't even bother. but I'm running and I was just you lose weight anywhere else in your body besides your legs when you run?
    5 Nutritionfitness 10
  239. Should I tell them I want to join the Army?
    I'm hoping to join the Army (or be a paramedic) when I leave school. My brother and dad are in the Army and my grandad was so they know what it's like. But I don't know how to tell them I want to join because they might think I wouldn't manage it or an...
    2 Family 57
  240. What would cause severe anxiety attacks?
    My older sister has been suffering from extremely bad anxiety attacks ever since she joined the marine core. Could id be the stress that is causing her to get these attacks? if so how can she manage it?
    6 Health 10
  241. What are some good tips on losing belly fat?
    Yea yea i've done crunches/sit-ups but lets face it.... i'm far too lazy to keep that up. Are there any other faster/easier methods/tricks to lose/burn some of that yucky belly fat?!? Thanks :]
    9 Nutritionfitness 24
  242. Hot oil in my eye
    I was eating a sauage earlier and oil spated inmy eye I put a cold flannel on my eye and now my eye feels lazy I keep going blurry but havent got it checked out help!!!
    2 Style 53
  243. What do some of you think of guys with beards?
    I get compliments and insults about my facial hair so I just wanted to know what you would prefer a man have. I prefer both, but mostly a small scruffy beard because I'm too lazy to shave it. What are your thoughts?
    14 Style 44
  244. How to balance all of my activities?
    Okay so I'm juggling school, competitive club soccer, piano, school soccer, circus, physical therapy and sports specific personal training! For one reason or another, I cannot quit anything, but I am finding it insanely hard to manage my time and not g...
    2 Education 18
  245. How can I make these lines on my body go away?
    I know its wierd, but everyone has rolls right? Well, where my rolls are, i have lines, and they stay there and they are so unatractive, how can i make them go away? i mean, i know if i get abbs they will go away, but i am to lazy to try for abbs :P an...
    3 Style 43
  246. is this ethical or non-ethical? please
    A manager following the law of individual difference, allows her five employees to establish their own starting schedule for work everyday.. my question on that situation is,Is that an ethical or non-ethical??
    9 Education 35
  247. I'm being accused of stealing when I didnt do it!
    I work at a jewelry store as a second job. at the end of every shift the manager does bag checks to make sure no one is stealing jewelry. so I grabbed my purse before I left and when I opened it for her to check it, there was a $500 necklace in the poc...
    9 Money 236
  248. whats going on with this job interview and bosses?
    Kaay, so i applied for a Customer Service Job at Pizza Nova, the first time i dropped off my resume, me and the manager there sat down and talked about when i can work, and from what times etc .. and he looked over my resume right at the moment .. then...
    5 Money 25
  249. spanish
    The short teacher An interesting class The intelligent student The difficult tests A few big windows My small house Our slow computer Their big car Your lazy cat (gato) His boring books
    2 General 31
  250. Odd Little Riddle!! Winner gets cookies!!
    Three people check into a hotel. They pay $30 to the manager and go to their room. The manager suddenly remembers that the room rate is $25 and gives $5 to the bellboy to return to the people. On the way to the room the bellboy reasons that $5 would be...
    3 Literature 44