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Why are hippies hated

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  1. who here hates school and what do you hate about it?
    ok who here hates school and what do you hate about it??
    10 Education 32
  2. Who here hates politics?
    Who here hates politics? I Hate it
    10 Politics 45
  3. What chores do you hate doing ?
    what do you hate doing.?as in chores
    10 Homegarden 15
  4. Who is a hater or a hippie?
    are you a hater or are you a hippie
    2 General 21
  5. Who do you hate the most in the world???
    Who do you hate the most in the world???
    4 General 44
  6. Is hating yourself a sin?
    Is hating yourself a sin?
    4 Religion 72
  7. Why does my cat hate me?
    why does my cat hate me
    4 Pets 85
  8. doctors do you hate them?
    doctors do you hate them?
    6 Health 49
  9. I hate everything!
    I hate everything. Why do I hate everything, and how do I stop hating everything? :(
    7 General 42
  10. How do you tell someone that you hate her?
    How do you tell someone that you hate her
    2 Relationships 13
  11. Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    8 Style 26
  12. Who hates britney spears?
    Who hates britney spears?
    19 Music 26
  13. who is the most hated person in the world?
    who is the most hated person in the world?
    2 Family 13
  14. Where are all the hippies in Philadelphia?
    where are all the hippies??? am I the only one in philadelphia?
    3 General 107
  15. who here hates twilight ?
    do any of you hate twilight ? I can't stand it >.<
    11 Entertainment 14
  16. What songs will remind me that I hate him?
    What songs will remind me that I hate him?
    7 Music 118
  17. What are good hate songs?
    what are some good hate songs
    11 Music 139
  18. Who hates selena gomez?
    Who hates selena gomez?I do.
    14 Entertainment 88
  19. Do any of you hate your parents?
    because I hate only my mom.
    32 Family 88
  20. Who hates vanessa anne?
    Who hates vanessa anne?
    12 Entertainment 14
  21. Why are there people who hate Spanish people?
    why are there people that hate spanish people?
    47 General 520
  22. hate hate hate school
    I hate it so bad. :( you wouldn't imagine... I try so hard to like it but don't know how.
    4 Education 13
  23. How can we detect a hate crime?
    4 Politics 57
  24. what is one movie you hated ?
    14 Entertainment 15
  25. What branch of math did you hate the most?
    19 Education 41
  26. things you hate doin?
    7 General 21
  27. Why do people hate
    Seriously,what's up with that?
    8 General 11
  28. what if your younger sister hates you?
    4 Family 60
  29. Who hates writing sonnets?
    3 Literature 29
  30. Which do you hate more (liars or cheaters)?
    23 Relationships 62
  31. Why does somepeople hate Canada???
    34 Travel 33
  32. Can a person really hate truly hate somebody if they ruin there life?
    5 General 72
  33. My mom hates my boyfriend...
    What do I do if my really hates my boyfriend?
    2 Family 45
  34. I hate pizza
    I hate pizza and chocolate is that wierd
    8 Food 42
  35. Do you hate music>?
    Blahhh does anyone hate music?
    9 Music 26
  36. Why do people hate on kevin jonas?
    Why do people hate on kevin jonas?
    3 Music 59
  37. Why does the KKK now hate Mexicans?
    Why is it that now the kkk hates mexicans more than any other race???
    16 General 492
  38. Does america still hate Nazis?
    does america still hate nazis?
    45 Politics 110
  39. Who hates nerds?
    Hey, who hates nerds??? Do you??? Cause I do!
    21 General 31
  40. Do you hate Hannah Montana?
    does anyone hate HANNAH MONTANA???//
    58 Music 141
  41. Does anyone else hate their job?
    don t you hate you are job
    3 Money 46
  42. Why does everyone hate miley cyrus?
    Why does everyone hate miley cyrus?
    22 Music 59
  43. Am I weird for hating to wear underwear?
    Am I weird for hating to wear underwear?
    7 Style 34
  44. What if my friends don't hate the girl I hate?
    I have two bffs there is agirl I hate in my school but my friends dont hate her what should I do???
    3 Relationships 24
  45. do you hate one or more family members?
    do you hate one or more family members???
    6 Family 55
  46. Texting what do you hate the most that other people do?
    When you're texting, what do you hate the most that other people do? [:
    6 Technology 13
  47. Perez Hilton love him Or hate him ??
    Do you love him Or hate him ??
    5 Entertainment 7
  48. do you hate your mom and or dad
    do you hate your parents
    16 Family 63
  49. Anyone else hate drama I do
    Drama drama drama anyone else hate drama I do
    3 General 19
  50. Am I the only one who hates sause?
    I hate all sauses any one else?
    3 Food 35
  51. How is prejudice stereotyping and hate acquired?
    How is prejudice stereotyping and hate acquired?
    4 General 70
  52. Hate it's strong
    Why is the world full of hate
    5 General 14
  53. Do you hate hannah montana?
    who hates hannah montanna
    16 Music 39
  54. Big girls hate
    Why do people hate on big girls?
    5 Style 39
  55. Why do I hate emo punk people?
    Why do I hate emo punk people??
    41 Style 84
  56. What if I hate my Mom's boyfriend?
    I hate my moms bofriend what do I do?
    2 Family 108
  57. Who hates Fall Out Boy (FOB)?
    who hates Fall out boy?
    5 Music 10
  58. How does anyone hate Rascal Flatts?
    How does anyone hate Rascal Flatts?
    9 Music 194
  59. Why do people hate the Smashing Pumpkins?
    13 Music 118
  60. How can I tell my mom I hate my stepdad?
    10 Family 57
  61. who else has to do a senior project and hates it?
    3 Education 41
  62. Why does Eminem hate Lady Gaga?
    18 Music 113
  63. I hate making out
    but my girlfriend loves it. what do I do?
    3 Relationships 36
  64. Why do people hate WikiLeaks so much?
    10 General 129
  65. Why am I around so many people I hate?
    5 Relationships 38
  66. Who else hates their life at times?
    28 General 50
  67. Who likes or hates barack obama and why?
    4 Politics 12
  68. Do you hate Techno music
    10 Music 43
  69. I think my dad and stepmom hate me
    2 Family 68
  70. I hate my parents
    How do I get emancipated from my parents?
    8 Family 20
  71. Why do so many people hate Eminem?
    29 Music 60
  72. Why is it that all girls hate me?
    27 Relationships 44
  73. Why is it that lots of people hate Canadians????
    19 General 44
  74. Why do people hate Manchester United?
    5 Sports 35
  75. do you hate miley cyrus
    13 Music 18
  76. Why does my bestfriend all tha sudden hate me .. he txt me and said never too talk to him again tht he hates me??
    6 Relationships 46
  77. Mum hates my boyfriend
    my mum hates my boyfriend how do I make her like him ?
    3 Family 28
  78. Why do people hate the jonas brothers because they are christians?
    Why do people hate the jonas brothers because they are christians?
    16 Religion 43
  79. When does the boy hate the girl forever.
    When does a guy hate a girl?
    2 Relationships 24
  80. Somethings You Hate?
    Well I Was Wondering... What Are Somethings You Hate About Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
    7 Relationships 18
  81. Braces-Hate em
    What makes you hate braces???
    4 Style 33
  82. Hating FOB
    why do people hate fall out boy?
    11 Music 34
  83. What do you do when your Dad and sister hate you?
    what do you do when your dad and sis hate u?
    12 Family 98
  84. What's it mean to hate something with a passion?
    Whats it mean to hate something with a passion?
    8 General 655
  85. parent hate me
    how do I get my girlfriend parents to stop hating me
    2 Relationships 19
  86. why all english people hate arabs and why they are racist
    why all english people hate arabs and why they are racist
    6 Politics 24
  87. Who hates feet, I think they're nasty
    who hates feet I think they're nasty
    18 Style 76
  88. Who hates..
    Miley cyrus!?!? Cause I do!!
    24 Music 13
  89. What do you hate about your parents the most?
    Sorry parents, no offense intended!
    16 Family 70
  90. I hate my sister
    why is my sister such a little fat head
    4 Family 47
  91. who hates that skinny jeans are the fashion right now?
    52 Style 49
  92. Why do white people hate Mexicans so much?
    19 Politics 197
  93. why quys hate this
    why guys don't like to be questioned
    6 Relationships 21
  94. do you hate cheese?
    I know this is random but I am bored
    5 Nutritionfitness 45
  95. What allows hate groups to increase in membership?
    6 General 19
  96. Who hates it when guys ask them about their cup size?
    10 Style 53
  97. Why do Christians hate Jews...
    when their Idol was Jewish.
    18 Religion 54
  98. Why hate gum
    Why do loads of people hate gum? I love it and so do loads of other people, but why hate it..
    4 Food 57
  99. Can someone tell me why people hate church people??
    31 Religion 73
  100. How can I get away from my teacher I hate?
    I hate my teacher and she hates me. How do I get away from her until I leave that school?
    2 Education 11
  101. Who hates jello?
    Pretty self explanatory...
    12 Food 77
  102. Hating myself
    How do I get better self esteem??
    5 Style 10
  103. I hate being bored
    Do you sit at home all day?
    4 General 37
  104. What's your reason for hating Miley Cyrus?
    20 Entertainment 37
  105. Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?
    15 General 57
  106. wheres your g spot? no hates please
    4 Health 224
  107. Who do you hate more?
    Jonas Brothers or Amy Winehouse
    9 Music 9
  108. Anyone hate Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers?
    22 Music 48
  109. hate on Obama
    why do people hate Obama? why do you want him to die? what has he done?
    17 Politics 42
  110. Why do people hate the Jonas Brothers?
    why do people hate the jonas brothers? they're awesome!
    16 Music 52
  111. What are 10 rock songs that you hate?
    and a few reasons why you hate them? thanks
    9 Music 29
  112. Which household chore do you hate the most?
    Which house-hold chore do you hate doing the most?
    10 Homegarden 27
  113. Does anyone hate their hips or lovehandles ?
    hate their Hips or love handles ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 19
  114. Who else hates twilight?
    There's all those people out there who love them. Who else hates them with a passion?
    21 Entertainment 9
  115. What would a cowboy hate to happen in a gun fight?
    What would a cowboy hate to happen in a gun fight?
    2 General 116
  116. hate your girlfriends habit?
    guy this is for you... what would you hate your girlfreind to do the most??? to you?
    2 Relationships 19
  117. Is hate truly love lacking perfection?
    Is hate truely love lacking perfection?
    2 Relationships 24
  118. What if my Dad hates dogs but I love them?
    my dad hates dogs but they are my favorite animal
    3 Pets 176
  119. Every1 hates me!!!
    How to make someone that hates you like u?
    10 Education 63
  120. How can I brainwash myself to hate food?
    how can i brain wash my self to hate food
    3 Food 338
  121. Does anyone else hate miley cyrus?
    Does anyone else hate miley cryus?!
    9 Entertainment 20
  122. Dancing like a Hippie
    Weird question, but I have to dance like a hippie for a skit that I'm doing. How do I dance like a hippie?
    3 General 140
  123. what are some good baby hippie names?
    what are some good hippie names for babies? Like names from hippies in the 60's and 70's.
    8 Babies 50
  124. Miley Cyrus. Love or hate?
    Miley Cyrus. Do you hate her or love her? I hate her. She suck big time!
    11 Entertainment 36
  125. Why do a lot of Beatles fans hate Yoko Ono?
    4 Music 52
  126. I hate my mom so much I don't know what to do?
    3 Family 61
  127. Does anybody else hate the new Sunchips bags?
    14 Food 41
  128. Anyone else hate amy winehouse?
    Anyone else h8 amy?I h8 her
    9 Music 37
  129. Hate my body
    How do I get skinny fast,help!!!
    6 Health 19
  130. How can I survive 8th grade when mostly everyone hates me?
    10 Education 37
  131. Why do my tomboy/boyish friends hate girly girls so much?
    8 Relationships 90
  132. What song describes people who hated each other and grew to love each other?
    5 Music 13
  133. Why does my friend's mom hate me because I dont go to church?
    10 Religion 50
  134. Why does everyone hate Nickleback?
    i think they are good ah
    16 Music 36
  135. Why do some people hate obama's health plan ?
    19 Politics 63
  136. Why do people keep hating when teenagerss get pregnet?
    115 Health 40
  137. How do I avoid these people I hate when they're going to be at my house?
    9 General 42
  138. Is it wrong to hate your guy's obnoxious best friends?
    5 Relationships 21
  139. Who hates miley cyrus/hannnah montana
    Who here hates miley cyrus/hannnah montana because I hate her so much tell me if you love her or you hate her like I do...
    17 Music 15
  140. How can I annjoy my hateful teacher...she hatees me?
    Ok my Religion teacher is a nun but I m not crazy... she hates me. She loves my friend and I M not jealous. How can I annoy her(the teacher). thx
    5 Education 30
  141. HatredIs it wrong to hate your little sister's best friend?
    Is it wrong to hate your little sister's best friend?
    5 Family 14
  142. What is the most hated Genre of music?
    Personally I hate country... It just sounds so disgusting!
    17 Music 78
  143. People hating George Bush
    Why do people hate prez George Bush so much? What has he done?
    12 Politics 36
  144. Who in here likes, loves or hates to text?
    I was just wondering who likes , loves or hates to text I lov3 to t3xt!!!
    11 Technology 18
  145. If I hate my brother should I move?
    If I hate my brother should I move to florida with my dad or stay where I live?
    5 Family 39
  146. Why do people hate charles manson?
    why does everybody hate him? I personally love him
    10 General 212
  147. I hate my Mom's boyfriend
    I hate my moms boyfriend what do I do, I am forced to live here with him, and I just cant stand him what do I do?
    41 Family 4966
  148. whats the name of the person whos hates hannah montana
    whats the name of the person whos hates hannah montana
    10 Entertainment 22
  149. How to let my Dad's girlfriend know I hate her?
    how can I let my dads girlfriend know I hate her without being mean about it?
    13 Family 521
  150. Do guys like belly button piercings or hate them on a girl?
    Do guys like belly button piercings or hate them on a girl?
    4 Style 167
  151. How can I hack into this girl I hate's Myspace?
    I need to know how to hack into her myspace bascally because I hate her
    2 Technology 42
  152. My mom hates me and thinks my girlfriend isn't real
    My mom hates me and thinks my girlfriend isn't real what can I do to get it through to her that she is real
    5 Family 55
  153. Dont you hate double posters?
    Dont you just hate people who double-post?
    7 Funadvice 14
  154. Where to get cheap hippie clothes?
    Where can I get cheap hippie clothes? Anyone know of any cheap websites?
    4 Shopping 31
  155. why do they hate him
    what do I do when my family thinks I have bad taste in men and hate my boyfriend
    3 Relationships 16
  156. What do you hate about your school?
    I abso hate my skewl. teachers. rules. everythingg!!! tell me what you hate about yours (:
    15 Education 11
  157. I hate orange hair
    How do I seriously get the orange out of my bleached hair...ughhh
    3 Style 422
  158. why does my mom hate me?
    ... she takes all her aggression out on me, why not my brother...whats the differece?
    12 Family 47
  159. Why do people with freckles often 'hate' them?
    i think there cute :p
    12 Style 75
  160. Who hates Demi Levato?
    Who thinks that she sucks at singing? I do! lol
    11 Entertainment 44
  161. I hate my dad
    how do I live with my dad I am about to blow I cant deal with his crap
    7 Babies 51
  162. I hate this!!!
    How to get over the fact that my crush could possibly have a girlfriend?
    2 Relationships 44
  163. Why does everyone hate hannah montana?
    I think that people are just jealouse
    13 Entertainment 48
  164. What does everyone think about the TV show "Everybody Hates Chris"?
    7 Entertainment 12
  165. Why are homosexuals so hated by christians if jesus preached love for everyone?
    40 Sex 50
  166. Why do I feel ugly?!! . . . I hate it!!!
    How can I make myself feel pretty? Any ideas? Help!
    7 Style 43
  167. Why do young people hate older people
    Why do younger people find older people so unattractive ?
    5 Relationships 104
  168. I HATE MY GAP!!!
    how do I fix the gap in my teeth? I can` have braces, or anything expancive
    10 Style 147
  169. is it just me or do i hurt or piss of people with out even trying?? god i hate myself
    8 Religion 13
  170. Hate my sisters habits, what to do?
    How could you get rid of sisters habits that you don't like?
    3 Family 24
  171. feet what is it about them people hate?
    what is it with girls and feet? they hate em! why ther just feet! help me understand
    9 General 79
  172. Why do people hate emos?
    why do people hate emos & dont say because they cut because because anybody can cut weither their emo or not!!!
    11 Style 89
  173. Who else hates Justin Timberlake?
    I hate Justin Timberlake, but I've never met anyone else that does. Anyone?
    17 Music 119
  174. Why Do People Hate Hannah Montana?
    Why do people hate her? instead they are just crazy about the jonas brothers.
    15 Entertainment 83
  175. 10 things I hate about you
    is anybody gonna watch 10 things I hate about you on abc family???
    2 Entertainment 7
  176. Person: I Hate you. You:(___)?
    What is something witty or funnaay you say when people tell you they hate you?
    8 General 22
  177. Say yes to this question if you hate the jonas bros, say no if u...
    Like them. I hate them
    19 Music 32
  178. Disney channel, who hates it?
    am I the only one that hates high school musical and all the other disney stars?
    8 Entertainment 26
  179. Intense red hair? Love or hate?
    Intense red hair? Love or hate? On a girl btw x
    4 Style 33
  180. How do I stop hating my eyes?
    I hate my eyes because everyone says my eyes are boring, ugly, and poop.
    11 Style 45
  181. `School who else hates it?
    Mmmkay soz I hate school. like who doesn't! ;o
    6 Education 10
  182. if you know someone who cut himself would you hate , stop / want t
    if you know someone who cut himself would you hate , stop / want to be his friend ?
    9 Health 54
  183. Do you hate any of Hannah Montana's songs?
    Give me a list of songs by Miley Cyrus or hannah you hate
    31 Music 34
  184. What shuold I do my ex said that he hate me
    What shuold I do my ex said that he hate me well I think if I can't have him I shuold go gays
    3 Relationships 13
  185. What should I do if all of my brothers hate?
    because they have hated me ever sense i've changed and lately i've changed alot and do why they may hate me?
    8 Family 10
  186. Is it weird that I hate pants when I'm at home but hate skirts when I'm out in public?
    I mean I'm boyish but I cant stand wearing a skirt in public or pants at home( unless they are leggings) lol
    3 Style 13
  187. Why does she hate me
    Why does my mom hate me she iss call me out in front of my friends and tell he she hates me and that she is going to put me in a home. I hate it!
    2 Family 42
  188. my best friend hates one of my other friends and so i was kinda mean to my other friend aswell how do i appolagise
    3 Relationships 49
  189. What is your most hated T.V. show and list one reason why you dislike the show so much?
    15 Entertainment 42
  190. Is it worth being a millionaire if the reason why you are rich is because people hate you?
    20 Music 21
  191. Why does my teacher hate me?
    she is my italian teacher her name is signora walsh and she h ates me why
    4 Education 108
  192. Why do guys hate Uggs?
    im really curious why guys think Uggs are hideous >?
    25 Style 202
  193. Do you hate time? I do
    Why does time go by so slow when you want it to go by fast..and vice versa?
    7 General 33
  194. Do Sunni Muslims hate Americans like Shi'ites do?
    Are Sunni Muslims against Americans the way Shi'ites are?
    8 Religion 563
  195. Who hates vultures?
    Because if you do I've got a bone to pick with you Lol joke
    8 General 12
  196. Who loves twilight? Who hates it?
    Im just wondering if Their is more twilight lovers or haters Go twilight!!
    8 Entertainment 10
  197. what is the most thing you hate bout your b/g f?
    me:when she understand my words in wrongway
    3 Relationships 38
  198. Hate my namee ! can I legally change ittt !
    Destiny is a dumb name to meee. (: can I change ittt ?
    4 General 14
  199. when should i tell my mom im bi cause she hates bi /les/and gay?
    3 Family 60
  200. Hawaii boy hates the cold
    Going from hawaii to chicago for two months how cold will it be?
    5 Travel 37
  201. What to do when my best-friend in the whole world hates my baby daddy ?
    26 Relationships 48
  202. Have you seen "10 Things I Hate About You"?
    okay has any seen 10 things I hate about you I love it so just want to know what you thought about it
    6 Entertainment 15
  203. Who else hates when you and another person are messaging
    Who else hates when you and another person are messaging and the other person reads it but doesnt write back
    7 Technology 35
  204. Girls hate
    What kind of things do you girls hate when a guy ask or does to u. Just wanted to know
    3 Relationships 18
  205. Don't you hate it when you fall for him but he has a girl?
    Don't you hate it when you see the guy,who you fall head over heels for,but unfortuantly has a girl already?
    2 Relationships 22
  206. Who hated the movie The Dark Night?
    I LOVED IT!! I just want to know if there is people out there who actually hate it.
    8 Entertainment 8
  207. Who else hates the Yankees?
    Does anyone else hate the New York Yankees with a passion? Let me know :)
    6 Sports 19
  208. why do people hate lil wayne
    like lil wayne is the best rapper alive so why do people hate him so much???
    12 Music 82
  209. Ugg boots, love them or hate them?
    what do you think about the ugg boots? You see them everywhere nowadays. Do you like them or hate them?
    12 Style 15
  210. When should my true love ask me out if he hates me?
    He hates me and I love hime how do I get in time for the beach games.
    2 Relationships 21
  211. do people hate chris brown
    like do people hate chris brown beacse of what he done 2 rihanna !!!
    5 Entertainment 13
  212. do you hate miley cyrus?
    omg dont you people like hate miley cyrus!!! tell me what you think about her?
    8 Entertainment 16
  213. Who hates being a teenager
    I hate being a teenager.I cant wait till I get into my twentys who else?
    9 General 26
  214. Dont hate the 'los and 'letes
    Why do people start hate crimes against juggalos juggalettes?
    5 Music 37
  215. why do some people hate micheal jackson
    why do people hate micheal jackson no one really noes if he milested dudes
    9 General 24
  216. Why do a lot of people hate Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers?
    why do a lot of people hate hannah montana and the jonas brothers? I think they both rule!!!
    16 Music 73
  217. how do you keep hating someone?
    how do you keep hating someone who you cared about so much even if theyre a backstabbing liar?
    11 General 48
  218. Why do people hate emos now?
    I always wonder why people start hating emos now- every site I join there's always someone that hates emos- why?
    8 Style 40
  219. Who believes in hate?
    instead of love, who believes in hate? I decided to type an essay on hate because everyone types about love and I wanted to do it differently. It's on the "I believe" essays...
    4 Literature 15
  220. Why does my math techer hate me ?
    I get annoy my techer hate me !!! Do your techers hate you _ tell your name and tell the story I like I not thr only one who techer hate
    3 Education 59
  221. Does anyone hate it when people say they hate celebrities?
    I personaly hate it because they don't even know them. I think it really Stupid. I see this a lot...Like...Miley Cyrus. They Hate her and they don't even know her. Everyone make Mistakes. Anyone else hate it?
    10 Entertainment 37
  222. What do I do if my family hates me
    Everything I do everybody yells at me and I dont get to do anything to have fun
    3 Family 63
  223. What are things you need to be a real hippy?
    I already have the state of mind..Its the style I need help with.
    8 Style 50
  224. My mom hates me
    She is always putting me down and callin me a slut or whatever ... How do I get her to stop
    18 Family 35
  225. Why do I keep hearing that Hispanic (mostly Mexican and Cuban) and black people hate each other?
    6 General 50
  226. What would you do if your bestfriend is suddenly being the most hate person in class by your friends?
    Would you leave her or stay with her?
    18 Relationships 49
  227. How do you explain to your mom that you hate your dad?
    ....they are split up and i am completely done with him and my mom is worried that doing that is bad for me...
    3 Family 35
  228. How can i get rid of acne on my back i have it on top of my back and shoulders please help i hate it?
    8 Style 7
  229. does anyone else hate it when someone replies a text message with " lol" or "k"?
    12 General 91
  230. Why does my mom hate the song FunkyTown????
    You ya'll have anyideas!!! She won't tell me why.
    5 Music 13
  231. Do you hate it when people talk to their pets like they are really understanding everything they say?
    18 Pets 40
  232. Why do people hate Sanjaya?
    Why??? I actually liked him and when I heard, I got really confused...
    3 Entertainment 39
  233. Why Do People Hate Anorexics ?
    Heyoo Just Wondering Why People Dont Like Anerxics? x
    21 Health 531
  234. Dont you hate it when your head is everywhere?
    When your head is everywhere else but where you are right then and there? Does this even make sense?
    2 General 29
  235. I hate my eyebrows
    I have one eyebrow higher than the other one. what can I do to fix them?? I dont want to draw them in or tattoo?
    3 Style 81
  236. Why do I hate sleepovers?
    Im 14 and I havnt dun a sleepover in 2 years I hate them and noone understands...
    7 Entertainment 117
  237. Boyfriend's parents hate me
    My boyfriends parents hate me, I have been going out with him for 2 years now I have only seen them about 9 times all in all but I havent seen them for a year now
    3 Relationships 41
  238. Why does everyone hate Obama
    Why is everyone treating obama like he's a piece of trash ...I hate is time for a change so do you want him or not...
    27 Politics 103
  239. Why do people hate on emo and scene girls so much?
    Why do so many people hate emos and scenes so much a lot of them are realy pretty.
    17 Style 75
  240. how come my family hates me a
    how come my family hates me and so do all the people at school I have never done anything to any living soul!
    9 Family 74
  241. I hate my dad
    is it okay if I hate me dad if hes abused me and my brother all our lifes after my mother died in 1999
    3 Family 37
  242. I hate being fat!!!
    I really hate being fat and all my friends make fun of me because of it. are there any ways to get rid of fat fast?
    9 Nutritionfitness 40
  243. I really hate it black and im scared to strip it
    okay so my hair is black and I have dyed it over and over again..I really hate it black and im scared to strip it because it so unhealthy. what should I do??
    5 Style 73
  244. Who hates crazy lovers?
    Hey, who hates crazy lovers??? Do you??? I don't, because I don't waste my energy on that crap, but I love to make a point. :)
    10 Relationships 8
  245. umm... I hate mi hair
    mi hair iz all frizzy and wavy I hate it how do I get out all the frizz and waves out
    8 Style 28
  246. Should they be charged with a 'Hate crime' ?
    If the arsonist/s who burned the church where Sarah Palin attends is caught - Should they be charged with a 'Hate crime' ?
    8 Politics 27
  247. Why is this if a guy hates ?
    Ok this is a guy ? Girls can answer to ok if a guy hate geting head or playin with himself is he gay or sumthing
    2 Relationships 20
  248. I hate my figure, what can I do?
    I hate my figure. Im like a stick but my butt is big. I get made fun of with my freindz. What should I do?! :)
    2 Nutritionfitness 16
  249. Why do people hate emos? They're regular people?
    I'm emo and I never knew why people hated emo's. Were regular people. Please anwser this seriously.
    18 Style 16
  250. Why do people hate screamo bands?
    Im in a screamo band I am the vocalist and people hate my music they say it is beacuse they cant understand what im saying why is that?
    11 Music 147