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Why are hippies so annoying

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  1. what song annoys you?
    8 Music 19
  2. Who is a hater or a hippie?
    are you a hater or are you a hippie
    2 General 21
  3. what type of music annoys you?
    what type of music annoys you?
    27 Music 66
  4. Where are all the hippies in Philadelphia?
    where are all the hippies??? am I the only one in philadelphia?
    3 General 107
  5. Annoying things to do in an elevator?
    Annoying things to do in an elevator ?
    6 Entertainment 24
  6. Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    8 Style 26
  7. how to deal with annoying classmates?
    6 Education 65
  8. What do you think the most annoying comercial and why?
    14 Entertainment 38
  9. im really annoyed right to stop being annoyed
    what are ways to stop being annoyed..ugh.??
    3 General 55
  10. How do I get rid of an annoying person?
    how do I get rid off an annoying person
    2 General 82
  11. Whats the most annoying thing ever?
    Whats the most annoying thing ever ?? ??
    10 General 21
  12. Annoying??
    What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?
    8 General 17
  13. Why is jealousy so fun... but so annoying?
    why is jealousy so fun... but so annoying at the same time?
    2 Relationships 19
  14. Annoying friends
    How to hurt your friends feelings?
    2 Relationships 17
  15. Why do I get annoyed by my dad easily?
    8 Family 102
  16. What do think is the most annoying commercial on tv?
    37 Entertainment 70
  17. What annoys you most about yur crush/girlfriend/boyfriend?
    10 Relationships 21
  18. How do you "turn away" from things that annoy you?
    6 General 22
  19. How do I stop being such an angry/& annoyed person ?
    3 Health 43
  20. How do I get rid of an annoying friend?
    11 General 51
  21. What's your favorite "Annoying Orange" episode?
    2 Entertainment 12
  22. How to annoy neighbors that are haveing a bonfire?
    4 General 34
  23. What annoys you the most?
    What really annoys you? So bored, as you can tell..
    4 General 21
  24. Most annoying song
    What is the most annoying song you've ever heard?
    16 Music 65
  25. Less annoying?
    How can I be less annoying and pay more attention in class?
    6 Education 32
  26. what personality traits do you think is most annoying or intolerable?
    3 General 33
  27. how to not be annoying
    if people say your some times annoying. Whats some things you can do to not be annoying
    7 General 57
  28. How to annoy your older sister.
    How do you really p/o your older sister?
    18 Family 236
  29. Getting rid of an annoying pimple
    I have this anoying pimple how do I get rid of it...
    6 Style 45
  30. The most annoying question
    What is the most annoyin question that people asks you or ask on here???
    14 Funadvice 45
  31. annoying family
    How do I deal with my annoying family?... would it be best if I just ignore them?!
    2 Family 18
  32. get annoyed and no one cares about you how do you react
    How some times you get annoyed and no one cares about you how do you react
    3 Health 13
  33. How come usually the happy people are almost annoying??
    How come usually the happy people are almost annoying??
    6 General 16
  34. Stop a annoying kid from calling your house everyday
    How do you stop a annoying kid from calling your house everyday
    4 General 29
  35. what are some good baby hippie names?
    what are some good hippie names for babies? Like names from hippies in the 60's and 70's.
    8 Babies 50
  36. Dancing like a Hippie
    Weird question, but I have to dance like a hippie for a skit that I'm doing. How do I dance like a hippie?
    3 General 140
  37. How to get rid of an annoying brother
    How do I get rid of my brother? He is so stupid!help!!
    23 Family 3590
  38. older annoying sisters
    how do I get over my big sister bothering me?
    12 Family 128
  39. What, in your opinion, is the most aggravating, annoying, and useless insect in the world?
    47 General 50
  40. What 's the most annoying commercial you see on TV, AND Whats you fav. commercial?
    15 Entertainment 49
  41. Most annoying cheesy songs?
    Titel says it what do you tink it is
    6 Music 17
  42. Annoying Moments
    If there anything that you can't stand at all, and it irritates you when people do it?
    5 General 10
  43. Does it annoy you when people eat from their knife instead of their fork?
    21 General 47
  44. Do you find Ray William Johnson getting more and more annoying?
    9 Entertainment 12
  45. Where to get cheap hippie clothes?
    Where can I get cheap hippie clothes? Anyone know of any cheap websites?
    4 Shopping 31
  46. Guys, do you find it annoying when your girlfriend wears lipgloss?
    Guys, do you find it annoying when your girlfriend is wearing lipsgloss?
    2 Style 34
  47. Does it annoy you too?
    Does it annoy you when someone calls somebody "hun"? I cant stand it!
    4 General 9
  48. Anyone else have an annoying sister?
    Does anyone else have an annoying sister, I still love her though, she is my sister!?
    6 Family 28
  49. Why do adults talk alot to make their point b.cos it's annoying?
    10 Family 26
  50. Why does my sims3 keep cutting off at a random time its really annoying ??
    2 Health 11
  51. Does anyone else think girls are way more annoying then guys?
    9 Relationships 17
  52. How do you ignore annoying disrespectful kids that are always bullying you in class?
    20 Education 32
  53. Annoying guys
    All the guys are calling me a slut at school...I'm not! I don't know what to do??
    5 Relationships 27
  54. My sister is annoying
    Ok, My sister wants me to spend the night with my grandma and I just did. Should I spend the night again or not.
    7 Babies 60
  55. Annoying brother
    How to stop my brother from playing loud games in his room
    4 Family 38
  56. Do "chipmunked" versions of songs on youtube get annoying to you? Or does it depend on the song?
    11 Music 8
  57. My grandmother is annoying
    how can I make my grandmother (who I live with) stop saying how fat I am?
    13 Family 104
  58. How can my dad be so annoying. Can you help me he is so annoying?
    If you do not know my name is lauren .I have a dad he is so annoying.I was thinking maybe help me I really need some help. He annoys me when I come in from school and when I have just woken up. So please help me !!!
    5 Family 75
  59. Annoying brothers
    I have two annoying brothers who always fight..when I try to stop them they don't listen, what should I do?
    7 Family 27
  60. How do I deal with an annoying brother and sister?
    I have a hard time dealing with my brother and sister. they are soo annoying! any help?
    5 Family 80
  61. 101 Annoying Things?
    What are 101 Ways to Annoy People? Seriously. I really am curious. ^^
    4 General 17
  62. Annoying texter
    How do I get rid of an annoying texter w\o hurting his feelings?
    5 Relationships 108
  63. Am I jealous or annoyed that she's kissed first?
    my bestmates kissed before me do you think im jelous or just annoyed at her ??
    3 Relationships 35
  64. Annoying brats
    If you wer in a sitution where you had 2 annoying little brats around you what wud you do?
    8 Babies 33
  65. what should I do about my annoying brothers?
    I have 2 anoying brothers and I want to now how to get away from them some times
    7 Family 53
  66. How do you deal with annoying friends?
    How do you deal with friends who only talk about themselves and don't give you a chance to say anything?
    3 Relationships 37
  67. What's the best way to deal with the insane annoying fucks on the city bus?
    5 Family 11
  68. Why do the people I'm supposed to care about the most annoy me so much and I just want them out of my life?
    4 Family 35
  69. annoying bed
    is there anything I can do to make my freakin bed stop squeaking everytime I move?
    7 Homegarden 42
  70. What are things you need to be a real hippy?
    I already have the state of mind..Its the style I need help with.
    8 Style 50
  71. how to get rid of an annoying guy who sits with ur group and thinks hes "all that" ?
    9 Relationships 43
  72. What annoys you and why?
    What annoys you and why? Anything. With meaning please (unless it is self explanatory) as many as you like. Have a rant :)
    9 General 23
  73. Who thinks the song "I kissed a girl" is annoying?
    My cousin always plays that song and its so annoying!! Anybody else thinks that??
    11 Music 19
  74. Are twins annoying?
    Im not a twin but have a sista 1 month younger and shes sooo annoyin
    5 Family 36
  75. How can I keep a good friendship without getting so attached to the person so quickly and annoying them a lot?
    12 Relationships 43
  76. Who here finds people who turn up their base too loud while you are trying to order in drive thru annoying?
    5 Food 10
  77. How to get rid of small annoying bumps on upper arms and shoulders without a doctor?
    4 Health 34
  78. Is anyone else annoyed about the fact that the vampires in "Twilight" show NO fangs?
    Do they even have any? WTF?
    22 Literature 37
  79. Do you guys find it annoying when...
    Do guys find it annoying whenever they Make out with a chick And shes wearing lipgloss or lipstick? Same as with chapstick??
    7 General 12
  80. Are monroe piercings annoying after you get it done?
    Doesnt it always rub against ur gums
    6 Style 78
  81. Do you find this song annoying??
    Do you find the song "Just Dance" - by ? to be annoying?? I do... I don't know if this is the name or not but its like "Just Dance (it will be okay) dah-da-dah-do-do!" lol.
    9 Music 31
  82. Who are the most annoying people you've had to babysit?
    Mine would have to be my cousin(9), my brothers(8and 1)
    6 Babies 15
  83. Would you rather: meet your favorite band/artist for 10 seconds *or* meet a band/artist you find annoying for 1 hour?
    9 General 23
    How do you get your 9 year old cousin and your 5 year old cousin to show you some respect when you are over 3 years older than them?
    3 Family 15
  85. Teachers are so annoying
    How cant I shut my teacher up??? I told one of my teachers to piss off but then I felt bad and said sorry!! What do I do???
    5 Education 11
  86. Annoying habbits
    My habbit is im always biting on my lip ring and it annoys everybody around... So I was wondering do you have any annoying habits you wish you could break
    2 Style 22
  87. Double ginger granola(hippy food)
    Does anyone know a "double ginger granola" recipe.please help its for school Or if you dont, you reccomend some other hippy foods/recipes.
    2 Food 11
  88. How do you tell someone they are annoying?
    I have this friend and they really nice. But they always ask if they are annoying. Also they are so smart. What should I say, I dont know what to say?
    5 Relationships 117
  89. how come guys only want sex and sexually stuff including nude picts from me and not relationship? :( it really annoys me
    34 Sex 75
  90. Why do guys get annoyed?
    With female so easily? And act grumpy mostly? Has any girls on here ever dated a guy like that?
    3 Relationships 33
  91. How to stop being annoying to her?
    theres this girl I like and want to ask her out but she says that when I asked her what she thinks of me she said the only reason she doesnt like me is because im annoying how can I stop being annoying besides to stop talking to her
    4 Relationships 43
  92. Why are friends sooo annoying?
    My friends are so annoying because ,well they always fight with me and say swear words at me and say that everytime something I have something I start to boast & I don't.why are friends sooo ununderstandable and annoying?
    4 Relationships 53
  93. Dont you think this is annoying?
    do you think its annoying when people are asking questions like "whats your favorite food?" its like, all over the place on funadvice. and also the question "whats your favorite color?" its kinda annoying
    6 General 22
  94. Dont you think its annoying
    Isn't it annoying when you paint your nails, they all go really nice then you get to the last nail and it all goes horribly wrong?
    2 Style 6
  95. Doesn't it annoy you when people ask...
    Doesn't it annoy you when people ask questions on this site saying "Am I pretty", "Am I Fat" etc. I think some people do it just so they get comments, its so irratating >_< What do you think?
    9 Funadvice 25
  96. Hippie Stores
    Anybody know of and e hippie stores around these places (ontario) -Cobourg -Belleville -Trenton -Oshawa -Harwood thnx : )
    2 Shopping 70
  97. Annoying Songz
    what`s the most annoying song that you`ve EVER heard.? that "barbie girl" iish is uqh.! l0l. makes my EARS bleed.!
    10 Music 31
  98. Does anyone else find it annoying when girls post pictures of themselves in a bikini, or some raunchy photo when they're only, like, 14?
    40 Funadvice 51
  99. Does it annoy you when you're out somewhere and you can tell that someone hasn't showered?
    I hate going anywhere without taking a shower first.
    7 Style 19
  100. How can I tell if my boyfriend is annoyed at my flirting?
    I flirt a lot with my boyfriend and I am very sarcastic and sometimes rude. Sometimes I think he likes it and other times I think he can't stand it. How can I tell the difference?
    4 Relationships 12
  101. How do you deal with annoying preps?
    I just wanna know your opinion on how you would handle them...just post your answer and be creative haha :P
    8 Style 28
  102. What are good ways to flirt without being annoying?
    What are some tips on flirting without being annoying or going too far..? (when I say "too far" I mean like hearing other people say "you need to stop flirting."
    6 Relationships 114
  103. What should you do about Annoying friends who copy u?
    She always steals my ideas and claims them for her own and says some hatedul thing sometimes I just want to ditch her but can't
    2 Relationships 30
  104. Would you let your mom live with you if she was a slob, annoying, and has lack of hygiene?
    and wants to stay rent free and wont work
    3 Family 11
  105. What do I do when I get so angry and annoyed and depressed?
    My family abuse me and I hate them soo much theyr always hurting me and annoying me what do I do with all my feelings??? Please no mean comments
    5 Health 20
  106. What's your opinion on hippies?
    whats yalls opinion on hippies? I know thats like from the 60s but some people are still crazy bout it. I like some of it but not a lot.. just wonderin what yall think.
    5 Style 62
  107. Annoying people
    Ok my sister needs to know how to get rid of an annoying stalker! Shes told him over and over to leave her alone, shes pissed and wants advice.
    4 Relationships 21
  108. who thinks fred is annoying?
    I think fred is annoying because all he does is either tell a story in a high pitched voice or say a bunch of random stuff then squeal like a pig, what about you?
    13 Entertainment 31
  109. Annoying vanessa huginns!!!
    I love vanessa huggins but she is startin to annoy me. She is in evey freekin commercial. I hate when she is in acne commercials because she doesn have acne only like a couple pimples if so!!! What do you say
    3 Entertainment 13
  110. How can I be a hippy?
    I have a problem with my hair. It is shoulder length with lots of layers and wont grow out. I have side bangs and crap. I really want to be a hippy with long hair? WTF DO I DO?
    2 Style 58
  111. Annoying pimple.
    I have an annoying zit that kinda connects to my lip, so how can I get rid of it right now! Please don't say proactiv or clearasel because I have no money, and I don't have tell me other ways to get rid of it.
    7 Style 23
  112. Annoying friend
    I have this friend that I've known for a long time but suddenly I've noticed things that really annoy me and I dont want to be her friend anymore. I've tried to give hints that she annoys me but she is still clueless so what should I do?
    5 Babies 10
  113. does this annoy anyone else?
    Okay one of my biggest pet peeves is when people eat and I'm not's really weird I know but like my mom eats a LOT and it's just so annoying...does anyone else have that pet peeve?
    5 General 29
  114. Annoying twin sister
    I have a twin sister. She is annoying me. She like to get along with all my friends, even my boyfriend, my boyfriend's she the one who will married with my boyfriend because my boyfriend 's friends like her than me~ but then, she felt ann...
    11 Family 69
  115. My Bestfriend is getting ANNOYING ?
    Imm recently getting veery annoyed of my "bestfriend" & I don't know whatt to doo ? cause I still wanna be friends and shit but I just I don't know ? I guess there juts really annoying ? what do you think it is ? :p (: what should I do ?
    5 Relationships 75
  116. Does the period really annoy you?
    Does the period really annoy you? Or am I just the only one annoyed. I'm just curious. How many girls in the whole wide world just really dislike it? I dont know im just really bored but I have it right now and its bugging me aghhh
    9 Health 38
  117. The most annoying video game character ever
    Ever have a great game like "this game rocks!" but one little character has to come and ruin the game? Well post ya complants here!
    8 Gaming 35
  118. How do I dress up like a hippy?
    I have a costume party coming up and I want to dress up like a hippy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mix and match clothing to suit the hippy look. What style should my make up be? Dark or light. And also what colors do hippy clothing range...
    6 Style 38
  119. Periods are so annoying?
    What's with periods? They areee sooo annoying lol anyone else think so? I mean it's so hard to know exactly when they're gunna start and you need to buy the stuff.
    3 Health 81
  120. What Would You Say to an Annoying Person?
    If someone were getiing on your last nerve, what would you tell them (politely) ? LoL Im just not the person to be mean! Help! Thanks a bunch! funnymonkey12
    5 Relationships 13
  121. Why am I starting to get annoyed with my boyfriend?
    Me and my boiyfriend have been dating for 3 weeks now and I am finding him to become kind of annoying..he always wants to be at my house and always wants all the attention on him...ughh please help me..
    6 Relationships 148
  122. My mother is so annoying becuase she won't let me go to the beach
    My mother is so annoying becuase she won't let me go to the beach becuse I'm grounded for not wanting my sister to come everywhere I go she comes everywhere I go she's a zit I can't pop and I really want to to meet my friends
    2 Family 40
  123. Getting rid of whiteheads or annoying zits
    Ok so I have this really annoying whitehead right under mi nose and its hard or raw...w/e. Do any of you know how to get it to go away or get it off so it wont scar. Thx
    4 Style 55
  124. Annoying cousin
    I have a reallly annoying cousin.KOURTNEY. she has a smart mouth and she is slefish and spoiled. I told my mom the next time shes a b*tch to me I wa going to slap her is that ok or not?
    9 Family 60
  125. Jonas Brothers..Love?Hate?or Annoyed by em'??
    It's all in the Title, baby. ---Love them?? ---Hate them?? ~~or~~ ---Annoyed by them?? ((they're everywhere on this site)) I'm personaly annoyed with a dash of like-ness ((just curious since there is always a question about them))
    9 Music 36
  126. urgh.. why are some people so annoying
    I dont get why people put themselves into catagories when they are harly even that sort of person im scene but I listen to some indie I dont go puttin myself into the indie catagory
    4 General 31
  127. Why do people annoy others?
    im not sure what details there are . like someone asks nicely to be left alone, and the other person keeps bothering them. what would you do? haha..
    3 Relationships 55
  128. how do you get rid of a annoying brother?!?
    he is always throwing stuff, making weird sounds, and just getting on my nerves!!! he is10 and he acts like a 2 year old! please help
    3 Family 139
  129. How to Edit and Convert (annoying) PDF to Microsoft word?
    I have Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended... Whenever I copy all PDF and paste it to Microsoft word or even save as Microsoft Word... it messed up... All the lines are gone only the words are left...
    3 Technology 26
  130. Do you find texts annoying?
    okay, I love getting texts from friends and stuff, even if they are just a "hey whats upp" so like some times ill send these to people if im bored and wondering what they are up to. would you find it annoying?
    4 Technology 17
  131. Annoying Parents.
    Just for the heck of it how many of you out there have annoying parents that just drives ya bonkers or nuts because they think they gotta know everything your doing? Hell Im in My 40s an I almost hate to stop by to visit due to having that problem Myself.
    5 Family 42
  132. How can I stop being annoying to people at school?
    hellooo! my name is paul c and im @ heles. can anybody help me because im a pain in th arse in school and im anyoying to every one and I was wondering how to stop being annoying and make friends?
    8 Education 145
  133. Annoying Slang?
    So what slang words do you find the most annoying? For me, its legit (meaning true) ex. Yeah dude thats so legit! sick (meaning cool) it just confuses me and the last one is false (used to say no) ex. Uh, false ryan.
    29 General 244
  134. My Eyes stick out and annoy me
    stick out.. they really annoy me and I hate them and everyone teases me and calls me Ronaldinho and shizz like that.. anyone got any tips to make them seem smaller or just general advice? x
    7 Style 69
  135. annoyed about sex questions
    is anyone else annoyed by all the 13/14 year olds saying they wanna have sex? and then they ask question saying they think they're pregnant and they're worried. don't you think is so irratating, seriously do school even teach sex education any more?
    7 Sex 25
  136. What grade in high school does the teacher give you that annoying little baby doll?
    so im terrified of getting the baby doll im a freshmen and some ow i got chileds ed class i just wanna know if freshmen get the doll?
    7 Education 14
  137. It gets reallly annoying when people ask questions like...
    Am I hot? Why am I so fat? Am I pregnant? Is my penis too small? :| I'll probably get some negative feedback on this one. But does anyone else agree with me?/:
    9 General 31
  138. Does it annoy you...
    when someone says they 'love' a band/singer. but then the only song they know is their hit single. or biggest song. like. Never Shout Never! I like that song 'trouble' but I don't 'love' him,bc that's the only song I know. where as I do love ...
    2 Music 15
  139. Annoying ulcers!
    Just lately I keep getting lots of mouth ulcers, and they really hurt and sting. I have tried salt water, bonjela, iglu. Everything. But does anyone know hwy I might be getting them.
    3 Health 24
  140. What are some 60's Hippie costume ideas?
    Me and my best friend are planning our sweet 16, and we want a 60's themed party. I've been looking at hippie costuems and I can't really find any that I like. Does anyone have any ideas on what we could wear? Maybe make the hippie cosutme more modern?
    11 Entertainment 34
  141. What movie had had you screaming at the screen in annoyance most?
    for me i'd have to say "district nine" aggravated me immensely and at the moment i'm watching "open waters 2: adrift" and theres a simple solution to all there problems but there to dumb to see it and it's annoying =/
    4 Entertainment 5
  142. Why is this getting annoying?
    I just got my period. And my friend just says 1 thing and I just "explode." It's getting annoying because my friend is all like, "God Ash, you're being SO hormonal!" I try to control what I say, and she knows that I have my period, but she really needs...
    2 Health 9
  143. How Do I get Rid of These Annoying Scars?
    I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty clumsy. I'm always falling over and cutting myself and I've got a lot of scars. Are there any home remedies that can get rid of these scars, or at least make them fade? Thx! :)
    3 Style 27
  144. "Slang" typing, it annoys me.
    Who else is annoyed when people type "slang like" I don't know a proper term for it but when people use zeros for o's, and threes for e's. And spell things really weird so it's hard to make-out. I make spelling errors and grammar mistakes, but never ...
    7 General 70
  145. Friggin Annoying Gap in Teeth
    Okay my sister has a really annoying gap in the front of her teeth and she keeps asking mom && dad for braces but of course they say no... is there anything she can do thats like cheapo to try to get them to go together? or is it like braces or the hig...
    7 Style 57
  146. how do I stop my annoying cousin from calling me?
    I have a mentaly-retarded cousin she calls me constantly almost every 10 mins I dont know what to do I dont hurt feelings but its getting me annoyed and I feel bad when I hang up on her so I ussually keep talking to her and its wasting my time!!! what ...
    4 Relationships 49
  147. Annoying friend
    I have a lot of friend drama. Heres another one can you help me. I have a friend who is always talking about people behind there backs. She is a great person and fun to talk to but I feel when she says those mean things I sould say it to then after I f...
    3 Relationships 33
  148. Who thinks little brothers are annoying??
    everyday when I come home, my little bro zach is always like "hey albino." he's 10 and he knows too much (sexual wise). he's really annoyig and I need to know how to ignore him!!!
    4 Sex 36
  149. Annoying boy...
    Some boy at my school keeps wanting to have se.x wit me and finger me etc. he will not leave me alone! He keeps asking me to go to a movie with hi so he can stik his hand up my shirt, he said its the only way hell leave me alone. Should I let him???
    7 Relationships 38
  150. Annoying brother
    Do you have a brother that is crazy like a monkey and won't leave you alone and that always gets into you stuff all the time like your personal stuff and hurts your animals.. And pops your soccer ball lol well if you think so reply :)
    5 General 34
  151. Annoyed with my Mom
    Omg my mom is such a psychopath. She yells at me over every little thing like today I want to go to my friends house tomorrow so we can go to party together and she just yelled like a b*** I cant it anymore I want to leave this house and never see her...
    5 Family 50
  152. What should I do to get rid of annoying pubic hair?
    Well I get a lot of pubic hair on my armpits and I shave it every night and by the next morning it will have grown back. As I am a brunette I am worried that people will start noticing it. Does anbody have any suggestions??? X
    6 Style 292
  153. Annoying Brother
    Ok, well I have a brother, he is 18, I am 13 he always pranks me on April Fools Day and I never get him back. He pranks me all the time actually, anyway I want to prank him really good this year April Fools is just 1 day away. What do I do?!
    6 Family 56
  154. Would you be annoyed???
    If you told you cousin that you had been fingered thinkin she could keep it a secrate thn she tells every1 that you ave been fingered with 4 fingers, thn a week later she kissed my boyfriend just so every1 would call her a w h o are e... on a scale off...
    2 Relationships 18
  155. How would you mix a country look with a bit of hippie in it?
    I've always felt that I was deep down inside a country hippie girl, from the city. So I was wondering trying to change my style of laidback (throw on whatever I feel like) into actually caring what I wear and looking amazing
    4 Style 5
  156. Ughhh... Don't you find it annoying?! - Bad typing
    Ok, its starting to really annoy me when I want to answer a question but the person who posted it doesn't type in full words... like 'anyone no how 2' ... it slows me down so much! Is it really that hard to type properly?! Is it kinda bugging anyone e...
    6 General 19
  157. Annoying dad
    My dad is sooo sooo sooo annoying and embarrassing! For example, me and my bff brenna were at the grocery store with my dad and we started flirting with these to guys. Then my dad got the manager to call over the loud speaker are names and to come to t...
    6 Family 44
  158. How do I make some VERY annoying college kids be quiet?
    The apartment im staying in is on the second floor, there are three floors in the apartment complex. I am not so lucky because the people in the floor above me party alot like every other day!! Sometimes I cant even sleep at night!
    11 General 45
  159. Can I call the police on this annoying bird outlaw?
    My neighbor that lives behind me has a VERY loud bird. a lot of times throughout the night I can hear the bird yelling "heyaah!" it kinda sounds like a human.. anyways I want to know if I can call the police on them?
    7 Politics 28
  160. annoys me that atheists still celebrate christian holidays
    it really annoys me that atheists say that they dont believe in god, but they still celebrate christian holidays like christmas and easter. I'm a christian and if I wasnt I wouldn't celebrate the holidays. I think atheists only celebrate these holidays...
    31 Religion 62
  161. Hippie quotes/phrases
    So I'm going to be a hippie for halloween, and I have this sign but I don't know what to right on it. I need something short, ex. Peace to the World, Peace and Love, help mother earth, ect. But something like out of the ordinary, anything would be help...
    3 General 102
  162. this is starting to get annoying
    many of the girls at my school often wear low cut tops and shirts that seem a little tight. why dont they just wear a sign saying "look at my boobs". honestly why do they taunt us guys like this.
    7 Style 28
  163. its sooo annoying! . . THESE RUMORS!
    why are all these rumors getting started about me in school?! rumor #1 : im preggo by "david" who ever he is Rumor#2: I have an affair with a teacher rumor#3 : I cut myself Rumor#4: I went to jail for stabbing someone! WTF?! . . . . I MEAN HO...
    8 General 43
  164. USA omg! How annoying are you Walmart!! Really?
    So I was shopping today at Walmart when suddenly "Attention shoppers and associates, we would like to announce that Kate Middleton just gave birth to a baby boy!!" ______WTF!!!! Can somebody please tell me how is that relevant or have any importance?
    5 Shopping 23
  165. An annoying bully is making fun of a friend
    how can I tell this guy off that makes fun of my best friends mom? I mean I want to halp her buh I never no what 2 say 2 that kid.. whjo has a huge wide nose big ears and huge lips? lol
    2 Relationships 17
  166. annoying boy!
    there is a guy in my class and I broke up with him. he gave me a necalace for christmas, and he thinks we are dating. he has told people im a "good kiser"and we hve gone on dates, and he calls everynight. but we hve never had a 5 min. conversation alon...
    4 Relationships 15
  167. How annoying is this my friend said this is obsessive is it?
    Ok well I tried to get things straight with this boy so I said can we talk just me and you so my friend said that sounds obsessive like I dont get whats so obsessive bout it and she is going to tell me to stop talking to him and she doesnt even realy k...
    3 Relationships 15
  168. How can I stop my dog annoying other pets?
    My dog is normally well-behaved around my guinea pigs, but just recently she has started snapping at them, and she won't leave them alone, iven if they are inside or out. I keep them in for the winter (in my room) but she has now learned how to open th...
    2 Pets 35
  169. How do I tell my boyfriend to stop being annoying and clingy?
    He texts me 24/7, and if I dont' reply back once, he keeps texting me non-stop, and it can get very irritating to me. I love him, but I wish he would stop bugging me so much. I know that he cares about me, and just worries, but he does it to a point wh...
    3 Relationships 68
  170. Twilight Annoyences...
    Okay just for randomness has anyone found things in Twlight that is completly wrong that most dont notice? Example: look at the scene where Edward saves Bella from the van. She has headphones in her ears but in the book she says that she doesnt like mu...
    5 Entertainment 30
  171. what's a good fun way to annoy your bus driver?
    This is one question that should be fun to answer. But my bus driver suspended me and all my friends from the bus for a week because I said "I hit my elbow on my desk to day ands it hurt like b*tch!" and I said that rite after I got off the bus! Ha ca...
    5 Entertainment 207
  172. My dog is annoying!
    Ok my dog is a very sweet dog but the problem is that he barks all the time because we live in an apartment...I dont want to get him a shock collar because hes a little dog and they are dangerous anyways and I pretty much have tried everything from squ...
    9 Pets 38
  173. What to do with my phone? Need advice its annoying me ?
    Ok so I bought my phone 4 200 in july and about a week ago all da buttons stoped working so I carryed it in to the shop where I bought it and they sent it away. And I got it back 2day and it was working again bt an hour ago it happened again and I dont...
    2 Technology 6
  174. What to do if you annoy your girlfriend?
    if your girlfriend lives 2 hrs away from you, you only see her once a month and on one weekend when she comes to visit you everything goes great...all except 3 hrs before she leaves to go home when she starts getting annoyed that you want her to stay l...
    2 Relationships 23
  175. Why is he annoying me so much!?
    There's this guy at the tennis squad that I go to once a week that is a MEGA pain. Everytime I make the slightest mistake he makes a stupid comment and then just smirks at me when I glare at him. He's always does ridiculous things whenever we make eye ...
    2 Relationships 42
  176. reposting repeatedly-annoying!
    I dont get how if someone posts the same question twice, they get it from advisors but the advisors have yet to say anything to "cgllr" when she has basically posted the questions around ten times? I'm getting quite irritated with the repeated que...
    3 Gaming 8
  177. annoying brother :P
    my little brother is freakken annoying!! I swear he wakes me up WAY early, once he got a bucket of cold water & threw it to me!! but yeah hes a nice boy sometimes.. how can I get him to leave me alone? he loves watching videos on youtube but sometimes ...
    8 Family 79
  178. That Girl Annoys Me a lot!!!
    Well.. There is this girl in my class and she is really annoying I was best friends with her before buh now im not cause, she used to tell me what to do, ask me to put things in her bag, shout at me when I didnt do what she wanted and wayy moree Now i...
    6 General 95
  179. Annoying things?
    Okaii I am doing this project.. well it for te school that I have to catch up on or soemthing llike that?? well I neeed to know if their is anything that you use that really annyoys you and you think thaat it cn be improved. please telll mee.. I need h...
    5 Education 10
  180. Annoying or uplifting to keep getting answers to questions?
    When yo uask a question on this website, do you like to keep getting answers even if there have been lots of other reply's or its an old question?? I like coming home after a long day, and seeing that people took time outta there day to comment, what ...
    3 Funadvice 33
  181. so I was being the annoying girlfriend
    my boyfriend and I got in a fight but instead of resolving it we just ignored it and keep talking as we normally do but I keep bringing up the fight and keep asking if we could talk about it and keep telling him that I was sorry and why I was sorry, we...
    3 Relationships 31
  182. Annoying im guy
    There's a guy I know who always talks to me on the internet, but never in real life. Then on the internet (instant messenger) he asks me why iii don't talk to him. - and I don't even like him! I find it really annoying, how he thinks I should make all ...
    3 Relationships 33
  183. What annoys you?
    What annoys you? Theres the ones everyone have of •mean/rude people •etc. But there are somethings that only annoy you, or well you find more annoying then others. Mine are; •Buying something through the TV and its a piece of junk •When people lie an...
    12 General 15
  184. Brother and sister
    Do you have a younger or older brother or sister. If you do are they annoying I have a younger brother that is sooo annoying
    9 Family 100
  185. How can you politely tell a friend of yours who is annoying they have to move out?
    One of my husbands friends didn't have anywhere to go so we said he could stay here. He usually annoys me first but my husband says he is annoying him this time. He constantly follows him around and comes in our room without knocking and comes in even ...
    4 Homegarden 27
  186. Doesn't anybody else get annoyed by this?
    Is it just me or does anybody else notice how once school starts people want everybody to do their homework for them by posting questions on here or any other ADVICE site? I say- get your text book and look up the freakin answers. It's not hard. Th...
    3 Funadvice 17
  187. Who else is annoyed by "core" genres?
    Ok, so... What the hell?! Core genres :| Metalcore, deathcore, punkcore, emocore, mallcore?!? O_o mathcore...:o Who else thinks the naming and creation of these genres is just stupid. Theyre not needed, and they sound pathetic Plus, metalcore dra...
    6 Music 31
  188. Do boys find the Australian accent annoying or flattering??
    Do boys find the Australian accent flattering or annoying on a girl?? hahaha...I personally don't mind if you do find it annoying, but keep in mind the crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin impersonation is practically a stereotype...I'm from Sydney so we...
    6 Relationships 75
  189. How can I annoy my boyfriend's mom?
    I don't think she can understand that he's not 6 and that he's 16. She calls him all little pet names like babe and hunny and darling when I'm with him and texts him all the time when he's out. She just cant effing let go! It pisses me off so bad! I ju...
    6 Family 329
  190. What does it mean if a lot of things annoy me and give me a headache?
    For example, my family eating. The noises they make and there faces. And hearing people talk. It all makes me want to rip my head off. I try covering my ears or covering my face but everything just kills me. And my sister, she asks so many questions. E...
    5 Health 12
  191. How much does it annoy you when people use a condescending tone to their advice?
    I see it here quite often. Usually when a young girl ask in a naive or sad or anxious tone, an adult woman here will start their response with "Well, My dear" and will also use "Listen darling" OMG that infuriates me when people do that and place thems...
    7 Funadvice 52
  192. Who thinks the chipmunks are annoying?
    Seriously! I think the chipmunks are really annoying! They sound like friggin squeky toys or some kind of rat being stomped on!!! Gah! Like my moms boyfriend has been playing there cd for the past hour or so in the living room even though I told them i...
    8 Entertainment 58
  193. My friend is annoying me
    My friends grandad is dying right.and I pity him and all.but wheneverhe says something stupid like you dont have a dying grandad and all this .I said to him one day that I dont want to talk about your grandad it nothing got to do with me.the he goes s...
    2 Relationships 33
  194. My best friend is annoying me
    K I have this friend like a really good friend But shes been pissing me off lately because shes sems to be doing everything that im doing (it sounds juvinile(sp) but she copying me) like when I got my nails done she got hers done, when I got my hair cu...
    2 Relationships 37
  195. Get annoyed by girls drinking starbucks?
    Ok so I was at the store with my dad the other day and this preppy girl who never says anything to me is standing in front of me in line. SO she has this tiny starbucks drink and is sipping on it. I went to get ice cream, and I come to the store with t...
    9 Food 70
  196. Parents are annoying me
    So.. I have been acting so resposible and helping around the house so my parents would let me buy a cell phone.. But they still say much does it cost a month if you get unlimted textin? Does it coset 10 dollers a month? I would pay for it with...
    3 Family 22
  197. How do you deal with two annoying little girls?
    Okay, so there's these 2 girls I see after church. They are really annoying!! They are loud and they hit me and slap me!!! It's really embarassing because they are humilating me in front of my crush!! And all I do is look stupid and act like I enjoy it...
    6 Babies 59
  198. am I annoying my bfs' parents?
    k so I have a boyfriend and we only c each othr 1ce a week sadly :(, so we tlk on da phone a lot! we both got our cell fones taken away so we can only call each othr from our home fones..and since im the one who calls him like his parents have answered...
    3 Relationships 32
  199. Sister's friend is annoying me
    my sisters friend flew here from warsaw, 2 weeks ago. and she's been a pain enough.. and now I just found out she's staying for ANOTHER week... AHHH. shes so annoying.. and she acts like she owns the house and everything!! someone.. what should I do t...
    6 Family 42
  200. Is it just me, or is this girl annoying?
    Okay. So I know this girl (ex bestfriend) and she annoys the heck out of me! 1. Her hair is really long and all the hairs are dead and she calls it "Precious". Once she got it trimmed and cried 2. She thinks she has the best singing voice in the worl...
    9 General 22
  201. How can I get rid of my annoying pimples!?
    OK. Lets get to the point... I once had pimples.. but they went away when I use clearasil.. but now, I've been breaking out tons! My face is used to clearisil now so it doesnt work :( I've tried everything! I've got a party coming up on Friday and I wa...
    7 Style 27
  202. What should I do about my annoying friends?
    Alright, so here's what's going on. Me and my boyfriend have been together for eight months now. About the second month we were dating, he hit me. ONLY ONCE. And he sincerly appolagized and hasn't abused me in any way at all since. But the few friends ...
    3 Relationships 41
  203. What should I do about my annoying ex boyfriend?
    Okay so I broke up for my boyfriend for another guy. clearly for good reason. And now my ex boyfriend cracks joes at his friends all the time saying ohh I cheated on him(which DID NOT) and im chubbyand flat chested(and every says im not) && I reallly h...
    6 General 43
  204. how to tell your friend that shes annoying?
    ok so im in 8th grade and I have this friend that is really annoying. my other friend sees it to. she goes around saying how hot she is to everyone and always points out our flaws. she acts like a sl** all the time by making guys touch her and complime...
    3 Relationships 67
  205. Anyone else find JB actually annoying?
    Random question. It's just really hard to find someone who actually thinks the way I do, all of my friends are obsessed and I don't even get it. Nick is a player. Joe is a womanizer. And Kevin is the only decent one. I have nothing bad to say about him...
    8 Music 32
  206. Anyone else find it completely annoying when people say "tbh"
    Does anyone else find it completely annoying when people say "tbh" about 4 or 5 times in one sentence. Gah. I just read the strangest comment ever to one girl talking to my friend. It went something like "tbh I had fun today, and you coming out tonig...
    8 Literature 176
  207. Guys can be annoying... can this mean they like you?
    there is this guy and hes really annoying... he does all kind of little annoying things, but a lot of them are really funny he keeps me laughing... on time I told him he was annoting and he was like really but then he started toughing me and poking me ...
    2 Relationships 37
  208. Annoying and flirty boy
    Ok so my friend thomas is a little anoying and ill have to say, hes a very flirty boy. But the other day, when he saw me going to my next class, he called my name,said bye and then gave me a hug. I was so shocked that he huged me cause I like someone e...
    5 General 30
  209. Annoying sister
    I have a super annoying sister. She is 11...shes soo rude, gross, and annoying... Like sh' like publoc, when my friends are over, and when im eating. Its she ets her snot...shes 11!!! But she is annoying...she'll bug you ...
    9 Family 60
  210. How do I get this annoying transfer student to leave us alone?
    Ok well about 2 weeks ago this new transfer student moved to our school and I thought about being nice so I asked her to sit with us and shes quiet so I made most of the convo. But now shes warmed up to me and sarah and she is sooo awkward she ask ree...
    5 Sex 32
  211. How to block a funadvice user?
    How can I block a user who is annoying me on funadvice?
    3 Funadvice 12
  212. What should I do with this annoying girl?
    alrite well im so confused about what to do with this b**chy girl. in all honesty im a really nice person and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. well this girl hates me and tells everyone. like I never met her or talked to her or met her a ...
    6 Relationships 18
  213. Why is everyone DIRECTIONERS now?!
    It is SOOOOO annoying!
    6 Music 8
  214. How do I deal with my annoying Dad?
    My dad drives me crazy. He yells at me all the time for stuff I dont do and if im not like my older sister or brother I get in trouble. just now he yelled at me for comming down stairs after my neice threw a bottle of lotion at my head and I told her t...
    13 Family 663
  215. Shes Annoying !
    my cousin is anoying & aggrivating, she the kind of girls that are goofy sarcastic and try too hard to fit in its like she dosnt know how to act around people, I took her with me and my boyfriend to hang out and it was funny but annoying, even my b/f g...
    5 Family 47
  216. I need help my computer is so slow and annoying all the sudden ,
    You see my computer has been acting up lately and like I don't know what it can be. For instance when I click the link at the bottom of my screen I have to click it like 10 times before it comes up. My lime wire skipp's a lot >=[ And I play this game...
    4 Technology 43
  217. Would you be annoyed if you invited a guest to your wedding and they chose to invite their children without your consent?
    I am having a smallish wedding. I've invited people i am close to, love and care about and know that they will enjoy celebrating this special day with me. All of my siblings are living, not married, with a bf/gf. All the bf/gf have kids of their own. E...
    2 Family 12
  218. Why do guys always ask the most annoying questions ?
    This might sound a bit mean but well anyway ... My boyfriend always asks the same questions over and over again ... like for eg. if I havent talked to him in about an hr he'l text me and ask me if I miss him or he'l ask how much do I love him . or how ...
    7 Relationships 57
  219. How do I prevent my boyfriend's slow msn replies from annoying me?
    I have a wonderful boyfriend and this is going to sound so OTT and nitpicky but one of my biggest pet peeves is slow IM replies. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel like by taking over 45 Minutes to reply back to me he's being really rude and ignora...
    2 Relationships 95
  220. Why is my boyfriend acting annoyed and distant?
    Ok, so heres the deal. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 1/2 years. We have been great up until the last few months. He seems completely annoyed with just about everything that I say, and he never wants to talk on the phone anymor...
    2 Relationships 578
  221. My hair is so Annoying!
    My hair is so annoying I can't do anything with it. it's thick, wavy but a little straight, mixed hair color. I tried curling it & straightening it but it's so hard to curl & straighten it. It takes forever to get one curl (I've tried hair spray to hol...
    4 Style 68
  222. This is getting annoying!
    I have this friend thats a guy he's been tryna get wit me for a year now,saying I love you and everything, but I dont like him that way. So on thursday he said "im done" like he was gonna stop trying. So I said finally. He called me yesterday actin mea...
    2 Relationships 44
  223. my parents annoy me SOOO much
    how can I live my teen life with annoying parents, and an annnoying sister? if you think im over reacting, think again I love my family to death, but they dont give me personal space. they always want to spend "quality time" together, but at the end, ...
    3 Family 58
  224. How do you stop your dog from chasing your cat?
    11 Pets 45
  225. Do you get annoyed by people who say 'lol' at everything?
    Why do people feel the need to add LOL to the end of every sentence? Why are more and more people persistently using this pointless 'expression'. If trying to get people to read laughter within a sentence, they should read laughter, not this idiotic a...
    21 General 1928
  226. How to deal with really annoying friends?
    Okay so there's this one girl who sits at our table at lunch and I don't really like her, but the rest of my friends do... So she likes to draw and we had this yearbook contest yesterday. So of course she comes to our table finishing up her entry. Yes...
    8 Relationships 65
  227. So Unfair my brother always annoys me
    My older brother is always annoying me. I mean always, he's in a really bad mood and yelling at me half the time. He also snappes me to do things. Just a couple of minutes ago at dinner, I was getting napkins for everybody and he was snapping at me. I ...
    3 Family 106
  228. Problem with annoying mum that might know something
    Well I've never had a proper girlfriend or had the guts to ask someone out. But the other day my nan asked me if I had a girlfriend and I didnt really say much then my mum asked if any girls "chat me up" at school which made me laugh. So after her aski...
    2 Family 13
  229. Curious..What do you guys find most annoying about girls?
    haha...This is a funny topic and I am curious into what you guys find "most" annoying about us Girls..Whether it be the constant illogical questions like - Does this make me look fat?? ... or having to stay in and watch Soap Opera's all day??...or just...
    4 Relationships 61
  230. How to stop my dog's annoying habits?
    My 9 month old German Shepherd has two annoying habits that I have no idea why he does or how to get his to stop and I'd love anyone's advice on how to stop them or on what is going on. First off he has an itching problem. He will itch like crazy som...
    7 Pets 156
  231. Who needs tips to annoy someone?
    1.If you're reading a book and the person next to you is asking annoying question or is just so annoying like hell, just ignore them and see how they will react! 2.If the annoying somebody is talking, then just don't look interested in what their sayi...
    5 General 11
  232. Dangly bits
    On my vagina the midel bit of my lips the dangly bit stick out is this normal ? It is annoying when out cause my knickers annoy it help !
    7 Health 564
  233. Everyone loves magical trevor?
    Do you love magical trevor? or are you just annoyed at it. 118 118 advert, wth? im personally annoyed with it..
    3 Music 32
  234. My brother is really annoying me.
    One year for Christmas, my brother got a guitar for Christmas. He never did anything with it. No lessons, no nothing. So I decided to take it in my room because I've alwayswanted to play guitar. I pretended like I knewhow to play - and I kindof learned...
    6 Family 77
  235. How do you ignore someone
    My brother is annoying me, and I want to know how to ignore him
    5 Family 15
  236. Annoying Friend!
    I've been BFFL's with this girl named Kamm since I was 2!...Ever since her brother died in Iraq(2years ago) she's been really pushy,Well kinda.When ever I say something wrong she like yells at me..ITS THE WAY I SAY THINGS!, I tell her that but she neve...
    2 Relationships 30
  237. Why does my eyebrow keep twitching?
    My eyebrow keeps twitching. It's been doing this all day and it's getting annoying. Why is it doing this?
    2 Health 166
  238. Twilight is getting on your nerves??
    Okay who here is getting annoyed with all the twilight talk??
    5 Literature 13
  239. How do you stop erections?
    Will some one tell me how to stop erections (annoying lol)...
    6 Health 100
  240. Stupid Posers
    Why are some people such friggin' posers?? It's annoying!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!
    2 General 25
  241. What type of eyeliner is good?
    Some smear which is annoying. know any that don't?
    8 Style 20
  242. hedgehog
    is a hedgehog a good pet to have ? do yu get annoyed by them?
    2 Pets 15
  243. Why are moms so annoying?
    My mom is West Indian and she's annoying. Lately, I've been the target being yelled at because I don't help her cook, that I make dinner late, or I don't sweep the living room or that I don't clean up or do certian things. And I'm seriously not the onl...
    11 Family 249
  244. What can I do about my annoying roommate
    My college roommate is starting to bug the crap out of me. Its been a month since he's moved in and now, the little things he does are starting to bug the crap out of me. Although he does go to bed around 10-10:30 pm, that doesn't bother me as much. So...
    3 Education 45
  245. Why am I getting so annoyed with my boyfriend?
    I don't really know what's wrong. I think it's because my boyfriend and I are complete opposites. I prefer to make plans last second, and he always needs to know exactly what's going on. I feel kind of suffocated by him, but I know that he's just do...
    3 Relationships 258
  246. Annoying Exgirlfriend !!!
    Okay , so I'm having a little issue , I like someone a lot . And the first time we went out , I basically broke his heart by telling him I still loved my ex. yeah I know thats kinda mean , but foreal think about it , If you like someone you wouldn't wa...
    2 Relationships 16
  247. Loud comp
    My desktop is really loud its annoying, how can I make it quieter?
    4 Technology 11
  248. Deeper Voice
    I am in my middle teens. How do I make my voice deeper? I have a annoying sounding voice.
    2 General 52
  249. Why the news always are saying prepare your pockets.
    Why the news always are saying this prepare your pockets, thats so annoying.
    3 Entertainment 11
  250. Constant Flatulence
    I have constant wind. It is really annoying can you tell me why I have such a problem.
    2 Health 40