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Why are hippies dirty

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  1. Who is a hater or a hippie?
    are you a hater or are you a hippie
    2 General 21
  2. Where are all the hippies in Philadelphia?
    where are all the hippies??? am I the only one in philadelphia?
    3 General 107
  3. Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    8 Style 26
  4. Where can I dirty chat online?
    12 Technology 100
  5. Dirty sleepover games
    Dirty girl sleepover games?
    3 Gaming 2898
  6. What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?
    What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?
    8 Entertainment 4864
  7. Dirty talk
    What are some dirty things to say in bed
    2 Relationships 143
  8. Dirty Songs
    whats the worst/dirtyest song you know?
    13 Music 140
  9. Dirty websites
    What are good websites to masterbate in front of?
    3 Sex 69
  10. What are some really good, dirty rap songs?
    13 Music 59
  11. Is it better to dye your hair when it's clean or dirty?
    7 Style 142
  12. What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.
    What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.
    8 Gaming 726
  13. I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
    I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
    3 Relationships 2616
  14. what are some good baby hippie names?
    what are some good hippie names for babies? Like names from hippies in the 60's and 70's.
    8 Babies 50
  15. Dancing like a Hippie
    Weird question, but I have to dance like a hippie for a skit that I'm doing. How do I dance like a hippie?
    3 General 140
  16. Would I suit dirty, fair hair colour?
    3 Style 27
  17. How can I prevent my feet from getting dirty when I wear sandals ?
    6 Style 451
  18. what are some dirty jokes you know or websites i can go to, to find some?
    2 General 26
  19. Where to get cheap hippie clothes?
    Where can I get cheap hippie clothes? Anyone know of any cheap websites?
    4 Shopping 31
  20. What are some dirty or funny jokes?
    What are some dirty jokes or funney that you people know jw??
    7 Entertainment 39
  21. Dirty truth or dares
    What are some good/dirty truth or dares? There are going to be guys and girls
    2 Relationships 9490
  22. When is he dirty?
    How can you know to bathe your dog,unless you know when yor dog is dirt?
    4 Pets 28
  23. Is it okay if your stepmother hits you in the face for saying a dirty word?
    17 Family 16
  24. Will dirty blonde hair look okay on olive skin?
    3 Style 44
  25. My friends LOVE PLAIN dirty games...
    What games should we play if we wanna play "dirty" things?
    3 Gaming 1076
  26. Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.
    I need some dirty truth or dare ideas for guys to play. Just guy and as dirty as they can be please.
    4 Entertainment 828
  27. Rock bands with lyrics that aren't dirty
    What are some good rock bands with clean lyrics? Thanks!
    3 Music 101
  28. What is everyones dirty little secret?
    I'm just wondering what everyones dirty little secret is...:P. So... Tell me !!! :D
    9 General 36
  29. How do I talk dirty to my husband?
    I try and talk dirty to my husband but I never make any sence to sound sexy
    3 Sex 151
  30. How to talk dirty to my boyfriend?
    how do I talk dirty to my boy friend...what should I say should it go what will he say back?
    4 Relationships 496
  31. What are some dirty talk examples?
    My boyfriend loves dirty talk. Can you guys give me some examples? I'm not very good at it.
    9 Relationships 6608
  32. What are things you need to be a real hippy?
    I already have the state of mind..Its the style I need help with.
    8 Style 50
  33. How do I make my converse dirty?
    I want my brand new ones to look dirty but not too diry, how o you do it ? :s
    9 Style 1409
  34. Do any guys like Dirty Dancing?
    Guys---I've never met any of you that like dirty dancing. do any of you like it? why don't you??? It's the best movie ever!
    3 Entertainment 15
  35. Dirty truth and dares
    What are some dirty truth or dares I could ask? having a party with boys and girls and I want to play.
    10 Gaming 224
  36. What to say in dirty talk?
    Help, What can I say dirtily Over msn or text Helppp :D xxx
    4 Relationships 234
  37. How do I start a dirty text message conversation?
    like when a guy texts you and starts flirting and telling you dirty things, how do you continue it?
    2 Relationships 1017
  38. What will happen if i die my hair a more dirty blonde color after it was died a ashy brown with blonde highlights yesterday??
    4 Style 79
  39. Where do girls stand on dirty talk?
    So I am wondering where you girls stand on doing the dirty talk? My ex girlfriend loved it and so did I. Not all of my ex girlfriend liked it tho So how many girls like it and why?
    4 Relationships 71
  40. Dirty text messages for my girlfriend?
    I need some help on some dirty text messages. What a girl would like to see and read. To turn her on and so on like that.
    3 Relationships 459
  41. What dirty texts should I send to my boyfriend?
    I really want to text my boyfriend dirty messages so it will turn him on and so he will want to text me more...please any answers are much appreciated...
    4 Relationships 8027
  42. What are some good dirty stories for phone sex?
    I need some good dirty stories for my boyfriend who wants to have some phone sex. I need 2 make him cum.Got any good ones???
    3 Sex 39
  43. Dirty Diana
    I'm curious about Michael Jacksons song "Dirty Diana" Who was he talking about? Diana Ross? Princess Diana? or just some other random Diana? Any answers? (:
    6 Music 11
  44. Very dirty truth or dare questions
    I just need dirty ones! Hehehe! I am having a sleepover with one of my friends and I need dirty ones. Mostly Dare I like that better. So come up with dirty ones please. No websites!!
    22 Gaming 11955
  45. I want to talk dirty to my boyfriend, what to say?
    I want to talk dirty to my boyfriend but I don't know what to say. guy- what do you like to hear? girls- what are some things you say/have said?
    3 Relationships 188
  46. Double ginger granola(hippy food)
    Does anyone know a "double ginger granola" recipe.please help its for school Or if you dont, you reccomend some other hippy foods/recipes.
    2 Food 11
  47. Hippie Stores
    Anybody know of and e hippie stores around these places (ontario) -Cobourg -Belleville -Trenton -Oshawa -Harwood thnx : )
    2 Shopping 70
  48. What should I say when I talk dirty to my man?
    I feel like im repeating myself over and over agian when I talk dirty to him. Got anything I can use to mix it up a little?
    5 Relationships 145
  49. WHo can help to learn how to talk dirty to my girl friend please?
    she always want me to talk dirty but I dont really do it and I want make her happy so I need help what do I Do!!!.
    2 Relationships 63
  50. How can I tell if I only like him for his dirty talk?
    I was talkin to this guy and I love his dirtyy talk, I've never been so turned on before, but how can I tell if I only like him for that one reason?
    3 Relationships 54
  51. How do I get him to talk dirty?
    My boyfriend doesnt tell me wot turns him on, I've asked him wot he likes but he just says you!! Its boring!! How do I get him to talk dirty? Help me please
    4 Relationships 281
  52. Will I look okay with dark eyebrows and dirty blonde hair?
    I got dark eyebrows , not bushy or anything but they're dark and I was thinking of dying all my hair dirty blond...Would it still look okay?
    3 Style 52
  53. Dirty Underwear
    24% of men say that they own underwear that is 5 years or more old. . besides hygeine what is the issue with that ... bad hygeine is all I could come up with .
    3 Style 39
  54. Dirty filthy sex
    I wanna ask my girlfriend to let me cum all over her face,she loves to suck and swallow.What do you think are the chances?
    4 Sex 182
  55. What's your opinion on hippies?
    whats yalls opinion on hippies? I know thats like from the 60s but some people are still crazy bout it. I like some of it but not a lot.. just wonderin what yall think.
    5 Style 62
  56. How can I be a hippy?
    I have a problem with my hair. It is shoulder length with lots of layers and wont grow out. I have side bangs and crap. I really want to be a hippy with long hair? WTF DO I DO?
    2 Style 58
  57. what are sexy dirty dares for public 3 boys 3 girls?
    I some Dirty, Sexy dares to play with a group of people in public ( no sex) there are 3 girls and 3 boys ;) , 1 of the girls is going out wid the other boy but they dont mind
    2 Sex 541
  58. Dirty sailor song
    Does anyone know a dirty song that the last line is nothing was there but a big clump of hair and one of his long bombadarose? It was about a sailor that was with a diseased pro.
    2 Music 72
    im bored and want to see how many people will anser this so go ahead and write the dirtyest dares and dare questions you can think of!!!
    6 Relationships 4619
  60. What if I touch my vaginia with dirty hands what will happen?
    Ok so I was watching a movie. I started touching myself. A little while later I had small bumps inside my vaginia. Is that normal
    3 Health 234
  61. Why do my cat's ears get dirty within 2 days?
    It's an indoor cat, seems like I'm constantly cleaning them, and I get alot of dirt out...
    6 Pets 48
  62. What does it mean when a guy asks to talk dirty?
    Well this guy keeps texting me on my cell asking to talk dirty. I want to know what to say without him thinking I like him. Anyone have any ideas?
    9 Relationships 115
  63. dirty texting
    I want to dirty text this guy, cause hes been doing it to me, but I never know what to say. I just keep telling him that my cells not working so guys, let me know what you like to hear! and girls, let me know what guys like! ;)
    5 Relationships 205
  64. Dirty dancinggg
    I like to "dirty dance" in my bedroom with like friends and stuff. I don't know its really fun!! We all loveee to dance. Do any of you know any good songs to dirty dance to? Please help :) verysoon!!!<3 thanks xoxox!:)
    4 General 8
  65. dirty truth or dare ideas?
    ok this isnt flowerchild im her friend and I told her I wanted to go on the internet and look up some dirty dares so she said "go to funadvice" so could you please give me some VERY VERY dirty dares?
    13 General 670
  66. Where is a good place to work wit out getting dirty?
    don't wanna work in a fast food place because thts nasty lol and sum where, where mii and mii girlfriend can do together
    7 Money 51
  67. my boyfriend wants me to talk dirty with him...
    but I really don't know what to say, and I'm afraid I'll say something really stupid. he wants me to start the conversation too, and I really have NO idea what to say... any suggestions?
    2 Relationships 192
  68. some great quotes to talk to a man dirty.
    I've been wanting to talk sexually to this boy that I like I just dont know what to say.. any good lines
    5 Sex 1125
  69. What are some funny dirty songs?
    Songs like... ICP - The Dating Game Hot Action Cops - Fever for the Flava Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter ???
    5 Music 323
  70. How do I dress up like a hippy?
    I have a costume party coming up and I want to dress up like a hippy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mix and match clothing to suit the hippy look. What style should my make up be? Dark or light. And also what colors do hippy clothing range...
    6 Style 38
  71. What to say when talking dirty?
    My boyfriend says he thinks its really hott when girls talk dirty, only problem is I dont know what to say. im not embarassed to, I just dont know where to start. any helpful hints to get started? thnxx
    26 Relationships 12079
  72. Xstrem dirty dirty Dares
    ok I will be having a party of girls. my perents will not be coming home till about 1:00-2:00 am they will be at a party. They know were playing. LOL so light or dark does not matter. My friends like to play the very dirty way so I guess net week I wil...
    19 Entertainment 6501
  73. What are some dirty games for a group of bi girls?
    What are some dirty games that me and my friends can play at my sleepover and p.s. were 15 going on 16.Were girls and all bi lol haha yeah I know.Please and thank you!:D
    10 Gaming 539
  74. What should you say in a dirty phone call?
    Does anyone know what you should put in a dirty phone call to turn the ladies on? I think I've kinda got one but I'd like to have some public opinion...
    3 Relationships 23
  75. How do I get my boyfriend to talk dirty to me ?
    Well you see when I tell my boyfriend that I wanna have sex he says he does too but when I text him really dirty text messages he says oh I'm hard and doesn't say anything dirty back . He gets all the pleasure . What can I do to get him to talk dirty t...
    2 Sex 846
  76. what are some good dirty talk lines?
    my boyfriend really likes when I talk ditry to him, its a big turn on for him and I need a few ideas I dont want to keep repeating the few lines I know.
    3 Relationships 97
  77. Does anyone else agree that Black Eyed Peas slightly killed the song "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing?
    (despite it being annoyingly catchy)?
    12 Music 36
  78. How to send a dirty photo?
    my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we're trying to get through it by sending each other dirty photos every now and then. I plan on sending him one tonight, but does anyone have any tips? what would turn a guy on most?
    2 Relationships 70
  79. What to say to him while humping him, and whats too dirty ?
    I like dirty talk and my new guy says he likes it too. I will talk dirty next time we are together, however with out asking him, or shocking him whats too dirty? Just wondering? I know I should be asking him, but I kinda want to surprise him. I als...
    2 Relationships 157
  80. Talkin dirty
    I need some good phrases to make my boyfriend horny! Help me?hes coming over soon!! I need some help. Dont b afraid 2 describe in detail...
    2 Relationships 69
  81. How to talk dirty via text message?
    I am texting with a guy I'm dating and he likes to text dirty and I never know what to say. His latest message said something about making him a sandwich in the nude. What do I write back to him?
    2 Relationships 825
  82. Girls talking dirty to a guy
    Guys would you like it 1 night if you and your gal were horny and she started suddenly talking dirty to u, would you be shocked and think what the f*ck or would you like it, and like the fact she done it off her own will with out thinking, just curious...
    3 Relationships 77
  83. what are some really good dirty dares for my party?
    my party is going to be at my house and I am going to have 2 girls and 3 guys. my parents are not going to be back till at least 1:00 - 2:00 am. my friends are kinda dirty and I want to make sure they have fun and me too so make the dares as dirty as y...
    8 Entertainment 209
  84. dirty sentences in japanese?
    I need to find out how to say dirty things in japanese! you can ask why if you want,but I think its pretty obvious *wink wink* like, how to say "do you want me to give you head" or "make love to me" or whatever. just teach me how to say dirty things in...
    2 General 182
  85. Talking dirty but freaky
    Ok so I dont have a boyfriend but I talk to this guy and I want to know how to talk dirty to him nothing like Omg im horny Or lick my nipples none of that Just like dirty text messaging Please anything I want to know!!! Thanks so much if you reply!!!
    5 Relationships 574
  86. Who can help me stop being dirty with girls and how?
    I need help... I miss the old me... =[ I have tried to stop but I guess my body is taking over my brain. Haha it's very annoying... I don't wanna get in trouble and I wanna find a real girl... Like I had...
    4 Relationships 27
  87. Puppies
    2 Pets 53
  88. How to dirty dance and really turn the guy on?
    ok so need some tips on some dirty dancing moves that are enjoyable for both the guy and the girl. and the more details the better. also any links to videos and stuff would be great. I want to get more creative with my guy.
    2 Entertainment 477
  89. What are some 60's Hippie costume ideas?
    Me and my best friend are planning our sweet 16, and we want a 60's themed party. I've been looking at hippie costuems and I can't really find any that I like. Does anyone have any ideas on what we could wear? Maybe make the hippie cosutme more modern?
    11 Entertainment 34
  90. Talking dirty, I need a guys opinion
    My boyfriend loves it when I talk dirty to him on text messages. But, my problem is, I'm not really good at it and I run out of things to say. I was hoping some of you guys could tell me what girls have said to you that really turned you on. Any assist...
    5 Relationships 88
  91. What are some dirty truth or dare/20 qs for talkin on net?
    K im talkin to this guy on the net I wanna make him horny (have meet him went to sschool with him I moved towns) so these should be your best horny qs, and how to do dare on msn im thinkin webcam
    2 Relationships 385
  92. How to talk dirty
    Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a while we haven't had any oral sex or anything personal and for the past week he has been asking me to talk dirty while I'm on the phone, and now for real I get to ammbaressed I feel so sorry because he talk...
    2 Sex 104
  93. dirty talk
    ok so I wanna know what to say to my guy to get him REALLY horny! I give him blow jobs all the time and stuff and he fingers me. and while we're at it we whisper dirty stuff in each others ears but he always does a better job of getting me horny. whats...
    3 Sex 132
  94. Why dosent she like hugs and dirty talk anymore?
    Ok well like my and my girlfriend have been going out for 6 mounths now. And at first we were always hugging and kissing and she loved me talking dirty to her and she always used to get horny but now she never likes any of that she still likes hugging...
    2 Relationships 32
  95. How would you mix a country look with a bit of hippie in it?
    I've always felt that I was deep down inside a country hippie girl, from the city. So I was wondering trying to change my style of laidback (throw on whatever I feel like) into actually caring what I wear and looking amazing
    4 Style 5
  96. Is it sluttish to send kinda dirty pictures?
    I havent sent one yet. But this guy I like a lot, Asked for one... LONG story But anyway, should I send it to him? Or not? The picture will just have me in my underwear and spaghetti strap shirt... Slutish, enough? Any advice?? :) Thanks!
    4 Relationships 86
  97. Hippie quotes/phrases
    So I'm going to be a hippie for halloween, and I have this sign but I don't know what to right on it. I need something short, ex. Peace to the World, Peace and Love, help mother earth, ect. But something like out of the ordinary, anything would be help...
    3 General 102
  98. Is writing dirty stuff under 18 illegal?
    okay so I'm hearing quite a bit about sexting. I know that sending pictures is illegal for teens but what if you're like, cybering, only through texting? you know...writing dirty stuff back in forth. if both people are under 18 is it illegal? or is it...
    3 Sex 71
  99. Why does my husband keep buying me all these dirty lingeries?
    Is it normal for your husband to keep buying you dirty lingeries and take pictures of you...he keeps it on his phone and I'm a bit worried because he carries his phone everywhere with him?What the hell does he do with them?I don't understand if he just...
    11 Sex 134
  100. My boyfriend always wants me to send him dirty pictures
    I don't really know if I trust him enough for that. Likee I'm afraid he'll show his friends.I really just don't feel like it's a good idea. Everytime I tell him that I don't want too, he gets upset. He won't admitt it upsets him, but you can just tell...
    10 Relationships 813
  101. How should I dye my dark brown hair dirty blonde?
    I need you ppls help. I have dark brown hair and I want to dye it dirty blonde. I have bought some hair dye the other day and all it did was make my hair a bit lighter and now it has a gold tint to it. I dont know if I should keep dyeing it or if there...
    2 Style 52
  102. What are some good mildly dirty phrases I can tease my guy with?
    I've been dating this guy for about a month but we are already really into each other. I've sent him a few suggestive text messages while he's at work but I want to be more creative. However, he's a teacher so I can't say anything too raunchy. Just eno...
    5 Relationships 107
  103. As soon as I come out the bath I smell a dirty smell
    Hi I have a problem that is getting me down, I have a bath every morning but as soon as I come out the bath I smell a dirty smell and it gets worse as the day goes on and I end up having at least 1 more bath that day because I think every1 will think ...
    3 Health 44
  104. what is a trick?
    the dirty version. (:
    6 Gaming 36
  105. How do I make the dress from the finale of Dirty Dancing?
    okay so im not actually making this dress but i would like to find one similar and then render it to my liking. I will most likely find just a plain beige/pink dress but im confused about the movement of the dress- ...
    4 Homegarden 50
  106. Dirty eyes
    Hello, I have a 8 month old shitzu/bichon, it seems no matter how I try to keep her clean the fur under her eyes always seem to keep that diry brown, drainage stain. nothing has worked for me so far any suggestions? P.s. Maybe a tip for a better sh...
    2 Pets 44
  107. Dirty text messages
    I want to send a dirt text message to my guy... Were crazy about eachother but were always away from eachother with work and stuff and I still want to drive him crazy (in a good sexual way) So GIRLS what have you used that your guy seemed to really ...
    26 Sex 67721
  108. Dirty texting
    Me and my boyfriend (boyfriend) have been talking about haveing sex for a while now... And he has been making me really horny on the phone and through text... I need to know from a guys piont of view what you think is sexy and turns you on... And I nee...
    3 Sex 311
  109. How can I stop having these urges to be dirty?
    Hi. I haven't had sex yet, and I don't think I want to. The reason I don't want to, is because I haven't found someone special enough to have it with yet, and Im really religious, so I think that its important to wait until marriage. I want sex sometim...
    2 Sex 38
  110. Talking dirty
    A few months ago me and my good friend were out drinkin...and we made out...tongue and all...I loved it...I told her I was attracted to her and she was ok with it...we just continued our friendship...we talk and text daily...but out of the blue she tex...
    5 Sex 44
  111. What's "freak dancing?"
    like dirty dancing???
    4 Entertainment 104
  112. strippers?
    what do you think of them...dirty/not dirty? what?
    10 General 47
  113. Lifted trucks and dirty sllutts
    Haha jp... So I drive a 2009 silverado truck lifted and I work I worked since I was 13 and I bought my own truck and I feel im doing hella good for a 16 yr old and my parents are always tellin me that your not a man you dont need to be driving a truck...
    5 Family 23
  114. Dirty house, should I help he clean it up?
    I got a mate she has a young son. She regullary takes drugs, her home is a complete pig sty , she is always having a drama , one of her relatives has called Social services , apparently thery are happy, although the state of the house was mentioned , I...
    6 Family 85
  115. What does "nom nom" mean?
    is it dirty??? :P thanks!?
    11 General 22
  116. Too "dirty" to attract nice boys?
    Quite a lot of people know or assume things about me and I don't know. I've had much older boyfriends in the past and I feel like I've kind of a got a bit of a bad rep for it. I do dress a bit suggestively and I'm pretty open when it comes to talking ...
    3 Sex 11
  117. Is this weird? (dirty question)
    When I get upset or mad I feel a little bit horny. And then to be hornier I go to chatrooms and convince guys to do roleplay with me. I also happen to get really turned on by going on some website and looking up dirty stuff like this pic. Omg I love it...
    3 Sex 252
  118. Dirty texts? Parents reading boyfriends texts?
    my boyfriend when he gets really horny likes me to send him dirty texts, about all the things I would do to him.. and I am completely fine with this.. but anways, his parents went through his cell phone and read all of his texts and were like (taken fr...
    12 Sex 1417
  119. What should I do I feel dirty and in love at the same time ??
    Me and this boy were in my bedroom with my mate watching a film the boy was on the bed with me and my mate was on the floor when the film had finished I turned on the music and some reason we all felt tired so my mate lied on the floor with a pillow wh...
    2 Relationships 26
  120. If soap falls..
    If A Bar Of Soap Falls On The Floor Is It Dirty ?
    9 General 54
  121. How Do i change a dirty diaper?
    So me and my baby-mom had a falling out, so now if i want to spend time with my daughter i have to watch her by myself. That's fine i got confident in myself that i can handle a 1 year old girl, but the things that is messing with me is her poopy dia...
    2 Babies 48
  122. How Do You Hide the fact that you're reading a "Dirty" Book? Or should you hide it?
    I had this predicament recently when I was taking the bus to work. The book I was reading is called "Permanent Obscurity," but the title is not the problem, it's the cover, which looks .... dirty. And I guess the book IS dirty. It's a good book, re...
    8 Literature 35
  123. Why do I feel so dirty?
    Last night me and some friends went to McDonald's to grab a bite. Well, someone decided that we go to the park afterwards. Now keep in mind that this happened at like 12:00am. We arrived at the park and everyone started to feel a little..well, kinky. 2...
    3 Sex 66
  124. What if he's showing my dirty picture to people?
    Ok this is really hard for me to say, because I feel really bad about it, but anyway. One night I called my boyfriend to see what he was up to. His best friend Tom was there, so I didnt want to talk with him too long. Then when I was talking to my boyf...
    7 Relationships 31
  125. How do I pass a urine test?
    How can I pass a urine test if im dirty with jane and cain
    3 Health 410
  126. Nasty baby...
    Haha... Can you give me names of some dirty songs?
    6 Music 40
  127. horny as hell help !
    hey you want dirty talk ?
    5 Relationships 136
  128. Who do you think is the counterculture of today?
    In the 60s, the counterculture group were the hippies. Who do you think is the counterculture of today in 2010?
    6 Style 45
  129. lezbo sites
    does any one know a lezbo site which it's web site is not that dirty name?
    2 Technology 35
  130. Do you think blonde hair would suite me?
    Do you think a dirty blonde hair color would suit me? if not are there any other colors that might? should I keep it the same? idkk I want to go dirty blonde!!! thats a pic of me btw
    9 Style 42
  131. think men getting manicures are "gay"
    My uncle is a mechanic and his nails are or length and always dirty and it makes him look like a dirty person, he has a second job and goes to work with dirty nails. I try to persuade him to go get a manicure... but he thinks it's "gay" you think ...
    3 Style 27
  132. Dark hair color
    Im a golden blonde right now, and I really wish my hair was like a dirty blonde, much darker than it is. Is there a a color you can color it with? Dirty blonde? ...dark gray?... Please tell me,
    4 Style 47
  133. What movie is oh im sorry all I heard was blah blah blah im a
    What movie is oh im sorry all I heard was blah blah blah im a dirty tramp from?
    2 Technology 109
  134. domenite genes
    ok what is domenet dirty blond hair or brown hair
    2 Science 25
  135. Really Inappropriate Songs
    Can you give me some really inappropriate dirty song titles please?? thanks
    5 Music 128
  136. Blonde Hair
    My hair is dirty blonde, how could I get it blonder without getting it dyed?
    2 Style 45
  137. I bleached my hair black hair blonde, but it turned out orange!
    I was naturally born with dark brown or black hair. I was stupid and 'lightened' or 'bleached'. It turned out bright orange. I then bleached it again and it stayed the same. The aim I wanted was to go a dirty blonde. If you've had experience in th...
    4 Style 453
  138. What is considered sexting?
    Ok well I know that sexting is sending dirty pictures and stuff but is sending dirty texts like"I want you" or like sexually things that your gonna do to someone also considered sexting?
    6 Sex 922
  139. She wants me to talk dirty/what can I say
    I need help with dirty talk im to shy/what should I say
    2 Relationships 106
  140. Dancing Movies?
    What are some Dancing movies?? Like Dirty Dancing 1 & 2,Step up,ECT..
    3 Entertainment 12
  141. How do I clean my laptop? (macbook)?
    my laptop is kinda dirty and isnt as white as when I got it. any ideas on how to clean it?
    2 Technology 15
  142. How to clean my system?
    Ok I was suppose to go test already and im dirty what can I do to clean my system now?
    2 Health 1724
  143. What are some clean truth or dare questions?
    Hi! Do you know of any truth or dare questions that are clean? Nothing dirty please!
    30 Entertainment 10281
  144. How do you clean jewerly?
    I have a little problem... how do you get the dirt out of jewerly? my necklace is getting dirty, but I don't know how to get dirt out;{
    10 Style 20
  145. What are good Truth or Dare questions?
    Does anyone have ANY good truth or dare questions??? CLEAN OR DIRTY IT DOSNT MATTER!!!
    12 General 2164
  146. What can I text my boyfriend to turn him on?
    me and my boyfriend like to send each other dirty texts to turn each other on but I've seem to run out of good ideas. I need longish, explicit, dirty, amazing texts. someone help me on this please. kthanksbi (:
    3 Relationships 1002
  147. im used to having someone to tlk to
    ok so im a very horny 14 year old boy and im used to having a girl to tlk dirty to me and all of a sudden they all disappered and I dont have a person to tlk dirty to and now im left with all my wild teenage hormones
    3 Relationships 91
  148. What is the best way to clean my iPod touch screen?
    My screen is really dirty but I don't know how to clean it or what to use to clean it.
    11 Technology 57
  149. Sticker on my cellphone
    I put a sticker on my phone, but now the sticker is all dirty so I want to take it off. if I do this it will leave sticky marks on my phone. how should I take it off?
    8 Technology 34
  150. Peeing in Bath water
    I herd that peeing in the bath water while bathing in it is good for your skin to me this is being gross and Dirty. is this Trew or False. ?
    3 Health 1101
  151. Can You Identify This Song?
    I lost my phone and this song was on it so plzzz can you identify the lyrics and I think its a drum and bass song or grime :D cheers comin' down new sound should be thankful dirty riffs dirty beats dirty samples sell a show take the money then we canc...
    3 Music 34
  152. What are some good dares?
    I have me friends over all the time.we always endup playing truth or dare.we cant think of anything.give us some truth or daers.anything.we are the type of people who would do anything ;) clean or dirty...perfurably very very very dirty
    7 Entertainment 207
  153. Hockey fans
    Penguin or flyers fan?? I love hockey so give me your take on the teams I think Philly is dirty
    5 Sports 31
  154. what do I say in a text to my girlfriend, I'm out of ideas?
    please help im going out with this girl for 7 months and im running out of things to say with her over text.we dont talk dirty and we havent done anything dirty so I dont think we can. what should I do
    2 Relationships 64
  155. Will lemon juice make my hair blond?
    I have medium light brown hair, I want it dirty blond. Should I use lemon juice?
    4 Style 105
  156. How do you like your cat?
    how do you like you cat? shaved or hairy? smelly or non-smelly? clean or dirty? prepped up? etc.
    8 Pets 40
  157. Hugh Heffner
    Do you think Hugh Heffner is a dirty old man or was truely in love with the girls of the playboy mansion???
    7 Entertainment 19
  158. Platinum blonde hair?
    Im naturaly a dirty blonde...should I dye it platinum blonde? What hair color looks hot on girls??
    4 Style 167
  159. Do guys like girls who are slutty or hard to get?
    Do guys like gurlz who are slutty or hard to get?and if slutty how slutty and how you turn him on nutthin to dirty( teen)
    7 Relationships 140
  160. What colour Converse to buy?
    I like 2 look retro!!! so if was finkin cream convese!! but... dont they get dirty easy?? but then they can look kl when der dirty!!? cant dey??? what other colour looks cool!?? (exept black!!!) thanxs!!! X
    11 Shopping 41
  161. How to get red kool-aid out of hair?
    My 15 year old daughter tried to dye her hair with red Kool-Aide. It's been approximately 10 months of being less than a desired outcome, we tried everything but cutting it off. Please tell me how to get the red Kool-Aide out of her hair without blea...
    2 Style 115
  162. What color eye liner should I use?
    My eyes are darck brown I have dirty blond hair and I dress kind of s8ter
    5 Style 45
  163. Can my parents stop me from dying my hair?
    I'm 15 and want to dye my hair blonde, or with blonde highlights (my hair is Dirty blonde) can my parents legally stop me?
    2 Family 80
  164. Cats eye infection
    What should we do with the kitten's eyes cannot open because it is so dirty even after you had clean it?is there some sort of ointment or something?
    3 Pets 48
  165. Vinager and coins mix
    If you put an old dirty coin into a glass of vinager will it come out squeaky clean or halfway dissolved
    2 Money 34
  166. Could God forgive me if I'm gay?
    if I am a gay person cud god forgive me. I feel dirty when I do it but ats hard to stop.
    71 Religion 529
  167. How can I put in blonde and black streaks?
    ok I have dirty blonde hair now and want bleach blonde and jet black streaks, should I bleach it first of dye it black first
    4 Style 61
  168. Anyone know of any good hair conditioners?
    Anyone know a really good hair conditioner for dirty blonde, frizzy, somewhat-wavy hair?
    8 Style 29
  169. What are some ways to keep my Cat clean without him taking a Bath?
    I Can't get my cat to take a shower, he starts panicing and scratches me as i put him in the tub! lol but i hate when he comes home muddy or dirty after i let him out. He's starting to get my floor and bed dirty. Help?
    5 Pets 27
  170. Question for the girls
    if a gril talks dirty about stuff to me on the phone do you think that means she wants that stuff or is she just saying thing?
    2 Relationships 44
  171. Sexy things to do for your man.
    Okay I want to do something very sexy for my man. but I have no idea what to do. And another thing he wants me to talk dirty to him but I have no idea what to say. PLease help me.
    2 Sex 132
  172. die my hair blonder but I have really dark brown eye brows
    I want to die my hair blonder but I have really dark brown eye brows what should I do??? How will it look. My hair is naturally dirty blonde.
    4 Style 72
  173. Washing a backpack???
    Ok so I have a north face backpack and it's really dirty can I just wash it like with clothes or do I wash it by itself? Or do I have to hand wash it? It's black I don't have to bleach it or anything
    5 Homegarden 175
  174. What the name of this song???
    the lyric are she was baptized in dirty water her daddy cried when he saw her with mee gotta love her :) thx!
    2 Music 37
  175. What song goes "I only go down if you keep your grass cut"?
    It's a rap song. It says if you got a big ass then back it up. Dirty song
    2 Music 206
  176. Adult film stars?
    If a girl was an adult film star, would you date her or be friends with her? Do you think they're dirty? How much money do they make?
    5 Entertainment 43
  177. How can I detoxify myself for a drug test?
    I have to take a drug test tonight and can't have it show up dirty, i need to know what kind of home remedies i can take to detoxify my system.
    2 Drugs 152
  178. Are you consider a home nudist if your only nude two day a week?
    and let's keep it clean no dirty comets please.
    4 General 21
  179. What Cute texts should I send to my boyfriend?
    ok please I need help with this please nothing dirty please. we run out of things to talk about... -_-"
    3 Relationships 125
  180. Blond..? ASAP
    Hmm, so this is a weird question' but do you think I would look good with like dirty Blond hair.? Thank's.
    3 Style 19
  181. What is your favorite donut?
    To me bavarian creme would be perfect, but i always get dirty with the flour or that white powder lol.
    12 Food 39
  182. Will lemon juice lighten my hair?
    I used to have a dirty blonde hair color but now it is dark brown should I use lemon juice to lighten my hair or will it damage it and how can I get my hair lighter with out damaging it?
    2 Style 61
  183. Haha surveyyy. (dirty) lol
    Ever had sex in a public place? yes Ever laugh during sex? no Ever cry during sex? If so, why? The first time, cause it hurt. Do you like to cuddle after sex? yes Ever regret sex with someone? no Ever faked an orgasm? no Ever h...
    9 Sex 66
  184. How to tell the age of a dog?
    How can you tell the age of a dog? I work at a shelter and all of the vet techs look at their teeth but I never have asked what they are looking for. Are they just seeing how dirty the teeth are and then guesstimating?
    3 Pets 49
  185. How can I keep my oven clean?
    How do I keep my oven clean so that it doesn't get dirty often? Is ther an oven liner or oven dripping pan type device that I can use to keep the oven clean?
    4 Homegarden 55
  186. What cool games can I play with my boyfriend over the phone?
    Cood, fun , and Not too dirty Games=) Please give me examples If yu answer my question.
    2 Relationships 322
  187. What makeup goes with blonde hair and blue eyes?
    dirty blonde hair blue eyes circle face :D fair skin. makeup help anyone ?
    9 Style 161
  188. Need some help with new hairstyles
    I really need some help with new hairstyles I have a little past the shoulders hair. Dirty brown. I usually where a bun! But now I need a change!
    3 Style 18
  189. What are some good dares that I can do by myself, anal dares work?
    I have stuff I can use for the anal dares and the regular ones. please make them dirty. I need to stay in my room for them.
    3 Relationships 504
  190. how to write a drity letter to my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend is in jail and I want to wright him a dirty sexy letter. I just dont know how to start. can any one help?
    2 Sex 389
  191. When: 5:00 in the afternoon?
    It Is a good idea to bathe your pets. Bathing your pets will help them stay clean. No one will want dirty pets around.
    5 Pets 32
  192. Who can give me extremely naughty tord dares?
    I only want dares. Dirty ones! Boys and girls playing, make the dares as naughty as possible! :d
    4 Entertainment 188
  193. Who has nasty t or d(truth or dare) questions?
    I got an app for my itouch and it has some pretty nassty ones but me and my friends can get pretty dirty! You can also type in your own and I really need new ones before our group plays! Im talking dirty!! Just no sex! But usually we have like handjobs...
    2 Sex 230
  194. *Serious Face* Normal times to 'have fun with self'
    I've got a boy friend... And we always seem to be talking dirty and I love it :) He lives an hour away... but we send dirty texts and I love it :) I was just wondering... How many times would it be 'safe' to play with myself... like fingering... :)...
    5 Relationships 63
  195. Is it safe to put different medicines for fish together?
    i bought a lot of medicine/support bottles for my new fishes and i have bought bottles for preventing the tank being dirty. should i put them all in the water?
    2 Pets 25
  196. Is it right for my mom to hit me (read)?
    she came home early and saw that her house was dirty. the house was dirty because she has cause it by doing a beer party. i mostly clean up the mess like the way i do every day but she came home early and saw it wasn't clean and i was planning to clean...
    14 Family 49
  197. How to get my hair back to blonde?
    ok, so first my hair was dirty blonde and I died it BLACK but I didn't like it and now my hair is brown. so what is a GOOD way to change it back to blonde
    6 Style 36
  198. Can you put ground beef into a jambalaya mix?
    I have a pack of jambalaya mix but were out of chicken, do you thin ground beef would be okay, would it be similar to dirty rice just a little more flavor?
    2 Food 45
  199. What to say first
    Last night my boyfriend ask me to talk dirty to him but I don't now what to say What do I say first? How do I start the conversation off? Please help me thans :d xx
    3 Relationships 25
  200. Ex-boyfriend
    When I ignore my ex-and he comes back like a dog, how should I treat him from playing me dirty and leaving after 12 years?
    3 Relationships 33
  201. Is a dirty bomb headed to a city near you?
    If so... who mailed the care package? Nestled somewhere between the front page and sports section of your favorite newspaper you may have come across the visage of 36 year old CIA contractor Raymond Davis. He is being held by Pakistani authoritie...
    3 Politics 15
  202. How would you clean the fabric on bright pink Chuck Taylors?
    I got a new pair for christmas, just like to know incase they get dirty.
    6 Style 22
  203. Will dark hair with light eyebrows look bad?
    Well my hair isnt blonde its more of a dark dirty blonde(which are the color of my eyebrows), and I want to die it a more soft brown, would it look bad with my eyebrows?
    7 Style 188
  204. robert pattinson's engagement you mad? I am!!!
    is anyone else mad about robert pattinson engagement with that retard kiresten stewart? because im furious! he is to good for her! that nasty old chick she's dirty.
    12 Entertainment 45
  205. How hard is it to live with friends (at a young age)?
    I've heard about dirty friends, drama, fights, lots of things. So what's to expect from living with friends. Pros and cons please .
    5 Relationships 15
  206. How do I make my room have more of a country vibe?
    I want to change the style of my room cause right now, it's boring and random. How do I make it have a country vibe and feeling to it? Not the dirty country, clean country, like country music.
    6 Travel 12
  207. Methamphetamine remedies in a ua
    If I have to take a ua at my p.o.'s ofc tom, whats the best way to give a clean ua, if I'm dirty now? I smoked some methamphetamine today.
    2 Health 634
  208. should I die my hair??
    my hair is dirty blonde and I want to get blonder highlights and brunette lowlights before school starts. do you think it would look good?
    2 Style 51
  209. When I receive sperm from a meth user will I test + ?
    I have to random drug test. My man is an everyday user of meth. If he cums inside me can that make me have a dirty test even though I do not use?
    4 Health 165
  210. I hate airplanes toilets
    2 months and 3 weeks (almost 3 months) I got my period yesterday morning everyone! and I'm traveling next week :( my period usually stays for 2 weeks, I don't know what to do! 6 hours in the airplane!!! I usually change my pad every 1-2 hours, it's b...
    4 Travel 39
  211. looking for a goodfriend
    my girl friend doesnt like having sex and i'm looking for some one who is ready to get down and dirty. she says that i'm a freak and i need someone who is ready and more loose
    2 Sex 19
  212. Boys : what turns yu on ?
    Hey boys out there I was jw what can I do to make yu horny / turn yu on ? Shud I touch him? Talk dirty? I don't know but I'd love I if yu help . Thank yu ! xoxo
    2 Relationships 220
  213. What is a good question to ask a girl?
    well, I always ask girls questions over texting, and im runnin out. they can be flirty, dirty, clean. I dont really care, I just need questions to ask. thanks
    2 Relationships 47
  214. Why do pple do this?
    I am just wondering why guys want to look at dirty stuff instead of who they are with? Does this mean they are unhappy with their girlfriends body? Are they just sick in the head? I want opinions from guys too. If it is because them being unhappy w...
    12 Relationships 34
  215. Is having my dog professionally groomed okay in colder weather??
    So, I have a dog, Drake. He is a Rott & Lab mix. He is about seven months old. I was wondering if it would be okay to have him groomed professionally... I know I don't need to bathe him & stick him back outside to dry, but what if he is already dried...
    4 Pets 26
  216. Will hair bleach turn my hair orange?
    I have light brown died hair, and I just bought bleach blonde hair color. My natural color is dirty blonde. All I want is blond back... Any kind. Will the bleach turn my hair orange? Or some thing weird?
    5 Style 185
  217. Does this sound good?
    I asked before about my hair and what I should get, I think I've deiced on going back to my natural colour. Dirty blonde... and getting all my tips done purple. How's that sound?
    6 Style 12
  218. Hairstyles for school
    I need a REALLY cute hairstyle for school, but school is SO strict, and my hair has to be fully up, I have medium long, straight, dirty blonde hair, no bangs.. help me, please!
    6 Style 40
  219. Whyy??
    Why do people ( kids ) start cussing right when they get into middle school.. I think its stupid. Is it bcause they think they are cool?? I don't Cuss I think it makes people sound stupid and dirty.
    9 Education 41
  220. How can I stop a boy in my class from being so perverted toward me?
    he always calls me ugly but he keeps saying dirty jokes and saying he wants to do sexu@l things with me and i have a boyfriend.
    19 Sex 55
  221. Right as rain
    What do these lyrics mean? Who wants to be right as rain It's better When something is wrong You get excitement in your bones And everything you do's a game When night comes And you're all on your own You can say I chose to be alone Who wants to be r...
    2 Music 17
  222. What can I do with/about my child?
    My daughter is 15 years old, and quite frankly she is disgusting. When I go in to tidy her bedroom while she is at school I find that she has left food to go mouldy in there. I have asked her why but she won't give me an answer. I have found this stuff...
    5 Babies 20
  223. What color eye makeup should I wear?
    What color of eye make-up should I wear if im very light complected, blue eyed and dirty blond hair?? Can You Help Me?? And my color of shirts that would look best on me?
    4 Style 42
  224. Theres a lot of tension in my life right now, dreamed a rat bit me
    Theres a lot of tension in my life right now And this morning I dreamed that I fell in the bushes I was walking with my 15 year old daughter and a dirty rat bit me, what does it mean
    2 General 52
  225. Where i can buy clothes for working as a painter ?
    Where i can buy pants for working painting or in other jobs where you get dirty i dont wanna use my clothes and i run out of uniforms. Any idea tell me please thank you.
    2 Shopping 12
  226. How can can I dye my hair bk?
    Hi I had dyed blonde hair but dyed it dark brown, now I have seen the result I realised I dont like it at all and really want to dye it blonde again, my natural colour is "dirty blonde"
    3 Style 17
  227. HELP how to get rid of fruit flies!??!
    I was away for 3 days,I came home,and My room is COVERED in fruit flies,Its rediculous. I just got done super cleaning my room,I took out all the dirty dishes,the dirty laundry,everything,and Im about to vaccuum the floor. but all the flies all landed ...
    5 Homegarden 105
  228. How to get scene hair?
    kay, so I have like longish brownish/blonde (not quite dirty blonde but like, a little bit of highlights) and I really want scene hair...but I don't know how to do it? Any ideas on how? ?? xo
    4 Style 36
  229. Sex talk
    My boyfiend likes me to talk dirty to him but about what size penis I like and past things I have done with other people! Do you think this is ok cause it makes me feel like he would judge me?
    4 Sex 32
  230. Am I expecting too much ??
    Ok so I'm 16.. I sext ALOT. I've been doing it since I was 13 after I lost my virginity... Guys always tell me I'm beautiful and hot and sexy and they always get pics or some even get the dirty..(I've only done the dirty like 9 xs in my life ... Im st...
    3 Sex 23
  231. What are your top 5 movies?
    My top 5 movies are: 1. Titanic 2. Slumdog millionaire 3. Dirty dancing 4. 17 again 5. Mean girls Its just im looking for good movies to watch
    4 Entertainment 11
  232. Half way accros the world from me
    Ohk theres a guy like half way accros the world from me whos 15 and im 13 and hes tlking dirty to me on yahhoo... Waht do I do im kiindaa not ready for that...
    6 Relationships 29
  233. Suicide Girls
    I signed up for Suicide Girls to model for them,and I found out you have to be completly NUDE. I didn't know all the girls had to be nude to join,I only thought they chose to be. Anyways,I'm still considering it,do you think I'm dirty if I do decide to...
    23 Entertainment 61
  234. Is there a way to not lose so much hair
    is there a way to, not lose so much hair? it drives me crazy. every month I look at, my brush...and that dirty theif always has a good collection of my hair. or after showers the drain has a good collection. so, again. is there a way keep....
    2 Style 10
  235. Bleaching hair...?
    I have dark brown hair and I want to get it to a dirty blonde color. I know nothing about bleacking it, could everyone help me and give me some advice or facts about it... Thanks!
    7 Style 76
  236. What color eyeshadow should I wear?
    What color eye shadow would look good on brown/hazel eyes with dirty blonde hair and light skin??? I'm tired of just nudes and skintones, so any suggestions???
    9 Style 56
  237. Who would you save if in a burning building
    1)A politician 2)A therapist 3)A hippie You can only save ONE.Please say why you would save that person. Personally I would save the therapist beacause he/she could help me get over the truama of being in a burning building
    6 General 26
  238. Who would you take shark fishing
    1)Politician 2)Olympic swimmer 3)hippy Please choose ONE and say why you chose that ONE. Please rate this Question out of 10
    5 Sports 17
  239. Slut-ish or not?
    I have a shirt ( that I have never worn and still has tags on ) that says: I am a Dirty girl..just not yours And I was wondering peoples opinion. I dont want toseemike a slut..cus I am not a slut so THANKS!
    6 Style 44
  240. do we still go out
    Well I'm so confused me and my boyfriend had an argument like a week ago and we haven't talked in 5 days so he called me and started talkin real dirty to me and I was confused..Do we still go out or Not?
    3 Relationships 52
  241. What to do when my best friend betrayed me?
    I've been btrayed with my bestfriend. she make everyone in my class hate me. she sladering me. no one want to talk to me. she make the dirty look everytime I passed beside her. what should I do?
    4 Relationships 41
  242. Is there a good way to clean my bike?
    Stupid question but my mountain bike is dirty and stuff and its in my house and i was wondering if there is any good ways to clean it. Im not riding it for awhile cuz its winter but i want it shiny lol
    4 Homegarden 16
  243. Where can I buy this top for my Mum?
    Right My Mum Mentioned That She Wanted A Black Top Saying In Pink Writing "Dirty Dancing" She Reckons There From New Look Is There Anyone That Knows If They Are In There Thankyou x
    2 Shopping 10
  244. who tried the morning burst SURGE energizing power face cleanser?
    Does these cleansers really work & really remove dirt & oil & the dirty things from pores? I wanna try one, but not sure if they really work ..
    3 Style 42
  245. Who knows anything about window ac units?
    I just got one from walmart it is the cheapest one and it seems to not be as cool as it was. I've cleaned the filter out but that hasn't helped... it wasn't even that dirty.
    4 Homegarden 23
  246. Can you please finish this sentence?
    please finish this sentance I'd really appricaite it... wearing what was once a clean smart suit but was now ... (it needs to be discribin the fact that it is really dirty) plzz help thanq x x x x x x x x
    5 Literature 62
  247. Lying Fiance
    My fiance lied while looking at me right in the eyes, in the past I've caught my boyfriend looking at porn, and I let him know from the beginning that I dont approve of that, giving him the option of still being with me or not. I caught him more than ...
    4 Relationships 52
  248. What do I do right after washing my curly hair (without gel)?
    Hi I have curly brown hair but what do I do when I wash it. If I use gel or moose, it'll get dirty again obviously...when I use some hair oil it "frizzes". and then I have some straight hairs too. I know it s complicated... thx
    2 Style 13
  249. The love of my life is in juvie for 90 days what to do?
    I dont know what to do im going crazyyy? He droped dirty once and they have not even started him jail time yettt he has been there sense spring break ;(?
    8 Relationships 21
  250. Remove mortar stains from pavers
    I recently had a paver walkway installed, and after they dried and the contractor left we saw many many mortar stains. It is just a dirty stained mess. Can someone please give me some ideas on how to make this better.
    2 Homegarden 106