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Why are managers paid more than engineers

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  1. What do you do as a rock band manager and what is a band manager? How much do you get paid?
    2 Money 45
  2. What is a microgravity engineer?
    2 Money 8
  3. Do you manage this site alone?
    Do you manage all this alone.
    6 Funadvice 20
  4. What is Management Information Systems?
    2 Money 12
  5. How does Paid Surveys work?
    3 Money 41
  6. what does a collections manager at a museum do?
    2 Money 47
  7. Who is the highest paid female actress?
    Who is the highest paid female actress?
    4 Entertainment 89
  8. Who is the highest paid porn star
    Who is the highest paid porn star
    2 Money 126
  9. What's the number for the Jonas Brothers' manager?
    what is the number of the Jonas Brothers manager
    2 Music 40
  10. How much do you get paid at mcdonalds?
    How much do you get paid at mcdonalds?
    3 General 73
  11. How do I work and get paid off this website?
    so how do I work & get paid off this website?
    2 Funadvice 11
  12. How much does an interpreter get paid?
    How much does an interpreter get paid??
    3 Money 101
  13. How does Mila Kunis manage to be so pretty?
    3 Entertainment 25
  14. What is the average salary of a IT Project Manager?
    6 Money 32
  15. What is the difference between electrical and mechanical engineering?
    3 Money 60
  16. What has torque to do with the engine and what happens with it being more or less?
    4 Cars 50
  17. who on here has gotten paid from this web site?
    3 Funadvice 12
  18. What was the hourly rate you paid for your tattoo?
    7 Money 18
  19. Who else thinks teachers are under paid?
    11 Money 38
  20. What's the most well paid job in the US?
    8 Money 50
  21. Is it possible to get paid to eat?
    8 Money 33
  22. Why is the game Football Manager so addictive?
    2 Gaming 17
  23. Can I get paid for an apprenticeship as a piercer?
    4 Money 37
  24. How much does a radiologist get paid?
    3 Money 44
  25. How much does a spy get paid?
    how much money does a spy get paid
    3 Money 461
  26. Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    2 General 19
  27. How much does a nurse get paid in the us?
    How much does a nurse get paid in the us?
    2 Health 135
  28. Which is the best search engine?
    Which one is the best search engine do know?
    5 Technology 23
  29. Does anybody know about "search engine optimization"?
    Does anybody know about "search engine optimization"?
    4 Technology 27
  30. How much do evil minions get paid?
    How much do evil minions get paid?
    4 Money 151
  31. How much does photogaphers get paid on the average?
    How much does photogaphers get paid on the average?
    5 Money 59
  32. Paid for site
    Do you advisors get paid any money for being advisors to this site
    3 Funadvice 15
  33. What are high-paid jobs to do with medicine?
    6 Money 9
  34. Do FunAdvice advisors get paid?
    3 Funadvice 4
  35. What's the distinction between NLP and Design Human Engineering?
    2 General 10
  36. Which kinds of sports get paid the most money?
    3 Money 14
  37. What's the most wanted job for a civil engineer nowadays?
    3 Money 26
  38. how old were you when you got your first car and who paid for it?
    9 Cars 44
  39. Discuss: Is genetic engineering ethical?
    8 Science 19
  40. How much do actors get paid to be on tv?
    3 Entertainment 64
  41. What are your thoughts on human engineering?
    do you think it should be legalized?
    7 Politics 16
  42. When you first get a job, do you get paid for your first week?
    3 Money 45
  43. Where do you think are the highest paid jobs in the IT sector?
    4 Money 15
  44. Is there a search engine which is better than Google in your opinion?
    12 Technology 17
  45. How much should a teenager get paid for babysitting?
    6 Money 58
  46. Do advisors get paid
    7 Funadvice 43
  47. How much does a NASCAR official get paid?
    3 Money 63
  48. How do you properly care for and manage Sugar Gliders?
    2 Pets 7
  49. Disable blog from search engines
    How can I disable my blogger blog from being found on all search engines?
    2 Technology 15
  50. What does a substitute teacher get paid in south carolina?
    What does a substitute teacher get paid in south carolina?
    2 Education 120
  51. What else can I do with with cheat engine?
    What else can I do with with cheat engine???/except with games or can I use it with only games???
    2 Technology 102
  52. How much does an average stripper get paid a night
    How much does an average stripper get paid a night
    5 Money 839
  53. Favorite search engine?
    What's everyone's favorite search engine? Mine, google.
    6 Technology 11
  54. Can I put a chevrolet engine in a toyota 4 runner?
    Can I put a chevrolet engine in a toyota 4 runner?
    3 Cars 36
  55. What does sole custody and full management control mean?
    What does sole custody and full management control mean?
    2 Babies 48
  56. Does anyone think hooking up with manager is a bad idea?
    12 Relationships 34
  57. Which course should I take: Engineering or go the creative route?
    6 Education 34
  58. What is the weekly payment for a manager of a 5-star hotel?
    3 Money 34
  59. What is the best way to make a site more search able to search engines like google, yahoo. msn, bing, and other engines out there?
    3 Technology 25
  60. who know how much it is to fix a volkswagon 1972 engin?
    3 Cars 17
  61. Why can we not use alcohol in a bike engine instead of petrol?
    5 Cars 36
  62. What make a the check engine light come on and stay on ?
    3 Cars 14
  63. Why does my engine light keep coming on in my Ford Focus?
    7 Cars 57
  64. Who is the WWE Anonymous General Manager on Raw?
    Who do you think it is?
    2 Entertainment 44
  65. what do you think about genetic engineering going to killing people?
    21 Health 43
  66. Can genetic engineering modify physical aspects of an organism?
    2 Science 15
  67. Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    4 Technology 30
  68. Engine sludge
    How can I tell if my car a 1999 chevy cavalier has engine sludge?
    2 Technology 46
  69. Cheat engine?
    Is cheat engine legal and can you use it for offline games? Thanks.
    2 Technology 43
  70. How can I be a computer scientist or engineer?
    I am a lover of computers, and I love to browse. Please how can I be a computer scientist and a computer engineer?
    2 Money 14
  71. Type google into the google search engine can you break the net?
    If you type google into the google search engine can you break the internet? Net
    5 Technology 36
  72. Will sugar destroy the engine of a car?
    Will sugar destroy the engine of a car by disposing sugar into the gas tank? if not, what will?
    4 Cars 289
  73. Search Engine preference
    What search engine do you use? Google its the best. :p
    7 Technology 21
  74. How can I go about changing the "check engine" light in my car?
    5 Cars 10
  75. Anger Management
    So, as my mom is constantly saying, I have anger problems. How do I control it?
    4 Health 10
  76. Who else loves the sound of a roaring engine on a classic mustang?
    13 Cars 29
  77. Can I feed my rabbits only grass for three days until I get paid?
    8 Pets 44
  78. What should be done to manage the wild horse and burro populations in the US?
    5 Politics 21
  79. What does "defrauding" mean and what is the current situation about getting paid for points?
    6 Funadvice 41
  80. What do you feel will be YOUR biggest obstacle to managing an online course effectively?
    3 Education 10
  81. Who else thinks that the teachers not getting paid what they want is stupid?
    6 Education 17
  82. Are there any websites where you can write short fictional stories, and get paid for it?
    6 Literature 11
  83. Is it possible for a civil engineer applying job in Oil Company?
    2 Money 14
  84. Who is the highest paid 14-year-old?
    What is the highest 14-year-old? And how much does he get paid yearly?
    4 Money 55
  85. What does it mean when someone says I paid my last respects?
    What does it mean when someone says I paid my last respects? As to when somebody dies
    4 General 321
  86. Can Obama manage both ?
    Can Obama be a good Dad and manage a high office in government also ?
    14 Politics 21
  87. Do call center agents need stress management?
    Do call center agents in the Philippines need stress management seminars?
    2 Money 13
  88. How much do you get paid in the army?
    Just wondering how much you get paid if it is different in all armed forces
    5 Money 44
  89. How much do house cleaners get paid in England?
    how much do cleaners who come to your house to clean get paid? [in england]
    2 Money 70
  90. How much do you get paid for babysitting?
    how much would u get paid for baby sitting
    4 Money 49
  91. how can you make sure that your flickr photos are not found on google or other search engines?
    2 Technology 35
  92. Do cops get paid more for giving more tickets?
    this might be a stupid question?
    8 General 84
  93. when are we going to start getting paid for points and how much will we make per point?
    3 Funadvice 7
  94. Who here done a degree in business management (read more)?
    if yes, how was it and what class degree did you achieved ?
    2 Education 10
  95. What's the best university in New York which is good in engineering?
    6 Education 14
  96. What is the best organization web-based project management software?
    2 Technology 24
  97. Money managment
    Should I save most of my checks to help in in the 16
    3 Money 10
  98. Do you get paid for modeling for a salon?
    There's a salon nearby who wants people to model their hairstyles. I want to do it and I was wondering if people get paid for modeling for a salon?
    5 Money 12
  99. Jet engine exhaust
    Doe's anyone know what the harmful to humans compounds are in jet engine exhaust.
    3 Science 62
  100. What do you think of the New Monday night Raw. With viki guerrero as the genral manager?
    3 Entertainment 15
  101. How much should I get paid for mowing an acre?
    how much should I get payed for mowing an acre anyone know??? thanks
    2 Money 47
  102. How do people get paid for Fun Advice Gigs?
    Does Fun Advice pay them? Or do people pay money out of there pocket?
    2 Funadvice 8
  103. Where are good jobs a 16 year old can work at and get paid good money for it ?
    6 Money 58
  104. Do we really get paide to give advice etc????
    And whats google adsense for??
    37 Funadvice 27
  105. why do teachers get paid less..its one of the worst paying college degrees?
    9 Education 34
  106. What is the best way to start learning about circuitry and electrical engineering?
    4 Education 14
  107. why do i gain so much weight but manage to lose it within that same day?
    is something wrong with me?
    6 Nutritionfitness 23
  108. Is quitting your job because your manager treated your friend badly a good reason to leave?
    9 Money 41
  109. How are professional skateboarders paid?
    This may be a dump question but I seriously wonder,how do professional skateboarders get paid? And I don't mean just by skateboarding.
    2 Sports 56
  110. How can I get paid to be a writer?
    How can I get paid to be a writer? I want to get into freelance writing and ghost writing for money. How and where can I start my search?
    2 Money 10
  111. How do you manage divorced parents?
    How do you manage divorced parents? My parents have been divorced for 6 months now. I can't stand it! It gets harder and harder! My mom's already dating again.
    4 Family 29
  112. how I manage my love and studies ?
    I love my boy friend very much also my studies but I want to manage my studies and my love together after the my affair im so week for my studies then how I manage my affair and my studies together
    6 Education 581
  113. How mutch would a 12 year old get paid for publishing a book?
    I was just wondering.
    7 Literature 91
  114. clearing search engine memory
    How do I clear my search engine memory? Like for example, when I type 'a' into google search, all my other searches previously starting with an a pops out.
    2 Technology 20
  115. Used low miles engine for my car
    I need a used low miles engine for my 1998 cadillac eldorado . can anybody out there help me?
    2 Cars 42
  116. Should I change my career from Engineering to IT?
    I want to transfer my career from Engineering to IT in this old age as I have completed my MCA . Is it the correct decision for me?
    2 Technology 17
  117. How much are personal stylists paid?
    You know how celebrities pay people to dress them? I was just wondering how much those people are paid. And how much do they get paid if not working for a celebrity. Thanks (:
    3 Money 50
  118. How do lawyers get paid?
    how do lawyers get paid? is it like if you win a case you get a huge sum or is it money for hours spent in court?
    3 Money 38
  119. mechanical engineering
    design an engine which can run 120km/h at a slope of 30 degree by taking mass of 1 ton
    2 Education 14
  120. Why do famous people get paid more than heroes?
    Why do famous people get paid more then the people who save lives? Like cops, paramedics, surgeons, etc.
    16 Entertainment 326
  121. Do you think it is really worth going to war hit Afghanistan in search of high paid salary?
    3 Money 11
  122. Astronomy do you get paid a lot of money to be an astronomer?
    I wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up. So im wondering do you get payed a lot of money?
    5 Science 59
  123. What are the four types of engines?
    I forget I learned it but I have a test first period so please someone tell me
    3 Cars 14
  124. Recovering Task Manager on Windows?
    Is there a way you can recover the Task Manager (except of re-installing windows) on windows after it was disabled or overwrite by a certain virus?
    6 Technology 20
  125. What is search engine optimization?
    What exactly is seo or search engine optimisation.Is it just link building or does it go to higher levels of website optimisation?
    7 Technology 37
  126. How can a tiger, which is black and orange, manage to sneak up on pray, undetected and camouflaged, in a predominantly green and brown environment?
    5 Pets 30
  127. Did Rob Dyrdek really fire his manager?
    I was trying to find Rob Dyrdek's manager on Wikipedia but I have yet to find anything, but what I did find is that Rob supposedly fire his manager being Jeremy Larner. Is this true? Why though?
    2 Entertainment 56
  128. Paid Surveys; are they all scams?
    I am trying to take online paid surveys and find out that most of them are scams. Is it possible that I can make money from taking surveys? If so, which websites I should visit. please help me...
    4 Money 26
  129. managing curly hair!
    ok so I have short curly hair, I got it cut like a month ago, how do I manage it when I put it down, it gets poofy sometimes.
    4 Style 20
  130. Should students get paid for good grades?
    Do you think that students should get paid for receiving good grades? this isnt for a homework assignment or anything. I just want to know what people think. I think we should!
    8 Education 105
  131. Is it ok that she paid for the movie
    I was gonna pay but she pushed my hand away and paid and I didnt know what to do. was it some kind of test. was she showing me something
    4 Relationships 40
  132. What do you say to your manager when you quit?
    I know I need to give at least two week's notice, and I know I need a letter of resignation, but along with that what should/need to say to my manager?
    3 Money 20
  133. What are some legitimate paid survey sites?
    I've had good luck with Survey Savvy, Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot. Does anyone know of other legitimate paid survey sites. Most are such scams.
    2 Technology 24
  134. pre paid phone
    how old do you have to be? how much does it cost? can I txt? can I call? how much for each? free nights and weekends? how much? best deal?
    4 Technology 17
  135. How do girls manage to hide anorexia?
    im not saying I want to or dont. im just wondering how do they because wouldnt their family make them eat?
    3 Family 51
  136. Which German university is not too expensive but good in electrical engineering?
    i want to study electrical engineering in germany can u pls help me with detailed information of the university you think is best for engineering? And not too expensive.
    4 Education 15
  137. Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?
    I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?
    3 Money 10
  138. What's the valve timing on a Briggs Stratton engine?
    when piston is dtc should exhaust valve start opening on a 12 hp briggs stratton engine 218707 type 4001
    2 General 233
  139. Are business and engineering some good courses to major in, in college?
    I definitely want to major in business, and I would also like to do engineering. I was wondering if these are two good courses to major in, when I get into college. Should I major/minor in other courses too?
    2 Education 5
  140. Managing comments
    Where can you manage on who can and cant comment on your page?? Like is there a place where you can only let friends comment, b/c I really dont want others commenting, I looked but I might had over looked it
    4 Funadvice 22
  141. Would you puke a lot if you were paid
    I am looking for women to do gross out videos like that but a lot of girls seem to be scared to puke. Is there anyone who isnt.
    9 Entertainment 26
  142. How to manage poofy hair?
    I have extremely poofy and thick hair that is just below my shoulders. It dries and goes extremely poofy. I want some hair styles that are manageble, quick, and easy to do. Any suggestions??
    4 Style 351
  143. Water on but no water when I paid the bill?
    My husband installed the kitchen faucet. But the water sometimes come on, then when it does come on, it will stop but still turned on. whats going on with that?
    2 Homegarden 32
  144. weapons engineer?
    You know tony stark in ironman? Well is there a job like his? I don't mean with the fame and stuff, but is there such a thing as a weapon engineer or something close to it? What is it called?
    2 Money 47
  145. dont think Im getting paid what I should be
    I have been at my job for about 5 years and everything is good!! I have tooken on many things, but I dont think Im getting paid what I should...Im scared to ask for a raise... should I
    2 Money 19
  146. Who was managing the shop in the past?
    Who were managing the shop in the past? Does the mall apply every thing that you need in life? me............. I want this informations. I meant how was the shopping in the past? and I want answers for these two questions.
    6 Shopping 23
  147. How do you delete your history in search engines?
    How do you delete search history in google and sites like that? As I don't want my little sister to be exposed to what sites I go onto. Does anyone know?
    3 Technology 11
  148. What can I do to manage my anger?
    i am a person who will get mad a the simplist things sometimes. i want to know how can controll my anger b4 something bad happens
    3 Health 32
  149. How do I get my house paid for me ?
    I need my house payed for me. How do I go about this in a legal way. As I cant live at home anymore nad really need out badly
    4 Money 17
  150. I cant manage my pics!
    It says its blocked and page not found! Why? I havent even been on cause I've been at the beach for like ever so I dunno why its blocked -_-
    7 Funadvice 8
  151. what can i do if i ordered something online 2/3 weeks ago and it still hasnt come but ive paid for it?
    we've emailed the site what else can i do?
    6 Shopping 39
  152. lacross or manage boys base ball?
    I'm a freshmen and I've never played lacross or maneged anything I have a chance to do one but not both. And opinions?
    2 Sports 8
  153. How much should i get paid ?
    .. At my interview yesturday, the manager asked how much i think i should get paid .. I am a 15 year old applying for a customer service position at Pizza Nova .
    7 Money 22
  154. How can I manage my school work?
    I go to a private prep school, and I always have tons to do! How can I manage my time to get all of my work done. I have after-school activities practically every day, and we do not get a study hall in school. How can I manage this?
    3 Education 16
  155. What should I write in a thank you card to my manager and work colleagues?
    im leaving in a week and id like to get them a thankyou card but im not sure what to put in it ...
    7 Money 60
  156. What would cause the check engine light to go on?
    I noticed on the way back from dropping my friend off that my check engine light was on. I drive a 1993 Ford Ranger. What could cause this to go on and how do you fix it?
    2 Cars 15
  157. Do we get paid for participating in FunAdvice?
    I was referred to FunAdvice by a site that indicated we got paid a small amount for asking questions, but I don't see any indication of that in the FAQ or when I search the topic. Was I misled?
    4 Funadvice 58
  158. Is £40 a good amount to be paid to a band for a gig?
    it's our first payed gig, there's five of us playing an hour set, they've offered us 40 quid, is that good?
    8 Money 31
  159. What major and minor would I need if I want a bachelors degree in Culinary Management?
    I'm so confused here..I figured out exactly what I want to do now, but I don't know what major and minor I :D
    2 Education 7
  160. Mandy, why haven't I gotten my Irving tickets from your manager?
    Mandy Its me again.. I stil have gotten my tickets from your manager or whoever is supposed to give to me. She sent me a link to ticket master but it didn't work. Please help me if you can.
    4 Music 24
  161. During immigration if you got rejected who paid for the return?
    I need someone to look up if during immigration if you got rejected and had to go back home but have no money who payed for the trip back oh and look it up in the trip to ellis island
    4 Politics 22
  162. How do you manage your kids TV time?
    what is the ideal or "not disadvantageous" tv time for children during school days if the classes ends at 5pm? or is it better if there should be no tv time during school days? i just wanna know how other people regulate their children's tv time.
    2 Entertainment 22
  163. How do I get free ring tone's on my pre paid LGlotus phone?
    I have a LG lotus pre paid cell phone how do Iget free ring tone's or do I have to know someone with a blue tooth please help me. thank you
    3 Technology 9
  164. How much do 14-year-olds get paid?
    How much do 14 year olds get paid roughly for working in a shop or fast food place? And what is the lowest we are allowed to receive per hour? x
    3 Money 485
  165. How do dogs manage to pee so much?
    I swear, I have these teeny tiny little dogs but they can manage to pee in like 15 different places during one potty break. It's insane! I just want to know how they manage to make that much pee come out of those tiny creatures.
    3 Pets 42
  166. Who can get a pre-paid card?
    do you have to be over age to get one of those prepaid cards at wal mart & can you use it online to buy stuff like lets say off amazon??
    3 General 18
  167. How am I supposed to tell my manager I want to quit?
    Ive got some important exams coming up and im just gonna be really busy now so what should i say to quit my saturday (voluntary) job?
    5 Money 68
  168. What would I put in a search engine if I were to look for a tattoo like cheryl coles?
    The one the goes round her thigh, I dont want her tattoo to come up but would I search thigh tattoo or, I dunno lol
    7 Technology 18
  169. How much do you want to get paid?
    Honeslty say a good amount for an hourly pay not an exagerated amount. Lol $19-24 $8-14 ??? How much wuold you think is a good amount .
    2 Money 71
  170. How much On Average do Estheticians get paid?
    Does anyone know on Average how much Estheticians get paid? I live in Vegas and I'm considering becoming a esthetician and my sister in law as well, she was wondering how much they make? Please let me know IF YOU KNOW THanks.
    3 Money 78
  171. Are beauticians and hairdressers paid well?
    I've always wanted 2 be a beautician or a hair dresser but I've heard its not paid well.. and also how long do you need 2 go 2 college 2 train 2 be a beautician or hairdresser ? thanks x
    9 Money 173
  172. What are some of your suggestions on how to manage heavy work load?
    I am fairly new at my job and i'm still not used to this much load. I don't want to not be able to deliver results. My previous job was more manageable in terms of the volume. What can you suggest? thanks!
    2 General 11
  173. FunAdvice Trivia: Which design was the first mid-engine supercar?
    A) Lotus Europa B) Lamborghini Muira C) Ferrari GTO D) McLaren F1
    5 Funadvice 10
  174. How do some people manage chatting to several people at once?
    I see people on FA talking to like literally 13 people at once! Like a ton of status updates and also probably more FunMail! You guys have serious talent!
    9 Funadvice 26
  175. How much does Timbaland get paid?
    How much do you think Timbaland gets paid everytime he says "Eh"?! Just curious! I think it would be somewhere around $1 million... so in the "Apologize" and "Say It Right" songs he must have made a fortune, right, lol?!
    5 Music 117
  176. Is there a search engine to learn about electronics?
    Is there a search engine web site which helps gather information on electronic gadgets? I want information about Sony DSLR-A100... Suggest me a search engine site which can gather all possible information like manufacturers info, reviews, deals, etc.
    2 Shopping 33
  177. How to get to task manager on Vista Home Premium?
    I got Windows Vista Home Premium and I have a virus which diables my anti-virus (McAfee). I had a similar virus once on my XP machine and I managed to close it using task manager and then delete it using McAfee. Please help. Does anyone know how to get...
    2 Technology 44
  178. How do you know if the engineering field is right for you?
    Let's say a high school student gets A's in math and science. They want to pursue a degree in engineering but they aren't mechanically inclined. Would it be ill advised to pursue a degree in something like mechanical or civil engineering? What about ot...
    3 Money 39
  179. What is the best way to keep water from splashing up into my engine compartment while off roading?
    i drive a 1983 chevy K1500 4x4, its got a 5 inch lift and 35 inch tall tires.
    8 Cars 36
  180. Who knows if movie extras get paid and how much?
    self explanatory. please . I'd like to know. like background people and super tiny parts like the cashier person who has one line.
    3 Money 39
  181. How do you make a traffic light turn green by revving your engine?
    People diving sports cars, cars with modified exhaust systems or just a hole in their exhaust tend to do this and I often wonder if their was any real benefit.
    4 Cars 48
  182. How do you control anger management?
    I have had problems when someone insults me and I just go off on them! I can't just shake it off, I always have to say something back. I just hurt someones feelings really bad, just because they were joking about me. now I dont know what todo.
    3 Health 16
  183. What are some good time management games for iPad?
    I'm going on a long car ride in a couple of days, and I need some good, addictive apps for my iPad. I have the obvious time management games like Diner Dash etc. Are there any 'unknown' ones?
    4 Gaming 18
  184. How old do you have to be to get paid to perform at a bar?
    Is it a law or do different bars have different rules? Do you have to be invited or can you offer to perform, or are there flyers for auditions? Can't think of any other detailed questions, but if there's any outside info you wanna give me, go ahead.
    9 Money 86
  185. How do I manage his Biting and Tantrums?
    33 month old had given up biting but has now started again and temper tamper tantrums have got much worse he growls when he dont get his own way. I have run out of ideas. please help
    5 Babies 27
  186. Would you buy a pre-paid credit card for your son/daughter?
    Ive heard nowadays you can buy and put money in a certain kind of credit card so that someone may use it to buy things where credit cards are accepted, or online.
    6 Technology 10
  187. Bad manager or supervisor
    I was in a 99cents store today and I heard the supervisor or manager talking to the employees in a very bad way he said something like that you dont listen again I have to repeat this where do you have to put that, but he said it in a very bad way t...
    2 Money 33
  188. Could I get paid for this?
    I love dogs. And I was wondering, do you think I'd get paid for going to my animal shelter & taking the dogs out of their cage & play with them for awhile? Like in the big play pen area, I guess you could call it, lol. Even if I didnt get paid, that'd ...
    2 Money 14
  189. How much should you get paid to babysit in a small town?
    I'm 13 and babysitting 2 boys who are 5 and 9. It's for about nine hours a day(7:30 - 4:00) for 3 days over spring break. We live in a tiny town. How much should I get paid?
    2 Money 21
  190. How much professional photographers get paid?
    Does anyone know how much you get paid to work as a professional photography person thing? You know.. Like a job when your odler? Because I really love taking pictures. Like I take pictures of flowers with a drop of rain hanging off. Xd
    3 Money 15
  191. How do the paid survey jobs work?
    Ok well im looking for a new job and extra money and I always get emails in my college email address(I don't give that out) about getting paid to take surveys. How does that work? Is it safe? Are there any risks involved in it? I hope someone can help ...
    2 Money 24
  192. How can I adjust valves on my Briggs Stratton mower engine?
    Anyone have easy directions on how to adjust valves on my 18.5hp B&S Craftsman Lawn Tractor? I have a feeler gauge but don't have a clue on how to use it. Thanks in advance! Rolloman
    4 Homegarden 341
  193. Time management strategies?
    I have difficulty completing my homework after school I get really distracted, play on my iPod, etc. how can I stop procrastinating? I'm normally a good student and I get good grades its just that this year has been really stressful :/ .
    3 Education 7
  194. What is a good software to manage websites?
    Web content management software. Hi I am a webmaster of course very low experience in the world of internet. I have prepared almost a couple of websites. Now it will be very helpful to find some web content management software free for me. As I will m...
    2 Technology 15
  195. Who wants to get paid while on Funadvice?
    I make 12 dollars an hour at my job and I spend 5 hours a day surfing the internet. You know how. Im a security guard. Recommended for anyone who likes free time and likes to surf the internet
    5 Money 22
  196. Where is the best site to find the job opportunity, salary, and what degrees you need to become an engineer in Texas?
    I have to write a paper about my field of study and I know this information, but the professor wants us to site the info... please help!!
    6 Money 13
  197. What is the cheapest pre-paid phone, with the cheapest pre-paid card monthly?
    I am thinking about getting a cell phone for me and my boyfriend to share. We don't need anything special or fancy... as long as we can use it to text, talk, and browse the web (preferably unlimited)... it will work. We don't have a lot of money, and w...
    6 Shopping 10
  198. What is the best way to manage your empire on Medieval Total War 2?
    I am playing as scotland and i am currently at war with England, Norway and Ireland.My welsh allies have been completely destroyed i have the biggest empire at the moment and im looking for some advice on what to do next?
    2 Gaming 19
  199. Are they paid way too much?
    What do you guys think? Are people like athletes, actors / actresses (or celebrities in general), artists paid way too much for what they do? Personally I think they do. I mean a lot of people go to college or university and work their butts off for ...
    8 Money 106
  200. How much am I supposed to get paid??
    Well im 18 and its kinda dumb but I just have my first job, I don't know how much it pays and well I forgot to go get ma pay check wich they just paid me for 3 days... By the way I work at a grocery store, but what do they mean by minimum?? Am I gonna ...
    4 Money 137
  201. Do you think it is bad luck to still hold on to an engagement ring if you are divorced & your ex never paid for it in the first place?
    I took it off after I found out he was cheating on me, but put it away in my jewelery box. Everyone seems to think it is bad luck to keep it as well as my wedding ring...what do you think?
    10 General 64
  202. how long will it take the manager to call me back?
    .. Well finally, interview day came, which was yesturday, it went VERY WELL ! The questions were different from the ones i was expecting .. But anyways, the manager said she was very pleased and that i had excellent answers and that she's sure her & th...
    2 Money 37
  203. Where do I begin on managing money?
    I am currently working at bdubs. I get paid arond 75-120 dollars everyother week. I need to save up 3,000 dollars here and im hoping to get at least half by march but I am terrible at managing it and I almost need a game plan on evrything bc I just alw...
    4 Money 35
  204. I need some debt councelling & debt management tips.
    I work with an organisation but at the same time I have a part time business from which I happened to borrow money and I have failed to pay it back on top of which my employee demands me 4 month salary. With my current salary there is nothing I can do...
    4 Money 25
  205. Methods for managing my anger?
    how can I control my anger better? I can keep it down more than usually but when I really get heated I can't think straight and I need to know how I can stay calm or get rid of my anger without hurting anyone? p.s. punching pillows and deep breaths do...
    5 General 21
  206. How can I manage my curly hair?
    I have naturally curly hair.I usually straighten it because I can hardly ever fix it to the way I like.I try moose and gels and sprays but I can never seem to get it.I dont want it to be hard and crunchy but I dont want frizz either.what to do..
    3 Style 37
  207. Should I get paid for this?
    In two weeks I'm petsitting a dog, (pug puppy) two cats, two hermit crabs, three birds, and a fish. Should I get paid for this? I know this may sound arrogant or selfish, but my dad said I can't take care of their animals unless I get paid. I could car...
    4 Money 39
  208. How do you add money to your bell account on a pre-paid card?
    Ok so I have this lg rumor 2 and I got it for christmas and we went to the Bell store and got it programmed, and they added the money on, but my phone is out of minutes and im going crazy! lol no texting! and anyways, I have a bell account and lots of ...
    2 Technology 37
  209. Anger Management
    I get really angry at the smallest thing. at school a few of pple stay away from me because I have been known to start a few fights. when I get angry I cannot control myself. one second im fine next I have someone pinned on the floor. I need sum help.
    2 Health 9
  210. what can be done if the manager in charge of payroll refuses to pay anyone?
    My boyfriend worked seasonally at an institution called Frightdome which is until Halloween and he has yet to receive a check nearly two months later. The woman in charge of payroll will not answer through any form of contact. My boyfriend is not the o...
    3 Money 48
  211. Would Voldemort have gotten a new body if he had managed to get the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone?
    I'm plotting fanfiction and it struck me... The stone was supposed to grant him eternal life but realistically why would he want to spend eternity stuck to the back of Quirrell's head? Any ideas or theories...? =]
    6 Literature 31
  212. Why won't a Volvo's doors unlock or engine start?
    So my boyfriend has a Volvo. It's a wagon..not sure of the year, definitely 1996-1999. Anyway, it has automatic locks with one of those clickers. Today, out of absolutely nowhere, none of the doors will unlock with the clicker. When he manually unlocks...
    5 General 49
  213. The engine who couldn't hold his load..
    My guy orgasms really fast. He gets all embarrased at it. I like it though, to me it's flattering. I feel like he is so turned on by being with me that he cant last. He totally makes up for it in foreplay BIG time. Could you look at it that way, being ...
    3 Relationships 24
  214. has anyone heard of the agency model time management
    has anyone heard of the agency model time management. They called we went in and met and told me that if I came back in 3 months and lost 10 pounds they would sign with me. But im not sure if its healthy/or if I need to loose the weight. What do you...
    3 Money 25
  215. What do the numbers mean on my check engine light (read more)?
    ok so i have a 1995 mitubishi eclipse. and a lot of people know if u turn the car on and off three times the engin light blinks codes. well on the manual they have letters and numbers, but my mitsubish only has number codes. is there a list of just num...
    4 Cars 58
  216. Have you used evernote or another memory / knowledge management software before?
    I'm reading a book where the author mentions devonthink, but evernote seems similar and is free :) But, while these things seem popular (kind of like a software version of a commonplace book)...well, I haven't used one so I'm not sure the value. Any ex...
    4 Technology 12
  217. How would I be able to get paid to travel?
    What job would I have to take to be able to travel around the world to different countries, cites, continents? I don't want a business job where I just travel to do paper work with different people in tall giant boring buildings. I mean jobs that allow...
    4 Money 39
  218. Sprint LG Rumor phone does not have a download manager?
    I have a Sprint LG Rumor phone. It does not have a download manager option in the settings anywhere. I looked in the picutures and viedeos settings as well. That didn't help either. When I go to the memory card manager the only option it gives me is to...
    5 Technology 40
  219. Why cant I recharge my telstra pre paid mobile?
    Does any one else think telstra online pre paid recharge is a complete joke I have tried to make an account so I can recharge (I cant do it on my phone) but it comes up with Error 12003 Telstra cannot complete your registration. Your service mus...
    2 Technology 95
  220. How many people don't understand how search engines work?
    I'm surprised, constantly how many people do _not_ understand how search engines work. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...they scan websites (like ours) and then, when people type in something on Google, they find a list of sites & advertisements. One of those ...
    5 Technology 82
  221. Studying and time management techniques?
    Hey I'm in grade 11 and the work load is getting quite heavy now. I never used to study as much cause I cruised with a's through grades 8-10. Now I can't get the hang of it. I really need to be motivated. I set myself goals and everything. But haven't ...
    2 Education 34
  222. What to do after I managed to get his number?
    Hello! I just asked my friend to ask him for his number and he has given it to her... He stares at me and gets jealous when I am around I guess that means he likes me. And I like him too. And he has a girlfriend ...and the relationship is ...
    3 Relationships 13
  223. How do I manage with this feeling?
    I've recently started to feel annoyed. Annoyance towards things in my school, and sometimes at home. I was wondering how I can stop these things from getting to me as they are really changing my usual attitude and how I approach things at school and at...
    7 Health 12
  224. How do I manage to do my homework with a busy schedule?
    Heres how a normal day goes for me: Get up, go to school. I either have volleyball practice after school, or an hour after. Or I have an away/home game. & if its an away game, I have to sit & watch my varsity team play too, & then I've got to ride ...
    4 Education 41
  225. How do I tell my managers about an allergy to a cleaning product we have to use?
    I grew out in red blotches on my arms and hands when I used a cleaning product called Ajax. It makes my asthma horrible and I come out in rashes. I'm positive this is an allergy but I haven't been to my doctor about it. When I finish using it, I use a ...
    7 Health 29
  226. Should I talk to my manager about feeling like her slave?
    agh! I hate my manager. I am the assistant and I feel like im her slave. we only work together 3 hours a week, but she always leave the office a total mess. I file all of her paper work. she doesnt track customers who call so when they come in I look l...
    6 Money 36
  227. What are some effective ways to manage stress?
    Tried breathing, walking away, running, etc... only thing that seems to work for me is spending time with my cat & the other furry friends of the house(I don't like calling them pets) only issue is, as you all know, you can't take a pet to work or...
    10 Health 33
  228. No motivation or time management
    How do I get motivated and manage my time better? I have a hard time staying motivated. We live in the country and one day just meshes right into the other. It's so boringout here that I can't see straight. I get sidetracked easily, can't keep up with ...
    4 Homegarden 23
  229. How will I manage without him?
    me and my boyfriend of 13month have just broke up, I keep crying I dont want to eat because I feel sick,,,but even worse we ended it badly and will probly never speak or see each other again! as he is at skewl and im at college and we dont live near ea...
    6 Relationships 48
  230. How to manage six small meals a day?
    so if I want to lose weight I've been told to eat 6 small meals a day.. so what the hell could I eat? im a vegetarian. yes that means no fish btw.. and I dont even get time 2 eat 6 times a day because im at college. so.. what am I supposed 2 do? but ...
    8 Food 130
  231. Too late or hard to start engineering school?
    So I've been in the military almost 9 years and I'm coming up on the end of my term of enlistment. If I reenlist, obviously it will be best for me to stay in the full 20 and retire. I'm leaning toward this, but with the new GI Bill, I'm thinking abou...
    2 Education 62
  232. What should I do about my manager? I need help fast!?
    I have been working at one of my jobs for a little over a year now and I have been having problems with my manager for quite some time now, she always spreads rumors that im pregnant or that I sleep around with all of the guys at my work, she says real...
    2 Sex 11
  233. How to manage all my homework?
    I have a ton of homework right now because I was sick all week last week so I'm way behind and I've got a lot going on right now so I'm really stressed out and my parents somehow think that telling me I should do my homework is helping me but at any ra...
    6 Education 83
  234. How do you manage breast binding?
    I'm NOT a FTM trans or anything, just a very thin girl with a very big chest. I get stared at a lot... and I hate that and they are always sort of in the way... and with traditional undergarments, they still bounce around a lot and I find that I'm cons...
    7 Style 48
  235. When my mom gets paid, her boyfriend shows up?
    Everytime my mother gets paid, her annoying, whining boyfriend shows up. When she wants to do things, he always beg her to help with his needs. There's bills and groceries that needs to put in the house. My mother is a single parent and when she doesn'...
    3 Family 21
  236. Cheer or bball manager..opinions?
    Okay so I'm in juior high and I've played basketball and softball all my life but this past year I decided I wasn't going to play basketball in hs so I quit last year and just managed. I really like all the bball girls and the coach and I thot I did a...
    2 Sports 33
  237. How do I manage my stress?
    ok guys, I need help, how do I manage my stress? I have so much going on at one time and im not even in any sports. I got art that I've taken on a major project and its due in two weeks and I seriously dont think I can get it done in time because my gr...
    5 Education 18
  238. Are you suppose to sign a check?
    i got a check from financial aid they paid me because i paid with my own money and so this is my first check to receive. Do i sign my name on it or what?
    4 Money 32
  239. What is break horse power in a car?
    how does the size of a car engine eg. 2L engine, make the car better? is more miles per gallon better or worse? what does a turbo charged engine have different?
    4 Cars 38
  240. Jet engine exhaust
    We live approximatley 200 yards from a runway where 727, 737 and 747's take off and land constantly. This is a facility where repairs are done on planes and engines. Also about 500 yards away there is a hanger where they detach the jet engines from t...
    4 Science 54
  241. What is a professional party guest?
    do they just get paid to be at your party and that's it? it sounds really easy and fun if that's what it is. I would LOVE to get paid just to party lol.
    2 Entertainment 248
  242. How do people manage life's difficulties?
    I'm 25 year old guy, overall having a normal life with a job and college education, not fat, not thin and have good parents. So what's my issue? I don't have any particular interest in anything in my life. I hate my job. I can't make friends. All I go...
    3 Health 13
  243. How many of the things on your bucket list have you managed to do this year?
    I saw a live performance of My Fair Lady. I saw one of Jeff Dunham's shows. I read The Greatest - Muhamad Ali's Autobiography Went caving in Wonderfontein Cave. Went hiking in a meteorite crater - The Tswaing Crater I got a degree in Accounting....
    4 General 10
  244. What degree do I need to own and operate my own animal hospital?
    I was just wondering what degree do I need to be able to own and operate my own animal vet clinic. Health care management? Accounting?? Buissness management?
    3 Money 87
  245. Which is better, Google or Yahoo?
    which is the best search engine, Google or Yahoo? which you like better and why?
    5 Technology 21
  246. Photography how much ...?
    How much does a photographer in canada get paid.. ??
    2 Money 34
  247. Peter andre
    Who is peter andres manager ?? p.s I met him yesterday and had a picture with him
    2 General 58
  248. What job could I get at the age of 14
    What job could I get at the age of 14 just to get paid a little, and how could I get a job??
    2 Money 57
  249. Letter for vacating room
    Ii am asked to submit a letter with one month notice to the management before leaving the room at a mansion so I am requesting you to frame a letter for me to submit to my management...
    2 General 77
  250. SEO readings
    What are the best reads for the field of SEO (search engine optimization)?
    3 Technology 15