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Why are hippies so skinny

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  1. How skinny is too skinny?
    How skinny is to skinny
    4 Nutritionfitness 73
  2. Who is a hater or a hippie?
    are you a hater or are you a hippie
    2 General 21
  3. Skinny or curvy?
    6 Relationships 45
  4. Thick or skinny ??
    5 Nutritionfitness 58
  5. Are Vegetarians skinny? If so why?
    10 Nutritionfitness 64
  6. Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    8 Style 26
  7. How to get skinny legs?
    how can I have skinny legs?
    4 Nutritionfitness 65
  8. how much a skinny jeans now
    how much a skinny jeans now
    5 Style 12
  9. Why am I skinny, but have a belly?
    Im skinny But I have a belly? Why is that :s?
    3 Nutritionfitness 64
  10. Does one have to be skinny to be scene?
    Does one have to be skinny to be scene?
    10 Style 34
  11. Where are all the hippies in Philadelphia?
    where are all the hippies??? am I the only one in philadelphia?
    3 General 107
  12. Why do people get so skinny?
    Why do people get so skinny?
    3 Nutritionfitness 60
  13. Am I too skinny or just average?
    5 Nutritionfitness 32
  14. Why do girls want to look so skinny?
    why do girls want to look so skinny?
    17 Style 44
  15. How did nichole richie get skinny?
    How did nichole richie get skinny?
    4 Style 86
  16. are there skinny jeans for men or there are only for women.
    are there skinny jeans for men or there are only for women.
    10 Style 75
  17. How can I get skinny without exercising?
    how can I get skinny without exercising?
    9 Nutritionfitness 47
  18. Where can I buy cheap skinny jeans?
    Where can I buy cheap skinny jeans?
    6 Shopping 47
  19. How do I get skinny
    How do I get skinny without excercise.
    6 Nutritionfitness 47
  20. how long does a person smoke for, to get skinny? and what is in the cigar or w.e that makes you skinny?
    17 Health 204
  21. Would you rather be strong or skinny?
    7 Nutritionfitness 57
  22. I want to be skinny
    vigtabeles is all that you eating???
    5 Nutritionfitness 26
  23. Are suits with skinny jeans hot?
    10 Style 12
  24. How to gain weight if I'm too skinny?
    4 Nutritionfitness 75
  25. Skinny jeans for the tall and skinny
    im tall skinny and proud but I think skinny jeans look great on me What do you think? (IM Boerd)
    5 Style 46
  26. were do you get colorful, cheep skinny jeans?
    were do you get colorful, cheep skinny jeans???
    14 Style 35
  27. Halloween ideas for tall skinny guys?
    What can a tall skinny guy be for halloween?
    3 Style 149
  28. I wanna get very skinny
    I wanna get skinny and get my hips to be smaller
    5 Nutritionfitness 48
  29. Why do men find skinny people attractive?
    Why do men find skinny people attractive?
    11 Style 118
  30. Is skinny the new peanut butter and jeellly?
    Is skinny the new peanut butter and jeellly?
    3 Relationships 48
  31. Is it true that if your skinny it is harder to get pregnant?
    Is it true that if your skinny it is harder to get pregnant?
    3 Health 57
  32. How do you get skinny but also get curves that show?
    How do you get skinny but also get curves that show???
    2 Nutritionfitness 59
  33. is a 36C normal for a a skinny 13yr old?
    is a 36C normal for a a skinny 13yr old?
    8 Style 52
  34. How can I become more skinny?
    i want to be skinny-er how can i do that
    3 Nutritionfitness 43
  35. Difference between skinny jeans and tight jeans?
    Whats the difference between skinny jeans and tight jeans?
    7 Style 506
  36. Where to get good deals on skinny jeans?
    Where can I get a good deal on skinny jeans?
    10 Shopping 37
  37. Are skinny ankles a bad thing or a good thing?
    6 Style 350
  38. Skinny Shame
    how to become a fat person
    4 Style 26
  39. Skinny legs
    How can I get skinnier legs???xxx
    2 Nutritionfitness 47
  40. Is there a difference between being slim, skinny, and thin?
    They seem all the same to me.
    7 Nutritionfitness 74
  41. How skinny is TOO skinny?
    How skinny is TOO skinny? Im 94lbs and 5"6, and technically underweight because my BMIs only 15.2. Should I gain or stay the same?
    7 Nutritionfitness 38
  42. Why would you like to be skinny?
    Why would you like to get skiny
    4 Nutritionfitness 35
  43. Boy white skinny jeans
    Where can I buy them?
    4 Shopping 61
  44. who hates that skinny jeans are the fashion right now?
    52 Style 49
  45. How to get skinny
    How can I get skinny I need some tips to help me get skinny please help
    12 Style 48
  46. what are your thoughts on guys who wear skinny jeans?
    6 Style 21
  47. Is it true that it is harder for skinny people to get pregnant?
    Is it true that it is harder for skinny people to get pregnant?
    3 Health 36
  48. Skinny jeans for thick girls?
    Where can I get cheap skinny jeans?
    7 Shopping 66
  49. How to get skinny
    How do I get skinny really fast with out payin money to do it?
    6 Nutritionfitness 34
  50. How can I build or put muscle on skinny arms and legs?
    How can I build or put muscle on skinny arms and legs?
    2 Nutritionfitness 91
  51. Wha's the deal with skinny jeans?
    Are skinny jeans really hot now?
    2 Style 14
  52. Whats the fastest but healthy way to get skinny?
    Whats the fastest but healthy way to get skinny?
    5 Nutritionfitness 11
  53. Do you like skinny girls or chunky girls?
    Guys or Girls do you like skinny girls better than Chunky girls?
    6 Relationships 93
  54. Skinny jeans
    What are some good stores that have good skinny jeans and not hella xpensive?
    10 Style 29
  55. How can I be skinny like Hilary Duff?
    How can I become skinny like Hillary Duff?
    5 Nutritionfitness 73
  56. Where can you buy skinny jeans?
    I was wandering wear you can buy skinny jeans in the mall.
    13 Shopping 48
  57. You have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans.
    You have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans and also I want to ask if is ok that a man Use skinny jeans and why they dont make fatty jeans. Lol.
    12 Style 160
  58. Dancing like a Hippie
    Weird question, but I have to dance like a hippie for a skit that I'm doing. How do I dance like a hippie?
    3 General 140
  59. what are some good baby hippie names?
    what are some good hippie names for babies? Like names from hippies in the 60's and 70's.
    8 Babies 50
  60. Skinny with no curves
    I am only 45kilos and look terrible no curves what should I be wearing
    7 Nutritionfitness 58
  61. Does running on a treadmill make your legs muscular or more skinny?
    5 Nutritionfitness 227
  62. How skinny do you have to be to join gymnastics tumbling?
    an do you have to have small boobs?
    16 Sports 592
  63. excercises to get skinny legs?
    I hate my legs! how can I tone them up?
    4 Nutritionfitness 44
  64. How would you wear hightop converse with skinny jeans?
    4 Style 48
  65. Do you have to be real skinny to booty shake or can you be a bit chubby?
    10 General 27
  66. How do I keep my ribs from hurting so much from me being so skinny and weak?
    5 Health 107
  67. 2 skinny or just right?
    I now weigh 99lbs and 15...
    10 Travel 31
  68. Am I too skinny?
    Am I too skinny? I am 5'4 1/2'' and I weigh 95 pounds.
    6 Health 14
  69. Guys do you like girls skinny or kinda chunky
    Ok guys do you like girls skinny or kinda chunky
    3 Relationships 55
  70. Skinny jeans and wedges?
    Ok, so heres my question : ... Skinny jeans and wedges what do you think?
    4 Style 56
  71. am I too skinny?
    am I too skinny? im a freshman. 5 foot 5 and 98.3 pounds?
    7 Health 49
  72. Scene+Skinnies=Cool
    Where do all you scene peeps out there by your skinnies from? I buy mines from pacsun =]
    14 Shopping 14
  73. Can emo guys just wear fitted jeans? Instead of skinny jeans
    Can emo guys just wear fitted jeans instead of skinny jeans
    6 Style 74
  74. Where to get cheap hippie clothes?
    Where can I get cheap hippie clothes? Anyone know of any cheap websites?
    4 Shopping 31
  75. Where are good priced skinny jeans?
    Where can you get good comfy fitting skinny jeans?
    5 Shopping 9
  76. How to fix how short and skinny I am?
    im sooo short and way to skinny what can I do to fix this..
    5 Style 11
  77. What size jeans (for a girl) would you say is skinny?
    What size jeans (for a girl) would you say is skinny? What size is fat?
    15 Style 69
  78. Where can I get skinny trousers for school?
    these skinny trousers what these girls are wearing where can I get them from I love skinny trousers and jeans where can I get them from?
    6 Shopping 45
  79. How come some girls eat a lot and they're still skinny?
    6 Nutritionfitness 19
  80. how can i lose weight or get skinny without dieting or exercising?
    3 Nutritionfitness 19
  81. Do you think I'm skinny?
    I'm 5'10'' and 107 pounds?
    8 Nutritionfitness 38
  82. How do you shirk your Skinny Jeans down a size?
    Like what do you wash them in or something?
    6 Style 51
  83. Are Denim Skinnies casual?
    I have and audtion and they said to wear casual. Are Denim Skinnies casual? And what kinda shirt should I wear?
    3 Style 14
  84. How can I make myself look skinny without weight loss?
    Im fat .. How can I make myself look skinny without weight loss?
    6 Nutritionfitness 86
  85. skinny girls
    do guys think really skinny girls like me are attractive or unattractive?
    9 Style 89
  86. were do you find skinny jeans?
    were do you get navy blue skinny jeans help me plsz?
    6 Shopping 7
  87. Am I too skinny?
    am i 2 skinny??? lim 14&weigh 117 sumtimes 115
    4 Health 117
  88. Should I wear skinny jeans?
    Should I wear skinny jeans if I have a pretty big butt, and thick thighs?
    6 Style 46
  89. Why do fat girls wear skinny jeans?
    Isn't the whole point of skinny jeans to be. . . well, skinny?
    11 Style 102
  90. Skinny jeans!!!
    Would it look bad or ugly if your skinny and have long legs and you wear skinny jeans???=/
    3 Nutritionfitness 37
  91. Where can I find reasonably priced leathery/ spandex like skinny jeans?
    4 Shopping 14
  92. Is it strange that I don't like to wear skinny jeans?
    I just like to wear shorts and tights/ leggings??
    4 Style 36
  93. Where...Are skinny jeans only for skinny people??
    I'm not the skinniest person but I'm not fat either,I'm normal weight. I really want to use them. Are they only for skinny people? If you don't have small thighs can you still wear them?
    15 Style 58
  94. Where to get skinny jeans in bigger sizes?
    8 Shopping 48
  95. Do guys like really skinny girls or girls that have a bit of curve?
    Do guys like like really skinny girls or girls that actually have a little bit of curve?
    10 Relationships 100
  96. Are all vegans skinny ?
    I am a vegan , started 2 days ago and im wondering if all vegens are skinny
    6 Nutritionfitness 42
  97. Why is my cat so skinny?
    I have a cat that is really skinny but I feed him a ton of food! I mean not so much where its unhealthy but what can I do!
    6 Pets 95
  98. Should fat girls wear skinny jeans
    Hey I want you opinion on weather fat girls should wear skinny jeans ???
    22 Style 133
  99. Is size 10 in skinny jeans for a guy fat?
    Is size 10 in skinnies for a boy mean im fat?
    7 Nutritionfitness 55
  100. Is this too skinny?
    I'm 5'6, 20 years old and I weight 94lbs, is that too skinny?
    3 Nutritionfitness 38
  101. I have really skinny lips, lip plumper doesn't work, any advice?
    I have really skinny lips and lip plumper doesnt work on me.any advice?
    4 Style 49
  102. Is it bad to want to be skinny?
    Is it bad to want to be skinny? like.. I like to look at my bones.. I feel delicate.. I like that feeling... but I want to be skinny.. not thin... Is this bad?
    7 Health 50
  103. Is it normal for skinny people to bleed when pregnant?
    im a skinny person and im pregnant and it hurts really bad is it normal is it normal for skinny people to bleed
    2 Health 48
  104. What are things you need to be a real hippy?
    I already have the state of mind..Its the style I need help with.
    8 Style 50
  105. Do you guys have a fat dog or skinny dog?
    Because mines fat like fat and hairy and his name is Husky.
    15 Pets 37
  106. Where can I find some cute (tan) skinny jeans in a size 3 with a short inseam?
    3 Shopping 19
  107. Where do you get those skinny bow headbands for a cheap price?
    ^^ thats basically my question.
    5 Shopping 17
  108. How can you make your legs look skinny?
    I am trying to make my legs look shinny.. Does anybody know how to make your legs look shinny?
    9 Style 53
  109. What's up with skinny girls saying they're "fat"?
    Really what's up with them? Why do they do that if they're not fat at all! Do they try to seek for attention?
    13 Nutritionfitness 61
  110. Im too skinny
    Lately I have been stressing out a lot and I have lost a lot of weight how do I gain my weight back
    6 Nutritionfitness 46
  111. Where's a good place to get red skinny jeans
    I can't finndd anywhere d:
    7 Shopping 11
  112. What kind of shirts look good with heeled ankle boots and skinny jeans?
    9 Style 41
  113. What do you think My friend should drink or take he is very skinny and he wants to gain some weight or some muscle ??
    10 Nutritionfitness 35
  114. Would you rather date someone who's bigger, chubby, average, or really skinny?
    26 Relationships 68
  115. Whats the best "wardrobe" to wear with skinny jeans?
    Kk, I was planing on wearing skinny jeans when I go out, and I was wondering, whats the best "wardrobe" to wear when wearing them.
    11 Style 20
  116. Is it posibble to be fat and then skinny?
    I don't know? Random question but yeahh. Is it possible to be fat and then become super skinny?
    8 Nutritionfitness 31
  117. Can someone just be really skinny?
    Can someone be really skinny but not anorexic? I mean like really underweight far below the average bmi...
    5 Nutritionfitness 59
  118. I'm Skinny ! How Can I Gain Weight ?
    I'm So Skinny & I Really Want To Gain Weight , I Eat a lot is there anything else I can do?
    5 Nutritionfitness 52
  119. How to be skinny?
    I have tried to throw up so many times and it never works I am very unhappy with myself I need advice on how to be skinny
    5 Nutritionfitness 21
  120. Skinny layouts for a social site?
    How do you put skinny layouts on your a social site I always try to put them on an they ed up looking bad
    3 Technology 43
  121. Am I skinny?
    I am 5'9 and 118-120 pounds with clothes on. Am I already skinny or should I lose weight?
    10 Nutritionfitness 20
  122. Is skinny jeans popular where you are?
    At your school or around your area,is skinny jeans popular? They're VERY popular at my school,some people shouldn't wear them.
    20 Style 32
  123. Do boys prefer stick skinny or curves?
    Hey hey im a girl I need advice do you boys prefer girls that stick skinny or have curves
    5 Style 60
  124. Is my friend skinny?
    My friend is 14 years old and 4'll and she is about 99 pounds is that skinny or normal???
    5 Nutritionfitness 23
  125. where I can get some cute skinny jeans for like 25 or 30 bucks
    anyone know where I can get some cute skinny jeans for like 25 or 30 bucks?
    11 Shopping 38
  126. Do you think skinny jeans make people look taller?
    Do you think skinny jeans make people look taller? I was told that I would where them so id look taller =/
    6 Style 69
  127. How to get skinny?
    is 120 lbs fat dose anyone no how 2 get skinny like quick !!!
    5 Nutritionfitness 42
  128. Am I too skinny for my height?
    iM 13 AND i WEiGH 82 AM i TOO SKiNNY?iM 4'12.iF i AM HOW DO i GAiN WEiGHT?
    5 Nutritionfitness 122
  129. What are motivational phrases to be skinny?
    What are Some good motivationall phrases for being skinny For ex: Nothing tastes as good as it does to feel skinny. But better ones??
    7 Nutritionfitness 37
  130. Are super skinny girls gross or hot?
    Are super skinny girls gross or hot? What's a good body type? Of course skinny is pretty..I just wish I was.
    17 Style 164
  131. am I skinny...or fat?? PLEASE ANSWER
    Am I skinny or fat?? If skinny, am I TOO skinny? I'm 13 years. 5'3 and I weigh 89 pnds.
    11 Nutritionfitness 51
  132. How to get skinny fast?
    Hey every1. Im new!! How do you get like REALLY skinny in about 20 days?
    9 Nutritionfitness 51
  133. 5'7 and I weigh 100 pounds and im 17 to skinny??
    im 5'7 and I weigh 100 pounds and im 17 years old do you think im too skinny??
    8 Nutritionfitness 389
  134. Would you rather have a skinny (no boobs) girlfriend, or?
    Okay boys, would you rather have a skinny (no boobs) girlfriend, or a fat/curvy (plenty to grab) girlfriend? Just wondering! :)
    3 Relationships 125
  135. How to get a skinny face?
    I was just wondering if theres like exercises or a way of getting a skinnier face atall ?
    3 Style 149
  136. Who else thinks Miley Cyrus is really skinny?
    shes like great but I think shes reslly skinny it may just be my imagination but I think she is skinny
    7 Entertainment 13
  137. How to pass a drug test in 24 hours if your skinny?
    Trying to see how to pass a weed test in 24 hours for a job..weed weed weed weed weed weed weed weed
    4 Drugs 694
  138. I an to skinny and to tall!!!
    how do I gain weight?? I have no @ss!! and my arms.legs are LONG and SKINNY! I am always picked on because of it so I have very little confidene
    5 Nutritionfitness 29
  139. What goes best with skinny jeans?
    what should I wear with a medium wash pair of skinny jeans? im tall and thin.
    8 Style 74
  140. What is the difference between chino pants and skinny jeans?
    Tell me please it looks the same or am i wrong tell me please. Thank you,
    2 Style 41
  141. Good clothing for skinny people?
    I need cute clothing. Does anyone know a good store with cute clothing that fits a skinny girl??
    9 Style 176
  142. Do girls want to be skinny just to be proud?
    Hi.Do you think that girls who want to be skinny because they want to impress other girls but not guy?So why do girls want to be skinny?Hahas.Im considering to stop diet.
    4 Style 14
  143. Wondering if it would look bad if I wear skinny jeans?
    I was wondering if it would look bad if I wear skinny jeans I have long legs and im skinny and I don't know if it would look messed up or something!!
    10 Style 57
  144. Skinny pants or blue jeans
    What do you think iz best skinny jeans or blue jeans just want to no because many people said skinny jeans I just want to hear some of our thoughs
    10 Style 38
  145. How can I make myself skinny and anorexic?
    2 Nutritionfitness 200
  146. Am I fat or skinny PLEASE HELP
    I am about 5;6 and im 14 grade 9 and I way 115ib's Am I fat or skinny
    14 Nutritionfitness 29
  147. What...guys do you like chubby vaginas or skinny ones?
    Guys, boys do you like chubby vaginas or skinny vagina? Which ever one you pick please tell why you like it... Answer please!
    5 Health 292
  148. How can I get skinny
    I need to get thin in 4 months iam 13 weight 102lbs and about 5ft
    5 Nutritionfitness 29
  149. Skinny Enough?
    I am 14 Years old, almost 5'5 and I weigh 115. Am I fat? or Under weight?
    12 Style 36
  150. Why when I look at my vagina I think it looks skinny or not fat?
    Is there a way that I can make my vagina look fat and attractive please help anyone ):
    3 Relationships 2643
  151. Where can I buy cheap khaki skinny jeans?
    I want cute khaki jeans that are also cheap. & I want like denim jeans, not jeggings.
    7 Shopping 39
  152. What's the tallest breed of dog without being obscenely skinny like a greyhound that you can buy to keep as a pet?
    16 Pets 37
  153. Am I too skinny?
    Am I too skinny? Im 13 and I weigh 102 pounds My height is 5'1 I look to skinny though. And then I beat myself up about it. Grr help me!
    7 Nutritionfitness 131
  154. Does a skinny person look good with a padded bra?
    Does a skinny person look good with a padded bra? Or can you tell? Like they are to big for a skinny person... I posted this once but I think it got delted..
    4 Style 148
  155. Skinny.
    ok, so I want to know really badly how do the models get skinny and stay that way. not all models starve themselves or throw up. so ya...
    8 Nutritionfitness 38
  156. Friend keeps sayin she is fat but she is atually really skinny
    Hey people what do I do when my friend keeps sayin she is fat but she is atually really skinny because she is a hiphop dancer and practises a lot
    2 Nutritionfitness 36
  157. Would you rather be super skinny or overweight?
    Would you rather be really really skinny, like tripple anorexice, or really really overweight, like huge...have a think about it... id prefer to be overweight.
    13 General 47
  158. Are you prettier if you're skinny or fat ?
    I want to know if your prettier if your skinny or fat ? my mom always says to me that your beautiful just the way you are but I dont believe that
    20 Style 128
  159. Double ginger granola(hippy food)
    Does anyone know a "double ginger granola" recipe.please help its for school Or if you dont, you reccomend some other hippy foods/recipes.
    2 Food 11
  160. White skinny jeans
    Where do yu get whie skinny jeans??? Please I really need them for a school presintation please tell me :] <3
    3 Style 14
  161. Where can i buy neon green skinny jeans?
    where can I get skinny jeans in like bright/neon blue green, yellow in size 12 cheap =/
    7 Shopping 10
  162. Im too skinny!
    Its just my wrists and my ribsd. I have a really nice six pack but on either side my ribs show a lot. And my wrists are really skinny. What should I do?
    5 Nutritionfitness 20
  163. Any advice on how to be skinny?
    heya new 2 this sight...wana be skinny!!! if any1 wil help me =] ..thanx you so much xx
    6 Nutritionfitness 21
  164. Why are models always to skinny and not normal size?
    I was wacthing top model and all those girls look sick at how skinny they are . Then they have what they call a ''plus size'' model who is actually normal. Why?
    5 Style 53
  165. How to just be SKINNY?
    I've always been about 10 pounds over weight and I just want to LOSE it to prove to myself that I can but I have no idea where to start! How can I healthily lose it?
    5 Health 36
  166. Who knows whether it is better to have a skinny or curvy butt?
    I have a curvy butt... And I loved it! But... I have been getting hurtful remarks about it. Should I just keep the butt or lose it?
    9 Style 81
  167. Fat or Skinny?
    Im 14 years old 5 foot 2 and weigh about 125lbs. am I over weight?
    4 Nutritionfitness 88
  168. Ok I started wearing skinny jeans again
    But does anybody know where I can get them for a low price? Plzz help?
    3 Style 14
  169. Am I skinny?
    I'm a 13 year old female whos 5'4 and weighs 112 pounds.
    7 Nutritionfitness 96
  170. Skinny Cats?
    My Cats, All 4 Except The Eldest(Maybe Because She's Fixed..) Well Anyway. There ALL Skinny. Not Where You Can See There Ribs, But Just REALLY Skinny. And They Eat All The Time. What Causes This?
    5 Pets 25
  171. How do I get skinny legs fast?
    I dont have big legs but I want to have skinny legs so I can look good in skinny skater jeans. I HATE my curves!!! please help!
    8 Nutritionfitness 62
  172. Skinniness
    Why I am so skinny I hate being skinny!!! I eat eat eat but barely gain a pound and I'm flat-chested with barely having a booty!!! Whats wrong with my body type?
    4 Nutritionfitness 64
  173. what are some good healthy tips to be skinny
    How come every celebrity is skinny. I want to b skinny.what are some good healthy tips to b skinny like celebrity's ? oh, and how do you lose thigh fat ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 24
  174. Where can I get skinny jeans that are really skinny on the legs?
    I went school shoping the other day and I went to j.c pennys, kohls, pac sun, hot topic (for like 2 min.) and sears none of them had skinny jeans that fit but pac sun might but still they all fit my waste but not my legs they made me look wierd im real...
    4 Shopping 39
  175. Buying skinny guy jeans
    I'm buying new clothes for the school year, and am getting skinny jeans. Where are some good places I can buy good skinny guy jeans, without emptying my wallet?
    4 Shopping 43
  176. how skinny do you need to be a model
    can anyone tell me how skinny do you need to be a model. im 170 cms tall and I weigh about 47 kgs. what size are models usualy?
    4 Money 198
  177. Peer pressure to be skinny
    do you think there would be more peer pressure in an all girls school to be skinny or in a mixed school? because I go to a girls school and loads of girls have eating disorders. but I don't know what it's like in a mixed school.
    2 Style 31
  178. What's the difference between skinny jeans and jeggings if they are made from the same material?
    I was looking on the Abercrombie website and it said skinny jeans and jeggings were both made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. What's the difference between them then?
    6 Style 63
  179. Am I fat or skinny or normal
    K im 5.4 grade 9 and 14 years old and im 110 pounds . Am I skinny fat or just slim???.
    9 Nutritionfitness 104
  180. 135 pounds, 14 years old, and 5'9 count as being really skinny?
    im not being self-concious, but is being 135 pounds, 14 years old, and 5'9 count as being really skinny?
    8 Nutritionfitness 149
  181. Hippie Stores
    Anybody know of and e hippie stores around these places (ontario) -Cobourg -Belleville -Trenton -Oshawa -Harwood thnx : )
    2 Shopping 70
  182. Why do women think they have to be so skinny in order to be sexy?
    Why do women think skinny is better/sexy?,the more softer fuller figure is sooo much more attractive to most men!! Much more feminine!
    4 Sex 38
  183. Why do guys like skinny girls so much?
    Why do guys like skinny girls? Why do they have to be preppy? Why can they like some with a lil more extra meet? what is wrong with those people! I would liketo know!
    5 Relationships 64
  184. Should I diet to become skinny?
    I want to be thin like all the other girls my age. I want to start starving myself just to be pretty and thin. Should I become anorexic or should I just diet and exercise?
    8 Nutritionfitness 44
  185. skinny jeans
    okay I need help which two should I a guy. (14y.) these are my choises, I'm going to get two.
    3 Shopping 8
  186. How to get skinny
    They say eat an apple a day, sex slices, every two hours...but what do you eat for breakfast and dinner?
    6 Sex 14
  187. What does it mean to be called skinny?
    My friends always ALWAYS tell me I'm skinny. Which kind of gets me mad because I feel as if they're calling me anorexic! I don't understaand. What do they mean when they say SKINNY.. do they mean anorexic skinny? or whaaat.
    10 Nutritionfitness 75
  188. Do you like skinny or curvy girls?
    Ok, im conducting a survey and need to know what the people think: Do you like to date a girl whose curvy, or would you like her skinny?
    3 Relationships 38
  189. Am I too skinny for my age?
    Well im a 13 year old girl and im 5'1 and I weigh about 92 pounds am I too skinny or do I need to put on some pounds?
    9 Nutritionfitness 96
  190. What kind of shirts go good with gray skinny jeans?
    So im planning my outfit out for tomorrow And I was wondering What kinda shirts go good with gray skinny jeans Like color of shirts?
    8 Style 79
  191. Skinnys And Belts In Uk
    Anyone Know Any Decent Shops In Uk To Buy Like Sparkly Belts With Butterflys On The Front In Silver Or Black SkinnyS:P
    2 Shopping 13
  192. Wide but skinny
    Are there any girls who are skinny but wide??? Because I think if I loose weight den I would be wide but flat get me??? Oo and if you have any websites with examples please tell me
    3 Nutritionfitness 98
  193. Should I tell my friend she looks bad in skinny jeans?
    my friend is chubby and she wears skinny jeans. when we walk down the hallway in school everyone stairs at her. should I tell her that she looks bad or just leave her alone.
    8 Relationships 29
  194. Who knows whether it is better to be skinny or curvy?
    which is mor eye catching in a women one that is realy skinney or one that has all the right curves?
    4 Style 44
  195. Fat or skinny?
    I'm about 5'4 and 14 years old. I have a 29 inch waist and I weight 127 pounds. Am I fat?
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  196. How do people get, and stay, so skinny, i'm 15, 5ft 4 1/2 and i weight about 11st, and im not happy, any advice?
    17 Nutritionfitness 35
  197. How can I get my thights skinnie?
    I just need help please I hate being made fun of I had enought and its making me loss intrest in things
    4 Nutritionfitness 63
  198. Am I too skinny at 5'6'' and 110lbs?
    I am 18 years old. I'm 5'6 and I weigh 110lbs. Do you think I am too skinny? Do I need to put on some weight? Everyone says I am too skinny but I'm not sure anymore.
    9 Health 1394
  199. Do skinny jeans look good on people with small legs?
    I ve always wanted to wear skinny jeans! I have a pair of them but my legs are very small! so I never wear them beacuse I am not sure if skinny jeans look good on people with small legs.. what do you think??
    5 Style 68
  200. How much weight should I lose to be skinny?
    I am 5 ft 7 in tall, and weight 145 lbs. I would like to know what I should get down to, to be considered skinny by other skinny people. And how to get there fast.
    2 Nutritionfitness 36
  201. I have really skinny legs how to make them look fuller?
    well I kinda have really skinny legs and they're long and I hate it so um do you know what would make them look more fuller? does it make it look worse if I use skinny jeans?
    10 Style 2222
  202. Does it hurt when guys wear skinny jeans?
    Not just skinny jeans,like waaaaaaaaaaaay tight skinny how girls wear them...or tighter!! I know a few guys who do that and I'm just curious like where do they keep their junk?! Like are they small or something??!!
    12 Style 87
  203. Am I skinny enough?
    HELP!!! Please honestly tell me if I am skinny... :( um so I weigh about 93 or 94 and I am 5' 2 (almost). Is that fat...or skinny,...I really want to loose like 5 pounds but I don't know if I will be too skinny or skinny enough...HELP!!
    6 Health 124
  204. What shoes/brand will look good with skinny jeans
    So I normally wear flats or flip flops with my skinny jeans but its startiing to get cold so I need to wear some something different
    11 Style 47
  205. Am I a little on the heavy side, average, or Skinny?
    I'm 13. 5'4 and weigh 112 pounds. I wear a size 7 in jeans. So is this a little on the heavy side, average, or skinny?
    7 Nutritionfitness 65
  206. Clothing styles for flat chested skinny girls?
    I'm VERY flat-chested and skinny.. I need some styles that would suit a 13 year old girl like that!
    4 Style 139
  207. Skinny Jeans for Man
    Is it proper for a man of average buildto wear skinny jeans, if yes, then what is physicl dimension is required I.e. waist, leg lenght etc?
    7 Style 41
  208. How can I be a hippy?
    I have a problem with my hair. It is shoulder length with lots of layers and wont grow out. I have side bangs and crap. I really want to be a hippy with long hair? WTF DO I DO?
    2 Style 58
  209. Cant find skinny jeans for a boy
    Tired of my grandma taking all my jeans in I am short & I wear about a 34 in the wiist I cant find skinny jeans that fiit or basketball shorts that fit help
    5 Shopping 44
  210. What's your opinion on hippies?
    whats yalls opinion on hippies? I know thats like from the 60s but some people are still crazy bout it. I like some of it but not a lot.. just wonderin what yall think.
    5 Style 62
  211. why do you think guys go for the skinny instead of the thick?
    I was in class today and this guy I know was like thick chicks are ok but I prefer a skinny chick.ok but like what do they have that we oviously dont?
    5 Relationships 47
  212. Boy Skinny Jeans
    I was wondering where can I find some skinny jeans for boys within the price range of $10-$30? I heard that Ross has them but I dont want to go there to find out that they don't have any lolz.
    4 Style 45
  213. What goes Best With Denim Skinny Jeans?
    Im going out with a few friends later and was wondering what to wear with my skinny jeans? the only problem I cant go shopping !! grrr! :L
    4 Style 43
  214. Hey would you consider me skinny or medium?
    I am 5ft 7 quite musuclar and weigh 125 pounds would you say im skinny or medium for my age (im 16)
    6 Health 18
  215. am I skinny?
    im 5'7 and im 15 years old and I weigh 120 pounds. is that skinny? what do you think? I started my 1200 calorie diet yesterday.
    12 Nutritionfitness 33
  216. How can I be skinny?
    okay. I am 14 I weigh like 140 lbs. and I have big boobs.. 36D people say. I want to be skinny like the rest of my friends.. how can I be skinny? I am sick of being fat
    10 Nutritionfitness 48
  217. how can I go skinny with out hurting myself
    I would like to lose weight and quickly how can I do this with out hurting myself meaning: losing muscle by losing weight to fast, cramp in my leag ect lol
    3 Style 23
  218. Where do I go to get skinny jeans?
    please don't tell me Hot Topic I got most of mine from there, they have a limited selection an it blows...NAME SOME STORES FOR ME!
    9 Shopping 65
  219. Am I too skinny?
    I'm 13 years old, and I'm almost 5 foot. Last time I checked my weight I was 94 that too small?
    6 Nutritionfitness 39
  220. Hamster won't get skinny
    I got my hamster in early august and since then hes been getting fatter and fatter... he goes on his wheel every night. what is wrong with him?
    3 Pets 47
  221. Why is there an obsession with being skinny?
    Well I know why in the modelling world but in reality everyday life there is an obsession and why are people so obsessed with having your bones popping out... And he problem is its unhealthy and draws people in... But why is it such an obsession?
    11 Style 54
  222. Anyone know where I can get cute skinny jeans?
    I love love love skinny jeans its all I were.. And like im sick of hottopic skinny jeans and deliahs.. Only because im sick of the stores..lololz.. Anyone know where I can get some though Thanxx") <33
    2 Shopping 12
  223. How do you get skinny arms?
    I can't use the machines at the gym or use dumbells properly because my arms are so weak. I want skinny arms (mine are normal sized, but without muscle) and I was wondering if there's a way to get skinny arms without them being musclular? How?
    3 Nutritionfitness 50
  224. How to be skinny
    He yall how are u ??? I weight 127 I want to be 115 howw???/ and I want it fast like in 2 weeks or soo please help
    5 Nutritionfitness 32
  225. Why do really skinny people call themselves fat or pretty girls call themselves ugly?
    Maybe low self-esteem, depression...Idk.
    6 Style 57
  226. Skinny jeans/big booty
    Would sknny jeans work if you have a big booty?? Lol.. I got some hot pink ones. And im wondering, would skinny jeans work with big bums?? Lol.
    5 Style 84
  227. Do guys only date skinny pretty girls?
    when I hang with my guy friends they seem like they would only date girls for there looks and there size so I want to know do you only date girls for there looks and if there skinny and not over weight no offence to any one that is
    7 Relationships 28
  228. To pale and skinny :O
    hey I stopped eating meat about 3 months ago but im geting really pale and skinny now how can I gain some more weight and get more color?
    4 Style 40
  229. Where to get khaki skinny jeans for school?
    In my school we have to ware uniforms so that means khaki pants but I want to ware khaki skinnys but I have been searching for them every where and I have had no luck in finding them does anyone know where I could find them?
    5 Style 44
  230. Skinny eat a lot
    Is it normal to be real skinny when you keep eating all the time and you dont gain any weight you hardly gain any??? Because I know it could be fast matablism but it is like really fast!!
    2 Nutritionfitness 91
  231. How can I be skinny by summer?
    Im 22 years old and im like 200 odd pounds. I hate... I want to lose weight and quick.. I want to be skinny before the summer, how can I accomplish that?
    4 Nutritionfitness 60
  232. Why are skinny girls considered hot and bigger ones not?
    why are super skinny girls that weight like 100-120 lbs considered so hot and girls that weight like 135- 145 and have meat on their bones arent?
    5 Style 144
  233. Where to buy good skinnies?
    I like to wear skinnies and I want some in really dark colors and to not be the annoying stretchy material which is part spandex... the cheaper the better... so non stretchy dark skinnies for men, where online can I buy them?
    6 Shopping 14
  234. Getting skinny
    I am a size 8 ong hips and size 8 in tops Do you think it would be safe if I lose some weight to like a size 6? Please help me
    4 Nutritionfitness 16
  235. Girls: Do you like bulky or skinny guys?
    This one if for you girls: What type of body u'd like your boyfriend to have ? strong and bulky or more cut (low body fat) and thin ?
    17 Relationships 300
  236. Who else thinks God would make us skinny if we should be?
    There are girls out there who want to be sticks but I dont think that is right If you are very religious you might think that God did not want us to be sticks if he did he would have made us treees
    7 Style 14
  237. Does DD's discounts sell boy skinny jeans
    Their website gives no information so I was wondering if they do. There's one around the corner from my house so that would be very conveinent. =]
    2 Shopping 91
  238. Skinny Jeans for Men
    ok I like skinny jeans but I want color'd ones and I don't know where to get men's color'd skinny jeans and if I get girls skinny jeans what size am I supposed to get, in mens im a size w;34 L;30 can anybody help?
    4 Style 38
  239. How do I dress up like a hippy?
    I have a costume party coming up and I want to dress up like a hippy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mix and match clothing to suit the hippy look. What style should my make up be? Dark or light. And also what colors do hippy clothing range...
    6 Style 38
  240. How do I make ripped skinnies?
    :$ I'm trying to figure out how to change my skinny jeans into nice looking ripped pants, but i don't know how to do that , without embarrassing myself badly. :$ Please, help! <3
    10 Style 36
  241. Can they refuse to give you a tattoo if you're 'too skinny'?
    I went to go and get a tattoo yesterday on my ribs and the tattoo guy refused to do it because he said I was too skinny and my bones stuck out too much and he said it would be too painful. Can he do that? Refuse to tattoo me for that reason?
    5 Style 57
  242. Where do I find two coloured skinny jeans?
    where do I find skinny jeans that have one pants leg a color and then the other pants leg another color? I like to be bright and they had them at hot topic fot ten dollars and now there not their anymore...
    2 Shopping 49
  243. Drinking coke and smoking makes you skinny
    Does drinking coke and smoking make you stay skinny and help you lose weight? I'm curious, I read that somewhere the amount of calories in a can of coke and if you smoke keeps you skinny or something. I don't smoke and I never will but how does that wo...
    7 Health 441
  244. What shoes do you wear with flared leg jeans? I hate skinny
    Im in high school and I want shoes I can wear every day and look perfect in flared leg jeans?? Urgent im clueless
    8 Style 83
  245. getting skinny body
    hello, I am 59 kg. I wanna get slim body like a model within 2 moths. please suggest me some tat I can get skinny by 2 months please help me
    2 Nutritionfitness 20
  246. What's your favourite brand of skinny jeans?
    wats your favorite brand, when I wear skinny jeans I wear levi's, I have 3 pairs of em, gray, dark blue, and black. I dont like that super slim skinny jeans, hahah they too tight.
    7 Style 42
  247. 2 big 4 skinny jeans?
    I really really want a pair of skinny jeans but I cant find any that fit My friends say it because my azz is 2 fat But I c girls all the time with bigger butts who have skinny jeans on How do you get a good pain of skinny jeans???
    6 Shopping 39
  248. What stores sell high-waist skinny jeans?
    I have been looking all over the place for some high waisted pants can anyone tell me where I can find an afordable pair.(like $30 or less).
    2 Shopping 48
  249. Am I too skinny or average weight?
    I'M 13 and 5"4' and weigh 92 lbs. people say I'm anorexic, and im not should I eat like cheeseburgers to gain weight or am I average?
    2 Health 41
  250. skinny but I have love handles. whats the deal?
    k I'm slim, but I gained a little weight awhile back, and now I have love handles. why do I have them and how do I get rid of them? and another question...are love handles unattractive?
    3 Nutritionfitness 60