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Why are hippies a counterculture

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  1. Who is a hater or a hippie?
    are you a hater or are you a hippie
    2 General 21
  2. Where are all the hippies in Philadelphia?
    where are all the hippies??? am I the only one in philadelphia?
    3 General 107
  3. Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    Is everyone turning into a hippie?
    8 Style 26
  4. Who do you think is the counterculture of today?
    In the 60s, the counterculture group were the hippies. Who do you think is the counterculture of today in 2010?
    6 Style 45
  5. what are some good baby hippie names?
    what are some good hippie names for babies? Like names from hippies in the 60's and 70's.
    8 Babies 50
  6. Dancing like a Hippie
    Weird question, but I have to dance like a hippie for a skit that I'm doing. How do I dance like a hippie?
    3 General 140
  7. Where to get cheap hippie clothes?
    Where can I get cheap hippie clothes? Anyone know of any cheap websites?
    4 Shopping 31
  8. What are things you need to be a real hippy?
    I already have the state of mind..Its the style I need help with.
    8 Style 50
  9. Double ginger granola(hippy food)
    Does anyone know a "double ginger granola" recipe.please help its for school Or if you dont, you reccomend some other hippy foods/recipes.
    2 Food 11
  10. Hippie Stores
    Anybody know of and e hippie stores around these places (ontario) -Cobourg -Belleville -Trenton -Oshawa -Harwood thnx : )
    2 Shopping 70
  11. What's your opinion on hippies?
    whats yalls opinion on hippies? I know thats like from the 60s but some people are still crazy bout it. I like some of it but not a lot.. just wonderin what yall think.
    5 Style 62
  12. How can I be a hippy?
    I have a problem with my hair. It is shoulder length with lots of layers and wont grow out. I have side bangs and crap. I really want to be a hippy with long hair? WTF DO I DO?
    2 Style 58
  13. FunAdvice Trivia: In 1968 what major play was about 'Counterculture'?
    A) Jesus Christ Superstar B) Hair C) Tommy D) Grease
    3 Funadvice 9
  14. How do I dress up like a hippy?
    I have a costume party coming up and I want to dress up like a hippy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mix and match clothing to suit the hippy look. What style should my make up be? Dark or light. And also what colors do hippy clothing range...
    6 Style 38
  15. What are some 60's Hippie costume ideas?
    Me and my best friend are planning our sweet 16, and we want a 60's themed party. I've been looking at hippie costuems and I can't really find any that I like. Does anyone have any ideas on what we could wear? Maybe make the hippie cosutme more modern?
    11 Entertainment 34
  16. How would you mix a country look with a bit of hippie in it?
    I've always felt that I was deep down inside a country hippie girl, from the city. So I was wondering trying to change my style of laidback (throw on whatever I feel like) into actually caring what I wear and looking amazing
    4 Style 5
  17. Hippie quotes/phrases
    So I'm going to be a hippie for halloween, and I have this sign but I don't know what to right on it. I need something short, ex. Peace to the World, Peace and Love, help mother earth, ect. But something like out of the ordinary, anything would be help...
    3 General 102
  18. Who would you save if in a burning building
    1)A politician 2)A therapist 3)A hippie You can only save ONE.Please say why you would save that person. Personally I would save the therapist beacause he/she could help me get over the truama of being in a burning building
    6 General 26
  19. Who would you take shark fishing
    1)Politician 2)Olympic swimmer 3)hippy Please choose ONE and say why you chose that ONE. Please rate this Question out of 10
    5 Sports 17
  20. What song is this?...divide the sky let the wind blow high?
    does any body know what this song is called? I think the lyrics say something like "divide the sky let the wind blow high" it kind of reminds me of a hippie song lol. I have been wondering for months!
    2 Music 42
  21. What should the theme of my graduation be?
    All the years always have a theme that they have to dress up in on the last day of high school EVER, for example in the past these themes have come up Cowboys indians disney characters hippie style punk rockers any ideas ??
    3 Entertainment 18
  22. spirit week help?1!!?
    its spirit week at my school and tomorrow is turn back the clock day. and I dont know what to dress up as because I cnat go buy a costume and way to many people do hippy and greesers. so any ideas I can do over night???
    2 Style 34
  23. oufit cute or not
    I have a nice floral dress from forever 21 and its pink and purple yellow different summer colors and I aslo bought hot pink gladiators to go with it then mi hippie head band do you think its too much or just right?
    3 Sex 10
  24. How to decorate my new apartment?
    I am in my new apartment and don't know anything on how to decorate it . I go to the flea market for ideas but I think I need to step up on my standards . I am a combination of a gothic contemporary hippie with no style any suggestions. And I also have...
    5 Homegarden 51
  25. What is a good gift for my sister?
    My sister, Alexie is a hippie. She's 17, she's going to get married to her boyfriend, Nick who she's been dating for two years... What's a good gift to get her? I've asked her what she would want, but she just says nothing. I was thinking maybe some t...
    3 Shopping 54
  26. What is a good present for a couple who is into eco-friendly and going "green" types of things?
    My brother in law and his wife are really into "green" things and are somewhat hippies. Im planning on getting them a grow your own herbs and spices kit but i need another idea as well.
    4 Shopping 17
  27. If A Character in My Book Does Drugs...
    I'm writing this book where the main character has gotten into drugs. He's kind of screwing up his life and he hangs out with these other druggie people. (He's in high school by the way) Jordan (main character) is talking to the school counselor, Paig...
    4 Drugs 43
  28. How can I look more badass?
    Everyone knows half of being a badass is looking the part. Naturally I don't want to smoke, I'm not Native American, and I'm trying to grow my hair out but it won't comb into a style that isn't the opposite of badass, thanks to hippies and emos and po...
    16 Style 304
  29. What is a good theme for my black and white photoshoot?
    I'm doing the hair and makeup for a photoshoot coming up and was wondering if anybody has any ideas on a 'theme'... It can be anything from hippy, 20s, futuristic, or have an inspiration like Lady Gaga, Brooke Fraser.... etc etc. Any little ideas would...
    4 Literature 37
  30. Dresses for big breasts
    Okay I normally wear a size 14-16 dress and I have 38ddd breasts. I want to find a dress but I can't go without a bra and they dont make strapless bras in my size. Also, the bustline is always too high for me. Any ideas on where to find dresses for a r...
    6 Shopping 237
  31. I want hips
    I've just turn 19 years old and I want hips. I'm not sure how hippy I'll be because my fathers side of the family has big hips and my mothers side of the family has narrow hips and I was a late bloomer so I dont know if im finish developing but as of n...
    3 Nutritionfitness 108
  32. How do I best "characterize" (stereotype/label/define/group) a new acquaintance?
    I'm trying to figure out a general group label (and please skip the lecture on how labels were made for envelopes and soup cans) for a woman who likes renaissance festivals, steam punk (NOT PUNK ROCK), is a little earthy but not a hippie, works with a...
    11 General 30
  33. Hippiessorwhattt?
    Well on Friday we have a pep rally at our school. We have teams so its very competitive. Everybody is wearing there team shirts so we decided to dress differently. So we choose a 70 & 80's theme. Like hippies & such. What is something I can wear?...
    3 Education 8
  34. Little Sisters
    I have three little sisters, (And one little bro). I'm curious as to what advice to give my 12yr old sister about sex, she's been asking me about this a lot lately and I don't want to tell her something that will mess with her mind. I'm extremely non-j...
    8 Sex 27
  35. How can I get rid of the acne on my forehead and chin?
    I've tried so many things it really broke out at the end of summer and it hasn't been getting any better! I've tried clean and clear products... Neutogena.. St.ives...uhh acene clear.. Almost everything they have on the shelves at walmart. Also recentl...
    4 Style 57
  36. How much would this tattoo cost?
    I was thinking something a little big, on my left shoulder and when I say my left shoulder, I am talking about it going on my collar bone, on my back, and on my upper arm... On my collar bone its going to say world with the globe behind it and on my ba...
    6 Style 44
  37. would you rather
    would your rather lick a unflushed public toilet or shave your lower area?? would you rather tell your crush how you fell about them or tell their bff?? would you rather get your period when you are 7 or have size XXD bra when you are 10? would you rat...
    5 General 73
  38. Do you believe in a god, if so why?
    I personally don't believe that there is any "god", I think if there is a god then he likes to watch us suffer. Because we are taught that one man and one women are to get together and live happily ever after, BUT, There are more men than women of dat...
    11 Religion 25
  39. Should I condone my son's behavior?
    When my son was in junior high he always had trouble with grades. He also recieved occasional referals, for minor things like tardys. He was never a very bad kid, he just didnt concentrate. He only had a small group of friends and he barely talked at a...
    9 Babies 66